Biden plan will price-out poor Americans with taxes, making oil and gas more costly


As the Biden Administration seeks to eliminate or discourage oil and gas drilling, Biden continues his war on the poorest people of the country — the ones who can’t afford pricey battery-run vehicles.

On Friday the Biden Department of Interior released a report on oil and gas permitting on public lands that will increase the price of fuel for everything from cars to heating oil, and also for the myriad of items manufactured from petroleum products, such as shoes and essentials. If America’s low-income people are struggling now, with car fuel at more than $3 a gallon, things could get a lot worse.

The Biden reporton federal oil and gas leasing and permitting practices identifies extreme changes to taxes on oil and gas leases, and creates so many barriers for permits that American companies will seek oil in other places in the world.

“This report is exactly what we thought it would be: a series of preordained conclusions that are designed to end federal oil and gas production. President Biden campaigned on that, and his administration is now advancing what amounts to a death-by-a-thousand-cuts strategy to achieve it,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski said. “What is especially upsetting is that it took Interior 10 months to produce a document that is just 15 pages long, lacking any meaningful analysis, and that repeatedly misrepresents how development actually works. The policies it calls for won’t maximize returns for taxpayers or even reduce emissions—instead, they will hurt production in states like Alaska, further raise energy prices, and increase our nation’s import dependence. This won’t build back any barrels, but it is – yet again – music to OPEC+’s ears,” Murkowski said.

Murkowski’s opponent Kelly Tshibaka was unimpressed: “Do you see how this works? She voted for Deb Haaland, she supports and sells Biden’s Green New Deal agenda then claims she is upset and releases a statement of ‘disapproval’ during an election year. She is failing Alaska,” Tshibaka wrote on Facebook.

Dan Newhouse, chairman of the Western Congressional Caucus, called the oil crisis a self-inflicted problem. “We cannot run on solar energy alone. Nearly one quarter of the nation’s oil and gas comes from public lands.”

But Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland explained that the world is in a climate emergency.

“Our nation faces a profound climate crisis that is impacting every American. The Interior Department has an obligation to responsibly manage our public lands and waters – providing a fair return to the taxpayer and mitigating worsening climate impacts – while staying steadfast in the pursuit of environmental justice,” Haaland said.

“This review outlines significant deficiencies in the federal oil and gas programs, and identifies important and urgent fiscal and programmatic reforms that will benefit the American people,” Haaland said.

The report is the result of Executive Order 14008, which was signed by President Biden in January.

The Department of Interior, in recommending the crushing taxation and regulation of oil and gas companies, says it will continue to conduct “outreach to stakeholders including state and local governments, Tribes, conservation and environmental justice communities, and industry and labor.”

Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg offered an olive branch to the poor people of America on Sunday, saying that people who buy battery-operated vehicles “never have to worry about gas prices again.” He said the cars would save $12,500 in transportation costs and that rural residents who travel long distances have the most to gain from converting to non-gas-burning vehicles, a claim not born out by data.

“If we can make the electric vehicle less expensive for everybody, more people can take advantage, and we’ll be selling more American-made EVs, which means in time they’ll become less expensive to make and to buy for everybody,” Buttigieg said on MSNBC.


  1. This is a by-product of our 2 Senators voting to confirm Halaand. I wrote Sullivan before this vote and expressed my objection to this woman being confirmed and he just blew me off. The price of gas is on their hands now and into the future unless we can reverse these policies that will kill the Alaskan Economy.

  2. This is probably all for our good. You know how an ungrateful spouse acts they don’t realize they had a good thing going on with their spouse until their spouse is gone, when all the ungrateful spouse did was complain and grumble at them for every petty problem being caddy. It will take Biden/Harris to make Americans see this country had something really going good when the White House had Trump leading the White House.
    In the meantime tighten up your family, even you becoming a roommate, and picking up a second job, and lower your sails and ride out the storm.

      • Well Steve, you have to know that is not true about policy being undone. Biden has been undoing every policy from the last Administration.

        The problem is EGO and PERSONAL DISPUTES are the guiding light of America’s Leadership right now.

        That is what American Citizens need to be talking about.

        • And to be fair, Donald also has a freakishly big ego as well.

          I supported his policy, but his MOUTH was the DEMISE of him.

          And beyond that; the other side knew how to dismantle that.

          And they did.

          So that say leads back to what I have said time and time again.

          Both Political Parties are failing.

          Americans see this is a “who’s member is bigger than the other” contest.

          As a woman, I can say, leadership is not a competition measured by a ruler.

          • Nice display of misandry. ~26% of the US House is female, and ~24% of the Senate members are women, so does your **** measuring contest analogy apply to them? Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House, a very powerful position. Your gender bigotry has nothing to do with reality.

        • Wayne-Thank you for highlighting my point with your response!

          And to be clear, my point is and was a purposeful topic in this chain of discussion.

          I was talking about the ACTUALITY described through an ANALOGY.

          An analogy is not the actual point of a topic.

          It’s a description of a topic, much like an adjective is in a sentence.

  3. Environmental justice? Is this another term from the Leftist dictionary? It all sounds so noble doesn’t it?
    You cannot play with these people Sen Murkowski. Your willingness to bridge the divide only has them walking all over you. Don’t act so surprised and shocked they would do this. It’s been the intent all along from the Brandon people. You’ve known this yet are trying now to save face with the faction of Alaskans still believing you care about our state and it’s people.

  4. Where does this $12,500 savings come from? True, you won’t be buying gas but…unless you have $40,000+ per car minimum (most households can’t survive with 1 car) you’ll have car payments. You’ll still have insurance, tires, brakes, and other consumables. Now your electric bill. Electricity is going to get real expensive soon. Add to this a fragile power grid and we might be back to the horse and buggy days. (Horses and oxen do emit methane so they will be banned also).

    • I can see the electric meter spinning already. How long to preheat an electric vehicle ?
      This new tax per mile driven ( given to us by our senators) is to make up for “gas tax “ not being collected.
      I wonder the guys that we won’t have “weather “ anymore.
      What will be the new name of “Weather “ be once humans stop it from ever changing? 🤔

  5. Well, time to start riding my studded tire bicycle again.

    If Tesla were to have his way, we could have had wireless energy and EV charging would never be a problem.

    You know how you wait in line at the gas pump for maybe up to 5 minutes, then it is your turn? Yeah, good luck with EV recharge lines. lol

    Ride a bike.

      • Well depending on the snow drifts, wind direction and speed, I say start out before the rooster crows and make sure to stretch. You will probably get to work by lunch time.

        Yeah, I cannot even consider purchasing property in Anchorage.
        What a scam. And people keep voting themselves higher taxes. WTH.

  6. At least we can all rest easy knowing our 2 Senators didn’t show their traitorous sides by voting for Deb Haaland.
    Oh wait……

  7. Funny how the Democrats moved from the party of the little people to the party of Oligarchs.

    The poor will be decimated by this. The middle class will be eliminated.
    All because Trump made mean tweets.

  8. ““Our nation faces a profound climate crisis that is impacting every American. The Interior Department has an obligation to responsibly manage our public lands and waters – providing a fair return to the taxpayer and mitigating worsening climate impacts – while staying steadfast in the pursuit of environmental justice,” Haaland said.”

    Yes, a fair return to the taxpayers — at least, those taxpayers who manage to survive.

  9. “Climate Crisis”? This weather guy says I think not. Just further commie progress toward enslaving us all.

  10. The problem with EV’s is that batteries need to be charged up. Turns out it takes a 40 Amp device between 8 to 12 hours to charge an EV. This doubles a typical homes electric consumption. Where are you going to get the electricity to accommodate this increased demand?
    Oh, and that de-frost thing? Yup, battery cars use up their battery keeping your windshield clear. And don’t forget that batteries cannot charge cold. So your car needs to be in a warm garage for hours prior to plugging in. I’m not against EV’s, far from it but the lack of attention to details from our leaders should scare you silly. Big top down planning like this always leads to disaster. Go ask the Russians or Chinese if you doubt me.

    • Evidently those car chargers that keep several EVs charging at Eaglecrest haven’t heard of your “batteries cannot charge cold.” Guess CBJ will have to provide warm garages for those EVs, eh Robert??
      Yes, we doubt you! But keep em coming as we do need the laughs.

      • And what is the effective operating range of those vehicles at Eaglecrest, eh Billy boy?
        If radical leftists did not think superficially and shallowly, they would do no thinking at all.

        • They are private vehicles that are common around Juneau. Whatever their range is they drive up there and ski while their vehicle is being charged. They do require little charge to drive the mostly downhill run back to town but I do know of one that drives to and from the Valley with no issues.
          The only argument here is with the asinine comment that “batteries cannot charge cold.”
          I’ve charged a number of batteries when cold and that has nothing to do with “effective range of those vehicles.”
          Your turn.

      • Billy, you can get a battery warming option, but it is fueled by the battery! You really might want to read up on things Bill. Oh, and the defrost…

        • Are you going to double down on your “And don’t forget that batteries cannot charge cold?”
          That statement is BS but you seem to be half-stepping now with options. Heheh!
          Eaglecrest has had its charging stations for some time now and they work at ambient temperatures. How soon should CBJ put up those heated garages so those batteries can be charged??
          You are a riot (Bobby Boy) but do keep them coming.

    • Batteries have a longer lifetime in cooler weather, a battery in warmer southern climates will last about 70% as long as battery in cooler northern climates. That being said a cold battery is not good as a warm battery, at 32 degrees as much as 20% of the capacity is lost, as temperature drops so does capacity. That’s why car batteries have a CA (cranking amp) and a CCA (cold cranking amp) rating. Some of the newer battery technologies don’t have as much issue with the cold as the old flooded cell batteries we are used to. Keeping the battery warm in cold climates can keep capacity up at the expense of capacity, using the battery to heat the battery.
      One day we will figure out how to convert energy without as much loss as we currently have, or we will find an energy source that provides as much as carbon based fuel does now without the perceived downside, or we will miraculously somehow figure out how to produce so much excess energy at such a low cost that we can afford to use a battery to heat the battery so it can keep a charge, but we aren’t there yet.

  11. Fuel is only 25% of what oil is used for. So many items that are required today just for the purpose of an electric car are fossil fuel based. Tires, hoses, windshields, plastic parts, battery casings, wiring sheaths, roads and how about the source for creating electricity at most power plants. This is just another political push to force people in a corner that makes someone rich or richer thanks to law makers who are also getting rich on the back end.

  12. He would like to because his ultimate goal is to put everybody a foot or in a battery car. He’s kind of shooting himself in the foot though. He wants higher gas prices so people won’t burn as much. But then he pushes the narrative that the next variant coming down the pike is a bad one, which the scientists and doctors that discovered it say that it’s not bad at all and has mild symptoms. Anyway he’s pushing that bad germ variant thing and let’s cares people so they start staying at home more, so that puts too much oil on the market and brings the price down. So it might help with his global warming agenda but the oil is still there. Maybe all along he just wants to hurt Alaska for some reason. I don’t think he can have his cake and eat it too. He has no followers out in the world so whatever narrative he’s trying to push, his buddy’s here at home or the only ones that can help him. Even the media it seems has him figured out

  13. People think gas prices are getting high. Just wait until the day the majority of people have charge up battery powered vehicles. All those people filling their vehicles with gas now using electricity instead. Electricity, already expensive, will skyrocket in price. Further, prohibitions on fossil fuel use to heat your home may lead to electric heat. If you’ve ever had electric heat in a cold climate you know how expensive that is. Add these things altogether & electric vehicles may not be so cheap to run. For awhile, while they are the minority of vehicles, sure it’s cheaper. But that will not last. People will be wishing for the good old days when they could run gasoline. I’d also add natural gas powered vehicles have very little pollution & its relatively cheap but because they are fossil fuel powered, the administration wants nothing to do with it and that idea has been cast aside with no mention whatsoever. .

  14. “Our nation faces a profound climate crisis that is impacting every American.” -Deb Halaand
    Hmmmm, I looked all around, went into the cupboards, checked the garage, looked in the fridge. Sorry but I just can’t find this “profound crisis” you speak of. Is my roof on fire? Did my foundation crumble? Are my pipes frozen and spewing? No….. no impact here.
    “But it’s going to warm up one degree over the next decade!!!!!!!” *yawn* It’s going to warm up 60 degrees in 6 months. No crisis there. “But sea levels are rising!” Yeah? Where. Show me the numbers. “But hurricanes are increasing!” No, they’re not. Do your research. “But wildfires are more destructive than ever before!!!!!” Partly true, mostly because of housing density and forest mismanagement.
    Sorry Deb, but you’re lying.

    • Are you thinking climate change means fire will fall from the skies and light your roof on fire? Or that it will break up tectonic plates? Or shut off the heat in your house so your pipes freeze in the winter? Hmmm, I haven’t seen a single paper published on climate change theory in that alternative universe.

      I believe the concern with climate change is that it’s going to dramatically change climates that have been relatively stable for 200,000 years. A warming of the planet may not necessarily result in a warmer climate all the time. We’re experiencing more volatile weather patterns, that result in things like back to back atmospheric rivers, that can devastate regions that are already well suited to heavy precipitation. The human species came about at a time when the Earth’s climate was stable, and well suited to us. For example, we never existed on a planet with a north or south pole complete void of ice, however that scenario is fast approaching as northern hemisphere ice sheets are disappearing. That kind of dramatic change has significant impacts on wind patterns, ocean currents, and the climate we as a species have only ever known. Instead of worrying about things that have nothing to do with climate change, maybe you should consider what the words climate and change actually mean.

      • John,
        I’m guessing you meant it’s been 20,000 years that we’ve had a relatively stable climate, that’s when we started warming from the last global ice age.
        Before that, the last 200,000 years we’ve been through a couple of long ice ages, followed by brief spikes in warm periods, with the last warm period being warmer than the current.

  15. What happened to the coal comeback? After 4 years of Trump, I didn’t see one single coal fired steam engine on the road. As a poor American, I can’t afford gas. I am dependent on coal. Gas is way too pricey. Been that way since W Bush started wars in the middle East. Biden is no different. I thought Trump would be, but I’ll say it again. Not one, single, coal fired steam engine was built under Trump. And he promised coal would make a comeback. Sow where’s that story?

  16. I have not read any comments yet.

    But, having been born and raised in rural Alaska, the “economic and political” demise goes much deeper.

    Growing up in McGrath, Doon created the Roustabout Training program.

    That was a game changer for men in our community.

    I was hired as a Camp Manager and worked on the North Slope in 2020.

    The Doyon Drilling Company because of its crew’s has evolved into being the most coveted drilling company.

    The North Slope has the most stringent environmental policies, controls, day-to-day oversight, and reporting.

    Local native village corporation employees serve as the subsistence surveillance patrol.

    Rural Alaskans do not have a lot of opportunities for work.

    Men being displaced from work creates pressure on the home front.

    In the most remote places of the United States of America-

    Alaska Native communities are NOT reachable by gas or electric automobile.

    Alaska Native communities are ONLY reachable by airplane.

    HOWEVER, Alaska Native families have few options for employment – government or government-funded jobs – which are mostly office administrative, health care, or education positions.

    Our men and their talent is and continues to be marginalized, minimized, and wiped out by other men that live in Washington DC.

    Men like Joe Biden that rents out Alice Rogoff’s ex-husbands MANSION for Thanksgiving.

    The Indigenous People closest to the largest oil production on the continent are being stepped on and wiped out by a Democratic Platform.

    Now, I don’t have a problem with progress or change.

    But, leadership is supposed to lay out short- term, mid-term and long- term strategies to achieve Goals.

    Trying to do stuff based on 4-year term is NOT WORKING.

    I can go into a lot more of how removing the very limited availability of jobs from our men, leads to strife, depression, alcoholism, domestic violence, generational trauma.

    That in turn leads to increased medevac lear jets getting called out – clearly are not electricly powered.

    Just like the circle of life, economy has its role. In Alaska, oil, gas, mining, commercial fishing, etc are all necessary industries to perpetuate healthy families and communities.

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