Attempts to tie up Trump rally tickets to suppress attendance won’t work, organizers say


While Democrat activists have been busy trying to figure out a way to tie up tickets for the Trump Save America rally on July 9 at the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Alaska Airlines Center, it’s not working.

On Twitter, Trump detractors have been sharing ideas for how to reserve tickets they don’t plan to use. The effort has fallen flat, because the free tickets to the Trump rally do not actually reserve a seat — they are first-come, first-served. The line for the July 9 rally opens at 6 am. The free ticket signup is mainly to help organizers of the event — the Trump organization — understand how many people to expect.

In 2020, the now-disgraced Lincoln Project engaged in an effort to suppress attendance at a Trump rally when one of the project’s leaders helped his daughter run a social media stealth campaign to get young liberals across the country to tie up all the free tickets to a Tulsa, Oklahoma rally.

The ploy went viral across the country and sucked up thousands of tickets, making it look like more than a million people had requested tickets to the Tulsa rally, which then suppressed attendance, since people who wanted to go realized they would never get into the venue. The media then reported that the turnout was disappointing to the Trump campaign, and that became the narrative that led the news cycle.

That won’t work this time. The Alaska Airlines Arena on the campus of UAA holds 5,000. Only those with purchased tickets are guaranteed a seat, and those tickets are limited. Those who show up and stand in line are not guaranteed to get in.

“If people want to skip the line and buy a guaranteed seat, they can contact the campaign at [email protected] and we will send them a link,” the Kelly for Alaska campaign said.

A political action committee for Sarah Palin for House and Kelly Tshibaka for Senate also announced a special event planned for before the rally to raise money for the two as they seek offices in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. The “Alaska First Fund” is a subfund of the Save America Leadership PAC affiliated with Trump.

Since forming, the Save America PAC has received $124.4 million in contributions and still has significant reserves.


  1. I’m not one of “those” guys who get’s excited thinking about Trump. Not to be a boorish conservative, I do wish him a fast trip back to the swamp after he holds his revival and gets the frontier hillbillies rolling about the floor and shouting hallelujah! As a word to the jackasses, let the other jackasses have a pleasant evening of pure ecstasy without being harassed! Hallelujah, brother! Pass the joint and pump up the music!

    • I’m a Trump supporter as are many of my friends and relatives. Just what is a “frontier hillbilly? The only time I roll on the floor is when I change the oil in my cars (or slip on the ice). A strong economy, historic lowest unemployment for minorities (especially blacks), energy independence, low inflation, respect from world leaders…the list goes on. Yes, not much to like here.

      • Spot on Jim! I wouldn’t get to upset with the troll above. It takes brain cells to know the great things Trump did for our nation in spite of the commies in Congress. The brainwashed lemmings are out in force milking the taxpayers of their money while they sit on the couch rolling joints. The lack of common sense in this country is staggering. Until we get our education system back, the brainwashing will continue. Make America Great Again! Happy Independence Day to all you patriots.

        • Actually, it would take only 1 brain cell to understand what Trump accomplished. Clearly, these ne’er-do-wells have less than one brain cell. Let’s just say if these clowns had 1 wit, they’d be half-wits.

      • Who knows. We do know Democrats love to label things with non-existent verbiage. Just like their whole “assault rifle” nonsense. There is no such thing as AN “assault rifle”.

      • These cuck RINOs…I wished they’d be done with it and just register and vote democrat…they are a bunch of whiny clowns anyway. Most of them prefer children, just like the leftists nitwits. Honestly, we don’t need their votes.

    • Classy guy. If you were attempting to pass yourself off as anything but a troll, epic fail.

      If you were attempting to show yourself an idiot, success.

      Go get stoned and let grownups talk.

      • What’s ailing you, Avenger? Life got you down? Is there somebody beside yourself who is responsible for your failures? Is Trump your personal “savior?” I suspect that you wouldn’t know a good conservative even if he gave you a swift kick to the nuts just to wake you up! Right now it’s all about Donald J. Trump–Trump this, and Trump that! He’ll make use of you; then again, why wouldn’t he? Right now he has a compliant pawn! History crawls with doofuses to the left and doofuses to the right–jackasses all, nothing more than beasts of burden, expendable fools!

        • Only a Satanically stupid fool can’t see what an enormous amount of good Trump accomplished for our republic as a non-politician. Trump never used anyone while he was President, rather he improved the lives of ALL Americans by doing the right things for our country.

          • Usually people add this symbol: “/s” to indicate sarcasm otherwise readers may understand that you believe your comment, quite possibly the stupidest and most deceitful comment since the beginning of time, to be true.

      • Grow up.
        Stop punching Right.
        Just because he didn’t prostrate himself in the manner that you think is fitting doesnt mean he’s a Democrat.
        Be nice

    • Enjoy your shellacking this November, your decades out of power, and President Trump’s second term – you earned them!

    • Pass the Joint is just another LEFTIST TROLL posing as a “frontier hillbilly” (whatever that is).
      Move on. Nothing to see here.

  2. Your either evil in the brain & heart or your of GOD in the brain & heart, that is it free will. No 666 on the forehead your either evil or GOOD. The democrats appear to be more evil by there actions it’s plain for all to see. Rig the Trump rally rig our elections democrats of no integrity jealous of us is all you got. Have a maga nificent day I will at the trump rally anchorage show up please integrity.

  3. I don’t get something. The left says Trump is a fool who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Why work so hard to silence him? Let him speak and prove their point. What are they so scared of?

      • So would I.
        The other people I want to see testify under oath are:
        Hunter Biden
        Liz Cheney
        Ray Epps
        How about the right gives you Trump, and we get any three of the fine upstanding leftists I mention in my list. Deal?

    • The left will work hard to silence anyone who is not a hard leftist. It is what children do.
      What does a toddler do when he hears something he does not want to? He covers his hears and shouts LALALALALALALA so loudly the only think anyone can hear is the toddler throwing his tantrum.
      I have yet to hear anyone dispute my assertion that leftists are nothing but five year olds.

      • Hilarious! 45 is the one constantly displaying the mentality & behavior of a spoiled, whiny toddler, there is no better example of a stomping, name calling, manipulating, irresponsible little brat!

        • And?
          Your point?
          Nothing you said changes my statement at all. “Trump acts like a child!” So? That does not mean the average leftist doesn’t. In fact, your reply is pretty whiny, and obviously from a leftist. So, you are demonstrating my point, while attempting to shift the conversation away from what I said.

  4. From the start I did not think was best for America.
    However he was head and shoulders above any creature liberals could coax out of the swamp.
    At this moment that situation is not changed.
    So far the left hasn’t come up with any creature having a head without a “for rent” sign on the vacant space.

    But we can hope.

  5. LOL @ these “Operation chaos” liberals. Signing up to attend only gets you on the Trump mailing list. Now they have your contact info!

    • This is the first I’m hearing you can actually purchase reserved seats. Is that true?

      • It is true.
        They are a bit pricey, $250 per adult, under 15s get a bargain at $50. And, no you cannot self declare as a child. We are not leftists here, we like to have hard data not feelings as proof.
        The cost is considered a political donation, forget to which candidate or cause.

    • Thank god you are one of the tolerant liberals, who are always looking out for others. I would hate to see what you would say if you were a violent, hateful right wing nutjob.

    • For what ….correctly stating that the election was stolen !!!….and telling people to peacefully and patriotically let their voices be heard?
      Try and grow a second brain cell the one you have is very lonely

      • Sorry to break it to you Jimmy, but the election was indeed fair – every stick of evidence supports the claim. There is ZERO evidence to the contrary.

        ANd the domestic terrorism and violence at the capitol on January 6, was that peaceful?

    • Sarah Palin quickly signed the bill allowing State benefits for “domestic partners” of State workers.
      She is a liberal (& con artist)

      “domestic partner” benefits included not only gay partners of State workers, but anyone “shacked up” w/ a State worker. A friend stopped paying for his medical insurance, as he was living w/ a teacher then.
      If the “domestic partner” moves out, then the next person to move in with the teacher would also be eligible for medical coverage from State.

      What “conservative” would sign this bill? Liberal, unthinking, Gov Palin did (raised by unionized gov workers)
      Then there is the BIG Palin PFD give away. Although I was not against this, it is socialism.

      She raised taxes & helped damage our only viable industry (oil) before she quit to go “Hollywood”
      We all know that is what real conservatives do …. raise taxes on businesses
      The woman is a liberal at heart & 45 is a chump to endorse her

      • Your interpretation of the domestic partner law is flawed you don’t understand it George.
        It’s not for roommates it’s for common law partners you know if you live together as a couple for more than a year the law considers you a couple duh

      • And if she is divorced and shacked up it is called Fornication. The Book of Jude and Revelation states all fornicators shall have their part in the lake of fire. Jude 1:7 (KJV)
        Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” trust Jesus Christ while you can.

        • Christian morals are an authoritarian fascist blight on common sense and reason. Tired of it.

          • “Christian morals are an authoritarian fascist blight on common sense and reason.”
            OK, this is about the most horrific thing I have read on this blog.
            Seriously? You think loving your fellow man, respecting others, and valuing life are a blight on common sense?
            Let’s just do a quick high level run through the 10 commandments, shall we?
            *Do not murder. Yep. Definitely anti common sense.
            *Respect your parents? Nothing common sense about that.
            *Honor your marriage vows? Why? Definitely an assault on common sense.
            Oh… wait. I get it. Here is the one that really annoys you liberals.
            *Envy is bad? Christians see it as moral to think that you should earn what you want. Liberals spend so much time demanding that they get things for free, and talking about how other people have too much money. No wonder they cannot stand the 10 commandments. This, plus the do not steal commandment goes against their fundamental nature.

      • Trump is poison. Here are crimes he may be indicted for:Obstruction of justice, bribery, conspiracy to defraud the United States, campaign finance violations, pre-presidency crimes, and Hatch Act violations.

        Add to this all the narcissism, dishonesty, cheating, harassment of women and witnesses, nepotism, crudeness, stupidity and ignorance, allegiance to bad actors, diminishment of American institutions and racism, it’s impossible to comprehend why any Alaskan would vote for a candidate that sought Trump’s approval.

        • Lucinda, your inchoate and incoherent TDS rage and hatred fills my heart with joy, my brain with contempt, and my funny bone with amusement.

        • All of your invented made up charges are just political mudslinging from the anti-American treasonist globalist Democrats that are selling America out and you’re obviously not smart enough to recognize this you’re just a drooling dumbed down left this cult member being led around by their nose we all see it Lucinda and we all have a great deal of disdain for you

          • Invented charges Jimmy? How so? You can’t refute them so you resort to neener-neenerisms, which, despite your intent, failed to demean my integrity nor in any way reduce my obviously superior intellect and wit.

        • A deranged government employee, or Chinese troll? Hmmm, must be an elementary school teacher. Do you have a nose ring, Lucinda?

        • “Here are crimes he may be indicted for:”
          So, a simple accusation is enough for you? He is not even indicted, he might be indicted. Heck, he might be indicted for murder, rape, burglary, arson, illegal U-turns, lack of rhythm, and poor taste. In fact, I might be indicted for any of those crimes.
          The problem is you actually have to have something like… evidence to get an indictment. And, such evidence must be sufficient to pass a test of reasonableness. Trump got the Republican nomination in 2016, was sworn in as President in 2017, served until 2021, and has been out of office for 17 months. But… no indictment? Why not?
          Seriously. If Trump committed any of the crimes you cite, there has been more than enough time to bring charges in front of a grand jury and get an indictment. But… nothing. Not a thing.
          Sorry, not convincing me Trump is the master criminal you think he is.

          • That justice is slow is nothing new. Because of the national importance of investigating Trump, I wish it were speedier. But maybe the national importance is WHY its slow. Very important to have all the information plus weigh unintended consequences of a trial sparking violence from trigger happy Oath Keeper domestic terrorist types.

            It is obvious that Trump is a cheat, crook and gangster. Only 100% allegiance to non reality ideology can justify thinking otherwise.

          • I know- elementary school teachers are the nicest people! Must be a very old person commenting who hates people who can still hold their bladder.
            That line to the men’s bathroom is going to be soooooo long at the rally…

        • “It is obvious that Trump is a cheat, crook and gangster. Only 100% allegiance to non reality ideology can justify thinking otherwise.”
          Yet… after more than five years of constant investigation, there has not been enough evidence compiled to even convene a grand jury.
          Perhaps, if it is so obvious to you, you should offer to help out the folks in DC. Provide them your insight and knowledge.

      • I love reading the comments from the Trump derangement syndrome victims their lunacy and idiot screed is hilarious

  6. For all you haters out there: May the ill will you express for others fall back on you ten fold.

  7. There is a concerted effort by a small twisted few to try and sway opinions with lies on the screen. One guy paid to run a bot farm thinks he can do great things…………’s some ideas.


  8. Here’s my take,
    (ANYTHING) That the current Congress and Senate, Both party’s hate and fear as much as Trump.
    I’m all for it..
    The guy is a outspoken business man in a cutthroat world. Is he polite, gentle, caring? NO !
    But, I personally want a tough, no compromise, hard ass in the position.

      • Lucinda you truly have to have an IQ under 70 you must watch lots of fake news TV and actually believe it

        • I was glued to the January 6 hearings that, without a doubt, show Trump to be a narcissist bully and crook. Did you watch any of it? Have you noticed that the Republicans have offered ZERO counter evidence to the testimonies? How about you, do you have any credible evidence to counter Trump’s involvement in overthrowing American democracy?

          • Perhaps you did not notice, but the Republicans were not able to select any members of the committee. They are all selected by Pelosi. When the Republicans offered up members to sit on the committee they were rejected. The two RINOs on the committee have worse cases of nevertrumpism than you do.
            The committee is specifically designed to prevent the Republicans from having any say.

    • I would be more impressed with his business acumen if he had been able to keep his businesses profitable without cheating his subcontractors and his government. However, that is not reason #1 for my hope that he never gets back into the Whitehouse..
      I agree 100% that he is not polite, gentle, nor caring and that he is non-compromising. But that is what scares me. It seems obvious that he wants to be the “ruler” not the “leader”. He has shown that at every turn. He believes himself to be the one who should make any and all decisions on any and all issues. That’s way too close to dictatorship. He will be the death of our democracy. If that is what a majority of Americans want, then we should get rid of all Senators, Congressmen, Supreme Court Judges and save all that money. If The President gets to make all the rules, then we don’t need those guys. Maybe we could direct their salaries toward helping our veterans. I can say at least one good thing about Biden. Even though he is morally against abortion, he supports the law of the land (that law which guarantees the avoidance of the government to interfere in the private life of its citizens), which is the issue surrounding Roe V Wade controversy. That is the job of the President. Be a leader, an encourager, an advocate of the people, NOT a despot. The laws should be made by the legislative branch, not the executive.

  9. I don’t know what to think but I’m a bit clairvoyant (or not). I think there will be some big announcements this weekend by the Trump and a few Alaskan based surprises.

    • CMTTTK- Actually, the Republicans had the chance to pick someone for the committee and they chose not to. They thought it would be better to ignore the January 6 hearings, and now it backfired on them. Look it up. It is true.

      • No. Nope. Not even close.
        “Republican Reps. Jim Banks of Indiana, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Rodney Davis of Illinois, Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota and freshman Troy Nehls of Texas have been selected by McCarthy, the minority leader confirmed to CNN. The group of House Republicans who were named to the select committee huddled in McCarthy’s office for a meeting on Monday evening.”
        CNN Article titled: Jim Jordan among 5 House Republicans selected by McCarthy for January 6 select committee
        And, because they were all rejected, the Republicans then decided to sit it out.
        Look stuff up yourself before you claim others are negligent. Thanks.

  10. Hmmm I think Lucinda might be shaking in her mukluks. Either that or she happily collects 10 yuan for each post.

    • Sure Marly. Am I wrong about Trump? Is there ANY evidence to show, for example, that the election was stolen? Are the January 6 hearings testimonies false? They are offered by die hard former Trump supporters. And how about Meadows and Eastman; where is their counter evidence? Isn’t any. Like most of the posters here, you’ve been fooled.

      • In answer to your questions, Lucinda:

        1) Yes, mostly
        2) Yes, mountains of it
        3) Yes, totally and egregiously
        4) It’s everywhere and all around you, only you choose not to see or hear it.

  11. I’ll be as far from Anchorage as I can be come Saturday. All you Trumpers, enjoy yourselves.

  12. TRUMP KNEW how the corrupt system worked. He built in New York for 50 years; he saw the system up close.
    The reason everyone “allegedly Republican” lined up against TRUMP at the outset was they knew he was there to upset the Deep-State Apple Cart. Our entire government needs restructuring and massive downsizing. The Russian action has exposed the money-laundering hub of Ukraine, and the DemocRATs and RINOs have shown their hand.

    • Poor Lucinda.
      Failing at hiding her TDS.

      Why is the establishment trying so hard to keep Trump off the ballot?

      • Since Trump’s presence in American governance has been the greatest domestic threat since the Civil War, I’ll admit to being concerned.

        Here’s the answer to your question: Because he will destroy America.

  13. Whatever Trump’s faults there has never been a president as incompetent, incapable, good for nothing, corrupt, lazy and feeble-minded as Joe Biden. He makes Jimmy Carter look like Thomas Jefferson!

  14. John Dale was not putting President Trump down. Read, if you can. he was actually saying something that means lot to a lot of people. Learn to read.

  15. Ha Ha Ha! An article about “democrat activists” undermining something Trump is doing attracts a bunch of comments by “democrat activists” trying to undermine Trump. Who woulda thunk?!?! If you DA’s are going to argue with conservatives on here, try not to get your facts from MSM, FB, or any other woke organization that purports to put out “news”. There is a reason, MRA is going gangbusters, they attempt to honestly report what is going on. Oh yeah, your ignorance of the Biden Crime Family and their flagrant treason is appalling. Try explaining that before you focus on 45 (who won!)

  16. Republicans chose not to participate in the January 6th hearings, they chose NOT to seat Republican representatives of THEIR choice, they had the chance, they declined. I don’t agree with all of Liz Cheney’s politics but she is a hero in my book for putting Country before party. She is willing to lose her position in politics and lose support to protect out Country’s Democracy. We need more Republicans to get off the Trump crazy train and get back to true patriotism like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Trump continues his talking points and election lies and he continues to grift Americans of millions of dollars. Watch the hearings, read the Mueller report, read the indictments of the Russian hackers. All of this is public data if you want the truth. Stop listening to Opinion Networks who are brain washing and fear mongering you.

  17. Republicans chose not to participate in the January 6th hearings, they chose NOT to seat Republican representatives of THEIR choice, they had the chance, they declined. I don’t agree with all of Liz Cheney’s politics but she is a hero in my book for putting Country before party. She is willing to lose her position in politics and lose support to protect out Country’s Democracy. We need more Republicans to get off the Trump crazy train and get back to true patriotism like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Trump continues his talking points and election lies and he continues to grift Americans of millions of dollars. Watch the hearings, read the Mueller report, read the indictments of the Russian hackers. All of this is public data if you want the truth. Stop listening to Opinion Networks who are brain washing and fear mongering you. The truth is out there you just have to want to find it.

  18. Let’s look at the truth. First the Democrats under mad Hillary Clinton spied illegally on the Trump campaign. For that alone she should be jailed. When that dirty trick didn’t work Schiff and his cohorts in the deep state manufactured the Russia Russia hoax and when that fell over due to the fact it was a bunch of lies and shameless waste of taxpayer money they tried to impeach Trump again on false charges, all the while ignoring the unprecedented corruption of the Biden crime family who sold this country out to China to pay for Hunter’s whores and crack habit. Trump exposed the corruption and lies of the mass media, big tech and the Washington swamp who get filthy rich out of public money (see Pelosi). Liz Cheney is an ugly swamp creature and Kinzinger a man child who cries on cue.
    Anyone who votes for these clowns deserves what they get.

  19. Trump, Bannon and the Russians are accomplishing what they want, divide America and conquer. It’s a sad state of affairs. Country before party.

  20. Pelosi only rejected two – Jordan and Banks; therefore, McCarthy pulled all five. Again THEIR CHOICE not to continue and participate. This is truly a sad time in our history where the truth and Democracy don’t matter. Watch the hearings, listen to the testimony with an open mind, and open your eyes. Donald Trump is not a successful business man, his father was, and he inherited a great deal of money. Trump family is generational wealth and all they care about is preserving their wealth at any cost. I guess it will come at the cost of our Democracy. Narcissistic, conman and grifter. Look at where all the donations and PAC monies go.

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