Behaving Badly: Service High edition


The mainstream media in Alaska has ignored the meat of the matter at Robert Service High School in Anchorage, where Principal Allen Wardlaw has been put on administrative leave after a swarm of text messages attributed to him were circulated among students and staff throughout the district. News coverage has been sanitized to say exactly what the school district has revealed — which is little, since at this point it’s a personnel matter.

The media is avoiding the actual firestorm in the community that has led to Wardlaw being placed on administrative leave. It’s difficult stuff to write about.

A Facebook page has revealed numerous text messages attributed to Wardlaw that indicate he put the “service” in Service High School. The Anchorage School District administration is now investigating Wardlaw, but the court of public opinion has not been charitable.

Must Read Alaska has sifted through several of the controversial text threads circulating around Anchorage households via text and social media apps such as SnapChat, and found a few that are almost printable, but some readers may not wish to continue, because not every vile comment is fully redacted. The ones below are just a handful of many that are said to be associated with educators in the Anchorage School District. The most shocking ones are not included here.

To be clear, because these text threads are found on social media and are allegedly linked to Wardlaw does not make these communications illegal. The discovery of them causes Anchorage parents concern because it gives the appearance some school administrators are engaged in unwholesome sexual activities. These are people responsible for the education of Anchorage students, and values of parents may be at odds with administrators’ values.

MRAK has clipped off identifying information from these text messages and lightly redacted the most sexist, racist, and degrading insults. All of these and more are easily discovered on Facebook for those wishing to review the rest of the material:


  1. Such fine, upstanding people.

    Given the hard left turn of Anchorage, pillars of the community.

  2. We cannot know the day of the week some of these daytime text messages took place, but it is possible the whole thing and associated texts were going on during the school day (i.e. during work hours). ASD needs to fire this guy and include some very bad documentation in his personnel file that can be communicated to the next school district/company/government agency considering his hire.

    He is a bad apple. It appears his rotting has been going on for some time.

  3. Look at all the bad grammar, misspellings, sentence fragments, and dangling prepositions. What a disgrace.

    • Pepe, ol’ boy, there are no sentence fragments or dangling prepositions in your “heavy post,” and your spelling is fine! But there is nothing of any significance in your thought!

  4. Please fellow educators, this is not harmless adult behavior. If you are struggling with a sex addiction there is confidential help available. ‘

  5. What’s almost even worse (about these messages) than the obvious moral bankruptcy and shameless exaltation of some of the worst human behavior is the atrociously poor grammar and spelling. I know the medium is DM but still…
    It is prima facie apparent that these participants-in-moral-turpitude should never, ever, be elevated to any position directly, or even indirectly, involved with the education, upbringing, and maturation of children and adolescents. But can we at least have some expectation that they at a minimum be a proper “academic” example for the kids under their purview? Especially if said kids are going to read their salacious depravity?

  6. I know it is a rough time for many good and God fearing Americans. We are many years into a leftist attempted revolution. But know this. All they have is fear and violence. And as some of the worst dictators learned last century, fear and violence will only go so far. And then what? This story is the “and then what” answer- as it always is. When you think you are God and your world inevitably crashes you are left nothing. The wages of sin are death.

  7. they will give him a raise, send him to a different school to work, because he identifies as a wholesome member of the community.

  8. The most shocking aren’t included?? Thank you for not posting that because I regret even reading what was on here. And kids read this???? Pure depravity.

  9. I smell a rat! First, as someone else mentioned above, there’s the terrible grammar and spelling. Second, the wording sounds like how teenagers would talk. Before we rush to judgment, is it possible that some very clever teenage hackers are doing their thing here? I don’t understand how some of it works, but there have been some pretty bad things done by angry teenagers and who better to “get” than your principal? The guy might be a complete jerk and others are aware of it already, but it just struck me that we might be reacting exactly how the perpetrators hoped we would. Got rid of their principal, didn’t they?

    • Me thinks you may be onto something there!

      While it is deeply disturbing to confront the possibility that employees of ASD might be as disturbed as the texts MRAK presented indicate she presented no proof they originated with the principal and/or another ASD employee. Surely Mr. Wardlaw didn’t personally post those texts/messages to a public site.

      When was the foundation of our system of justice permuted to “Guilty until proven innocent?”

  10. So these are the wholesome liberal free souls educating children? These people are the worst. If I were a parent I would put them in a private school or home school them, better yet even though I have no real defining religion, I would consider schooling them in a faith based church. The more I hear about public schools the more disgusted I get by their agenda to sexualize children at such a young age. It’s rotten from the top down. My old school Teachers from the 60’s are probably rolling in their graves. To Mrs Drum, Miss Love, Mrs Propper, Mrs Jones, I thank you all for being so stellar. We had quality back in those days.

    • Ms. Nestor, the graduating students will have a “tale” that they can tell for the rest of their lives: they too will be able to say, “back in the days….”

  11. This kind of education is available in the ghetto for those who want it. It is time for schools to concentrate on academics. It is no great wonder that our children are so confused. How have we have allowed these people to take over our schools ? Watching the so-called educators last night giving testimony on the parents rights bill made me afraid for the children. These people need professional help. It may be also that something environmental or external may be effecting affecting the children causing what appears to be widespread gender confusion. Maybe the schools are not all to blame, as the educators seem to be infected as well.

  12. This be a excellent time to witness God’s love and forgiveness through
    the cross to him and wife! He must be deeply embarassed and feeling frighteningly isolated. He needs a brother-in-christ whose
    been there and who can walk him through the. Word showing how God is our comforter, our shield, our healer, our wellspring. By golly! Our church in anchorage can use more repentent leftist sinners who once were so lost and blind, but because of a brother showed him God’s love
    During the darkness
    , he may let his eyes be open to recieve and be found basking in . God’s light. But! The window of opportunity is now while wounds are fresh

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