Biden cuts to Alaska Air National Guard delayed to 2025

Pararescuemen from the 212th Rescue Squadron prepare to free fall parachute from a 211th RQS HC-130J Combat King II aircraft over the Lower Susitna Valley near Anchorage, Alaska, Feb. 7, 2023. The Alaska Air National Guard is facing an overhaul of 80 of its active full-time positions that officials say will reduce its ability to perform rescues. Alaska National Guard photo by Dana Rosso.

The Air National Guard will delay the implementation of reductions planned for Alaska that would impact or eliminate nearly 80 Active Guard Reserve positions and threaten the United States homeland defense mission in Alaska and beyond.

The delay moves implementation from Oct. 1, 2024 to Sept. 30, 2025, allowing for the Air National Guard to complete a more comprehensive assessment of the impact the proposed changes will have on critical Alaska missions, and decide whether the proposed changes should occur at all. The delay will provide reprieve for the members assigned to Alaska Guard missions that include missile warning, air refueling, and combat rescue, according to an announcement from the Alaska congressional delegation.

“When I heard about the National Guard’s proposed, ill-advised cuts, my team and I demanded meetings with National Guard Bureau senior leadership, including the Director of the Air National Guard,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan. “During those meetings, we explained that Alaska’s National Guard is composed of highly skilled service members who respond to state emergencies, conduct combat search-and-rescue missions, execute air and missile defense missions, support space domain awareness, and serve as a critical link in the defense of the American homeland. These missions are unique in the nation given Alaska’s strategic location and require National Guard members to be on alert 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. These cuts would have undermined not only our state’s security, but our national security as well. While I am heartened by the decision to delay these misguided cuts until October 2025, I will continue to work relentlessly on this issue to keep Alaska National Guard positions secure.”


  1. We are Too Dependent on government that the government cabal are looking what can they cut before the cuts reach them. One day military will have to return back to volunteer service.
    We all know one day the Alaska state legislature will have to eliminate 7 billion from the budget regardless what is cut being not politically popular. We should had respected and listened to Ms Donna Auduin.

    • What are you talking about Jen?

      Our current military is 100% volunteer. Not a single person currently in the military was drafted. That practice ended over 50 years ago

  2. Why not just order most of us out? It seems to be Grandpa Bloodstains intent to choke us to death.

  3. As a retired Alaska ANG member, Senator Sullivan’s comment is spot-on. These cuts would jeopardize national security.

    In typical Democrat Admin fashion, these proposed cuts leave we “sheepdogs” speechless. Boo…

  4. Just wondering what if Alaska was it’s own Country? Could we get “Foreign Aid” like the rest of the world? Could we as Independent Nation develop our own natural resources? How about all Federal Land becoming Alaska State Land as well as reconsidering the mineral rights of individuals?
    Just wondering because…..

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