Bernie Sanders stands with IBU ferry strike, (yet is accused of union busting)


The National Labor Relations Board is investigating U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Iowa campaign for allegedly cracking down on union organizing activities and refusing to bargain in good faith.

News of it came on the same day Sanders issued a statement supporting the Inland Boatmen’s Union in its strike against the Alaska Marine Highway System. The strike is going into its seventh day on Tuesday, leaving thousands stranded.

On Twitter, Sanders urged Gov. Michael Dunleavy to “bargain in good faith” with these workers.

According to the Des Moines Register, the NLRB allegations say Sanders’ campaign officials in Iowa fired one or more employees because they either joined or supported unions, or engaged in other protected activities, such as discussing wages and other conditions of employment.

In other news, Sanders, who supports a $15 minimum wage, also recently said he is cutting  his staffers’ hours in order to afford paying them a $15 an hour.

[Read the story in the Des Moines Register]


  1. We already know that this strike is purely political to oppose governor Dunleavy’s budget cuts, having nothing to do w/their contract negotiations, as communicated through this site. Concerning the statements of Bernie Sanders, this communist loving psychopath, and all his like-minded liberal socialists are teetering on destroying themselves, and America! This man is a LIAR, and a DECEIVER, touting that he will give FREE STUFF to all Americans when HE KNOWS that free means YOU WILL GET NOTHING but HIS VERSION of communist-socialism, and if your that ignorant not to recognize, and understand this, then you should go listen to his “not so long ago” interviews via YouTube where he praises ALL the “communist-social dictators” who are now dead, or are still in power and control of the continued “ruin and destruction” of their countries like Cuba, and Venezuela. The ONLY REMEDY for the ignorant among us who believe in, or want this communist psychopath to “rule over them” and ruin their lives and America is to live for a time in the very socialist environment that now exists in these two countries! As far as his interest about Alaska’s problems and issues that he knows nothing about, just like Creepy Joe Biden who is, like Sanders, among the most “lost and deceived” among socialist democrats. These people haven’t solved any problems in America, they have all conspired to ruin, destroy, and enslave people, and force everyone into desperation where they are RULED through a failed ideology…socialist-communism! (Emphasis added). Does anyone REMEMBER the USSR and what this four letter acronym stood for…”United Soviet Socialist Republic”, which was Communism on STEROIDS! Socialist Communism has FAILED EVERYWHERE it has been instituted, it is an “enslaving and murderous” ideology where you have NO RIGHTS, NO CONSTITUTION, and MEGA CORRUPTION that only LUSTS for more POWER and CORRUPTION! This Liberal, Socialist communism is ALL ABOUT first, DECEIVING you to buy into their ideology, and when the hook is set, and this insanity is law, there is no going back…no matter how destructive and brutal it becomes! How many of you understand WHAT the term “single payer” healthcare represents? It is GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE”, which means ALL PRIVATE healthcare will be OUTLAWED in America, there will no longer be any Medicare or Medicaid. You think you have it difficult now, this entire socialist-communist ideology is the tantamount equivalent to suicide! Bernie Sanders would do best to mind his own business.
    Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. EDMUND BURKE

  2. Anyone who voted for Bernie Sanders is:
    1. Stupid.
    2. Lazy.
    3. Living somewhere for free.
    4. Mentally retarded.
    5. All of the above.

    • 6. Broke.
      7. On food stamps.
      8. On Section 8 housing.
      9. Living in their parent’s basement.
      10. Thinks America is a communist country.
      11. Believes Mr. Ed the horse really could talk.

  3. Dunleavy bought your vote with a 3000 dollar check. Putting money into healthcare and education does not make you a socialist. Why do so many people who have access to a dictionary (it’s in your hand now) not look up the word socialism.

    • Dear Socialist Patrick: Dunleavy EARNED my vote because I want LESS state government and MORE accountability. That’s it. You, on the other hand, like your government job and free health care and education. But you don’t really earn anything. You have been brainwashed and follow the sheep to the slaughterhouse and lemmings over the cliff.

  4. The ‘bern’ doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, except repeating what ibu told him to say. It’s leftist/socialist supporting more leftist/socialist BS. bernie would stand with an outhouse if he thought it would garner more support for himself.

  5. The Bern, and Joe Biden, are heading off to the dementia unit. Warren is close behind. All three are actually insane, but we’ll be kind and say “dementia.” The rest of the Democrat candidates are stooges and clowns, which Trump will pick off……. EASILY.

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