Biden not improving with time


You go into the woods for a few days and when you come back you learn the Biden administration is no brighter than when you left.

Now, these guys want to “repeal or replace” the roadless rule in the Tongass National Forest – or as greenies and liberals call it, the Tongass National Park and Preserve. That would overturn a Trump policy affecting 9.3 million acres of the 58.5 million acres of the national forest forest originally put off-limits by President Bill Clinton in 2001.

The Trump rule, instituted about three months before he left office, allowed roads and other development in more than half the forest, one the world’s largest intact temperate rainforests.

USDA Communications Director Matt Herrick says “the Trump administration’s decision on the Alaska roadless rule was controversial and did not align with the overwhelming majority of public opinion across the country and among Alaskans.”

Maybe, maybe not, but Gov. Mike Dunleavy promises to push back against the Biden effort.

”From tourism to timber, Alaska’s great Tongass National Forest holds much opportunity for Alaskans, but the federal government wishes to see Alaskans suffer at the lack of jobs and prosperity,” he said in a tweet.

We are left to wonder what it all means for a house-building market already reeling from skyrocketing lumber prices. The Biden administration seems to think the best way to deal with a crisis is to make it worse.

Yep, no doubt about it. The Biden administration certainly is no brighter than when we left.


  1. Come on now, this person is an idiot. How can you think he will improve with time? He is a senile old fart that lost his ability to think rationally. He is not running the Country, he is destroying it .Put him out to pasture.

  2. Joe Biden is a counterfeit president. Not the real deal. Everyone knows it, but the Lefties pretend he’s duly elected. The entire Administration is built on a foundation of landfill and balsa. It’s only a matter of time.

  3. China Joe is dumb like a fox. If I am not mistaken the Tongass holds amongst other things a vast treasure of RARE EARTHs. At present the Chi-Coms control this market and mining them on American Soil would put their monopoly in peril. The Roadless Rule locks up this potential competition for Chi-Com Rare Earths. Give China Joe credit here, when bought he stays bought, despite the peril it puts U.S. security in.

  4. Biden along with fish don’t improve with time. That’s one that you can make Bank on. Everyone knows the man is a puppet at best. He always has been even under Obama. It says something for the region of the country that he hails from and how brainwashed they must be.

  5. Schenker: I lived in SE AK for a while. I even had a modest lumber and building supply. Back in the 70’s rare earth metals deposits were being found just about anywhere. I believe that some discoveries weren’t filed on because they didn’t want any big exploration companies coming in and swooping them all up. They’re just sitting on them, waiting for the right time. Most are in the Tongass Forest, which complicates things.
    Some rare earth deposits don’t leave any traces in streams, to be tracked down by. They’re found mostly by accident. They do something to the local flora though, which clues one in that they may be there.
    The value of the metals are such that hauling mining equipment in by helo could be very profitable. Wouldn’t need any roads.

  6. DementiaLand President of the US. DPOTUS. Democrats must be so proud of this guy. Crickets…….

  7. China Joe is simply an empty husk and an obedient, compliant puppet for those who REALLY wield power. Well, he is all that, AND an usurper of a president as well. Utterly illegitimate, and a national disgrace.

  8. Trump should have taken Joe up on his offer to have a brawl behind the schoolyard. I don’t think old Joe would still be around today.

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