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Monday, January 17, 2022
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Biden to ban travel from South Africa, other African nations

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Due to a new variant of the Covid-19 virus, the Biden Administration on Monday will ban travel to the United States from South Africa and seven other countries, according to numerous news organizations, which cited unnamed Administration officials.

The ban also pertains to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, and Malawi. The administration’s decision was advised by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the president’s chief medical adviser, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Politico. The new variant of Covid, which the World Health Organization has called omicron, is also known as “B.1.1.529.”

Fauci said Friday there is no indication that the new variant is already in the United States, although other medical professionals say it’s likely already landed. It has already been detected in Belgium.

Do travel restrictions work? Early in the pandemic, President Donald Trump put travel restrictions on China, but the virus still quickly found its way to the United States.

The new variant is believe to have a greater ability to evade the vaccines in use now to combat the original Covid virus and the Delta variant. It is also believed to be more transmissible and more severe.

The stock market fell in response to the news about the new variant. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 900 points, or about 2.53 percent.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • I don’t usually believe conspiracy theories but this news of yet a new and more powerful COVID virus is starting to make me think that this virus is man-made and produced to become more deadly over time!

    • What about Bill Gates talking about there will be a bioterrorist pandemic of smallpox, and then a few days later, vials of smallpox are discovered at a Merck facility?

      • They are culling the Human Race.

      • This is an incorrect story. Biden is not going to ban incoming persons originating in southern Africa.

        Smallpox was not discovered recently. An empty vial was found at a research facility labelled “Smallpox”. The vial was found to contain no microorganisms.

    • Go watch some videos by Dr. Robert Malone. He says we should not be handing out jabs like candy because it gives the virus unlimited opportunities to produce variants. It’s just plain stupid to jab everyone.

      • This is incorrect information. Not medically correct

        • According to whom, JNU? And please do not cite the utterly discredited liar and criminal Anthony Fauci.

      • And yet vaccines eradiated polio…

        • Yes, but not EXPERIMENTAL vaccines.

        • AIDS and COVID both…. #faucifailures

    • Scientist as of the 22nd have proven this vax is for nefarious purposes, but just as the MIT and Standford findings were censored due to “medical misinformation” they too will be silenced.

      • This is incorrect medical information

    • Conservative, you can go back and look at the tape! Dr. Robert Malone sais months ago that it was dangerous to mass vaccinat a virus in the middle of a pandemic. He said a worse case scenario would be variants that would nullify vaccines. Also said auto immune deficiency syndrome was possible. Both of these worse case scenarios are now happening.

    • I’d suggest fusion energy as a disinfectant, right over Wuhan

    • This is an incorrect story. Biden is not going to ban incoming persons originating in southern Africa.

      • This is an incorrect statement, as well as idiotic, feebly attempting to directly refute the unequivocal truth and main subject of a widely reported nationwide news story.
        Now, try telling us that the sky is not blue and grass is not green.

      • Message from the future. #hedid

  • So will the main stream media say that Biden is a racist for his travel ban? He’s trying to protect us from danger of Covid and Trump was trying to protect us from the danger of terrorism. What’s the FJB difference?

    • Trump started the vaccine development.

      • Greg, that is not correct.
        SARS-CoV-2 has been in development stage for 15 years or more. There were 117 vaccine related patents before the public was aware this lab genetically modified Corona Virus existed.
        Trump did authorize expediting completion and manufacturing for immediate distribution. Why he gave the evil dwarf Fauci the time of day was a massive mistake.

        • This is incorrect medical information. Corona viruses have been studied and attempts at immunizations done. Covid -19 is new.

        • You must have quite the resume to question Fauci. What have you published? Fauci is among the most cited virologists on the planet. Where can I find your peer reviewed articles?

          • I haven’t tortured enough Beagle puppies to begin to question Fauci’s Mengele authority

  • The news does not include the FACT that these cases of variant disease were ALL in people who were fully Vaxed.
    Nor does it examine the death rates of those cases.
    Key to any actions should be the transparency of facts as gathered from the source and not from any self profiting organization like CDC or FDA.

    • Where are you getting your “facts” from? This latest variant is from Africa. Africa is the least vaccination continent by a large margin. Most likely the vast majority of variants come from the larges group of people with covid and that has been repeatedly shown to be the unvaccinated.

      • lol you snark at him asking where he gets his “facts” then accuse unvaccinated of causing strains based on “most likely”. here is a fact, you have no idea what the “facts” are but you well versed in the narrative. welcome my friend to the machine.

        • Glad you are picking it up, at least there’s one other person who is able to kind of think for themselves…

        • And which narrative do you imagine I am versed in? The one where I think people should be informed and study issues for themselves instead of simply repeating blatantly obvious things like “these cases of variant disease were ALL in people who were fully Vaxed” and claiming it to be “FACT”? It is most likely that the vast majority of variants come from the largest group of people with covid, it’s simple math. The largest group of people with covid has, and continues to be, the unvaccinated. Therefore it is most likely that the vast majority of variants come from the unvaccinated, that may or may not be a FACT, but it is most likely.

          • See, Steve, I am far from the only poster here who has called you out as the pro-establishment troll that you are, in your relentless pushing of the ludicrously illogical, irrational and un-scientific official narratives surrounding the Wuhan Plague, and in supporting the destructive and tyrannical political responses to it.
            Your purpose here is beyond obvious, Steve. And if you think that most of us cannot immediately see that, you are even dumber than I know you to already be.

          • Jeff,
            Good to see you again, do you actually have anything to add to the conversation? Or are you just dropping by to call names as per usual?

          • Steve, Jefferson looks accurate.
            It looks more and more like you are an establishment troll . Your inability to see both sides yet always take up the establishment side speaks volumes.
            Today we will give you the benefit of doubt. Perhaps you just don’t read the news.
            Have you not seen article after article that stated omicron was first found in vacinated people in multiple countries not just Africa. Yes it will probably jump to all people including vaccinated but right now prevalent evidence has shown its primarily found in the vaccinated. Current thinking is its huge number of mutations were generated in one ill person who probably was immune compromised. Such as Aids .
            Nothing to do with a large pool of people.
            Yet you knew all that and spouted nonsense anyway. Why ? Why?were you not paying attention to the news
            All original cases of omicron were found in the vacinated. In multiple countries. Soon to spread to everyone.

      • Funny how the malignant gnome was able to say today that he knows it’s already in the US. Almost like he released it here???

    • Correct, every case is amongst the fully “vaccinated”. African countries have very low vax rates simultaneous with low infection rates.
      The populations also tend to have high percentages of people who have been using ivermectine and hydroxychloriquine.
      Big pharma is in for the money and African countries don’t have any to purchase vax products and lack the assets to guarantee payments the Pharma companies require.

    • This is incorrect medical information. So far reports indicate no one has died from the new variant. 50% of cases are in immunized individuals.

  • So what was it that Dr. Malone said would happen if people were over vaccinated (by population) with under performing “vaccines”?
    Oh ya.

    • What percentage of people are vaccinated where this variant came from?

  • The finger in the dike…yet our southern borders are wide open to invasion….it’s not a conspiracy when it’s happening right in front of our eyes….

  • But, but, but…….that’s racism according to the liberals!!!!

  • They’ll just use the southern border.

  • There are always going to be new variants, they will always pop up just before holidays. This way they can scare people not to travel or celebrate. I wonder if they’re going to secure our southern border to stop this new variant. I’m thinking no. What’s also funny is that when Trump restricted travel from China he was called a racist. Biden restricts travel from a continent that is primarily black and all is good. Strange how that works.

    • Jim, you should recognize by now that if radical leftists did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

  • In the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die. No matter what we do. Our masks and our vaccinations and our 6-ft apart rule will not prevail. God is in charge.

    • So God is trying to kill off the planet. Good to know.

  • In the statement quote: “The new variant is believe to have a greater ability to evade the vaccines in use…”. I wonder what Fauci is creating in all those China labs? Now with those vaccines that are suppose to help with all the new boosters being made available, makes you wonder if he is creating more variant’s to overthrow the newest vaccine/booster.

    • The statement quoted is not supported by any medical data.

  • Biden is doing what he said Trump should have not done. Hypocrite worthless and a liar all the way. He is a lost cause.

  • Africa was touting the lowest of infection rates just last week. Can’t have Africa making the establishment look bad, so release some bad news!

    The deadliest of the variants is the FED variant. We need to immunize ourselves from tyrannical government and medical establishements.

    • I’m guessing that it’s mostly from northern or Southern Africa. It is central that is highly unvaxxed, has been using Ivermectin and HCQ, and has low death rates and high natural immunity.

      • Here’s the vaccination rates from the countries banned by Biden. South Africa 23.8%, Botswana 19.6%, Zimbabwe 18.5%, Namibia 11.4%, Lesotho 26.5%, Eswatini 21.3%, Mozambique 10.7%, Malawi 3%. Which one of these countries would you consider highly vaccinated?

      • Data on this please

    • Yeah. The new strain is hardly producing any symptoms at all. So says the guy that discovered it.

    (1950’s red scare hysteria redux.)

    • Quick, hide under your bedazzled masks people, just like those wooden school desks of old….. #desksstopnukes #fact

  • Imagine the howls of “racist” if Trump did this. The outraged media calling for POC (whatever the hell that means) revolution against white supremacy.

    Funny how the standards are different when the left does something.

  • The Omicron variant is so serious, the current Democrat administration has ordered to ban people of color from entering the US from southern African countries while keeping the southern border wide open for foreign nationals to enter at will from 190 countries.

    • Well said, Brian! Your logic is right on!

    • The southern border is still closed…

      • Define “closed”, John.
        Because legally, it may be so, but in practice, it is all but wide open, as PotatoHead expressly wishes it to be.

  • Calm down folks. I said weeks ago that Biden would start a war or some damned thing to save himself since his numbers are so low. This is his war. A simple rope-a-dope to keep the short memoried people stirred up and thinking they need a savior. Ironic that they planned its coronation with the regular flu season during the Thanksgiving break. It’s cruel to play with people’s emotions this way. We need to get rid of him asap and not put Bambi and Thumper in office. Elect Ron DeSantis.

  • Hilarious in a pathetic sort of way…
    Just in time, can you believe it, to cancel Christmas and force mid term elections into so easily corruptible mail-in voting scenarios…
    “South Africa, other African nations”… seems terribly racist banning travel from Africa, yet America’s race industry goes mysteriously mute on the subject.
    Part of the Hunter Biden-China deal, maybe? A humanity-ending China flu coincidentally emerging in Africa, coincidentally forcing the Biden administration to “ban” Americans travelling to Africa, so Communist China’s dominance of African rare-earth mining can proceed unimpeded, unnoticed?
    No way, right?
    Best of all, the hilarious part, remember what continues to swarm unchecked over America’s southern border… from all over the world, including Africa.
    Maybe images at will jog the memory, yes?
    Then remind again, why Brandon-weary Americans should give even a microscopic damn about what the administration does with the latest end-of-mankind virus emanating from Africa, or anywhere else.

  • Hey, kiddies, it’s AFRICA.

    Xiden is RACIST!!!!!!!!

    (Hey’ I’m just applying the standards liberals applied to President Trump. What went around has come around. Enjoy)

  • While our fellow citizens plan for Saturday night, and our politicians plan for their next election, China is planning for their next generation, and that includes our soil. All of it. No discussion is worth having without a quick read about the CCP’s strategic plans. Just google, Secret Speech By Comrade Chi Haotian, Vice-Chairman Of China’s Military Commission.

    We are being played like the naive fool’s we have become

  • If you can’t get Ivermectin ———-

      • Being a habitual bleach drinker might, however, explain most of Sweeney’s posting history here.

  • An observation: the variant name skipped from Mu to Omicron. But those letters are not adjacent in the Greek alphabet.
    What’s in between? The letter “Xi”.
    That’s right, the entire world skipped the letter “Xi” so China wouldn’t be offended. Tell me again this isn’t all political.

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