Biden administration released billions to Iran weeks before Israeli attack



The Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas killed hundreds of Israelis and injured hundreds more in a barrage of surprise attacks early Saturday morning, just weeks after the Biden administration authorized $6 billion to the group’s biggest backer: Iran.

The Hamas attack included a combination of thousands of missiles fired into Israel as well as Hamas terrorists who infiltrated Israel, killing and capturing civilians, according to reports from multiple news outlets and relevant governments.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanani praised Hamas after the attack.

Immediately after the attacks, President Joe Biden took fire for releasing billions of dollars to Iran, a known backer of Hamas that funnels money to the terrorist group.

“Just weeks ago, the Biden administration handed over $6 billion to Iran, and today, innocent Israelis were murdered by Iran-backed Hamas terrorists,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a statement after the attacks. “We must continue to support our strongest ally in the Middle East and their right to defend themselves against these unprovoked, horrific attacks. I stand with Israel and join many around the world in praying for the safety and security of its people.”

The Biden administration told Congress last month it released the billions of dollars that had been held up by U.S. sanctions as well as releasing five Iranian nationals detained in the U.S. in exchange for the release of five Americans detained in Iran.

“Biden’s decision to release $6 billion in frozen assets to Iran serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that took place following the Iran Nuclear Agreement under the Obama/Biden administration,” Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “This pattern is clear: each time funds are released to Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, proxy militias in the region persistently launch attacks, aiming to destabilize and target Western allies and Americans.

“Examining the precision and coordination of the recent attack, it’s highly plausible that the recent $6 billion, in addition to the many more billions made available to Iran after Biden lifted sanctions, provided the necessary funding to execute this assault,” Mills added.

U.S. Treasury Under Secretary Brian Nelson said on X that the funds that were part of the September deal had not yet been spent and were reserved for humanitarian purposes only. Critics quickly pointed out that the money is fungible, and Iran’s knowledge of the coming money could have impacted how it spent other funds not under the U.S.’ watch.

“All of the money held in restricted accounts in Doha as part of the arrangement to secure the release of 5 Americans in September remains in Doha,” he said. “Not a penny has been spent.”

President Joe Biden addressed the attacks before reporters on Saturday.

“You know, when I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu this morning, I told him the United States stands with the people of Israel in the face of this terrorist assaults,” Biden said. “Israel has the right to defend itself and its people. Full stop. There is never justification for terrorist acts. And my administration’s support for Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering.”


  1. Don’t forget that the the Biden Administration quietly gave the Palestinians $75,000,000. How do you think that they were able to buy thousands of rockets from the Ukraine? 😑

    • Don’t forget that America gives Israel $4,000,000,000+ every single year. They’re the only country that gets American tax dollars with no restrictions, and the only country that regularly has a government budget surplus. 🤔

      • Was there a point to this? We throw money to friendly countries all the time.

        Israel isn’t known for going door to door deliberately hunting civilians, raping captive women and children, and attacking concerts.

        The various factions allegedly defending the “Palestinians” are.

      • They are also the only country in the middle east that has a democratic form of government, that supports gay rights, that allows the free practice of a religion of choice, etc… etc… etc…
        But, your point is?

  2. Israel should just conquer Hamas territory and negotiate a deal with the Palestinian government afterwards

  3. If I were Israel I’d be highly suspicious of Biden’s alleged rock solid/
    unwavering support. His dislike of Netanyahu is well known, and he’s petty enough to let that color his alleged judgment.

    Iran might offer more money.

    It’s not coincidence the world is unraveling since Grandpa Sniffy stumbled into office.

    All because Orange Man made mean tweets.

  4. But leave TONS of military arms, tanks and whatever in Afghanistan for the insurgents to have right? Biden alone will own this atrocity…. Or whoever the puppet master really is.
    This was his regime plan all along…. Makes me sick!
    Pray for Israel!

  5. Ray Charles could see this shit storm coming when Brandon released that 6 billion dollars. Has there been a Hunter siting recently?

    • There’s an indication that he had been in the west wing of the Whitehouse on July 1. Plenty of blow but no hookers so it could have been someone else.

      Even before his obvious cognitive decline Joe couldn’t raise a respectable family. He can’t make sense of a general ledger and lives in a house that is far beyond the scope of what his income would’ve ever allowed him to purchase. Hell, his dog isn’t even allowed on Whitehouse grounds anymore because Joe can’t manage his animal and it’s bitten several people recently. That anyone might think Joe should be in charge of international relations is crazy.

      Get him an ice cream cone and let him binge watch Gun Smoke reruns. Anything else will be a problem.

  6. It doesn’t make any sense to me how our uh president, released all their money and not expect this to happen. This guy could screw up a wet dream…….

    • I believe thinking this was ineptitude or stupidity is a huge mistake… look at the marvelous timing… no more attention in the impeachment, none in hunters trivial legal issues and how they are so vastly reduced in scope due to his daddy’s protections.. and the “big guy” goes unscathed…

      He (they) left those weapons behind in Afghanistan for a reason, and they released those billions to Iran for a reason too..

  7. And yet there is a very good chance he’ll win another term if the Democrats don’t force him out.

  8. Biden is now claiming zero tax dollars were used in this attack.

    So I guess the 6 billion to Iran and nearly 1 billion sent the the Palestinians came from George Soros?
    They found it in the cushions of Hamas headquarters?

    It’s amazing how boldly this man lies.

  9. Thanks for walk down memory lane. In 2017, Donald Trump divulged classified intelligence about Israeli’s Mossad spy agency and ISIS to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during a meeting at The White House. Trump admitted to sharing the confidential intelligence, tweeting that he had an “absolute right” to do so. While he may have had the right to share intelligence while he was president, that doesn’t mean that sharing confidential intelligence from Israel with our adversaries was the right thing to do.

    • And on May 17, 1997 Lucky Bouthavong graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems from Bryant University in Smithfield Rhode Island.

      Things that you’re comment and this comment have it common…they both have nothing to do with what is happening in Israel at the hands of a terrorist organization funded by Iran using money that Biden gave to a terrorist regime.

  10. The Hamas attacks had much more to do with Yom Kippur than $6 B in assets sitting in a Qutar bank. Blessing in disguise for Ukraine who will now get the support they deserve

    • Continuing his unwavering support of the one world government and the all-powerful state.
      Turning down that walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage.

  11. Biden wants a war. This is the creed of Democrats. Start a war when your polling numbers go down, hoping that your base follows you through, predicated on the lie that your opponent was the real instigator. Biden can’t be trusted with anything. Your tax money, world stability, internal stability, and little girls. Joe Biden is a very sick and perverted individual.

  12. And, the US will now pursue another proxy war. Only this time, instead of supporting Nazis against the Russians, we will be supporting islamic terrorists against our “ally.”
    This administration is the most anti-Semitic admin I have seen in my life. That they ignore the obvious outcomes of leaving billions in arms behind in Afghanistan, and they ignored the inevitable result of giving Iran billions in US cash is just further proof that they hate Israel, and would be happy to see them disappear.
    Change my mind.

    • Can only argue Grandpa bloodstains isn’t smart enough to think that far ahead.

      His disgust with Israel, like most democrats, is palpable.

      • He is not in charge.
        There is nothing this administration has done that is not 100% out of the 0bama anti-American playbook.

        • I get the point, but I’m not completely sold. That he is a stalking horse for Obama, no issue there. Grandpa Bloodstains plagiarized everything else in his life, why not his administration.

          Where I have my doubts is Obama, bad as he was, was much smoother than Grandpa Bloodstains. I can easily see Bloodstains ignoring Obama telling him to moderate or at least go slower. He’s angry, delusional, and wants to put his stamp on history.

  13. Where is the Birthright owner in all this? I mean that one survived the Christian Taliban. And is about to be catapulted onto the world stage. Lol. Oh. Boy. Get. Ready. To. Rumble. Lol. Hu Sarah Palin…how is that HUGE trust fund you all pillaged thru? Wait until they seize EVERYONE’s assets…not just yours!

  14. If the House ever gets its crap together, they need to amend the upcoming Bloodstains impeachment charges.
    Giving money to Iran and Hamas Is directly giving aid and comfort to a known enemy.

  15. Another thing I find fascinating. The same people who find evil intentions on everything Trump and republicans do …
    Seems happy to take Iran and Hamas at their word.

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