Audacious Project: Dark money pushing vote by mail



The states have declared war on “Zuck bucks.” As of this writing, at least 24 states and four counties have banned or restricted private funding for elections. Despite some left-wing intransigence, across the country Democrats and Republicans agree that funding for elections must be transparent and above partisan influence.

But Big Philanthropy disagrees.

In April, I documented the next stage in the Center for Tech and Civic Life‘s (CTCL) strategy to corrupt elections: the launch of the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence, an $80 million campaign to centralize control over elections in Washington, D.C., using “redesigned” ballots, a flood of taxpayer funds, and a permanent expansion of the vote-by-mail bureaucracy.

Funding for the alliance comes from a little-known group formed in 2018, the Audacious Project, which operates as part of the foundation responsible for TED Talks.

In 2021 alone, the Audacious Project funneled $920 million to a handful of groups engaged in the left’s current favorite topics: electric vehicles to stop global warming via ClimateWorks Foundationwelfare-state expansion via Code for America, and “modernizing” U.S. elections via CTCL.

All of this money came from prominent left-wing heavyweights such as the Gates and MacArthur FoundationsRockefeller Philanthropy Advisors is also involved through its front group, Climate Leadership Initiative.

Jeff Skoll, a billionaire who bankrolls a film-production company (Participant) famous for producing Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, is part of the project. Ditto for MacKenzie Scott (formerly Bezos), the third-wealthiest woman in the world. So are investment billionaires Steve Jurvetson, Nat Simons, and John Arnold. The latter two fund the professional left via Sea Change Foundation and Arnold Ventures, respectively.

Two Swiss mega-funders are onboard: Hansjörg Wyss, a medical device CEO with a checkered past who has been accused of illegally donating to Democrats, and the environmentalist Oak Foundation, based in Geneva.

Even Arabella Advisors’ $1.7 billion “dark money” empire is represented in the Audacious Project by the Science Philanthropy Alliance, run by the Arabella network with funding from Mark Zuckerberg’s Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative and the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Audacious Project engages in what left-leaning philanthropoids call “big bets” grantmaking—projects that aim to fundamentally transform health care, climate policy, elections, etc., under the guise of “charity.” It’s 21st-century social engineering, largely funded by an establishment that earned enormous fortunes through American markets and rule of law and now use their wealth to destroy those things.

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  1. While I’d love another reason to go after the Dems I have to question as to why this article places the label of “Dark money” onto a funding source, and then immediately list the names of the donors. If the donors names are known, is this not transparent funding? It’s shameless and wrong for sure, but we DO know who is funding it, so it wouldn’t quite be considered “dark”.

    At the same time hiding behind the name “senior contributor” while withholding one’s own name, in an article calling for transparency, is not a good look for us. If we practice what we preach victory is assured.

  2. The humiliating part of this is, it is mostly our own tax money that is being used against us because these groups pander to our politicians to write legislation that gives them money as a “philanthropic” organization to teach people about their election system and how we can make it better through mail-in voting and no voter I.D. laws, etc.

  3. Everyone knows this. Even Alaskans for Better Elections who gave us that sham known as Ranked Choice Voting by floating the idea that their initiative would end “dark money.” They knew it wouldn’t, because they knew dark money was funding their organization and their effort. And according to the corporate media, only money from conservatives is dark money. Question is, why isn’t the dark money mafia being strung up in public places?

  4. The Center for Tech and Civic Life reported that Alaska received a $50,000 “Zuckbucks” grant.
    Alaska is not listed among CTCL’s list of 24 states banning private funding for elections.
    No candidate for Alaska state office appears to mention this issue.
    Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor, the Conoco-Phillips guy, who’s in charge of Alaska’s elections, who excoriates voters for spreading election misinformation, is silent on this election problem and, surprisingly, has never advocated legislation banning private funding for elections.
    Why? Who got the $50K? Somebody did. It was reported on an IRS Form 990. What happened to it?

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