Attorney General Treg Taylor joins multi-state lawsuit against Biden’s new regs on heavy-duty trucks

Dalton Highway. Photo credit: BLM Alaska by Craig McCaa

Electric trucks on Alaska’s Haul Road? They’d be as useful as an ejection seat on a helicopter.

Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor has joined a coalition of states in filing yet another lawsuit against the Biden Administration for imposing unreasonable regulations on heavy-duty vehicles. The lawsuit, led by Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers, was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

The states charge that the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule imposing stringent tailpipe emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles effectively forces manufacturers to produce more electric trucks and fewer internal-combustion trucks.

Right now, electric trucks—and the infrastructure needed to support them—are virtually nonexistent. They also have shorter ranges and require longer stops.

In Alaska’s long-haul uses, including the remote Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, an electric truck would add an increased element of danger to the driver.

The Biden rule would require manufacturers to produce fewer vehicles that utilize reliable internal-combustion technology. 

A separate coalition of 17 states and the Nebraska Trucking Association filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California that seeks to block a package of regulations targeting trucking fleet owners and operators.

The lawsuit against California challenges a suite of California regulations called Advanced Clean Fleets that require certain trucking fleet owners and operators to retire internal-combustion trucks and transition to more expensive and less efficient electric trucks. The rule applies to fleets that are headquartered outside of California if they operate within California. Given California’s large population and access to ports for international trade, this regulation will have significant nationwide effects on the supply chain. 

The lawsuits argue the Biden Administration and California regulators exceeded their constitutional and statutory authority in forcing the entire country to transition to electric trucks.

In addition to their legal flaws, both regulations defy the reality that electric trucks are inefficient and costly and will harm citizens by increasing the costs of interstate transportation, raising prices for goods, and burdening the electric power grid, Hilgers said.

Hilgers recently won a lawsuit that stopped the Biden Administration from forcing States to reduce on-road C02 emissions, and he won an early victory in a lawsuit challenging the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rule requiring businesses to make climate change disclosures.

Alaska’s AG Taylor and the following states joined the lawsuit against the Biden Administration: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


  1. LOL! The city of Juneau bought an electric bus to use in its public transportation fleet. It couldn’t even complete one full route! Can you imagine how a haul road truck would do in the Arctic winter! LOL!

    • Didn’t Toronto buy an all electric fire truck? It needed to tow a diesel engine generator in order to pump enough water to be effective. And, I think it had a ridiculously short range.
      Yeah. People are stupid. Government is even stupider.

        • Sorry, but you seem to think employees of the US Government’s Executive branch are “government” as I used the word above?
          Granted, one can say you are “government” if you work for the government, but I am pretty sure it takes a particularly clueless individual to think I was referring to anything other than the legislative branches at the Federal/State/Local level.
          And, I sound like T? Testosterone? What kind if idiocy is that…
          Oh… wait… I bet you actually believe that President Trump called military personnel losers.
          Well, replying to you was a waste of electrons.

      • The City Borough of Juneau runs a fleet of Gillard buses made in Montana. Good machines. So when they decided to try an electric bus did they they opt for the Gillard based on the same basic platform as their fleet, made in Montana for cold weather? No! they bought an untested bus made in California for California. Yes, government can be stupid. There are some locations where EVs make total sense. Juneau is one. Unfortunately I would guess that is less than 10% of the country given current technology and infrastructure. Yes, government can be stupid. As an additional note, the Proterra bus could run all day in not cold weather. When it wasn’t broke down. At least they finally admitted it was a bad idea and are finally going with Gillard.

    • Hmm, …..searching my databank now…. … … …., I can’t disagree. It’s an interesting observation.

  2. Time for a less “federal” government and a more confederate type government. We cannot function with a tyrannical centralized government dictating to the states.

  3. This administration is composed of the biggest bunch of loser morons ever to exist. Biden needs to toddle off to his nursing home and take his awful wife with him.

  4. How do you heat EVs? You heat the vehicle with the batteries that would be otherwise powering the vehicle. There is no common sense going on here. Truckers sleep in their vehicle with the diesel running the heater. What happens if the trucks were electric? Would you have electricity left when sleep is done? How many vehicle diesel-electric generation plants would be stationed along the Dalton Highway. Or better yet, each truck could tow a diesel electric power plant to supply the electricity for that truck.


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