Berkowitz seeks to declare sovereignty over State offices, facilities to enforce his mask mandate



Mayor Ethan Berkowitz says the mask mandate for the Municipality of Anchorage does, indeed, extend to State-owned offices and facilities, in direct opposition to a memo released last week by the State Attorney General.

The mayor’s attorney Kate Vogel wrote that “Anchorage’s masking requirement applies to indoor public and communal areas, to include State-owned offices and facilities.” That’s not what the AG said last week.

“The Attorney General’s memo sows confusion and unnecessarily risks the health and safety of Anchorage residents who do business with or work for state agencies,” she wrote.

She said that under Alaska law, a home rule municipality possesses all legislative authority not withheld by the legislature, and that the legislature has not acted to restrict Anchorage’s authority with respect to issuing mask mandates, nor has it exempted state-owned buildings.

“Undermining a local public health order with respect to senate buildings is ‘not necessary to carry out the purposes’ of disaster preparedness — it is bad for the health of our community. The Attorney General’s memo also puts State of Alaska employees in legal jeopardy by giving them inaccurate legal advice,” she wrote, on Mayor Berkowitz’ letterhead.

Sources close to Must Read Alaska have said that two labor unions have indicated they’ll strike or sue if forced to wear masks.

Within minutes of the mayor’s notice, the House Democrats issued a press release in support of the Mayor’s position, calling Clarkson’s memo politically charged.

“The attorney general issued a memo claiming that state offices – including the Atwood Building and other offices in Anchorage – are exempt from a Municipality of Anchorage requirement that residents wear masks in public places to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“By discouraging the use of face coverings in state buildings, the attorney general is placing state employees at greater risk of catching COVID-19 on the job,” said Rep. Zack Fields (D-Anchorage). “This is the latest reckless decision by the Dunleavy Administration that puts front-line workers at risk.”

“If we want to beat COVID, it makes sense to use face coverings when indoors,” added Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins (D-Sitka). “Just yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence noted that face coverings slow the spread of the virus, and our chief medical officer, Anne Zink, has been putting forward this message since the beginning of the pandemic. I encourage the attorney general to adopt the advice of our vice president, our chief medical officer, and nearly every other medical authority who has spoken on this subject rather than undermining efforts to use face coverings to help stop COVID-19.”


  1. Re: Berkowitz seeks to declare sovereignty over State offices, facilities to enforce his mask mandate

    mini mayor’s Napoleon Complex is completely unmasked……………

    • I just read on Facebook how a crowd of these mask shamers are going after Bear Paw Bar and Grill. Apparently they had the audacity to state that they will be following the mask mandate but that it’s not their job to force their customers to – that their customers have the freedom to choose for themselves. What a concept! The despicable mask shamers are now posting that the employees have COVID and are purposely spreading it to the customers. If you are a freedom loving American, please go and support your local businesses who are just trying to survive in these scary, hyper-political times.

  2. It’s always been a pissing match with Emperor Berkowitz! He is just bound and determined to keep his boot on our necks.

  3. He is just doing his job. The same thing that a lot ate doing down here to get it back under control. People didn’t mask up, let their guard down and it flared back up. Don’t you people learn anything from history?

    • You have bought into the false narrative hook, line, and sinker. It is amazing how the narrative has been changed to a debate over the effectiveness of a mask rather than one about the realistic dangers of the virus . I don’t want to wear a mask because I believe it is a waste of time and ineffective to boot. But the pro mask (read economy wrecking dems) simply repeat the same mantra and have convinced too meany sheeple into buying into this hysteria, so my contrarian opinion doesn’t matter. To be clear, we will not eradicate Covid 19, but instead hope to slow the spread (not stop the spread). We have done that, and at great harm to our economy. The Mayor and other fear mongers preach to follow the science, but then fail to do so themselves. The numbers simply do not merit the wholesale destruction of our city and state economy. The collateral damage; suicide, domestic violence, etc., appears to be on a course to far outweigh the damage caused by the virus. Maybe not as sexy or widely reported, but true nonetheless. Investigate the topic and you will see that this is a very real problem. In regard to history- name a time when the healthy, not the sick, were quarantined? Maybe there is a case but I can’t think of one. Our mayor has higher aspirations and has totally politicized this pandemic. If the national liberal movement can parley this into vote by mail, or even no ID required voting than it will have served them very well.

    • Come on Greg open your eyes here.. This is about control.. If he was so concerned about this why is he being seen in places without a mask himself?? Like the City Council Meeting where he is photographed leaning close to another person whispering.. Typical Liberal Mayor abusing power. Do as I say not as I do comes to mind. Btw the curve is flattened…. And the numbers are in. It is not as bad as it was thought to be. But by all means keep using that filthy dirty mask!

      • I change my mask daily, and let the UV sanitize the others for a week. I don’t like the guy. He is not of my brand. I am for people caring about others and wearing masks.

    • It didn’t work during the Spanish Flu, It isn’t working now. The entire mask thing is a psyop. Straight out of the Rockefeller papers. Straight out of Event 201. You should research both.

      • You are right, the Rockefeller Foundation put this scenario together in a formal publication in 2010. They have been following the script word for word, creating the World that we see now.

    • Yeah all them silly Protesters running around are the reason why the numbers infected have gone up but not the Deaths or Hospitalizations

    • Historically, and originally from California, I learned some 60 years ago never to elect a San Francisco lawyer to political office.
      What historical lessons have you gleaned?

    • We’ve never had the COVID-19 epidemic before Greg so what “history” are you referring to?

  4. All the mayor is doing is making more economic strife and maintaining and obstructionist attitude toward anything the governor advances as a way forward in this idiocy. So few people have died of this virus it would have been near negligible had the media and the health community not lost their minds and shut down the lives of 315 million people in the false hope of saving 200,000. It is pure idiocy in a free society . Berkowitz can kiss my butt, I am definitely not wearing a mask, so I guess I will pay my property taxes when he decides it is safe for me to come into the city offices to do so.

  5. A popular local yoga studio has updated their policy following the new mandate. They require a mask until clients are on their yoga mat, at which point the mask may be removed.
    So if people are welcome to exercise together unmasked for an hour in a closed room, the same should apply to sedentary office workers once they’ve arrived at their desk, no?

    • You jump Everytime somebody snaps their fingers. Lol. Nobody said sovereignty. She used that word just get a response and it worked. Sucker. They were just trying to say who is in charge. You’re killing me.

    • Wrong principle, exerciser requires far more oxygen and thus a greatly increases respiratory rate which a mask would inhibit. Sitting at a desk would hardly require the same oxygen exchange.

      • Anything over your face is a lack of oxygen if you want to go to extremes put a plastic bag over your head and see if that works for you

  6. A future mayor will find a solution to the homeless issue and a urine soaked, fecally stenched and stained facility will be named after our current ‘diminutive in stature and thought’ mayor.

    Maybe an alder patch buffer near the road that occupants can use as a dual purpose defecation and fornication theater to remind passers by of Mr. Berkowitz’s legacy.

  7. Hmmmm… I think Comrade Berkowitz is infringing on concealed/open carry of firearms with his “mandatory” (edict) mask. It falls into a catch 22. Wear a mask and conceal carry, you are now a felon. Sorry, Berkowitz, my rights override your edict.

  8. What does the chief at Eklutna have to say on this matter….can Emperor Berkowitz just expand his Sovereignity without consultation with the Sovern folks at Eklutna ??

  9. Keep posting that picture of Mr Mayor assaulting that microphone with his contaminate mask, that’s what we need to consider going forward with this issue! It’s like watching Chimps with a Zippo lighter watching un-trained politicians trying to figuring out proper mask protocols……… good grief.

  10. Again, the Republican base disagrees with the democratic base. The republican base is more in-line with what is constitutionally appropriate, and the democratic base is completely out of line.

    I will not abide by the mandatory face mask order, and fully support the unions suing the Mayor over his ridiculous, and unlawful order.

  11. Until there are NO pictures of the current mayor NOT wearing a mask, people should completely blow this requirement off. The hypocrisy needs to end before he is taken seriously. Then we can talk.

  12. More evidence exhibiting just who this little guy is and what he’s all about. I think I’ll disobey this mask fiat and oblige the police to kneel on my neck until I pull it out of my pocket and put it on………..until they turn the corner, at which time it will go back in my pocket………..

  13. The only problem is in Alaska Statute’s 11.61.190 through 11.61.220 does not state that but I agree with you his edict does not oceride my rights or 4th Amendment

  14. One hopes, really hopes, Mayor B. declared, or will declare, the same “sovereignty” over federal buildings, foreign consulates, tribal properties, and of course, labor unions,
    the sooner the better.
    C’mon Mayor B., you can do it!

  15. The previous Chief of the Eklutna was Dan Alex, one of my best and the best man at my wedding. He was a staunch Conservative and he would not advocate for the destruction of our historic monuments. If someone wants to memorialize someone for the thing that they have done, they are free to do so. However tearing down monuments erected by others, just makes you an intolerant bigot.

    I sure miss Dan… he would be a voice of reason today. I’m hoping that his people are going to see things the same way he did.

  16. If the little guy can pull this off, he can ‘declare’ “vote by mail” in the same jurisdiction and provide the scenario for voter fraud on a grand scale. I believe it’s all tied together. A “health risk” that gives him the power to usurp the State of Alaska over state property would certainly give him the same authority over voting. That is what he will say. Precinct polls will have to be closed, for health’s sake. The ‘only’ other option is “vote by mail”. Democrat socialists in action. As long as conservatives think someone else will stop the madness, Alaska is doomed to generations of ‘blowback’ resulting from the economic ruin and ‘left over’ politics of wuhan v. The leftists know they can’t win a straight up election. This BS is the only shot they have and they won’t let this “crisis” go to waste. See the latest four indictments in New Jersey? Democrats and mail in vote fraud. The same scheme has already been floated in multiple locations in Alaska. Almost guaranteed to be fraught with ‘misdeeds’. ‘Business’ as usual for the socialist democrats.

  17. The (federal) American Postal Workers Union just endorsed Biden. A little unusual, to say the least. These are the people who would/will deliver the “mail in” ballots to every American voter and back to the “voting box”. Several have already been busted. Now they want Biden? They were for Bernie until he dropped out. Any old socialist/communist will do now, evidently. They say having Trump in office makes their wonderful jobs unsecure (their words). The want Biden and his increasingly socialist rhetoric to “save” them from President Trump. Is ‘apolitical’ still a word? Taxpayers, not President Trump, pay the postal workers. That endorsement is biting the ‘hands that feed them’. Wonder why the postal service loses billions every year? Another good reason not to have ‘public employee’ unions.
    November can’t get here soon enough.

  18. Berkowitz will push this crap as far as we let him. He is so overblown with a sense of power, he just doesn’t know what to put a damper on next.
    I just walked through the Ted today on a flight back to Anchorage. I took note of two “bikers” on the plane with me. One row ahead of me. Both had on their leather vests, complete with a cornucopia of specific patches – you know the ones. Neither wore a mask on the plane and not one passenger or flight attendant suggested they do. All the other passengers did, including myself, as it was announced over the PA to do so.
    I was hoping, praying, that Berkowitz or one of his goons, or even a “Karen” would be at the airport and approach these men as they walked from the plane, through the Ted, and waited for their luggage along with the others at the crowded baggage carousel. No such luck. It would have been a wonderful sight to see.
    Hmmm… maybe those that look intimidating will also be exempt from the “mandate”?

  19. So, by Berkie’s logic he can also tell JBER what to do since the base is technically in Anchorage. Good luck with that little fella.

    When I go to work at the Atwood, I follow the Governor’s rules. Period.

  20. Doesn’t Berkowitz have a Summer of Love to officiate? His lack of credibility is palpable, even from across the State.

  21. Does API have a straight jacket small enough to fit him? His friends on the Assembly need to take heed of what they think is their “power” over “the people” in the Anchorage Borough.

  22. It’s a real shame we don’t have a mayor who cares about the people. Someone who would back an ordinance that would require citizens to wear a handgun instead of a mask. When some stranger gets to close in the grocery store, remove the gun from the holster and point at the floor and say in a calm but firm voice, “Being within six feet of me is unsafe and could lead to death.” It would be rare for someone to require a warning shot to comply with the social distancing rules. Although some may be worried about arrest or criminal charges, this is a fake scare tactic by the liberals. You have a constitutional right to carry in public and the right to self defense. Imagine calling Berkowitz as a witness who would surely testify that getting within six feet of a stranger in a store is dangerous. So the verdict would be not guilty — thanks to the leftist nanny mayor. We need a new mayor who cares about real Americans, who believes in the second Amendment, and.who would fight for freedom and liberty with her last breath. A mayor who would sweep away the homeless, stop fornication, drinking and drug use, and lock up the lowlifes. A mayor who would make disrespecting the flag a crime punishable by 15 years in prison. Only one person is brave enough to do this: Sarah Palin, former mayor of Wasilla. Lock and load.

  23. The fact remains that we have almost zero in COVID 19 deaths. Our hospitals are empty, many almost went broke sitting empty and waiting for patients. I personally tested positive and had some minor symptoms for about a half day. I’m 56 and have asthma, no issues whatsoever. I know over 20 people who tested positive and had no problems, no hospital visits, 100% recovery in a few days. We’re being scammed here/

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