Be very afraid


Here’s a Reuters headline that should scare the bejeebers out of Americans – Analysis: Biden White House Tries to Craft Gun Executive Orders That Can’t Be Undone.”

The idea, apparently, is to find a way to replace our constitutional republic with an autocratic form of government that allows el presidente to order this and that without their quickly running into the court process.

The targets? So-called “ghost guns,” imported firearms, guns made on 3D printers, When you a Congress that is, at least, partially responsive to an angry public, doing end-runs to push anti-gun groups’ agenda, must look appealing to Biden and his minions. That is for now. What will make the “bad gun” list in the future is anybody’s guess.

We should be afraid of what this means for our constitutional republic. Afraid, indeed.

Read more at the Anchorage Daily Planet.


  1. Progressives have no respect nor need for the Constitution. For them the law means whatever is convenient for themselves at the time. Elections have no consequences for them except an incentive to inject more votes into the next one (I know, I helped at one time), so winning, to them, means nothing because they feel themselves destined to rule over the ‘ignorant little people.’ And progressives are the best at projection-the vile behaviors and prejudices that they themselves have they loudly scream to accuse on others (I grew up with this too). Guns and free speech only have value to them when used by themselves, not something that they want to allow others to possess. Our nation is at the tipping point and we soon will see which way it goes. Remember the quote from the progressive idol Vladimir Lenin: “You probe with bayonets: if you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw” Every day progressives probe to test the resistance trying to discover just how much they can ‘Fundamentally transform the United States of America’ into their idyllic utopia where all rights and all privileges belong only to themselves and the rest of us live in Uighur style camps undergoing perpetual ‘reeducation’

  2. The most recent orders that affected citizens and guns was a couple of years ago that said, basically, if you have a semiautomatic and you can fire it rapidly, it becomes an automatic in the eyes of DoJ.
    This was asked for and implemented under the last President by his AG.
    If you’re really going to go all apoplectic over EO’s, don’t skip that one, because it ignores decades of case law and fundamentally changes things.
    It’s not been enforced yet, but it’s been on the books for a couple of years.
    The NRA didn’t say anything. None of the other 2A groups have said anything. Maybe they’re a little more tied up in personalities than actual policy, and maybe they really don’t give a rat’s butt about the 2A.
    Please explain how you’re bent out of shape about this, but you missed the last one?

  3. Ok, first off, the country that was once called America no longer exists. Second, they will keep you running in circles like the sheep you are until they can neutralize you with the least amount of effort and damage to themselves. Three, you will do as they say no matter what you profess to the contrary, because you have been programmed for years to do exactly that. Four, you don’t even realize that you have already lost all your rights the very first time that they altered the constitution and that was approximately a hundred years ago. Five, what you are seeing now is the death throws of a dying country, sucked dry, with the invading animals to finish off the scraps. You have lost as surely as the country that was America lost it’s way long before anyone now living was born. Six, you don’t even know what true freedom was, you actually believe that you have a choice, you do not, but they would have you believe that you do. Seven, democrats or republicans, no different. They are the wolves and you are the sheep, just look at how they control your every thought, how they keep you running in circles like scared scurrying rats, hence the rat race. Who do you think gave you that nic name? Eight, they want your children, why do you think they created all those phony agencies that do far more damage to the family unit than good? Nine, do you know the real reason for the creation of women’s liberation? Because they can tax everyone equally, where as before they could only tax one family member, now they get twice the money, more bang for their buck. Or should I say your buck.

  4. “The idea, apparently, is to find a way to replace our constitutional republic with an autocratic form of government that allows el presidente to order this and that without their quickly running into the court process.” That horse has already left the barn. Constitution? What Constitution?

  5. “It is for these reasons we ask that you provide us with responses to the following questions about
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  6. Fear sells, if you can not have a rational discussion on a subject go for “fear” it works every time. It seems to be the conservatives go to explanation for every thing. There nothing like getting the angry white guy fired up to sell your opinion.

  7. This is essentially just an opinion piece labeled as an analysis. Hardly something to be afraid of IMO.

  8. Nonsense. Biden cannot infringe on the 2A without a constitutional convention. No law he passes needs to be honored. No EO applies to the private sector, only to the Executive branch.

  9. “We should be afraid of what this means for our constitutional republic.”

    Actually, the Biden Administration should be very afraid of ****ing off 100 milliin firearms owners with roughly 300 million guns…which is *exactly* what the Founding Fathers intended when the incorporated the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights: “When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is Liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson

  10. Wonder if the governor of this state will ever have anything to say about it or how about the legislature? The silence is deafening. And very telling.

  11. That’s great in a high school or college civics class. It becomes a little less comforting, however, when the ATF kicks in your door at 1am to confiscate your “AR-14” (lmfao) and 30-round magazines.

    That EO may not be legal and may not be legally binding upon a private citizen, but when a dozen government thugs in body armor are throwing flash-bangs and pointing their *full auto* weapons at you, all of the legal theory goes out the window.

  12. BILL YANKEE, IYO everything is going just peachy and we should all be singing Kumbaya because all these nasty ‘rights’ just interfere with the peachy keen joy that all would experience by just sitting on Uncle Joe’s lap. IMO

    • Tell us again why we should be very afraid of someone’s opinion piece IYO! After you come out of your bunker, of course.

  13. Ammo stores are empty – this was the obaminator’s tactic and hiden is repeating it. Fake news is showing people shooting AR-15s and adding audio to make them sound like fully-automatic weapons. Yeah, fear sells. I must explain to the congressfolks above (Suzanne, your website is not letting me respond to any comment underneath it…): Two things drive media content – 1. ratings and consequently ad revenue; and 2. threat of lawsuit. It’s fake news folks, don’t expect the truth (though Suzanne and her contributors try hard). I fear for our nation – because too many expect to be truthfully informed by msmedia and are easily swayed by propaganda. Regarding 2A: I have the right to keep and bear arms – that includes ammunition, that includes scary looking ARs – and if it were tested in court, arms includes tanks and fully automatic weapons. I don’t need a reason for having them – it is a Constitutional Right, period. I know folks who have swallowed the line that “nobody has a reason to own an AR – you can’t hunt with one” – assuming that they are fully automatic as they have been told. Sure you can hunt with an AR – I wouldn’t try to take down a moose with one, but they make great varmint guns and are great for self-defense. We’re getting the full court press on gun “control” – read that intention to confiscate them. Once they can succeed in stealing our right to keep and bear arms, what’s next? Think they’ll stop there? Think communist dictatorship – that’s their goal. Message to the left: you will not take my guns unless and until you pry my cold dead fingers off them. I won’t start it, but please don’t give me a reason to fight.

  14. RICH THORNE, I heard rumor that Gov Dunlevy signed onto a pact forbidding any state cooperation with the feds to enforce new gun control policy. Any truth to this? And if he did, any corruptly elected progressive could withdraw, so it becomes imperative for the legislature to enshrine it into law or the public to amend it into the state constitution. An AR or AK is nothing more than a tool; very effective for coyotes, wolves and self defense. I wish my son used that instead of an Enfield .303 when the black bear took the newly born foal from right in front of him.

  15. Obama and now Biden are “retiring” loyal officers, NCO’s , and troops in our military. Their goal is to replace them with “new citizens” formerly illegal immigrants.
    Our current military wouldn’t ever fire on their family and friends.
    The up-coming “immigrant” military will cheerfully fire on us gringos.

  16. “To make a contented slave, you must make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken his moral and mental vision, and, as far as possible, to annihilate his power of reason. He must be able to detect no inconsistencies in slavery. The man that takes his earnings, must be able to convince him that he has a perfect right to do so. It must not depend upon mere force; the slave must know no Higher Law than his master’s will. The whole relationship must not only demonstrate, to his mind, its necessity, but its absolute rightfulness.”

    —-Frederick Douglass

  17. Meanwhile, Resident (not a typo) Biden’s son has admitted has admitted to addiction to drugs during the time he lied on the NICS 4473. That’s a felony.
    Resident Biden’s daughter-in-law has admitted to stealing a firearm that was not hers (yup, hunter’s). Likely a Delaware felony.
    Delaware has a mandatory reporting law for lost/stolen firearms. Also not complied with.
    Any guesses what consequences will ensue?

  18. BILL YANKEE, I don’t know why I can’t reply. Browser? Maybe. Anyway, I’m not in my bunker. For the last year I’ve lived my life mostly without a mask except when lawfully required by timid ‘Karens’. I’ve worked, traveled (MVP Gold legit earned), partied and lived life large.
    The article in question states facts openly expressed by the current regime: they are looking at ways to void the Constitution through autocratic means ignoring the legislative and judicial branches of government. Like Mein Kampf, progressives are coming out of the closet to openly proclaim their contempt for the American people and the Constitution which guided us for centuries.

    • You seem to be running scared AK. I’m sure you are going to be having a pretty hard time for at least the next four years but you’ll be fine IMO.
      By the way, I’m able to reply with internet explorer and not with chrome.

  19. What would be wonderful, is if we had a group of people who would go to Washington DC and speak for the people, let’s call them representatives. They would keep the government from infringing on our rights and protect the constitution. I guess I’m just dreaming of what could be.

  20. Suzanne
    Can you tell me why my posts disappear?
    I emailed you the same question, but no response.

  21. KENAIMIKE: They could be stuck in “draft” status for some reason or another. They would appear to be posted on MRAK, but didn’t get routed properly when you clicked on “post comment”.
    I’ve sent text messages that stayed in draft status because those particular phone numbers are no longer in service.

  22. BILL YANKEE, interesting. Edge, Brave, Vivaldi and Sea Monkey won’t allow a reply. Maybe everything I write is being first examined by the Deep State and you are exempt? We’ll hopefully survive the next four years unless the doofus in Washington pushes the button when he is sundowning (hopefully someone watches him at night). Our liberty may not be intact and our dollars may be worth pennies but we will likely survive. The pendulum swings and the more radical one way then the more radical the other. With extreme leftists running the show now, think what your life will be under President DeSantis, Majority Leader Cruz and House Speaker Trump. You can return to your basement.

    • Pretty funny that someone who thinks the election was stolen from Trump would think that Desantis would survive. I’m sure not worried and will be getting ahold of several ballots to keep things interesting. Heheh! Sure have to like that Deep State-what a country!

  23. History shows that no matter how much reassurance they may give, gun control never excludes hunters. There’s no historical evidence that gun controllers have any more respect for hunters than they do other gun owners.

  24. BILL YANKEE, you are probably correct. The thieves would have another midnight vote drop of just enough to put Chairman Xiden over the top. And I’m sure that you, like those who I used to participate with in the democrat party, will fully justify adding several or thousands of extra votes because you believe that your cause is so righteous that you must win at any cost. Socialism, always just one execution from utopia.

    • Even funnier AK, as I’ve never had anything to do with the Democrats. And you don’t seem to have a sense of humor. Too bad. Nobody is adding extra votes, except in Don Trump’s (and your) mind.

  25. BILL YANKEE, I still can’t reply-must be that ‘Deep State’ thing. I’ve been a democrat and I’ve been a republican. In my youth I voted for Angela Davis because I thought she was HOT (check out her pics from the 60s)! As a democrat I drank the party Kool-Aid that we must win at all costs because republicans are just evil and “they’ll run the working man over if they get the chance” (OMG how often I heard that). I stuffed ballots with and for the party. But then I had to support myself and my family. I went to the UAW hall and listened to the rhetoric and saw how workers suffered more from union policies than corporate greed. I walked away and learned to think for myself. So yes, there is ballot stuffing occurring likely for both parties (Gabby Ledoux?) and for the sake of equitable elections it must be stopped. One person, one honest vote is my demand. When confidence is lost in our system the next step is where no one wants to go, just like those threatening to burn our cities down this summer if their demands are not met (and don’t say that you haven’t heard that threat from BLM).

    • Boy AK you are all over the place trying to get someone to think you have a handle on anything. I still think you will be having a difficult time for at least the next four years. Good luck.

  26. BILL YANKEE, ‘a young republican has no heart, an old democrat has no brain.’ I can vouch for the reason a 16 year old shouldn’t vote. I gained knowledge and experience to influence my views over then years, not just putting my hand out expecting someone else to fill it. We will see what the future holds, and you may be the one crying soon.

    • Like I said AK, you will be having a tough time for the next while.
      By the way, I like your response to the guy hoping for Pebble. Not sure if you are aware of it, but that river that Pebble will destroy is the only known bunch of sockeyes that doesn’t need a lake for their propagation IMO.

  27. The response to HARBORGUY was meant to be sarcastic. At Red Dog they had to put in a weir to keep salmon out because the water is so clean, but will become toxic again when the mine closes. Nature and development can go hand in hand.

  28. AK:
    The Environazis like to omit facts like the river at Red Dog was naturally uninhabitable before Red Dog began operations … and that it cleared up because Red Dog was removing pollutants from it.

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