Bart LeBon sets up rematch with Dibert in Fairbanks


Former Alaska House Rep. Bart LeBon of Fairbanks narrowly lost to Maxine Dibert in 2022, but is looking for a rematch in this year’s election. He filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission as a candidate on Tuesday, although his paperwork is not yet showing at the Division of Elections, another step candidates must take to get on the ballot.

LeBon is a Republican, Dibert is a Democrat.

LeBon originally won a seat in the Alaska House in 2018, when then-Rep. Scott Kawasaki ran for Senate. The former banker won by one vote against Kathryn Dodge, a Democrat.

He defended his seat in 2020 in what was the largest red wave in Alaska election history, but lost to Dibert in 2022 by 23 votes.

It was known as District 1 until redistricting in 2020. The district is now known as D-31. This western part of Fairbanks is considered a swing district, with boundary similar to what they were before redistricting.


  1. Bart,
    You departed from your earlier conservative principles while down in Juneau. Many newbie legislators do that and then they are gone.
    Try to stay with the program and your core followers won’t leave you like many did last time around.

  2. Bart LeBon lost to Maxine Dilbert by 515 votes in 2022 after the 1st place votes for Kelly Nash were distributed according to the voters second choice.

    The final tally was 2589 for Dilbert and 2074 for LeBon.

    That is a loss by over 10%. (55.52% Dilbert vs 44.48% LeBon)

    If you want to use the pre RCV numbers, the breakdown was as follows:

    Dilbert 2478 or 48.95%
    LeBon 1492 or 29.47%
    Nash 1092 or 21.57%

    After RCV, when the votes for Nash were redistributed, 111 went to Dilbert, 582 went to LeBon and 399 did not rank a second choice.

  3. This is an entirely positive and encouraging development. It seemed to me that beginning on LeBon’s first day as a legislator both the House and the Senate looked to him as the expert on finance, money & banking, and lending matters. He never let anyone down so far as I could see. He always gave fair, reliable and easily understood answers to every question and problem. I think the current House Majority has at least the average share of good finance and economics people, very likely more than average, but there is always a shortage of legislators like LeBon, so Fairbanks people had better bring a good outcome to his candidacy!

  4. One new Senate candidate and now another House candidate on re-match. Both hot basketball players too. LeBon and Cronk.

  5. Bart I’m glad you’re back in the game. However you got to be pro-dividend if you want the votes. Many people are very concerned about this because of the impact it has on the economy (heating bills, taxes, insurance, food ) just to name only a few. Make sure you broadcast this to your fellow Alaskans and I’m sure you will get the votes. And then do the same in Juneau.


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