Biden kills women’s sports with final rule


In a late Friday news dump, the Biden Administration finalized a rule President Joe Biden initially proposed on the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

His scheme expands the definition of sex to include “gender identity” — meaning biological men who identify as women can access women’s bathrooms and locker rooms and be housed in women’s dorms at colleges and universities. It eliminates protections for students in campus sexual assault proceedings.

It also means a crackdown on “misgendering,” the use of proper pronouns.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration still can’t even say what a woman is.

The first time Biden has dehumanized biological women. The Biden administration threatened to withhold federal funding, including meal funding for low-income students at schools that prohibit biological men in women’s athletics.


  1. Guess what? Biden can’t dictate what any of us can do! States need to bond together to protect women’s sports and give the proverbial finger to the Regime. Adapt our own rules. Tell Transgenders we aren’t going to ruin women’s sports for them just to make them “feel” better!
    It’s time to enforce morals and ignore the POTUS.
    Whatever he is, is straight up bought and paid by Obama and the Left… Who else would be pushing this garbage???
    Anyone remember 2008 within the first few days of office, Obama proclaimed all bathrooms must include gender confused people. Hmmm maybe because he’s married to a dude??? One that is faking being a woman?
    This nation is truly going off the rails….

    • Yes, exactly.. I have been saying that for some time now. I don’t know why schools are involved in sports, anyway.

  2. What happened to what We the People want? Do we have a king deciding for us? We WOMEN want our own sports, our own bodies and our own decisions for what is best for us! You men or swamp creatures stay in your own lanes AND OUT OF OUR LOCKER ROOMS, BATHROOMS AND SPORTS! and guess what you cannot have a baby either! and AND no one wants to live in a humanoid world

    • What happened? Votes don’t count any more, only ballots count, even when 253 come from a single trailer on Muldoon. Demand election integrity! (and a trial for Gabby)

    • There hasn’t been a moment in We The People since Walker , Berkacraps and the left agenda assembly took over in our city and state.
      We better start voting in real republicans cause we see the fakes in Murkowski and others.

      • Berkowitz and Mary Peltola were best buddies in Juneau… Let that sink in… Now she’s best buddies with some of the most radical people in Congress..

        Mary is not Alaska’s friend, she’s a political gold digger.

    • Sorry. It’s been known and now its been proven that the best woman for the job is a man. Deal with it.

  3. Ironic how Grandpa Bloodstains killed women’s sports on the 50 anniversary of an act to protect them.

    Progressives really hate women.

    • Exactly. Create a parallel structure. And we won’t be poor for long. We are Americans.

      “If it proves impossible legally to compel the ruling power to change the ways it governs us, and if for various reasons those who reject this power cannot or do not wish to overthrow it by force, then the creation of an independent or alternative or parallel society is the only dignified solution… the independent society does not compete for power. Its aim is to create structures that respect other laws and in which the voice of the ruling power is heard only as an insignificant echo from a world that is organized in an entirely different way.”
      ~ Ivan Jirous, Parallel Polis: An Inquiry

  4. What a sick demented old pervert for a POTUS.
    I have no doubts now about his daughters claims He used to join her in her shower at a young age….hence the drug and alcohol addiction with countless rehab for both children.
    He will most definitely go down as the sickest POTUS in history.

  5. The Democrat’s war on women continues.
    It’s sad that the Left hate women so much.

    It’s also partly our fault.
    This is what happens when you consistently get voter turnouts in the 20% range, which is just pathetic.
    The Democrat’s dedication to destroying our country and institutions has continued unabated due to voter apathy.
    People are really that lazy, that they can’t be bothered to put down the screen, get off their asses, and vote ONE day a year, or in the case of presidential elections, one day every four years.
    I’ve always told people who are too lazy to vote, to “Shut up, I do not want to hear one single word from you about the state of our country. You are part of the problem.”

    • Why vote Tim? After a lifetime of voting I’ve only seen things get worse as the United States has become a failing, debt ridden country.

  6. Just a reminder, Since Biden’s condition keeps getting worse and worse, just remember there are other people making all these decisions.. THINK: OBAMA is primarily the culprit, with the backing of our frivolous V.P. And alot of left wingers, that aren’t supposed to even be making presidential decisions.

  7. Blame Republicans for this. Reagan vetoed the changes Congress made to title IX that have allowed traitors like Biden to do what he just did. Congress, by a two thirds vote, overrode Reagan.

    Democrats and Republicans both suck. The only question is how much do Republicans suck less than Democrat-traitors.

    What is astonishing is just how much Democrats hate women, or why any sane woman would vote for a traitor- Democrat. (The same applies to Jews- why would they vote for the party that hates Israel?)

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