Balls of Steel II: Mayor vetoes Assembly’s latest ‘homeless board’ made up of homeless people


An ordinance passed last week that created a board of homeless people to talk about and advise the city on homelessness has been vetoed by Mayor Dave Bronson. It’s his first veto of an Assembly ordinance.

“As you know, the Municipality already has a Homeless. Housing. and Neighborhood Development (HHAND) Board specifically designated to ‘advise the Mayor and the Assembly on issues related to long and short-term housing, homeless and community development needs… and strategies to effect revitalization of lower-income and at risk neighborhoods,'” the mayor wrote.

“Moreover, the stated purpose of the proposed Houseless Lived Experience Anchorage’ resources should be used to focus on helping those experiencing homelessness rather than to just talk about it,” he said.

The “lived experience” homeless board is a pet project of Assemblyman Felix Rivera and Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who is facing recall.

It’s expected that the leftist Assembly will take up the veto and consider overriding it at their next Assembly meeting.


    • Exactly! No one expects Bronson or Dunleavy to win every fight, but we expect them to try. By standing up to the left it will inspire conservative voters and help us flip the assembly and legislature.

  1. Smartly done–finally, a mayor who knows how to walk the talk, buck the trend, stand up to and shine a revealing light onto the assembly’s leftist agenda run amok. Were it not for you, these smirking pointy-nosed spendthrifts would continue sneaking this stuff in. Thank you, Mayor Bronson.

  2. Nice. Now defer filling the library position and state that for an as yet undetermined period the position will be covered by Mayor’s office staff until a suitable candidate can be found.

  3. These same Assembly Members never find the time to become a regular volunteer or even regularly participate in the activities for the homeless crowd they aim to help. They expect others to do that work for them only to wait for hearing a second, third person report.
    If the rich would lower themselves on their knees, they could know what works and what doesn’t work. That criticism goes for HHAND board members too.

    Have you ever worked along side rich people serving the homeless crowd? Their service is awkward and rigid at first, and they won’t come back. I have seen such peoples expression looking down on the people they serve, Thankful! they are not the one being served, Horrible! This Assembly and their wealthier crowd could only do one event serving the homeless, and as long as there is a camera present to capture the moment for their public recognition reward.

    I seriously doubt a new board will improve what the Assembly can do and should on their own IF they can lower themselves on their knees ‘to wash homeless peoples’ feet.’

    • Never let a crisis go to waste. That is the mantra of the Marxist Left. They are not interested in helping people, they are only interested in exploiting crisis, fabricated or not, for money, power and votes. And they continue to get plenty of the latter through bleeding heart, over sympathetic, uneducated, blind constituents who refuse to see how they are being used.

  4. Thanks goodness. Why give these people a bully pulpit. They have already proven themselves pretty useless.

  5. Maybe the mayor could suggest to the assembly to send their new equity officer and the legislative liaison lady to the Loussac, to talk to all the homeless there. Voila instant input and it won’t cost the city another dime.

  6. A board of homeless people to advise on homelessness. Makes about as much sense as asking your enemy to pull security for you.
    What possible good advise could you get from someone who has made all the wrong decisions in life and lacks the responsibility of pulling themselves up by the boot straps to be a productive member of society, instead becoming a drain on resources.
    Felix Rivera would be one of these people if he wasn’t such a con artist.
    Marxist liberalism is a cancer on society and must be eradicated.

    • Kind of like hiring a drunk to clerk a liquor store or a pedophile to teach children morality-oops, library already did that.

  7. I appreciate the guts Bronson is bringing to table, but can we please stop the “balls of steel” headlines?
    It’s tawdry, and denigrates MRAK’s level of journalism.

  8. Have a problem with masculinity and strength?
    I suppose you are ok with two men or two women kissing on TV for all our children to see. Maybe you’re ok with the tawdry transvestism spread throughout our schools as young as 5 years old. Or how about drag queen hour at the library? What actions are you taking to stop these tawdry displays of degenerate activities? Or is this just an easy target without institutional repercussions that you can spread you disgust with terms of strong masculinity?

    • I’m not ok with those things.
      For 1.5 years I’ve been meeting monthly, and now weekly, with friends to pray in front of the Loussac Library. This effort began in response to the drag queen story hours.
      I would merely like to suggest that there are other ways to point out a man’s strength than referring to his private parts.
      I have great respect for Mayor Bronson. I find it inappropriate to characterize him as narrowly do as MRAK’s headlines.
      I’m sorry if anyone is offended by a call for civility in journalism.

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