Biden dismantles Second Amendment with ‘rule’ based on an anti-gun bill Murkowski voted for


Firearm dealers will be required by the Biden Administration to run background checks on buyers who purchase firearms from gun shows or other places that are not actual stores. The rule also applies to online sales and even between private persons.

The Biden Administration says it has the authority to expand this curtailment of constitutional rights because of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which was supported and voted for by Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Sen. Dan Sullivan voted against it.

In response to the announcement, Senate Republicans will introduce a bill to repeal the Biden rule that was announced by the Department of Justice on Wednesday, which vastly expands required federal background checks. Republican Sens. John Cornyn of Texas and Thom Tillis of North Carolina will introduce legislation to repeal the rule.

The Biden rule says that “even a single firearm transaction may be sufficient to require a license, if there is other behavior to suggest commercial activity. For example, a person selling just one gun and then saying to others they are willing and able to purchase more firearms for resale may be required to obtain a license and run background checks,” according to the White House.

“This is going to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and felons,” President Joe Biden said in a statement. “And my administration is going to continue to do everything we possibly can to save lives. Congress needs to finish the job and pass universal background checks legislation now.” 

Executors of estates or personal representatives of estates will have to get federal firearms licenses under the new rule.

“From the outset, this bill was a compromise measure, spearheaded by a bipartisan group of 20 of my Senate colleagues. I join them in their commitment to showing the public that Congress knows the status quo on gun violence is not acceptable—that we can do more for school safety, for the safety of our communities, and to address the growing mental health crisis in this country,” said Sen. Murkowski after voting in favor of the bill in 2022. “This legislation emphasizes and provides additional funding for mental health and school safety programs to help ensure that kids and people of all ages are better protected. As a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a gun owner myself, it was essential to ensure that this legislation not violate the rights of law-abiding gun owners. It does not. While this legislation is not perfect, it is a responsive, responsible, and targeted approach to address the very serious mass shooting and gun violence incidents this country continues to face.”


    • Along with the invasion of illegals crossing our boarder and being shipped all over the country, that by the way the Beijing Biden regime says are allowed to have 2nd Amendment rights, along with the other criminals in this country.

    • Well, if we outlaw abortions, women will just get them illegally. If we outlaw drugs, people will just get them illegally.
      But, if we outlaw guns… well, problem solved. No one alive could possibly consider violating a gun law, ever.

    • The loathesomeness of Princess Lisa, statist extraordinaire, appears to have no limits.
      I will celebrate when that swamp monster is finally dead.

      The only problem is that there will still be a vast reservoir of enablers and supporters of tyranny, like you Paola, out there ready and willing to defend enslavement under Big Brother.

  1. This is gun registration. Under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, elected to rule in Germany, gun registration preceded gun confiscation; same in State of NY, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and in Canada. Once a government has your name and your firearms S/Ns they cannot resist coming for them, and then coming for you. Maybe it begins with the Jews and Gypsies but it soon spreads to everyone but those in uniform – the right uniform. That is why we have the Second Amendment.

    I am so sorry Lisa voted this in. I believe it to be stupidity rather than crookedness. But the result is the same. As WAR always says, they may get my guns but the guns will be empty and very warm.

    • This, by itself, is not registration.
      However, it cannot work without the Federal Government having a full registry of all guns owned by private citizens. Otherwise, how will they know I sold a gun?

  2. Biden and Lisa cannot stop Illegals or Fentanyl from pouring over our southern border but he and Lisa will dispatch G-Men to take grandpa’s 12 gauge from you.

    I think Thomas Jefferson had it right in his preamble to the Declaration of July 4, 1776.
    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty , to throw off such Government…

    We better work like hell to throw this evil, corrupt old man out of office in November.

  3. “Firearm dealers will be required by the Biden Administration to run background checks on buyers who purchase firearms from gun shows or other places that are not actual stores.”
    Slightly incorrect.
    If the dealer holds a FFL, they must run the background check whenever they sell a gun, regardless of venue. Those that sell privately are not dealers.
    However, the Briben admin is trying to make them into dealers via this rule.

  4. And, in the leftist la-la land, all criminals will self report their purchase of a gun.

    • Unfortunately with the current system “criminals” are able to buy guns without background checks at gun sales and over the internet.

      • Ah, no, they can’t buy firearms over the internet without filing a background check at a local licensed FFL dealer where you specify the firearm to be shipped.

      • Can’t buy over the internet none of the shippers like UPS will accept or deliver unless you have an FFL

        • All ffl licensed dealers must do background checks period. Gunn shows, internet, doesn’t matter.
          Not all gun shows restrict sellers to be ffl dealers and thus those can and do sell and buy without background checks.
          Some cities, states require all guns sold at gun shows require the buyer to go through a background check set up at those shows.
          Depending on the state, city, local, etc, guns can or cannot be sold between buyers and sellers with or without back ground checks on a private, family or friend basis.
          I can ship a gun via us mail to myself from anywhere in America unless it’s a pistol and that can only be shipped next day ups or FedEx to an ffl. As a dealer in Alaska, you cannot sell and give a ar, ak, or pistol to anyone from another state, you must send it to an ffl. Rifles and shotguns you can. You will also need state issued photo DL where you reside.

          There are more layers to all this and they are growing. Fed, state, city, county, pick a law.
          None of it will stop the bad guy from getting a gun, and it will also allow the good guy today, the bad guy tomorrow to get a gun and do harm. It’s all a false feel better thing that doesn’t. How many mental laws do we have? How many stupid damn parents laws do we have? How many stupid politician laws do we have? Pomder that.

          One last thing, most of not all gun shops will not buy off the walk-in without running a stolen gun check via serial number first.
          It’s a twisted road of rules, laws, and even Gun Show outfits own rules.

  5. Common sense gun law reforms like this are supported by a huge majority of the public, as well as a huge majority of the gun owning public.

    90 percent of Americans support universal background checks, including gun show sales and internet gun sales.

    89 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of gun owners and 70 percent of the NRA members support universal background checks on gun sales. Many of those that don;t support this common sense measure are those who are making lots of money with the current system and those who want to remain under the cover of the current law for purposes of evasion.

    Common sensibilities and common sense gun owners do not want criminals to be able to purchase guns through the internet or at gun shows without their criminal and/or mental histories going unchecked.

    • Leftist BS Propaganda being spewed here by Earth1. There is nothing “common sense” here as advertised. Lack of knowledge of how internet gun sales work. Faulty statistics gathered, cited and used (parroted) to prop up position. Shows lack of knowlege of firearms subject and Willing to say anything to ban guns, the ultimate goal.

    • Common sensibilities would tell you that criminal steal guns and trade them on the black market for drugs imported across the southern border. Does Lisa and Joes plan cover the black market trade?

    • Not to mention the current interpretation of the 2nd amendment is considered a mistaken one by many legal scholars ( and the head of the Supreme Court at the time)
      ‘ a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’
      The new colonies had no standing army ( they were suspicious, understandably of one) and it was custom for every man to serve in the state’s militia if they were called up. The states didn’t entirely trust one another or the federal government, hence the wording of the amendment.Thats why it’s ‘ the people ‘ not ‘ people ‘.
      That’s why those invested in maintaining the bloody gun culture in this country always leave out the first part of the amendment.

    • How many people have committed shootings that bought the gun legally and with a back ground check? How many were bought using a straw buyer? How many were bought by parents and given to their nut case kids? How many were committed with stolen, cross border bootleg guns? The answer is MOST. And not a damn law exists or will that will fill that loop hole.

  6. Surprised. princess didn’t include a tax in it for more money for her to spend spend spend!!

  7. While I am opposed to this (likely unconstitutional) rule along with all other efforts to chip away at our rights, the Right has gone off the rails a bit in describing it. It does broaden the definition of who is considered a “dealer” in a meaningful way, but it does not prohibit occasional (intrastate) private transfers between unlicensed individuals, it does not required the executor of an estate to get an FFL in order to distribute firearms to a person’s lawful heirs and it does not restrict an unlicensed person from selling any number of firearms from a personal collection.
    Please just report the facts and stop the fear-mongering. We’re not idiots, and articles like this one do a disservice to those of us who care about the truth.

    • So you don’t like to have your rights chipped away? Well neither do the woman of this country who have had theirs RIPPED AWAY by Dobbs.

      And if you think electing Trump will restore your rights, well you’d better think again. He will chip away at our freedom of speech, freedom of contraception, right to a fair trial, right to vote, and many, many others.

      • Hans, NOBODY has suggested limiting “freedom of contraception”.
        But by claiming thus, you clearly imply that abortion is being used as contraception by many, which is disturbing all by itself.

        And do NOT try giving us any of your disingenuous and idiotic radical leftist extremist prattle about “reproductive freedom” vis a vis abortion. I know of no species, least of all humans, who reproduce via the willful destruction and murder of their unborn.

        • I’m looking at the Constitution. Unless Hans has written his own, freedom of contraception isn’t in there.

          Funny, that.

        • Jefferson. You’re wrong again: “An Oklahoma Republican has proposed a ban on birth control that is not provided by a doctor. The original target is emergency contraception options like Plan B, but that raises questions about the new class of birth control pills. In Tennessee, a bill that would have clarified that the state’s current abortion regulations do not encompass IVF or contraceptives never made it out of a House committee. Democrats in the archconservative Louisiana legislature have proposed protections for access to contraceptives and emergency contraceptives, but they haven’t advanced in the majority-Republican chambers.”

          Only busybody republican hypocrites would try enter America’s bedrooms.

      • Once again, child be quiet. Adults are talking.

        No one, except in the confines of your make believe world, has lost any rights. At least 1/3 of this nation will happily abort a child.

        There is no right for convenience.
        Again, except in your make believe world.

        All Dobbs did was return this issue to the states. Nothing else.

      • So the way that Trump is being treated right now by the existing government represents what Trump is going to do?
        “And if you think electing Trump will restore your rights, well you’d better think again” why would you assert this? What did his record in office prove?
        “He will chip away at our freedom of speech, freedom of contraception, right to a fair trial, right to vote, and many, many others.” Thus far, Trump’s freedom of speech has been gagged, his right to fair trials has been attacked by the current government, and the right to vote has only been enhanced by what he espouses because an accurately counted election that encompasses only legal voters is what are necessary for election integrity.
        Your personal dislike for a man’s personality has blinded your ability to reason. You bring close minded shame to true liberals.

      • What right are you babbling about?
        Dobbs did not take away any right in any way.
        It solely move authority to the states, where it belongs

  8. For many, there will be a day when they realize Daddy’s Little Princess was a terrible mistake and rotten choice to serve as Alaska’s Senator. For the rest of us, that realization was many years ago!!!

  9. A good start.

    Firearms owners always claim to be law-abiding citizens who want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. So if that’s really true, why would they object to a background check for gun shows that helps to perform exactly that function? The vast majority of living Americans, and probably most of those who have been killed by deranged active shooters, certainly agree with this view.

    “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment right is not unlimited…. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

    Justice Antonin Scalia
DC v Heller

    • Hans, your radical leftist extremist hatred for guns, for gun owners, for gun ownership, and for gun rights could not be more clearly obvious. And the reason why is clear: because you rabid statists worship government power and coercion, and ANY semblance of self-ownership and individual autonomy are loathsome to you, because you believe that ALL power should rest in the hands of the government and its agents. Your beliefs are irrational, impossible, and anti-human.

      • I do favor keeping guns away from Hans. He’d probably hurt someone.

        It really is amazing how much progressives fear freedom. A lot of alleged Republicans, too, for that matter.

      • Jefferson. Google Uvalde and learn for yourself why many want fewer wackos with guns.

        It has nothing to do with the left monster under your bed.

        • Paola Estranged From Reality,

          Google “Human rights”, “The US Constitution” and “shall not be infringed”,
          “Mein Kampf”, and “The Communist Manifesto” and learn for yourself why sick statist wackos, like you, demand a disarmed and defenseless population.

          How does it feel to support and defend evil, Paola?

          • Jefferson. Many have told you in many ways here that your arrogance and toxic machismo and exaggeration diminishes what you rant about. It should embarrass you, but of course, like Trump, you can’t handle any negative attention and will not be embarrassed. You are weak, angry and gullible.

    • Oh child…

      I’d tell you to stop bothering the adults, but sometimes you gotta let toddlers cry it out.

      The alleged gun show loophole has been debunked so many times I’ve lost count.

    • Why do the law abiding fight against UBCs?
      Because they are not enforceable with a national gun registry.

    • “ and probably most of those who have been killed by deranged active shooters, certainly agree with this view.”

      Show me a dead person thinking and I’ll show you a man that can have babies. And not the make believe kind Joe Biden folks believe in.

  10. Well, Hans.. That’s fine until the ratchet keeps going zzzzzip. And the “improvements”are added. Meaning that you first must getapproval from some government apparatchiks for each and every purchase. Like our friends in California.. First. Background checks… ” not good enough”. Next.. Waiting periods. Next take a test.. $$$$$. Then a new check eevry time you want a box of.22. Then it will be .. You’re only allowed one box every year.. Don’t complain. That’s grounds to deny your purchase.. See the NY requirement to open your focal media accounts for your permit to keep your gun(that you already own) at home.. That’s their idea of “common sense” gun has to be kept locked up, subject to snap inspection to verify submission i.e compliance

  11. Three days late to this party, I know. I just saw this article and I felt compelled to point out that there are several misleading/false statements just in the first paragraph. Licensed dealers (FFLs) are already required to conduct background checks on buyers at gun shows or anywhere else they sell guns. Online gun sales without background checks are a myth. Online dealers will not send firearms directly to a buyer’s residence, they will require a customer to specify an FFL dealer where the gun will be picked up, requiring, you guessed it, a background check. Also, the proposed rule would not automatically require licensing for all private sales. The main target of this rule seems to be private sales at gun shows, closing what they refer to as the “gun show loophole”. Most such activity at gun shows involves buying, selling and trading among avid collectors. I am guessing that the goal of the administration is to force all such gun show vendors to be licensed. All that said, I don’t support or agree with this proposed rule. Such rules are outside the authority of both the agency involved and the executive branch. Any such rules should be thoroughly debated in congress, and should comply with the constitution.

    • Good points.. the problem with this admin and the obama one was and is they have an army of lawyers that love to stretch the laws and interpret them in ways unfathomable. 99% get shot down as do 99% of their fictitious surveys and statements. I’m pretty sure they pass a survey around the room stuffed with their lapdog lawyers and they all vote the affirmative on the survey, thus 99% of whatever they need. Most big city gun shows are hosted by a number of outfits thst put them on. They usually require back ground checks. And those big democratic cities are where the problems are. Not working.

  12. So much for the NRA ‘A’-Rating, as if the NRA is relevant these days anyway. At best they serve as a diversion taking away attention from the organizations that really are being effective.

  13. lol,
    Good luck with enforcing these new laws lol, All these new efforts to stifle gun ownership has done is totally explode the numbers of Gun ownership. It started when obama was taking other executive actions 10-12 years ago, now we have more then double or tripled the amount of guns in our country. So I’d say these same lunatics who are obsessed with making more and more nonsensical gun laws have actually created a enviroment where gun ownership has expanded by atleast 50’million or more weapons since 2010, and the fact is they have no idea how many there are, and who all actually has them. The vast majority of Law enforcement both State wide and Nationally will never take no part in hunting down or seizing guns from the people in this country, they allready know that’s an impossible task. That Cats been out of the bag for far to long, and it would take atleast 250 years to find even half the guns out there now, and that’s with a door to door search every single day by tens of thousands of Gestapo type police, and that’s if they stop being produced tomorrow But with todays tech advances and modern machinery, now there’s litterally hundreds of thousands of people who are making their own weapons and ammo. You can thank these liberal idiots who have been creating these falsehoods for that, I’d bet this country now has more guns then people. And if not the way things have been going since 2010 , it will soon. This is what happens when dumb people create havic among a civilized society, people adjust and find other ways to go around the lunacy of out of control government ! The major Gun MFGs decades ago lost their hold on modern day production.
    Now days, if people want guns, their every where now, you can Thank obama and Biden for the massive rise in ownership, they created this nonsense!

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