Bass Pro, Cabela’s get into anti-Pebble Mine fray



It’s not just the REI Co-op that has gotten political. Now, two major outdoor companies that are frequented by hunters, fishers, and rugged outdoors enthusiasts are getting in on the anti-Pebble mine action.

Bass Pro and Cabela’s, now under the same ownership, sent a letter to customers this month, asking them to donate to a nonprofit organization that the companies would donate to, dollar for dollar.

The nonprofit? The Wild Salmon Center, which is a major funder of Stand for Salmon, a group well-known in Alaska politics.

“There’s no place in the world quite like Bristol Bay, Alaska,” the letter from Bass/Cabela’s reads. “Its rivers are filled with big rainbow and Dolly Varden trout, and it’s home to the largest wild salmon runs in the world — more than 60 million sockeye last year. For sportsmen and women, Bristol Bay rivers are what dreams are made of.

“Unfortunately, this beautiful place is at risk of being damaged forever by large-scale mining projects. The recent earthquake on November 30, 2018 further illustrated the risk of mining and development in this area.”

The letter then asks for a contribution to the Wild Salmon Center during 2019. Because…earthquakes?

The Wild Salmon Center, based in Portland, Ore., features decades-long efforts to preserve salmon habitat in the Northwest and Kamchatka, as well as Alaska. Its website has a pseudo-scientific “technical report” about Pebble, with outdated material referring to past mining plans.

The Alaska senior campaign manager for the Wild Salmon Center is Sam Snyder.

Snyder was the Alaska force behind Ballot Measure 1, which would have halted all manner of development across Alaska. On the Wild Salmon Center’s website, Snyder also takes credit for stopping the Susitna-Watana Dam.

Wild Salmon Center’s IRS-990 forms for 2016 and 2017, indicate the group “Worked with partner organizations to update Alaska’s fish habitat permitting law to strengthen protections for salmon habitat across the state.”

WSC in 2017 took full credit for the ballot initiative, saying it drafted the actual initiative and presented it to then-Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott for review and approval.

The group also took credit for stopping the Susitna-Watana Dam: “Capping a three-year, Wild Salmon Center-led campaign that rallied more than 14,000 Alaskans, Gov. Bill Walker halted the $6 billion project.”

WSC wrote that it developed school curriculum in Alaska: “Advanced the development and implementation of WSC’s comprehensive salmon education curriculum for grades 4-6.” This was a project it developed out of a pilot project it launched in Cordova in 2016.

In other words, the group is now in the public schools, teaching Alaska’s children.

The Wild Salmon Center made grants of at least $600,000 for Stand for Salmon activities in both 2016 and 2017. The year Ballot Measure 1 was on the ballot — 2018 — has not yet been reported by the group to the IRS.

The Stand for Salmon initiative was opposed by resource industries, Alaska Native corporations, labor unions, and others who feared that even a permit to build a driveway to a home would come under undue permitting burdens.

Millions of dollars were spent battling for the votes of Alaskans before the Nov. 6 decision, which went decisively against Stand for Salmon. Now, it appears Stand for Salmon will be the beneficiary of the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s good intentions as the environmental group organizes for the next phase of battling the the Pebble Project: Getting more people to appear at public hearings opposed to the project.

To learn more about the current Pebble Project, visit the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers site where comments are being collected in response to the draft environmental impact statement.*

The draft environmental impact statement comment period is March 1 through May 31, 2019. Public hearings are also scheduled throughout Alaska. Stand for Salmon will be organizing the opposition.

How do Alaska outdoor enthusiasts feel about Bass and Cabela’s supporting Stand for Salmon through the Wild Salmon Center matching grant? At least one Alaskan was unhappy about it, and forwarded the fundraising letter to Must Read Alaska for review, saying that the message “probably played well in the board room” but was not in tune with Alaskans.

*Must Read Alaska is neutral on the Pebble Project, but favors a fair regulatory and public process.


  1. This is very disappointing. Apparently management at cabelas is as clueless and uninformed as most other corporations today. This is a very sad day for many, as I am an avid outdoorsman and love cabelas, I also understand that responsible mining can occur, will occur, and that the US needs what the Pebble Mine offers.
    Cabelas… You better educate yourself before taking political stances. You obviously have no idea what you’re doing

    • I am very aware of the issues of the Pebble Mine and although Bass Pro may be supporting a non-profit you do not support, the Pebble Mine is a disaster in waiting. I have first hand knowledge of the area and do support mining in general, however the RISK of this project to Bristol Bay is unnecessary. As a sportsmen, ask yourself where in our country is a natural sustainable abundant run of salmon that supports subsistence, sports fishing, and provides tens of millions of salmon for the commercial fishing. There is only one, BRISTOL BAY.
      ADFW Preliminary harvest numbers for 2018 in Bristol Bay for sockeye alone: 62.3 million fish returned, 41.3 million Harvested. EX Vessel price of Bristol Bay commercial salmon catch $281 million.

      • Only one on-shore fish farm in Florida is slated to bring more salmon to market, by itself, than even the best year of Bristol
        The BB fishery isn’t as big, or important as they would want everyone to believe. Besides, warming rivers are promoting fish parasites and diseases. Commercial fishing has over-fished for decades, and now there’s few large King salmon left. Last years record BB run could be the last big hurrah.

      • If you read the EIS it shows little impact on salmon numbers and actually grows fish population for other species. You can’t oppose a mine that has yet to select a build plan. You only oppose it because of what ifs..meanwhile, spills are projected as very improbable with one in 10s of thousands odds. Alaska needs Pebble. Northern Dynasty has already shrunk the footprint of the proposed mine in response to concerns and will be constructed as the safest mine ever designed due to the feedback the company has received from millionaire eco warriors paying millions to oppose the mine.

  2. Far as I know, I’m one of the very few people living in villages on the YK Delta that screwed a Dunleavy for Governor sign on my house. (Still there).
    But, I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep foreign companies operating under LLC pretend lisences out of our rivers out here.
    Stand for salmon was over the top of what they should of been trying to do.

    I’m still standing with the late Senator Ted Stevens, ” wrong mine, wrong place”.

  3. I wish this came out prior to me going to Cabela’s this past weekend. This will end any support I had for them. When companies get involved in the political arena I stay away as you never know what you’re really supporting. Besides Cabela’s is overpriced and is really just an outdoors fashion merchandise store. Fisherman like myself tend to support local small businesses.

    • and….no more Pro Bass and REI. This is just another way to divide Alaskans….sportsmen versus miners. Another tactic of the Left, and some people are too busy spending their money on high end toys to see this.

  4. I started shopping at Cabela’s in Sidney, Nebraska, in the 1970’s, and have been a loyal customer since then. They’ve been going down hill since they went public, and really went in the crapper when Bass Pro took over. This is the final straw—-Cabela’s has joined Dick’s as a place that won’t get any more of my money.

  5. Just like Dicks Sporting Goods not selling rifles now. The brick and mortar stores are just killing themselves. I’ll support my local Mom & Pop shops. Better service, knowledge, and friendly. Cabela’s, Bass Pro, and Dicks… forgot where the real money comes from. GL.. not really.

  6. My goodness. If only there was a warehouse store for sportsmen. Kinda like a sportsman’s warehouse that stayed in its lane and out of politics.

  7. JEEZ …. What other alternative ‘shopping’ options are available to outdoor enthusiasts, for all of us that see intrinsic value and benefit in responsible Resource Development in AK? Well, there’s plenty of other options outside of either BassPro or Cabelas to spend your hard earned money.

    • What a bunch. Stop progress even though it will NOT hurt anything. Stupid. Ya, lets live on fishing, see how that goes. Stupid

  8. While some folks like to climb the staircase of virtue to proudly proclaim they will not support a foreign company extracting (looting, colonialism) resources from Alaska without a net gain to the state, surprisingly it always is cloaked against either oil and gas or mining, but never, ever commercial fishing.

    The 2015 ISER report documents that year after year no industry in Alaska relies more on subsidies and contributes less to state revenue than commercial fishing.

    Year after year there has been a net migration of limited entry commercial fishing permits from rural regions of Alaska and from Alaska overall. There is a steady and increasing erosion of seafood processing jobs in Alaska, to foreign destinations like China, where special no tax zones are set up to hire North Korean (slave) workers, in order to bring in foreign currency for a dictator.

    And seafood processors love to have seafood processed overseas (in areas outside of US oversight, OSHA standards, minimum wages, etc) where they can dose raw product with salt concentrates to double the weight of each serving with water. (Ever buy a processed seafood from Asia, put it on the stove, and watch it shrink by half in size – welcome to world of ship your seafood overseas, pump it to the max with water through salt brine, and make the dumb u.s.a. consumer pay double the price based on price per pound…)

    But let’s continue to climb the staircase of virtue and claim it’s our oil, let not let foreign mines control our destiny, yet still turn a blind eye to the log in our collective eyes that is commercial fishing Alaska.

  9. Thank you Suzanne for utilizing your own brain and not just following the pollitical agenda of the mainstream media. I fish and hunt, finished with Cabela’s, Bass pro, and Dick’s. Pebble should and will be built because science says it’s safe, The draft environmental impact statement is online and easily reviewed. I guess science is only preached by the left when it favors their agenda..sad. Thank you again, Suzanne.
    Sincerely, Scott St.Aubin

  10. Amazing news!!! Cabelas and Bass Pro will have my business forever, despite what this wench has to say.

  11. I’m for mining because it is safe with good plans and contingencies. Do any of the critics drive cars or use any products tied to or made possible by mining? They all seem to enjoy their cars and smart phones. Jobs and economy are also important. Commercial fishing is what explores the salmon too heavily on the Kenai. Few left for others to fish!

    How about making it an Alaskan company owned by the PFD. Not foreign ownership. Then PFD would distribute the profitsto us. More people would support it. What’s the current financial plan? Is it State land and does the state get any cut?

  12. I will still go to Cabela’s. Find my size and style. Try them for fit. Look at the new guns, have some coffee/donuts,use the bathrooms………
    Then order online with someone else.

    • Sportsman’s Warehouse is another alternative and they are right here in South Central Alaska.

    • Hey Chuck,

      Regardless of politics, that type of attitude is so something I’ve been blessed to see most true Alaskans rise above since I moved here–ultimately, Alaskans stand for their neighbors, regardless of disagreements. Alaskans for Alaskans.

      Don’t do that.

  13. WSC wrote that it developed school curriculum in Alaska: “Advanced the development and implementation of WSC’s comprehensive salmon education curriculum for grades 4-6.” This was a project it developed out of a pilot project it launched in Cordova in 2016.


    Non profit indoctrination….And they don’t even hide it.

  14. Good on them…
    When politicians only listen to lobbyists, then citizen groups and companies must raise funds to hire lobbyists to voice their side of the debate.
    Why be so hard on companies who take a political stand?
    Standing up for what you believe in is what makes our country great.
    Alaska has been selling out one resource for another for many years.
    Last thing we need is an environmental disaster the size of the “Exxon Valdez” in Bristol Bay.
    Those salmon returns are some of the last runs that do not have hatchery fish to bump up their stock.
    The conservative thing to do is to protect that fishery at all costs.

    • Right. And let’s put all the fishermen and women in wooden rowboats. No outboards. No anything that is mined and manufactured. And no gas or lubricants. Now wouldn’t that be a perfect world for you. Happy trolling with your oars, Steve.

      • Ed,
        Go back and re-read this story…
        It is not a debate on creating jobs.
        This is the “wrong mine in the wrong place”.
        If Conservatives were truly upset at business getting involved in politics, then many would question how Americans For Prosperity is sponsoring our Governor’s budget meetings throughout the State?
        “Americans for Prosperity was founded in 2004 by the billionaire Koch brothers and has supported libertarian-conservative policies through state chapters across the United States.”
         “AFP is requiring preregistration and ID checks at the door. According to the rules on the ticketing pages, no signs or political statements are allowed, the general public cannot “record, reproduce or transmit” any portion of the event without permission, and AFP may remove anyone from the event at any time.”
        These “requirements” go against our Constitution and the right of the people to open public meetings.
        Not too mention, how can a conservative non profit dictate the law of the land?
        How can AFP say “no signs”?
        Even Republicans had signs at the Knopp open house sessions this year.
        Big business is involved in politics at every level these days in America…
        From the super pacs for president all the way down to AFP organized budget meetings that are run by their reps who will lead the debate and “throw out” whoever does not agree with their corporate agenda.
        All I feel is what is good for one side, is fair for the other.
        Equal access to government representation…that is founded in our Constitution and needs protection from Corporate Greed these days.

  15. Love it when I see stores putting their foot into political arena. Especially when taking the word of writers with their own political agenda without doing their own due diligence on the subject. Good luck as you watch your customers open those Amazon doors! Find yourself soon with Kmart and so many others with the clearance going out of business signs soon enough!

  16. Profits, not people or the planet, RULE.

    When last I lived in Alaska, there was no infrastructure, no roads, no power, and very few Natives interested in importing them.

    With their Governor and our POtu$ only interested in profits and proving their vision of reality is accurate, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Congress this won’t happen – unless the 6th Mass Extinction’s global events, expected to become obvious NLT 2024, make it inconvenient.

  17. As an avid sportsman that spends thousands a year at these two stores it will be no more if they side with this group. “ So disappointed”

  18. Thank you Suzanne for pointing this out, I had no idea that another big box corporate store, was pushing their weight around into politics, on a topic that they know very little, or only one side about. I will do to them, like I did with YETTI, and that is switch companies. Yetti did the same thing with their political stance on firearms and the NRA. I do not support companies that push their special interest views onto the public. So Bass Pro, who around the corner from me, you can sell your merchandise elsewhere, because I’m done with you.

    • Well “Big Jet”,
      When you said:
       “I do not support companies that push their special interest views onto the public.”
      You must not support ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, GCI, BP, Donlin Gold or any of the companies that have bought AD time in Alaska, hired lobbyists or supported super pacs to get their candidates in office.
      Just listen to Alaska Public Radio and hear nightly how it is brought to you by funding from major oil and gas companies who directly fund their operation.
      Is this unbiased support?
      I can remember just a few years ago all the opinion pieces on why Walker should be allowed to use PFD money towards the state budget.
      Many lobbying in support of these cuts to dividends were companies who benefited directly from in state contracts.
      The right wing followers have no problem with companies supporting political agenda as long as it matches their own values or financial need.
      Somehow values like conservation and protection of our ecosystems was pushed to the “left” by Republican politicians who benifit from donations and super pacs by large corporate sponsors like Koch Brothers and Hilcorp…
      What is fair for one side politically is fair for the other.
      Don’t like what they are doing?
      Well, write them a letter or stop shopping there, but I am sure they have a majority of American support.
      Remember these stores are throughout the entire Country…not just in Alaska.

  19. Gold and Oil is what made Alaska rich and brought people there. As an Alaska Property owner and former Gold miner , Mining and reclamation as well as respect for the environment can work hand in hand. Jobs and revenues for the State beat the absolute lies and misinformation being tossed about by so called Environmental groups who in reality do not want to see progress made anywhere. I will not buy from Cabelas or Bass Pro shops or Dicks , or any other retailer who injects themselves into other states and peoples business. That’s NOT your Business, and there are plenty of places to buy whatever I need.

  20. Some things need left alone,and Bristol Bay is one of them.Mining companies only think of the profit of the day,not the Earth of tommorow.Their silver tounge lawyers,and purchased politicians usually see that they get what they want.In the not so near future the most sought after natural resource will not be coal,oil,natural gas,timber,it will be water and clean air.

  21. Finally a company with some sack….
    Unlike Dan and Lisa….
    They got my business …
    Wrong Mine in the Wrong Place

  22. My neighbor here in Bristol Bay buys guns at Cabela’s, two-way radios, and recently, a side-by. He also buys expensive fishing gear and outboard motors at Bass Pro. He looks forward to PFD time, especially this coming year. And when the fish ain’t biting and the big game are hiding, he calls his wife on the two-way radio and says, “no luck tonight honey. I’ll be home with the side-by in 45-minutes. Call Papa John’s and McDonalds and order take-out.” In a place that’s always been.

  23. This article and all of the “I love Pebble Mine” posts, are phony. This is exactly the way Pebble Partnership goes about furthering their agenda of mining Bristol Bay, by spreading false information.
    Please use your own judgement and common sense! “Avid outdoorsman ” are NOT FOR Pebble mine ! The Pebble Partnership puts out these articles, along with comments that THEY THEMSELVES write, in an attempt to convince Alaskans that many are in favor of mining Bristol Bay.
    The opinion in some of these comments states that some people and businesses should “stay out of politics”. THIS MAKES NO SENSE and is just the sort of thing that Pebble Partnership says in their efforts to sway people’s views. The salmon from Bristol Bay are sold all over the world, therefore everyone has a right to resist this mine. These mines leak, ALWAYS. The mines attempt to contain all their toxic chemical sludge in “tailings” ponds and these poisonous ponds are deadly poison! They are permanent, long after the mining operations cease, those toxic ponds are still there, permanently leaching poisons into the environment, including salmon streams. When you factor in the seismic activity in the area, it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee the prevention of a major, devastating spill.
    The pebble partnership is a foreign company who wants to exploit Alaska with this mine, leaving miles-deep and miles-wide holes in the ground and the ruination of a priceless resource- the salmon.
    No one , whether for or against this mine, can forsee all of the far-reaching consequences of this mine. These salmon are a living for many thousands of people and the salmon are the means of survival for much of the wildlife in Alaska, from bears who fish the salmon runs, to many, many species of wildlife nourished by the scraps and carcasses left behind, even the soil benefits.
    Regardless of whether you are in favor of mining Bristol Bay or not, do some research, be informed! If you just scratch the surface of the information regarding the environmental effects of these mines in general and the risks to Bristol Bay in particular, you will see that this mine should never be allowed to operate in Bristol Bay, solely for the financial gain of a foreign company!

  24. Who doesn’t love a good old David-and-Goliath story? And of course, as the media knows, people are not interested in reading about good news, They want to read about things that threaten them or things they like. So the story of a giant mine at the headwaters of Bristol bay, where millions of salmon swim that the Natives depend on for their very subsistence, that has been cherished from time immemorial by their ancestors ,and that, if built, will inevitably destroy the fishery, has become a media darling.

    But this story where the Natives, the fishermen, and the environmentalists play the role of David and a greedy foreign mining company plays the role of Goliath is fiction, not fact. It is not “supported by science” (a reference to the EPA’s Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment or BBWA) as the Army Corps’ draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) has found. The EPA did no actual field work at the Pebble mine site or along the proposed transportation corridor in compiling their hastily prepared report, which was cobbled together largely from anti-mining articles on the internet. The twice-peer-reviewed BBWA, highly touted by the environmental, has been roundly condemned by the very peers that reviewed it. One reviewer called sections of the report “utter hogwash.”

    In contrast to the BBWA, the Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) has spent eight years preparing their massive Environmental Baseline Document (EBD) and 150 million dollars in doing actual field work, compiling their findings and data into 53 chapters of 27,000 pages. It is obvious that the DEIS has relied heavily on the EBD rather than on the BBWA.

    It has become a media darling and a giant cash cow for the environmental groups. Each week sees a new stream of articles on the threat of a Pebble mine published on the websites of the environmental groups where a large donate button is prominently displayed. Donations pay the handsome salaries for the battery of environmental lawyers that these groups employ. And since the environmental groups are non-profits and cannot donate directly to political campaigns the donation money is also funnelled through an umbrella group, the League of Conservation Voters, which can legally make campaign donations. And there are no shortage of true believers in the ranks of the environmentalists willing to pressure corporations like Tiffany’s—Cabalas and Bass Pro are the latest examples—to swallow the anti-Pebble propaganda and do their bit to help the cause, lest they lose customers. The proposed Pebble mine has become a cause célèbre—the next Keystone XL pipeline—in the fight against the supposed greedy Capitalists who would destroy our planet if they are not stopped.

    The Army Corps and AECOM, the independent third-party contractor that wrote the DEIS, have studied 360,000 pages of reports and data posted on their website—according to Norman Van Vactor, a well-known Pebble mine opponent, a truly staggering amount of material, and have concluded, at p.54 of the Executive Summary, that a Pebble mine will pose no unacceptable adverse effect or pose a danger to the commercial fisheries of Bristol Bay or Cook Inlet.

    But once one has accepted the notion that Pebble is a real and imminent danger to the fisheries—an unacceptable risk— it is difficult to let go and change one’s mind. Therefore, it is argued, that there must be something dreadfully wrong with the DEIS. How could they possibly find that a Pebble mine will not harm the fish and will provide good paying jobs for the local Natives and badly needed revenues for the State of Alaska? So the argument is now that The Pebble project has been rushed to satisfy Trump’s agenda. So far the Pebble mine opponents haven’t suggested that the Army Corps and AECOM have been taking bribes from Pebble Limited Partnership, the owner of the Pebble deposit. but if it weren’t so patently ridiculous, I would expect that to be next.

  25. Mining kills fish? Show me. Which mine? Where? Show me the dead fish killed by an Alaska mine. Fishing kills fish!

    • Irony abounds! Sportspersons spending tens of thousands of dollars at Cabelas and Bass Pro on fishing gear, boats, clothing, and expensive travel, all in the pursuit of catching a lousy fish. And these stores want to prevent mining activity which helps produce and manufacture the raw materials and finished products which are used in sports fishing. All if this political posturing in efforts to save some fish? Sometimes it hard to know whom is dummer: the sportspersons who spend all of their money at these stores and disavow mining, or, the stores who castigate the Alaskans who mine for a living but spend their paychecks on fishing gear. Like the fellow above stated so eloquently: I will use the restrooms and free coffeepot at Cabelas and Bass Pro. But for purchases, I will do my shopping at Walmart and Freds.

  26. Time to get rid of the Cabel’s card and stop shopping at their retail outlets. I am tired of groups that do not live in Alaska fundraising on our issues to support “their causes” without having to live out the ramifications of the results.

  27. I make it a major point not to shop at stores that only support ONE side of a political view. Our country is a democracy and there is room for liberals and conservatives alike.

    You have made sure that you are only supporting SOME of your patrons with this declaration.

    You will no longer have any of my business. Very VERY disappointed.

    We spend BIG dollars in your stores.

  28. The same disaster people claim will happen with Pebble mine, they claimed would happen with N. Slope oil and Trans Alaska pipeline. Always with the End of The World As We Know It, the sky is falling, emotion based rhetoric.

  29. Sportsmen need clean water and healthy habitat for their endeavors. Bass Pro/Cabela’s cater to sportsmen. Adds up. Wrong mine, wrong place! And thank you Bass Pro/Cabela’s

  30. My Cabela’s Club card, with 5k limit, is history. Card No. 8709, last 4. Bass Pro and REI will never see me again either.
    I need to fill my toy hauler with toys this spring. Sportsman’s Warehouse, here I come.

  31. Suzanne you have started to hit it big. Great fun reading your pieces and all the comments they have drawn, pro and con. Nice balance and for the most part temperate. Keep up the good work. Obviously sparks great discussions and excellent tangents on the threads.

  32. Cabela’s diminished greatly when it was sold to Bass Pro. I don’t shop in Cabela’s to buy Bass Pro crap. Cabela’s name used to stand for a quality product, but now it has fewer Cabela’s name brand items and more Red Head and other BP house brands. If I wanted to shop at BP I’d go there. This latest revelation makes it easy for me to send my Cabela’s credit card back to them cut up with a note that I do not support their political activism.

  33. Pebble Partnership has upped its DISINFORMATION game big time. All of the sudden there are fake Pro Pebble sportsman showing up in comments and on social media. They are all anonymous and quite obviously paid trolls and are likely the same few people hired by Pebble to sway the conversation. Look closely at all the comments on twitter and following on articles about the mine. They’ve learned from the Russian troll playbook. I’m a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay and almost everyone in the region is AGAINST Pebble mine.

    • That’s cause all you fishermen have been brainwashed. How many metal parts on your boat and in your communication systems? How many minerals in the CG helicopter that comes to your rescue when you roll or capsize? How about your fuel and lubricants for power? Your plumbing for fish storage? You aren’t thinking clearly Mr. Arnold. You are a selfish Alaskan, thinking only about your fishing livelihood. I’m from three generations of Alaskan miners. We pull the raw material out of the
      ground that you end up using on your fish boat. You want to pit one Alaskan against another Alaskan, don’t you? You have not one better position to be in this state than I do. And I don’t appreciate your unAlaskan whininess. Our family supports Pebble. We support Governor Dunleavy. And we will meet you head on, if necessary

    • Once again no rebuttal to the science of the draft Environmental Impact statement, which concludes Bristol bay would be completely unaffected by Pebble’s new design. I guess your divining rod and magic 8 ball tell you that the 1400 pages of scientific study done by the Army Corp of Engineers and the EPA, are wrong and your right, ok buddy, that makes perfect sense.

    • Congratulations! You have the honor of being the final straw which prompts me to resolve that neither I nor my family will ever buy any commercially caught Alaska salmon, ever again.

      • Another “witch hunt” for a problem that does not exist. The land where I live along a famous AK river is all reclaimed mining land. Land that had been stripped with steam shovels 100+ years ago. You would never know. Full of trees. A mining company has no vested interest in creating a problem. They have a HUGE interest in not creating any damage! That is why there is a plan that has been studied and found ok. Now I don’t like that it is a foreign company. I think an AK company should be set up and owned by the PDF. Profits would go to Alaskans and through payroll for Alaskan jobs.
        === snip
        Worth reading…so true: Progressives… so called “liberals” know they’re better than other people. Just ask them if you want, but they’ll likely tell you anyways. Liberals are much smarter than other people. In fact, they know that other people can and must be avoided. The opinions of other people not only don’t matter, they’re actually evil and dangerous. The motives of the others are always bad and based in ignorance. That brings up something else liberals know. They know that they are good, and everybody who isn’t liberal is evil. The others are so evil they can never be trusted. They cannot be trusted to run their own lives. They must never be cooperated with. They can never be allowed to be part of the government, for the common good. Liberals are club-members. They are a club made up of the best, the brightest, the most successful. They are superior. They should be listened to with rapt attention. They should be running things. Others are inferior. Just ask them. Liberals are the best. Others are useless and should be crushed.

        There used to be a group of people just like this in a nation known as Germany. They believed themselves to be superior to everybody else. They actually felt they were so superior that they were actually a different race. They believed as the best and brightest and most moral people, they were destined to rule. That was what was demanded for the common good. They were the best possible people. Others were obviously useless and were crushed.

  34. The high seas foreign fishing fleets that steal our salmon are more damaging than Pebble or any other mine will ever be!
    BTW….If you think that spending your money at Cabelas/Bass Pro doesn’t end up in foreign countries you have never looked at the tags on everything. There isn’t anything made in America!

  35. Whats sporting about herding fish in a net, at a known time and place. Seems more like an ambush to me. The fish are biologically driven to return to there homeland and breed, and yet here are the humans, wrecking boats, producing dead loss and killing 42.4 million sockeye was it. There’s no sport in that. That’s called greed, nothing to do with subsistence lifestyle. Try letting the those 42 million return home. My God the number of fish we could have in a short time.
    We don’t harvest migrating mammals in the millions do we? So why are we aloud to fish like we do, spotter planes, radar and such. Yes economical, but wiping whole schools of fish, it’s sickening. Farm raised is coming online and will soon make natural fishing uneconomical. I pray for the day, until then my family will only eat what we catch and look for the end of these barbaric fishing practices.
    As for pebble, build it, lets mine it. I like living off the land, but occasionally i need a new motor, jobs pay for these. Mining has to move in next to oil to provide for our families.

  36. Wake up and drink a cup of coffee. Commercial fishing is mining. You replace one form of mining with another.
    Let me think about this, one feeds families around the world and the other feeds a limited amount of employees directly and really feeds Wall Street investors.
    Drink two cups.

  37. Are all these pro-pebble comments written by the same troll? What kind of hogwash it is to say “The BB fishery isn’t as big, or important as they would want everyone to believe. Commercial fishing has over-fished for decades, and now there’s few large King salmon left.”

    • One of those you accuse of being a troll is this Alaskan Native, and it is I who wrote – “The BB fishery isn’t as big, or important as they would want everyone to believe. Commercial fishing has over-fished for decades, and now there’s few large King salmon left.”
      Commercial and guided fishing steals one of our main food sources. We have to beg for enough escapement to hope to survive the winter. There’s never enough anymore, so we have to rely on food cards to make it.
      You’re numbered among those who steal food out of our children’s mouths.

  38. Are all these pro-Pebble posts written by the same troll? What kind of hogwash it is to say “The BB fishery isn’t as big, or important as they would want everyone to believe. Commercial fishing has over-fished for decades, and now there’s few large King salmon left.”

  39. Huh Anna
    According to Alaska employment statistics for seafood processing for 2018 in the southwest part of Alaska the yearly average amount employed is 5,000. What are the remaining 57,000 doing?

  40. Actually, I think the ANTI-Pebble diatribes I see here are the ones done by the same trolls. I have looked at the maps. Has anyone else? It’s absolutely unbelievable that the Pebble Mine could have ANY effect on Bristol Bay. There would have to be the mother of all earthquakes, maybe a 10 point something to cause any problems–and at that point no one would be worrying about fish OR mines.
    I will leave with my favorite example. Copper River Salmon come from where? The Copper River! The Kennicott Copper Mine from a hundred years ago had ZERO environmental rules in place. That fishery was not destroyed. With all the regulations and environmental stuff now, it’s hard to believe any of the wild exaggerations being thrown out there. I had great respect for Ted Stevens but I’m super tired of the “wrong mine, wrong place” quote. I’ve never met a “super greenie” person who thought ANY place was right for a mine. If they want to go back to a time with less technology and without the things that mining does for us, good on them, but let me have my modern lifestyle. We will not shop at Cabelas or Bass Pro again.

  41. This plan of Pebbles( Trojan Horse ) can not make money. It must expand to the original plan to make it economically viable. That being said and known by everyone who will admit it. Not to mention the surrounding claims that will want to get developed as well.
    This would leave the Upper reaches of the Bristol Bay watershed compromised. Original plan removes over 110 miles of salmon streams, leaves behind 5 very large containment reservoirs, acid mine drainage, and in the end a Birkley type mining hole killing salmon and birds and animals.
    It’s what open pit mines of this size do when the owners are gone …
    Fishermen out of work, canneries closed, you don’t have to go far back in history to see how this repeats itself.
    Gone are the salmon runs in Californa, Oregon, Washington ….. mining, logging, hydroelectric…..
    They all promised they wouldn’t harm the salmon….
    GONE…….. as Pebble should be…..!

  42. It sure would be nice if these big box outdoor stores would stick to the business of selling their goods and letting the people of Alaska decide what is best for Alaska. Cabelas is one of my favorite stores for outdoor gear but if they continue down this road, i’ll be going back to Sportsmans Warehouse.

  43. Too bad, I kinda liked Cabela’s and Bass Pro. But, if they’re going to play this game I’ll go somewhere else. Good thing there’s enough capitalism left for me to be able to go somewhere else.

  44. Alaskans are over 60 percent in favor of not allowing the Pebble mine.

    Are you mad because a business recognized the majority voice?

    • Hello, Willy. Anybody home? Apparently not you. There was an election recently and the Pro- Pebble won. Remember that? And Dunleavy campaigned on Pro-Pebble and won BIG. Your heroes, Walker, Begich, Mallott, et al, are in hiding. So, Willy the Democrat troll, go smoke your cannabis in another forum. Let MRAK go, buddy. This is a thinking person’s site.

  45. Your not doing your research. I am one of the rare Republicans out on the coast. I would slash the budget, big time.
    The election wasn’t about Pebble, it was about the budget and the PFD for the most part.
    Proposition 1, was industry that wants no oversight.
    Pebble still isn’t wanted by the majority of Alaskans.
    As far as trolling, I’ve run twice against Sen Lyman Hoffman.

    Have you ever lived, or for that matter traveled on your own dollar out here?

    Go open Hatcher Pass to pit mining, instead of turning it into a State Park.

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