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Friday, April 23, 2021
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Ballots, not bullets


What started out as a peaceful protest ended with a U.S. Air Force veteran being shot in the neck in the hall of the U.S. Capitol, and dying in a pool of her own blood.

The insurrection at the nation’s Capitol showed something to the powers that be and to progressives in general, if they will see it: Half of the nation — the progressive half — clearly does not understand the depth of President Trump’s support and the conviction of his supporters. They believe the election was stolen and they will not be convinced otherwise.

It’s not an irrational viewpoint, and history may prove them correct. To this day, the 1948 election of Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson to the U.S. Senate is debated, with most historians agreeing that the Democrat party machine in Texas ensured just enough fraudulent votes for Johnson to win. As history tells us, LBJ went on to become the accidental president, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. But his career started with election fraud.

Anyone who has worked in politics in the South or in Michigan knows just how corrupt elections can get. The stories are legendary. That’s why political observers shook their heads and rolled their eyes when it was announced on Election Night that a water line had broken in Atlanta, and thus, counting ballots would have to end for the night.

The storming of the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6 showed the legislative branch that, in fact, this form of republican democracy is only possible by the consent of the governed. Many of the 73 million Trump voters had withdrawn their consent, if only to prove a point.

The legislative branch did not like this insurrection, which was a challenge to their authority to govern as representatives of the people, and to do so in peace. A majority of the members of Congress issued statements damning the violence as unacceptable. They didn’t want to understand the frustration of the public.

Most Republicans agree: Violence is not the answer, they said. We are better than that, they said. That storming of the Capitol was unAmerican, they said.

So who were the million or more Americans who flew to Washington, D.C. on their own dime to give these elected officials a piece of their mind? Were they the lunatic fringe? No.

They were the people who know they are about to get the shaft. They saw evidence far and wide that the support for Trump was historic as tens of thousands showed up at rallies last fall. They believe they were robbed.

What they don’t see is that Trump is also hated, with a hatred so deep that Americans will burn down churches and even a Starbucks or two to prove how much they hate Trump. Their hate is a visceral driving force enough to compel them to vote him out. And had they not succeeded in toppling Trump, there would be rioting in every city in America right now on a scale far worse than what just occurred in the capital.

At this point, it’s all over but the shouting. Trump is losing his administration, as resignations are coming in fast and furious. His White House appointees realize that if they don’t leave now, they’ll never work again, and they also realize our nation must have a peaceful transfer of power.

Trump worked his magic one last time, drawing over a million to the capital on the fateful day of the certification of the Electoral College, and sending a message that he has the support from every corner of the country.

But it’s over. Trump has lost. Every reasonable measure to slow down the process and look for solid evidence of election crime has been explored. Every lead had led to a false hope or a dead end.

It’s time for Trump to concede. He cannot stay president, and he needs to allow an orderly transition. He must not allow himself to be dragged out by his hair. He must find his own way to let this go.

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, the damage is done. The fissure is deep between the true Trump believers and those who are ready to move on. The Grand Old Party has sustained so much damage, in fact, that it will be a few years before it can put itself back together. Democrats will make hay, during this time of Republican dysfunction.

Some Republicans are throwing in the towel altogether, walking away and saying that it’s time for a new party.

But as flawed as it is, it’s hard to see what a party would look like with the protesters at the helm. Political movements are hard to sustain. It takes years to build a political organization strong enough to go the distance.

Plus, our republic, if we can keep it, works only because we respect the rule of law. What went down in Washington was lawless, and reckless.

I will hazard a guess that a majority of those who went to Washington, D.C. did not walk door to door, or work the phone banks, or build signs or volunteer for poll watching before the election. They thought they had this election by a landslide, and that all that was required was their vote. They were wrong. Liberty requires fighting for it every day.

In America, we are proud that we solve our disagreements with ballots, not bullets. Yet on Jan. 6, 2021, a single police bullet went through a protester’s neck. That’s not supposed to happen.

Jan. 6, 2021 is a moment, like Kent State University on May 4, 1970, that will define the times we live in, as a nation deeply divided in our values, our beliefs, and our visions for the future.

We got through Kent State. In time, we will get through this. But what happened in 2021 will not be forgotten by Americans who love this country, her Constitution, and will fight for her in all her faded glory.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Great article.

    • Huh? What a waste of white space. When you take away ballots we are left with bullets. Right?? And as you should know, none of the protesters you despise who, unlike you, believe in the basis of our constitution – the ballot – were ARMED. Where is your Insurrection, other than BLM and Antifa actually doing just that. Or attorneys and Judiciary intimidated by these thugs. Hello? Is this thing on? And the GOP isnt in disarray. Its our country. And solely because of the MSM who not that long ago actually did their job of shining the light on censorship and power run amok in govt and industry. You should read about the history of journalism in America and then try the Constitution. It sounds like you know little of either.

      • Correction. The GOP is in disarray. Agree on that. But it will and should be someone like one of thr Protestors who has it in their gut to fight that will start a new GOP, or a new party.

  • Thank you Suzanne. Tonight I’m crying for my beloved country, it will never be the same. I do want to know, if it is possible to actually find out the truth, who those loonies were that stormed the Capitol – the rumor that they were lefties pretending to be Trump supporters will never be substantiated, but does even that truth give a glimmer of hope? I think not. America is over, welcome to Amerika. Next, they will be coming for our guns and our religion.

    • There is no truth anymore. The truth died with our Constitution.

      • Exactly, and our votes don’t matter. Justice is dead and our republic will die a painful death I’m afraid.

    • Does that mean we now believe that right wing extremists were at fault for burning businesses during BLM protests?
      Or does this logic only hold true when MAGA and Qanon people storm the capital?

    • Well written article. The people who stormed the Capitol were wrong but displayed the angst of the citizens who detest cheating and the sliding towards socialism. The Republican representatives are the real failure in this situation. If they had stood up and spoke out the people would have thought their voices were being heard.

    • Agree. Notwithstanding this writers wrong conclusions about all of us packing it in and moving on (this makes Kent State look like a mild rebuttal), things are now different forever. We need a personal plan to deal with this altered state:

      Plan of Attack:

      1 Go on Offense now.
      2 Quit ALL Big Tech platforms and esp Amazon, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
      3 Join your preferred alternative platforms and finance them to the best of your ability. Consider money you would give to the Church if necessary (temporarily or as needed).
      4 Evaluate the State you live in and if Blue, begin preparations to move to a Red State.
      5 Once in Red State, and with massive majority, support all resolutions for Secession.
      6 Prepare for the coming of The Lord.
      7 Pray.


  • “ Every reasonable measure to slow down the process and look for solid evidence of election crime has been explored.” Suzanne, you just showed your hand. We haven’t had to look for solid evidence, most of us have seen it on videos over and over again. This election was a fraud, and you perhaps, spent too much time with the Bushes to realize that.

    • Excellent response Mr. Johnson.

    • There was absolutely no way the Republicans were going to accept a Trump loss, no matter how valid and legitimate the election was. I strongly believe this whole “fraudulent election” charade had been planned for months before the election as Trump’s “Plan B”.

      And apparently *everyone* was in on this “fraudulent election” including Republican governors, judges and elected officials.

      If it was indeed fraudulent, which it most certainly wasn’t, then that speaks volumes about the approval of Trump inside the Republican party.

      • Do your own research. It is as clear as the nose on your face that the vast majority of Americans did not want to elect anyone with Dementia with clear ties to Communist China. And, I have yet to know any Liberal that wants to defund Police departments. Common sense stuff.

  • Conceding is another word for surrender. To give up to another Force that has persuaded you that it will only get worse for you if you dont. If Trump concedes they will still hound him and his family and ruin him. They will not stop until he is dead or in prison. I have been amazed at the hatred for this man who dared to interupt their agenda. It is not a coincidence that Biden adopted the slogan “Build back Better” as now Britian is also doing. It is the slogan from the World E conomic F orum.

  • You got so much right in this article, yet still blew the final analysis. 70% of Republicans believe the election was rigged. 30% of Independents believe this. Even 18% of Democrats believe this. We’ve heard hours of sworn testimony from individuals who believe they witnessed acts of voter fraud. Numerous states, including Alaska, had governors and activist judges change election law in the days, weeks and months before the election, even though the Constitution specifically grants power to create laws to the Legislative– not the Judicial or Executive — branch. If we as a nation choose to certify an election, despite the clear and unquestionable irregularities that occurred, then we are no longer a nation of laws.

    Whether or not you believe what happened at the Capitol was justified, what else do you expect to happen when the government itself no longer respects the law? Conservatives, who by and large, believe in rule of law, have watched the Left burn their cities, loot their businesses, threaten them in their homes, and shut down their livelihoods for nine, ten months now.
    Even the most law-abiding and most patient have their breaking point. You cross that line at your own folly.

    What happened at the Capitol today was the fury of the governed withdrawing their consent from a government that *they no longer trust* and I fear it is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Interesting you would quote the polling. Before the election the pollsters had Biden winning Georgia and Arizona. Why do you now doubt the election?

      • Reread what I posted:

        “We’ve heard hours of sworn testimony from individuals who believe they witnessed acts of voter fraud. Numerous states, including Alaska, had governors and activist judges change election law in the days, weeks and months before the election, even though the Constitution specifically grants power to create laws to the Legislative– not the Judicial or Executive — branch.”

    • Excellent points VSTROM.

  • Honey, it’s just getting started…

  • Insurrection “a violent uprising against an authority or government”. Please Suzanne show me who exactly perpetrated the violence. It seems to me that you have become another agent for the government propagandists. Who fired the shot that murdered Ashli Babbitt? Was it a “peaceful protester” or a federal government boot licker? Will they be charged with her murder? You have lived a life of luxury, writing speeches and blog posts about things you have never experienced. I am pretty sure you have read the Federalist Papers and Thomas Jeffersons letters. You should know that the actions of our government over the last 60 plus years would eventually illicit a response from its citizens. “We the People” have decided that we are done listening to the excuses of our elected representatives and have decided it is time to “refresh the tree of liberty”.

    Will you stand in the gap to protect the citizens of this nation against the tyranny of our government or will you just blog about it?

    • I tried my hand a writing a column, and was good enough at it to have been offered syndication. I turned it down.
      I’m a carpenter, a construction worker at heart. One of the worlds worst students. It took me over 5 years to learn how to text. I’m not stupid. I just hate that kind of stuff.
      I found out that I couldn’t do Suzanne’s job. Few people can. Few have even an inkling of what it really entails.
      It boils down to “Nobody bats a thousand.” and “You can’t please everyone, so don’t bother trying to please anyone.” and also “Perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

  • A large percentage of fed up Americans are no longer giving their consent to be governed. This is a natural reaction to being ruled instead of governed.

    Ballots only work when elections are fair and legitimate. And the candidate in question behaves as promised. More and more that is not the case anymore.

    Consider how much money flooded in from California for Al Gross. Or how many states changed their rules in the middle of an election.

    For that matter, consider the Assembly. They have rules which they choose to ignore when inconvenient.

    And of course, Princess Lisa and Cathy Giessel.

    I agree with the ending of the GOP and replacing it with an actual Conservative party. The GOP has outlived its usefulness.

    This has been building for a long time.

  • Soapbox, ballot box, jury box, cartridge box. First three were stolen.

  • Trump always said there would be a peaceful transition. He never once said he would not leave peaceably. In point of fact, I do not believe he has had any evidentiary hearings in court, either state or federal. So he leaves without being able to have a chance to either present evidence or have a chance at discovery. The establishment is happy. Endless war will continue. Lobbyist and media types will prosper. The American middle class will suffer. And so it goes, and so it goes.

    • Trump is a loose cannon now. They can no longer trust that he won’t spill the beans so he’s going to have to be eliminated. Funny how people during the Clinton administration came up dead or missing for being a whistleblower. Trump probably has a bodyguard Force better than the secret service surrounding him when he leaves office I think he’s going to need it when the new world order goes after him.

  • It important to know what the Dims did the piss off 1 million people? Was it Pelosi tearing up his state of the union speech, or the bogus impeachment, or the constant harassment of his family? Maybe it was the race crimes in Portland when the Dems said it was peaceful. Maybe Americans had enough. If you kick a dog enough, don’t be surprised if he bites back.

  • The Antifa riots were unacceptable in every way, and the insurrection at the Capital was unacceptable in every way. End of argument!
    Yet, I read your trying to make some excuse for the insurrection, “showing something to the powers that be…”
    No! Stop making excuses. It only justifies similar actions in the future.

    • Convince me it wasn’t a gaslighting operation. Why did the police open the barricade. Why was the majority of the front ranks of “protesters” wearing black and many carrying the signature weapons backpack and helmet of ANTIFA? I have trouble even believing the shooting was real now that I’ve seen several views of it. The weapon is a large caliber handgun, some say a .45 Glock. A round from any large caliber handgun taken in the neck will all but behead the victim and the impact is such that the victim will be thrown backwards violently and there would be a stream of arterial blood. She slipped gently to the floor and bled out.

    • I do not recall the actions at the Capital including looting and damaging of private property. I do not recall any of the people at the Capitol killing anyone or violently beating people. I do not recall the police actually doing anything about Antifa in DC when they were rioting. I do not recall BLM and Antifa having an actual grievance with events that actually happened the way they claimed. Fentanyl Floyd died of drugs, Brianna Taylor died in the hallway of her apartment when her boyfriend shot at the cops (he also said she was the one that shot at one point), and Michael Brown, whose case was cleared by special federal prosecutors under Obama saying there was no wrongdoing on the part of the police. I do not recall BLM/Antifa fighting against political injustice, just rioting.

      • You forgot about the Burger King guy in Atlanta that took an officer’s taser away from him in a struggle and fired it at the police. they burned down that poor Burger King restaurant just because of that. All those Whoppers Up in smoke.

    • Yes it was wrong. The action. That many people aren’t wrong however. Half the country knows you stole the election. Stop trying to sugar coat the results. We will never forget.

  • I know I’m probably going to get a lot of blowback for this but so be it. And before anyone starts their condemnation of my comments, let me state– emphatically and categorically– I do not support what happened in the Capitol yesterday.

    No, it won’t be forgotten because it will happen again. At least 50% of our population no longer believe that elections are fair, that our courts are impartial or that our media is any thing other than a propaganda machine for one side of the debate.

    Should it happen? No. Is it devastating to an orderly society? Absolutely! But to suggest that the solution is working harder at the ballot box, polls and on campaigns ignores that, for a lot of people, the last election proves that effort has no impact on the outcome– it’s not how many people you can convince to agree with you but how much you can cheat & get away with it.

    Our ruling class has failed this country. The courts have failed this country. The education system has failed this country. Yesterday, tragic as it was, is the almost inevitable outcome of those failures. And, I fear, it is only the beginning because you cannot destroy the faith of so many people in their system of government without devastating consequences.

    • 100% truth

    • The biggest failure is that of the electoral college. The reason for the EC’s inception was that huge swaths of potential voters were either uneducated, ignorant (or worse), illiterate, and/or otherwise incapable of making an informed decision. If the populace were allowed to choose their next leader the results could be devastating and recent events illustrate that things haven’t changed all that much.

      The electoral college is not expected to mirror the vote within a given district. In that very critical manner it is the EC that failed everyone as the popular vote just elected a doddering old puppet that’s never accomplished anything… and couldn’t even confidently walk to the podium last night to make his empty “I call on Trump” speech. Were I Trump I’d have incorporated into my next speech an “I call on Biden” to shut his pie hole.

      Many parts of the system are in failure mode. The largest among them is the EC.

      There are two other items that merit inclusion in the downward trend:

      – The transition many supposed news sites have made wherein they used to report current events such that you could draw an informed conclusion but instead they now provide you your opinion. Look at the first page of the ADN and you’ll see that they’re absolutely worthless at the former and excel at the latter. That transition from what had once been a relied upon news source to what is now essentially a BS blog is notable and it gives way for Suzanne’s site which is essentially her own blog transitioning to a noteworthy news source.

      – The culture of the modern dirtbag has been given voice in a latchkey culture. Thirty years ago some complete sack of excreta began making rap songs about killing cops which at the time seemed scandalous. At roughly the same time first person shooter games brought the chance for young people to kill perceived miscreants in their living rooms which rapidly transitioned to running over prostitutes for fun in games like Grand Theft Auto. All of this happening while jr. is told “oh yeah, you perform poorly but you get a gold star just like the kids that actually did their homework instead of squandering their future playing GTA”

      Those amongst us that raised kids that are now human detritus are and have been an important transitional element in the pending failure of this country. Recent misunderstandings of the EC are simply another host vehicle.

      We’ve all seen the challenges the UK has faced in the recent decade and we’re about to encounter those same issues. The transition will pick up the pace once the old fool croaks and his vice-idiot takes the helm.

  • Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear as “mostly peaceful” leftists rioted, looted, and burned in the streets of DC to protest President Trump’s inauguration. There was only token resistance by the Police and no use of lethal force as the rioters smashed windows and set fires.

    DC or Capitol police opened fire with tear gas, pepper balls, and rubber bullets on protestors yesterday as they merely approached the barricades in front of the capitol. The Police squabbled with the protestors and there is plenty of video showing the police opening the barricade for the protestors. I’ve seen some or all of a lot of Trump rallies and I’ve never seen Trump supporters dressed in head to toe black, and red caps and other Trump regalia are easy to find. Much of the vanguard of the protestors who pierced the barricades and entered the Capitol were dressed in black and carrying backpacks and wearing helmets, signature ANTIFA dress. Unfortunately, some legitimate Trump supporters joined the assault.

    Where were the Capitol Police firing live rounds at rioters when they invaded the Capitol during the Kavenaugh hearings? Why was deadly force used on a woman merely standing in a hallway wearing a flag around her shoulders and making no hostile moves? That the Capitol Police were willing to use deadly force against that crowd was about as smart as sending untrained National Guardsmen with .30 caliber battle rifles and full magazines against kids throwing rocks and bottles at Kent State.

    But, the riot worked and thus served its true purpose of causing the Congress to lose what little stomach it had for hearing the evidence of voter fraud to be presented by the objectors. Now the theft of the US government is complete and our democratic republic has ended. Young people are largely so brainwashed that they won’t know what has happened. Those of us who are old enough knew a brief, shining moment and won’t have to endure the gathering darkness too long.

    • Art, you already know you’re my hero but that last line was brilliant and deserves to be repeated: “Those of us who are old enough knew a brief, shining moment and won’t have to endure the gathering darkness too long.” Sorry to be emotional about it but it did make me shed a few tears. I guess the super patriotism I grew up with is not in vogue anymore but my dad was in all five campaigns in Europe in WWII. Since he had been in England and France, we were well taught that we lived in the best country in the world. I also lucked out and had some great teachers in rural Minnesota. There was one really old lady I had in 8th grade that everyone complained about, but boy, did I learn a lot from her.

      • When I taught, we recited the pledge of allegiance as it was played throughout the school. None of the students in my class participated. I guess it wasn’t cool enough to do.

  • Several states ran their elections using “Calvin-ball” rules.

  • Sounds like some people just want to crawl up and lick the boots of the new masters and forget what they have been doing over the last 4 or 5 years. They don’t just hate President Trump, they hate us and no amount of fawning around those people will help you! What you saw in Washington DC was 74 million going down biting and kicking, not giving up. I’m proud of what I saw from honest, red blooded American’s who left a message for the tyrants coming into power. We know how to Hate, just like you, and this is not over, its just started!

  • “Some Republicans are throwing in the towel altogether, walking away and saying that it’s time for a new party.”

    Trump has destroyed the republican party and the only chance for traditional culture is to make a clean break from the GOP and to forge a new path with Independent voices.

    • I think the republicans party killed the republicans party. Just like the republicans in office in Alaska. R in front of their name and with a slight lead in office but can’t band together to form any alliance. While the democrats may be few they normally tend not to break away from the pack. Most will say one thing while running for office and have amnesia after elected. Republicans for president Trump was only asking the Republicans leaders we elected to stand by our President and at least have a hearing on election transparency and they couldn’t even do that.

    • I was a very reluctant and late-arriving Trump supporter. My time in government taught me to be very wary of “captains of industry” in government, because it is never as simple as they think it is. Trump brought me around with his ability to make historically unsolvable problems simple. The experts, the pundits, and the bureaucrats were screaming, “you can’t do that,” and he just did it, mostly successfully.

      I don’t think President Trump destroyed the Republican Party. I think every Republican President and Presidential candidate since President Reagan destroyed the Republican Party, and even the Reagan legacy owes much to Newt Gingrich and his allies. Gingrich and the Revolution of ’94 prevented Bill Clinton from doing what the Democrats wanted to do and tried again in the first two years of Comrade Obama to do. Now, I don’t know what stops them.

    • There you go again comrade listening to Sarah Palin. I would have thought once was enough for you but once you drink the Kool-Aid I guess you always have a thirst for it.

    • Amen!

  • Ballots don’t matter anymore, they can change them at will. The Ballot Box has no integrity, the Soap Box (1st Amendment) is being destroyed also. Well, that leaves the cartridge box. Keep you powder dry.

  • I, an American citizen living in the State of Alaska, do hereby withdraw my consent to be governed by a socialist government which seeks to undermine and usurp the Constitution of the United States, while taking hostage those who have sought to live peacefully.
    January 6, 2021, will go down in history as a day that will conjure a memorial of the change in the dynamic of this nation as a Republic, where we expect to have our “day in court” and to have our grievances addressed by those we elected to represent us. It is unfortunate that the blood that was shed was ours, and specifically an unarmed veteran, but I hope that her blood was not shed in vain, and that it will serve to remind us that some causes are worth dying for; freedom is such a cause.

    • You don’t even know the meaning of the word “Socialist”. Grow up.

      • You claim Trained Observer doesn’t even know the meaning of Socialism. I counter that you seem to be woefully ignorant of history.

        We are witnessing the exact same series of steps that played out in 1917 Russia and 1960’s China. Yeah, yeah, “Communism is not Socialism!” To which I reply: 1) “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republic,” and 2) Marx himself said that Socialism is a step on the road to Communism. Moving on.

        The parallels between the Chinese Cultural Revolution and what we are witnessing in the U.S. today are not just coincidence: Red Guard (BLM/Antifa), silencing dissent (“Cancel Culture,” anyone?), tearing down the “Four Olds” (tearing down statues, renaming streets and public buildings), “Struggle Sessions” (we haven’t seen anything as dramatic as the Chinese struggle sessions here yet, but with social media censoring and de-platforming Conservative voices, AOC and others arguing that Trump supporters be rounded up and placed in “re-education” camps, and so on, I would argue that the radical Left has begun laying the groundwork).

        As the saying goes, “Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.” I daresay not many Americans have a clue what happened in China between 1945 and 1970, but we’re seeing it start to happen here.

  • One of the most serious outcomes from Trump’s behavior next to his loss in November is the loss of the Senate. Had Trump focused on his job and not been so focused about the November elections it is very likely that the Georgia run off election would have had a different outcome. Of course had the GOP candidates not been so vocal about endorsing Trump’s conspiracy theories , that might have helped their chance as well. The dagger Trump put into their opportunity of being elected was his call in an attempt to intimidate Georgia’s officials into finding more votes. How unimaginably stupid was that.
    I believe that Trump’s legacy is stained forever and that all the good he may have achieved will be forgotten. All except his SCOTUS appointments.
    He single handedly caused the loss of the Senate to the Dems. And that is unforgivable.
    After being a fervent supporter I feel a bit foolish to not have been able to see this coming earlier.
    And now, I would not be surprised if he were stripped of his powers by his cabinet or Congress under the 25th amendment prior to Jan 20. If he is as sick as some claim and as he is now showing, it might be too risky having him near any red buttons. I would be worried that he might get us into war with Iran or cause irreparable harm to our country’s relationship with other nations. And if Pence becomes President he could pardon Trump, something that might prove very important for Trump.
    Meanwhile many of his political allies and staff are abandoning ship. I would not be too surprised to see his wife join them.

    • “…too risky having him near any red buttons.” Nothing against you AK1st, it’s just that so few understand the real limitations on the “red button”.
      The “ball” is essentially inert until NORAD or other warning system indicates a potential nuclear attack. Then the potential attack gets quickly vetted as a real danger or not.
      Our early warning system once read the moon as a ICBM attack. People with brains said that there were no other indicators, so the computers had to be wrong. This is but one example of many.
      During all of these temporary crisis, the “ball” never once came into play. There were no presidents with their finger hovering over the button. Not even during the Cuban Missile Crisis. There was a real potential threat, but no approaching nukes to trigger the sequence.
      Trump has no ability to unilaterally start a nuclear war. No ability to launch anything on his own hook, not even a twitter rant anymore.

    • These comments are so ridiculous I had to respond. There is nothing wrong with Trump’s behavior as he has been focused on exposing the dangers of corrupt politicians and election fraud to the people. Yes, the people that he actually kept his promises too and continues to represent in spite of the lies of the left and MSM. The election was stolen and the mountains of evidence the MSM and Courts have chosen to ignore is still there being combed through by what appears to be spineless State legislatures that refuse to do their Constitutional duty and decertify their electors. The Georgia Senate race was over before it began as once again the voting stopped in the middle of the evening just like Nov. 3rd, so they could see how many votes they had to come up with to steal it as well. It’s so obvious it’s almost funny except it’s not because the legal votes are being nullified. It is a shame we have so many brainwashed people that will look wide eyed at the liars in the MSM and believe their false narratives. When freedom is lost, it almost never returns. Before you throw Trump under the bus, you better have facts instead of false talking points. He is the People’s President, not the corrupt establishments president. Anyone jumping ship means they weren’t worth having on his team in the first place. Americans better be ready to hold the line now or watch your liberties be flushed down the toilet.

  • We will get through this but it will be painful. Hopefully in two years the GOP will find a new standard bearer. Trump cannot be that person. He burned himself in effigy and will never be acceptable. And mostly because of his behavior since the election.
    He personally bears responsibility for the loss of the Senate to the Dems. And that t is unforgivable.
    As much as I was his supporter at one time I admit to no longer being able to believe in him. I think he must be sick and his behavior has become rather frightening.
    I would not be surprised to see the 25th amendment utilized and he being removed from office to prevent catastrophic damage occurring to the country.
    Most of his allies are abandoning ship for good reason. Makes me wonder if the First Lady night do the same.

    • Spout lefty memes much troll?

    • First Lady has a pre-nup which probably say’s how much she will never get if she bails. She’s young, and can outlast Donald. What some will put up with for money…………

  • Where were the Democratic supports that protested against Trump, burning down coffee shops?

    Protests over BLM was not a protest against Trump. I mean, counter protesters seemed to believe that, but literally not what the protests were over.

  • Eh, no.

    I’m certainly not a Trump fanboi. I didn’t vote for him in 2016, and I only voted for him in 2020 because I believe Biden/Harris will be a disaster for this nation. However, Trump absolutely did not destroy the GOP — it was doomed by 2005 when GWB and Cheney began using the Constitution to wipe their backsides. Everything since then has been the inevitable outcome of their work.

  • One observation: “Democracy” amongst Republicans is focused on debate, persuasion and appeals to “our better angels”. In general, many on the Left view it quite differently. For these people “democracy” is a cover word for taking power by any and all means necessary. The hallmark features are vote harvesting and creating and counting as many ballots as possible. Unless and until we can return to a single system of voting on a specific day which includes a reasonable voter verification process, the Left will “win” most elections.

  • It’s not the party that’s the problem. It’s the electorate.

  • “Let me be as clear as possible here. Senator Cruz and Hawley, I disagree with them in a fundamental way about the constitutionality of this process on January 6th, [and] the ability of Congress to overturn any electoral votes, period, ” Crenshaw told host Martha MacCallum.

    “But,” he continued, “let’s be very honest. Senator Cruz and Senator Hawley were not hyping up January 6th. They were not calling for people to fight in the streets. They were not saying this is the last stand. That being said, many members of Congress did do that. Many commentators did do that. Many in the media have been doing that, for the last few weeks, saying constantly [that] this is our time to fight.”

    “They’ve been lying to people, lying to millions,” Crenshaw went on. “They’ve been lying that January 6th was going to be this big solution for election integrity, and it was never going to be.

    “It was never going to solve anything and it was always unconstitutional.”
    The real battle to preserve election integrity must be fought “at the state level,” Crenshaw said. “That’s where you solve the important question of election integrity, and they lied to people saying, ‘Fight, go fight, because everything’s on the line.'”

    The ex-Navy SEAL noted that as demonstrators breached the Capitol, the “same members of Congress who called people to fight, they were nowhere to be found. Because it was all fun and games to them.”

    “They never knew what a real fight was,” Crenshaw went on. “Real fights are scary. Bullets flying, that’s scary. glass breaking, that’s really scary.

    “They were nowhere to be found, they scattered. They talked about the courage to stand up, the courage to fight for weeks and weeks but when it came down to it, there was no courage.”

    An emotional Crenshaw then emphasized his support for preserving the integrity of the democratic process.

    “I know that I’m not going to lie to you,” he told viewers. “I’m going to tell you where we have to do the hard work and we have to change these laws at the state level because these laws are loose. They don’t give people confidence.

    “We hear you,” he said, “but we have to come together and work at the state level and change these things.”

    • Sounds about right. Makes sense. Too boring though.

  • It will wax worse, Biden and his hard left will push their agenda till it touches the very life of this Nation. Make no mistake these people abhor us.

  • The feeling is mutual.

  • Ballots are only as good as the good people working behind the scenes counting the ballots. State’s employing bad ballot workers, then Even the legitimate Biden/Harris voters votes didn’t matter, Biden/Harris could had easily won on 500,000 votes when bad people manipulate the count.

  • Hello Suzanne, you write well and there are parts of your article I agree with and others I do not. It is difficult to filter through the abundance of information on the web and hard to trust what you’re hearing on the news since anything of value seems to be censored because some ultra liberal commentator gets his hair ruffled by reporting the truth or at least 2 sides of the argument. I’m a little older in the tooth and was educated about the history of communism and how it works. Little by little it infiltrates a society and almost seems palatable until you slap yourself and understand just how evil it is. I’m going to point blank tell you what I see and there are those citizens that escaped communism that see the same thing.

    1. Our politicians on both sides of the aisle no longer represent the common citizen much less adhere to the Constitution. They spend our tax money with reckless abandon and could care a less about what we think about it. Case in point, the NDAA.
    2. The American people are being censored both by the MSM & Big Tech if they don’t strictly adhere to their progressive viewpoints.
    3. Any lockdowns remaining in the U.S.A. are meant to control the populace and are unconstitutional.
    4. The things that are being proposed and said by the Biden administration are nothing short of draconian and will destroy our 1st & 2nd amendment rights. Not to mention destroy our economy. Alaska will cease to exist economically as he and Kamala have proclaimed to end oil which we are dependent on.
    5. The rogue actors in our country now have control of our elections through vote manipulation and a refusal to clean voter roles and pass voter I.D. laws disenfranchising the U.S. Citizen and even worse there are politicians that refuse to admit it.
    6. We have politicians on China’s payroll that have access to classified information. A recipe for disaster.
    7. You have Senators like Schumer in our Capital flat out in public stating he wants to fundamentally change our country against the will of the people.
    8. What happened in the Capitol was more than what is being reported. Although there may have been some patriots mixed in with the group, the instigators of violence were in fact Antifa & BLM thugs. The pictures online of the activities inside show them pulling off their MAGA gear and pulling out their black riot gear. This of course is censored by the media and the finger pointed at Trump and his supporters. This is Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) 101. Blame your actions on your political enemies.

    I will tell you flat out. This Republic is in a death spiral because we lost control of our government and allowed the rats to nest. They now refuse to behave like the peoples representatives and many of them are on the take, leaving office as millionaires as they milk the people of their hard earned money and rob our families of their future. President Trump exposed them and their crimes and they hate him for it. It is time for the people to reclaim their freedom because it is systematically being dismantled as they believe they are royalty and we are the peasants.

    You tell me what will fix this and end this usurpation of the peoples ability to govern themselves?

    • Good points. We feel surrounded now and many of us (esp. the long in tooth but well educated) feel pretty hopeless because there are SO many enemies at the gate. Let me try to make things a little better by focusing on the one enemy over all. Occam’s Razor applies – the answer is often the simplest.

      I think the MSM is at the root of ALL of the problems we are now facing (mainly the Great Reset) that have been long brewing like Frogs in boiling water. Trust me on this. The MSM is the single most powerful weapon the Communist Resetters have to control the masses, corporations and institutions. Let’s not expend wasted energies and resources on Pelosi, Schumer, the DemoBratic Party, Black Lives Matter. Antifa or even Big Tech (which seems insurmountable). The real Liberal (in good sense) journalists of 30 years ago would not stand for Banks and companies like Apple to censor anybody for their politics. They would support BLM as well as Conservatives providing no violent tactics. They would have been camped out every night at the steps of Tim Cooks house asking him on camera, over and over until he quit his unconstitutional tyranny, why he was against Free Speech and Political thought. They would say he ran a Monopoly, and would be right. That kind of “good shaming” will happen again someday but only if the Anti-Christian Hebrew operated MSM is busted up. Today’s shaming does the opposite because not a single reported cannot tow the Communist line of thought. The MSM has become an Anti-Christian movement that energizes people against Christians which are composed of Conservatives politically – Trump supporters.

      What we must do is contact our elected officials on every level to bring about the destruction of the MSM as it exists today using Anti-Trust and/or Racketeering laws. The MSM is a Clear and Present Danger stoking Civil War with their false flag rhetoric as I write this. This is NOT protected speech and they have to be busted up legally. It may not happen soon, or even in the next few years, but all our efforts should go here. Our future depends on it entirely.

  • Bullets have always preceded ballots. What is won or lost is done so in blood. Ballots can maintain a Nation till that ugly head raises itself to oppose. Kingdom shall collide with Kingdom, tribe against tribe till that Day.

    • Yes, true enough but not applicable in certain contexts like others. Blood gave us the Ballots in America first (from Great Britain), but now that we have had Ballots for over 200 years the point now is to continue with the Ballot OR Bullets may follow. But I get your larger point – eventually Tyrants will rule again and we have to fight once more in the physical sense.

  • Timely, even two weeks later. Not sure how I missed it.
    In particular, and what jumped out at me – “ I will hazard a guess that a majority of those who went to Washington, D.C. did not walk door to door, or work the phone banks, or build signs or volunteer for poll watching before the election. They thought they had this election by a landslide, and that all that was required was their vote. They were wrong. Liberty requires fighting for it every day.”.

    It takes work to keep our freedom. Get involved. Support the right candidates even if in other districts, towns, states. Pay attention to issues and let your elected officials know what you think about them – politely. Stuff envelopes, attend a ( peaceful) rally. Pray – for our elected officials, at every level, for wisdom and discernment, integrity, endurance, safety. Pray for our nation. May God have mercy.

  • Two things are wrong, first the left is getting away with rioting, burning and murder while the peaceful conservatives were falsely accused of the attacks at the capital. Second the investigation into the election fraud was not complete or finished, just brushed off by the corrupt.

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