Biden signs $1.5 trillion bill that Young, Murkowski voted for with anti-firearm legislation embedded in it


The massive funding bill that passed with the votes of Alaska Congressman Don Young and Sen. Lisa Murkowski contain two anti-Second Amendment provisions, according to the Gun Owners of America, a pro-Second Amendment organization.

One provision allows the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency to deputize local police as ATF agents in states that are considered Second Amendment Sanctuaries. The ATF agents would enforce federal gun laws, allowing the federal government to override sanctuary protections.

The other provision funds criminal investigations into people who have been denied the ability to purchase a gun because of a faulty National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) report. Less than 1 out of 100 NICS checks are denied, usually due to a felony record, but in many cases the denial is due to faulty information in the NICS database. Those who fail the NICS check would be criminally investigated by the FBI or ATF for having attempted to purchase a firearm.

President Biden signed the spending bill into law on Tuesday.

The 2,700+ bill contains $1.5 trillion in spending, and contains the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act (VAWA), a priority of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and the NICS Denial Notification Act. The bill was introduced at 1:30 am last Wednesday, and had passed the House on Wednesday night, with the support of all Democrats and 39 Republican representatives, including Congressman Young.

By Thursday, the bill had passed the Senate with the support of all Democrat senators and 18 Republicans, including Murkowski, but not including Sen. Dan Sullivan, who said he had not had time to read the bill, as it was being hurried through.

Gun Owners of America analyzed the bill and broadcast action alerts to its members, but congressional leaders had already struck the anti-gun deal, Gun Owners of America reported.

“Sadly, the bill could have been stopped entirely had Republicans opposed the bill in unison, because anti-gunners were short a Senator,” the group said.

Four gun control sections were removed from the Violence Against Women Act:

  • Sections 101 and 102: grant funding programs to train police to executive “red flag” gun confiscation orders.
  • Section 801: an expansion of the Lautenberg Misdemeanor Gun Ban (a.k.a. Biden’s “Boyfriend Loophole”).
  • Section 802: funding to turn state-level stalking laws into “red flag” gun confiscation laws.

These gun control provisions remained:

  • Sections 1101-1102: the NICS Denial Notification Act to launch criminal investigations into firearm transfer background check denials—even though 9 out of 10 times the system falsely denies a law-abiding citizen who is attempting to purchase a firearm.
  • Section 1103: funding for ATF to deputize local police to enforce federal gun laws, especially to undermine Second Amendment Protection Act (SAPA) states.


  1. Are you Surprised that both of them voted for another HUGE spending bill in the middle of the night? I’m not, they are SELLOUTS, bought and paid for slimey professional UNIPARTY Politicians. Destroying regular Americans lives for their elite globalist agenda. Please VOTE for America First candidates in the PRIMARIES so that We the People have a chance to save Ourselves from the UNIPARTY that is killing the US dollar, pushing WWIII, and allowing an Invasion of the Southern boarder. They want to send guns to citizens in Ukraine, while they want to strangle US CITIZEN gun ownership.

  2. Young and Murkowski are traitors to Alaska and America! They both must be voted out along with the rest of the traitors!

    • Both aforementioned people are true patriots to the United States of America AND Alaska. They voted for life over death by the ‘privileged’ few of the community who consider themselves above and foremost over those killed and injured through use of firearms. They have done their job well in ensuring the wellbeing of Alaskans and representing their constituents.

  3. Murkowski and Young? Why?? I can understand Muskowski being anti-Alaskan and has sold us out long ago, but Young? What a sad state of affairs, what a hag Murkowski is.

    • Young is starting to show his age. He spends more time in Arizona than Alaska and DC. He misses lots of votes. Young needs to retire as he’s not thinking right!

    • The data actually shows that the vast majority of denials are due to felony status, in which case the person attempting to purchase a firearm should be investigated. If you are among the .2% of background checks that have data errors and you haven’t done anything wrong the investigation will clear you of any wrong doing and correct the data error.

    • Linda- that 30T of debt was a two party dance. Enough repubs signed on to this to clearly ensure the RNC leadership and its special interests get a slice of the fruits of our labor, including generations of workers, professionals and specialists not yet born. It’s time.

  4. Hopefully, the Brandon administration will run out of Chy-nah sourced ink and paper before they get that $1,500,000,000 of fiat currency printed and shipped out to their “associates” — cough-cough…….. #谢谢你大佬

  5. Once again Alaska’s red Jane has provern she is a dem at heart, and if Young was a bit younger and would have read the thing. And he would have voted against it, Alaskans we need term limits, we have to get rid of the Rinos. And please remember what Walker did to our PFD.

  6. Both are corrupted, murkowski is a liberal democrat and Young is a swamp dwelling old fool. You know that they didn’t read the giant pork spending bill. I want to know how were they paid off.

    • Infrastructure Improvement Pork… We like bacon but would prefer the entrails and contents be thrown out.

  7. My guess is that unless Don Young has a cogent and believable response this could well spell retirement for him. At best it shows he is asleep.

    • I’m voting for Nick Begich. I’ve talked with him extensively. He has the principles for the job and has Alaskans and Americans first. At first I was skeptical but I can see now why so many conservatives are supporting him.

    • And contining dependency. The only hope is as many as alaskans possible recieve christ and see God never meant for them be dependent upon the provisions he gave us through government. We are meant to work and build projects that contribute without needing anything from others to complete it. Right now there are more people being served in some fashion while fewer people are doing the serving and tiring themselves out -spreading themselves thin-worn down to a thread.

  8. “Those who fail the NICS check would be criminally investigated by the FBI or ATF for having attempted to purchase a firearm.” Another incantation of a law that already exists.
    What about Hunter Biden? He lied on his application and actually purchased a handgun illegally. BATF went to the dealer conducting the sale and tried to threaten and force him to surrender the Form.
    Falsifying the information on an application to purchase a firearm is supposed to be punishable by Fines and Prison Sentence.

  9. Is is the form and conduct of a tyrant? Trickery? What did founders say? “We declare for our heirs…who inhabit…and every one of their children shall have all rights as if born in England”. Nothing forfeited. With apologies to the French speakers all the organic laws here to form the United States are written in proper English. Read in proper English with comprehension the organic Laws of 1606,1609,and 1611 to form this nation. Sign language is not proper English.

  10. Jamestown founded 1603. 1689 English Bill of Rights dealing with the personal defence by Protestant (Jamestown) English subjects. The English Bill of rights rescinded James II forced disarming of Protestants while papists were armed made it illegal to send armed men to disarm the people in violation of freedom and to make them pitiful in fear mongering psychosis. History attempts to repeat itself. Our government UNDER GOD secures those rights in the law of nature such rights being long and descendant before the US Constitution.

  11. I’d like to see an investigation of the conduct of passage of this federal act per Jefferson’s Manual article on investigations as adopted by Congress to see, ennumerate and counter and vitiate any unconstitutional passages in this scheme with punishment for the actors to preserve the Republic.

  12. The way I understand it is that they’re going to let local law enforcement investigate people who knowingly lied on their applications and pay them for their time, not just people who failed background checks. I imagine a failed background check would trigger that process. Not saying that it’s a good thing, but I see GOA as the CNN for us 2A types.
    Look at everything they tell you before you hit that send button.

  13. I mean senators and congressmen who purposefully bring schemes and scams in the dark of night to criminally infringe upon the rights of the countrymen.

  14. I doubt these two alongside all other leaders even throughly read it. See! I told you our leaders can’t read like the people they serve are they are also illiterate. Read good literary classics to your children and those around you regardless of age.

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