Biden has been coordinating with pro-Arab, anti-Israel group to isolate Jews living in West Bank: Report

President Joe Biden talks to reporters about the mental competency concerns raised in the special counsel's report on his retention of classified documents when he was a civilian.

According to a new report from the Washington Free Beacon, the Biden Administration has been coordinating since as far back as early 2022 with an anti-Israel group called DAWN, with the purpose of isolating Jewish Israelis who live in the West Bank, an area that is home to more than 500,000 Israelis and 3 million Palestinians, with an additional 220,000 Israelis living in East Jerusalem, a place Palestinians claim as the capital of their state. Israel annexed East Jerusalem and controls it under Israeli law.

Internal government emails reveal the collusion between Arab World Now (DAWN) and both the State Department and Defense Department. The group has lobbied the Biden Administration to cut military aid to Israel. On Sunday, Axios reported that the Biden Administration has, indeed, cut off shipments of ammunition to Israel, the first time since the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas that the United States has halted a shipment for the Israeli military, which is fighting for the release of hostages by the terrorist organization Hamas.

Read the Washington Free Beacon report at this link.

Read the Axios report at this link.

“DAWN is leveraging its clout with the Biden administration to push fresh sanctions on Israeli military units for alleged human rights crimes, having provided the State Department with a list of Israelis to punish. DAWN’s anti-Israel lobbying campaign traces back to at least 2022, with the internal government emails shining new light on the level of access and influence it peddles inside the Biden administration,” the Free Beacon reported.

Hamas fighters killed four Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint at Kerem Shalom crossing over the weekend. Israel has told Hamas to evacuate Rafah, a sign that a ground operation may be imminent.

“Hamas is aware that Israel has withdrawn from most of Gaza and that Hamas has achieved many of its war aims, basically getting an Israeli withdrawal from most areas and a kind of de facto ceasefire in some areas,” the Jerusalem Post reported Monday.

“However, Hamas regrouped quickly in northern Gaza in February and March. It also has regrouped in other areas. It has re-established some capabilities to fire rockets, often working with other terror groups in Gaza. This is not to say it has the extensive capabilities to manufacture long-range rockets and fire large barrages. However, it continued reference to the 114mm rocket, which is relatively short range, is a reference to a continued capability to position its munitions and projectiles around Gaza. It has also used these munitions to target the Netzarim corridor in central Gaza,” the Jerusalem Post reported. Netzarim is an Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip about 3 miles southwest of Gaza City.

Although President Joe Biden signed an appropriation for $26 billion in military and humanitarian aid for Israel last week, he is now is balking at sending munitions.


  1. The West Bank should be the State of Palestine, not occupied territory. Netanyahu’s Israeli government is hostile to all Arabs. He will ultimately be charged and convicted of war crimes. Israel needs to leave the West Bank.

    • You really should pick up a history book. Your lack of understanding of history, cultural repercussions, and outside agents is embarrassing.

    • Roughly 21% of Israelis are Arabs, they enjoy the same rights and protections as every Israeli. Arabian Israelis serve in all facets of government, all the way up to and including the Israeli Supreme Court.

    • Gee slaughter of 1200 babies, women and elderly why would they be against Hamas. I think beheading babies is a war crime holding civilians is the same thing Nazi did. Tell me who is the president of Palestine is it Hamas?

  2. Hamas would quickly lose support in Gaza if Palestinians were moving to the West Bank instead of Radical Zionists

  3. The West Bank settlements have been declared illegal under international law for years now. And the rumor going around military analysts’ circles is that the United States is running out of ammunition, which if true, is a very dangerous national security issue. Biden’s foreign policy advisors have been an absolute disaster!

  4. Nat, Israel has been America’s friend and ally for years. With all of the anti-Semitism ramping up in this country we need to start showing our support! As a Jew, I have never been afraid to wear my Star of David ✡️ I continue to wear it but even in Alaska, I am uneasy.

  5. None of this is the USAs business! What we think does not matter…. It’s disgusting this puppet POTUS is even meddling in their affairs.
    All you have to do is reverse this. Would we want another country telling us what to do when they don’t even live here?? Heck no! Biden is a war mongering jerk. Stay out of what is Isreals business!

  6. Grandpa Bloodstains has a long history of disliking Israel. Fine. His prerogative.
    But being this active in attempting to take down a long-standing US ally is beyond reckless.

    Grandpa Bloodstains wants 4 more years so badly he’s willing to destabilize an entire region and partner with a group who want to destroy this nation.

    This ends very badly.

    • Where do you get your information about President Biden hating Israel? The country was created and there’s no ‘going back’ so, the idea of a ‘hatred’ is rather useless. It seems to me that he is trying to be as diplomatic as possible given the circumstances with the current religious regime running the country. With jillions of years of history to wade through, President Biden isn’t going to rock any boats with a new strategy, but for the time being trying to effect a cease-fire to decrease the human deaths, destruction and mayhem in the region.

  7. It would be more honest if Grandpa Bloodstains ordered air strikes on Tel Aviv. He’s rhetorically inches from putting on an Arafat headscarf and calling for global jihad.


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