Bernie supporters advise weaponizing virus against Trump supporters



Facebook hasn’t yet suspended the account of one Alaska-based “Justin Boot” for suggesting to readers that if they contract the coronavirus they should stand in the middle of a crowd at a Trump rally. Or a Bloomberg rally. So to infect everyone who supports either of these billionaire candidates.

Spouting uncivil ideas on social media is not newsworthy, but threatening bioterrorism might be a new concern for Facebook.

Boot, of Anchorage, is a regular shock-jock, and can be found inciting violence with such 1970’s aphorism, such as “Eat the rich.” Donald Trump and Mike Bloomberg would be that meal, it appears.

He isn’t the only Alaska supporter of Bernie Sanders who ponders weaponizing the virus against political adversaries.

Shawnee Amelia Kasanke, of Fairbanks, was so taken by the idea, that she has vowed to execute the plan, should she ever become infected with the coronavirus:

Kasanke is a biochemistry PhD candidate who earned her masters degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, now studying at Washington State University, where she is a research associate.

In Colorado, a Denver city councilwoman also took to social media to promote bioterrorism against Trump supporters:


  1. I’m so glad that these potential terrorists have come forward and identified themselves. If they do infect someone and that person dies then they will be charged with murder just like if someone who has AIDS maliciously infects another person. Crooks are so stupid they think they can just put it out there with no recourse.

    • It’s hilarious you believe this woman’s obvious scare tactics. These people are not terrorists, they are frustrated citizens, this woman, Suzanne Downing is a troll.

      • The only scare tactics here are those who threaten to infect others with a virus. Suzanne is not the troll here…you are as are those who think it is funny to threaten others with biological infections.

        • Yeah, and Shawnee is a cheap — troll. She wants to post here because of Suzanne’s incredible readership and outreach. But Shawnee won’t drop a dime to keep MRAK up and running. Another tightwad Democrat at work.

      • So which is it — are you a frustrated citizen or did someone hack your account? You’ve got two different stories running in this thread. Take your time thinking though your answer.

      • No, you’re wrong. Suzanne bends over backwards to call out Trump for inciting violence at his rallies. Oh wait. No she doesn’t. She ignores all that good stuff.

        • ….and another tightwad, cheap — Democrat. Suzanne needs to start charging 25¢ for every ten words. Watch the Lefties peel away.

  2. I hope the Secret Service is visiting these people. They are a serious threat to society.
    It is sad to think these people can even think of doing this. They would causing the death of many innocent people over politics. I bet these idiots don’t even vote!

  3. Someone hacked my account, I did not make this comment, nor would I execute any type of viral warefare on anyone. period.

    • Additionally, Suzanne is trolling Alaskan Bernie supporters and exaggerating comments and posts made in jest or out of frustration. Nobody is planning biological warfare, and absolutely none of us are any form of terrorists. She is using scare tactics to spread false information, and ignoring all of the threats and hate speech spread by Trump and his supporters across multiple platforms daily which far exceed the severity of any example used here.

      • “…none of us are any form of terrorists.”
        Whom are the “us” you’re referring to? I’m not familiar with your name. Is the “us” some NGO active in politics? That could explain why someone would go through the effort, and take the risk for hacking your twitter account.

        “…Suzanne is trolling Alaskan Bernie supporters and exaggerating comments and posts made in jest or out of frustration.”
        Bernie supporters are making careless comments?

        “…the threats and hate speech spread by Trump and his supporters across multiple platforms daily…”
        If I were to put a MAGA sticker on my Challenger, it would get vandalized. If I put any other politician’s sticker there, it would just get dusty. Just whom is doing what to whom?

    • I believe that hacking your account is felony misuse of a computer. Have you filed a complaint with the FBI?

    • Jan 12, 2018 From your twitter account: This only looks like a “s***hole” to S***head (@realDonaldTrump) because it can’t make him money.
      Yo lady, you can dish it out, which obligates you to taking it.

    • Uh oh, somebody figured out that threatening infecting masses of people with a deadly disease isn’t a good idea…yeah, your account got hacked that’s what happened.
      Maybe you learned your social media activism lesson or maybe you didn’t. But way to try to use the good old standby “it wasn’t me” defense, somebody might believe it.

  4. I met this young lady a few years ago, and I am confident she would never intentionally harm anyone. IF she said this, it was foolish, but never meant to be taken literally. 24 hours before this story posted, Suzanne posted a story regarding the poor turnout for the first day of the recall effort. On her facebook page one of her top fans (Daniel Miller) commented that he thought he had coronavirus, so he went to the signing and licked all the pens. Again, I seriously doubt Mr Miller would do such a thing. Ironically, Mr Millers post has received 48 positive responses, while Shawnee is being treated as an actual terrorist. Perhaps we all need to calm down, none of us actually want to do this kind of harm to another.

  5. They teach biochemistry terrorism at UAF? Well, that’s exactly why I carry concealed when attending classes. You never know when a crazya$$ left-winger will be sitting nearby.

  6. Never wish bad on anyone, that is in keeping with the Golden rule.
    However, in my opinion, it is OK to pray against evil, and that the plans of those who oppose traditional values will be frustrated. I do it daily.

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