Assemblywoman taking ‘medical leave’ is actually going to Europe


Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel announced last week that she would be taking sick leave from the Assembly from May 24 until July 11, as she needs time to heal from the turbulent times in the city; she also announced she would not return to her day job running Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness until Aug. 1, for the same reason.

“I’ll be using this time to heal and connect with my family and loved ones,” said Zaletel in the statement. “I believe it’s important to acknowledge when it’s time for a break, especially after the turbulent times our community has seen over these last couple of years.” 

Zaletel requested privacy: “Zaletel and her family request privacy during these weeks. Community members in Midtown who need immediate assistance can contact her counterpart, Felix Rivera,” the press release read.

But at Tuesday night’s Assembly meeting it slipped out that she is actually going out of town. A couple of her colleagues wished her well on her “trip.” And it’s not just any trip — it’s an extended stay in Europe.

Also, Must Read Alaska received a confidential report from someone associated with Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness, which said that the mass exodus from the leadership of the organization was due to Zaletel’s behavior. Four of the five people who have left the organization in the past five months have taken their concerns to the organization’s board about Zaletel’s “yelling,” “demeaning of staff,” and engaging in “unethical behaviors.”

The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness has used millions of dollars of public money but has had no measurable impact on the homelessness problem in Anchorage, and many feel the organization is purely a political entity masked as a social service coalition.

Senior managers who left the organization in the past five months include Celia MacLeod, Julie Frizzell, Tahanee Conte-Seccareccia, Helen Renfrew, and one other person who MRAK has not been able to positively identify.

Do you have a tip about Meg Zaletel’s behavior? Send it confidentially to suzanne @ mustreadalaska . com.


    • Exactly. Or a family trip to heal from the enormous amount of work and grief she has taken on dealing with a mayor who has a whole lot more concerning accusations from actually named sources from within his administration regarding the mess he has tried to manage.

      • More like running from the coming scandal of where all that sweet federal cash went instead of getting the addicts off the street. Let’s be real here, Maureen.

        • exactly, you know for as many democrats that were on the assembly during Austin “the bay area brutalizer” quinn Davidson reign as mayor they sure didnt want allow an election to decide a mayor. it’s very curios. almost like they were protecting all that nice covid collaborators cash they were juicin from the feds and didnt want to risk their ability to line their pockets.

      • One must be a truly weak individual to be so adversely impacted by the actions of others, regardless of how frustrating they can be.
        Truly weak.

      • All the grief Zaletel has endured is self inflicted. The lies and implementation of COVID policies which denied people their civil rights has caught up with her. She only survived a recall because she had the unions pushing hard for their members to support this woman.

  1. Well, the whole issue with unethical behavior is pretty obvious, given that she is the head of an organization that is supposed to “end homelessness” however she sits on the governing body that so far has not shown any serious efforts in finding workable solutions to do such. At the very least, she should recuse herself from any decisions or deliberations that pertain to homelessness simply because of the obvious conflict of interests. And regarding her effectiveness at her primary job, well it seems they are failing miserably because the homelessness issue in Anchorage seems to be getting worse with every passing year.

    • more homeless= more money. if she ended homelessness she be out of a job. The only goal of that org is to extract as much cash as possible to create nice cush jobs for unskilled unnatural elites.

    • Maybe we can find a way to make her vacation from work permanent. Poor leftist can’t do a job without a break to recover. Good riddance and don’t come back.

  2. Med clearly needs (even) larger glasses to cement her radical leftist credentials.

    What is it about radical leftist women and those hideously ugly giant glasses?

  3. Meg clearly needs (even) larger glasses to cement her radical leftist credentials.

    What is it about radical leftist women and those hideously ugly giant glasses?

    • Please don’t associate my hideously large glasses with leftist intentions. I have to protect my elderly skin under my eyes with these glasses and sunscreen on these beautiful sunny days. I do dislike the look, however.

      • My comment was not of course directed at those such as you, SS, with a medical need for larger glasses.

        But I am particularly amused by Limu Emu’s 1960’s-era geekish heavy black frames. It’s almost as if the radical leftist females WANT to be as ugly as possible — which most of them are a long way down the road to achieving right off the bat.

  4. A month of two in Hawaii will solve all her medical concerns, her other problems, and end homelessness in Anchorage, she says. And also too, she has probably arranged for her two salaries will continue uninterrupted.

  5. I agree with the above comments by “Northern Warrior” regarding Zalatel’s conflict of interest. She is not doing either of her jobs well. She appropriates money at her Muni job to fund her “private job” so they can pay her for doing nothing right.

    It would be interesting if Must Read Alaska could find out and publish when Zalatel booked her vacation, where she is going and who is paying for it.

  6. Wish she would “end homelessness” somewhere else for a change ….she’s so good at it.

  7. Wow what a toxic person, must be very toxic in that office, to lose so many people to toxicity. It must be a sign of ineptitude and toxic behavior. Just parroting what the lib trolls have said about mayor Bronson.
    I never heard of the office of bum housing having so many people quit, must be in over her toxic head, in the toxic bureaucracy inside that toxic office. I can smell the noxious fumes of her toxic attitude from here. We won’t be fooled twice. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even keep a staff whose only job is to find more tents, teepees and freebies for our chronic inebriates. She must be very undereducated and out of her element. Toxic.

    • It’s a chicken and egg question. Did she learn her toxicity while on the Assembly or bring it to the Assembly with her when she was elected? Then, does it matter where it came from? Happily, she is and continues to be predictable. Cheers –

      • Isnt this job abandonment? Someone in HR, lets get the paperwork ready to drop her from the Assembly, soonest!
        Conflicts of interest, ethics issues, bully in the workplace…
        libs, unite and report her behaviour.

        • What are a few paltry weeks considering AQD pulled it off for 8 months, while being the “faux mayor” AND holding on to her assembly seat. AQD clearly stiffed her constituents of representation on the assembly, but the clerk refused to post her seat for the election (much to Dustin Darden’s chagrin).

          • One has one government emolument OR the other not two at once per the US Constitution but what do we dummed down taxpayer in Anchorage know?

          • G Aleutian, you misunderstand. AQD did not get paid for both jobs. She was paid for being the mayor. Per the charter there was supposed to be an election 90 days after Berky’s resignation, which did not take place. Leaving an assembly seat open for 90 days is one thing, but 3/4 of a year deprive her constituents of representation is really shameful. That seat should have been at least temporarily filled, so her district had equal representation as all the others. Dustin Darden argued that she abandoned her assembly seat after all this time as mayor, but if memory serves lost in court after the clerk rejected his complaint.

  8. A vacation isn’t going to improve meg mind nor heart. You can’t run away from your struggles. You must
    face them. Just like consertatives and christians you can’t run away when the enemy advances. Maybe zalatel can’t be a leader or supervisor, yet, i’ve met many people including supervisors they can’t handle the role’s stress.

      • Boy, Howdy! Her ideology IS a religion. Thanks for that admission, Maureen. Now we’ll see if she is renewed spirit by the Heavenly Hosts in Europe, and if she comes back strengthened in spirit and recharged in grace to finally lead Anchorage Leftists in ending or reducing homelessness.
        If you’ll forgive me, though, I think I’ll pass on buying in on that investment opportunity……….

  9. In-other-words – she needs to recuperate from the ‘turbulent times’ which she created for everyone within her sphere of influence – and within the public at large. And, even with her huge compensation, she can’t afford to send everyone else on a vacation from her. IE – this makes perfect sense.

    • Art,
      Pretty much. The REAL reason is that she is going into rehab for 8 weeks. I’ll tell you more later.

      • Is there an actual rehab program for radical leftist extremism? If so, it’s practitioners need to get busy and start seriously promoting that program pronto!

        • Yeah, five to ten years bringing in the harvests on a thousand calories a day has proven to cure some of them.

  10. The Homeless Industrial Complex in Anchorage is alive, well and growing thanks to many Asssmbly persons who are employed by the various non-profits who have received windfalls from the feds.

    • First, they created the crisis
      Second, they created the fear
      Third, they padded their own wallets
      Fourth, they are making us pay the price (closing our business, mandates, lockdowns, mistrust, grooming our children, queering out our city, and giving themselves perpetual paychecks for when they are done bankrupting the city).
      Fifth, you dont vote for conservatives, you get the lunatic fringe like christy constantly complaining and felix and meggy.

  11. “I’ll be using this time to heal and connect with my family and loved ones,” said Zaletel in the statement. “I believe it’s important to acknowledge when it’s time for a break, especially after the turbulent times our community has seen over these last couple of years.”

    She brought this all on herself by politicizing covid (lock downs, disrespecting bodily autonomy, suspension of property rights)for money and power. maybe she should go to cali and never come back

    • Michigan. Constant is from Cali, Meg is from Michigan.

      Whitekeys sang it best, if you’re too mediocre to make it where you’re from, just move to Alaska.

      • as long as she leaves alaska i dont care where she from or where she goes. If it were up to me personally it’d be straight up against the wall for the crap she pulled between 2020-2022

        • Agreed, AK4.

          Zaletel is the very embodiment of the odious and arrogant ‘petty tyrant’, as is the rest of the assembly’s Marxist Nine.

      • I prefer Garrison Keillor’s version. In his parody of Jesse Ventura’s autobiography, his protagonist arrives in Fairbanks, circa 1970, and quickly realizes that everyone he encounters had f—ed up big time somewhere else. Looking back on the Fairbanks of my youth, it’s not at all far removed from the truth.

    • In former circles, some 35-40 years ago, it was called “dropping that t*rd and leaving town.”

      • Yep – hope she’s out of politics. Snatched up and groomed by the big boys to fail Alaska and America exceedingly well! Glamour and expensive clothes and an ill-prepared candidate just didn’t cut it with the electorate. Too bad her ineptness gave us two (three?) terms of “O” and now Peltola. Yikes! I got over her with the sordid brawl in south Anchorage and the troubled family life on-going soap opera!

  12. What does the charter say. Are stipend receivers allowed to abandon the area they represent for months on end. If you aren’t up for it that is just a fact? If you walk away; fine, you have quit your job and oath. No problem. NEXT?

    • It probably says it is OK for medical reasons.
      That is why she is so “stressed…” and needs to… whatever.

  13. I highly doubt it is a medical leave ob absence. As stated above, is she on a leave of absence? I get a vision of her having a Sybil stage of life going on.

  14. She’s certainly a sharp dresser…does she volunteer at the local shelter every Halloween to play the wicked witch or maybe she’s got a small cottage in the dark forest where she prepares illegal immigrant children for their last meal…as the main course. They’ve all got a certain look about them that is unmistakable…these whacked out liberal women with their insane eyes and she/her pronouns. They were never a problem in old Salem…the townsfolk drowned or burned them all but today we put them in charge and see where that’s gotten us? Bring back the Puritans!

  15. Leaving state for a summer vacation to visit family and probably her homeland. Imagine the sanity of an Anchorage that actually elected locals!

  16. Poor Meg, I guess doing her job is just too darned difficult. Funny, I don’t recall ever earning a month’s long vacation from doing mine. I guess the elite live by other rules. I hope she learns something while she’s gone. Maybe get a clue? Butt up against reality? Nah.

    • Find a better job with better benefits. My first job out of college offered 2 weeks paid vacation per year to start. One could earn up to 4 weeks if they stayed with the company for more than 2 years.

      My current job offers up to 6 weeks PTO depending on longevity with the company. New hires get 3 weeks, 4 weeks after 1 year, 5 weeks after 2 years and 6 weeks for anyone with 3+ years with the company.

      Oh ya, and they offer good health insurance. There are lots of good jobs out there, you just have to find them

  17. Yeah … I need to check myself into an African Safari Hunt too!!! Then, catch the Silver Run, Moose Hunt, and a a few Muley – Whitetail Hunts, followed by an Elk Hunt. I’ll finish out the year with a Hawaii respite for T-Day and Christmas!

  18. Derelict of duties! You have a homeless problem to deal with? But you gunna take a mental health loooong vacation? Uhm? Interesting? We all have problems!
    I see many people that need some really big help! But! Let’s take our Alaska vacations! Sickness

  19. Talk about hubris. The Leftists on the Assembly have no honor. How can such people get elected to public office?

    • Voters do that. Especially when the turnout is often below 30%, on many occasions below 20%.

      People get the government they deserve.

  20. Another liberal scamming the system. Nothing to see here, move along folks. They do it all the time.

  21. Leaving Alaska May 24 until July 11. Doesn’t sound like any Alaskan I know. All sane Alaskans leave in the winter!

  22. Two month long vacation in Europe? We should all be so lucky! But, then again, we don’t head the gravy train known as the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness which will never end homeless conditions. It pays too much.

    Hope she does not earn a single dollar from the taxpayers as an Assembly person while on vacaction (leave). Unless the chair of the Assembly says so.
    2.30.075 – Absences, excused absences, and telephonic participation.
    A.Unless a member is participating telephonically with advance approval of the chair, a member of the assembly who is physically absent from a regular or special meeting, including an executive session, will be recorded as absent.

    A member of the assembly who is physically absent from a regular or special meeting, including an executive session, and not approved to participate telephonically, must obtain approval from the chair for the absence to be an excused absence.

    • Chris Constant complaining will make sure to take care of his girl meg, after all, she knows his dirty secrets too!

    • I strongly suspect that Zaletel is going to Europe, specifically Russia and the UK, to pay homage at Lenin’s Tomb and then at Karl Marx’s grave.

  23. Hmmm, if only there was a system in place were a citizen could choose people who work in these offices.

  24. I thank you all for the wonderful education this morning, I get from all your wonderful educational statements. I learn so much from all of you..

    • The best reading is the muni code, you would not believe the rules and laws these ASSembly ‘members’ break daily. When the wolf is guarding the henhouse (including power over the elections process and staff), not much we can do but vote em out (see coting election issue) and pray they fall off mountain.

    • A little off topic – check the credentials and qualifications of any pilot you want to haul you and your family to the bush! Just sayin’. I earned my commercial pilot license and instrument rating back in the ‘80s, and wouldn’t put my butt in a bush carrier aircraft without checking out the carrier and pilot carefully these days.

  25. Europe sounds about right.
    Where else would a dedicated leftist/statist go to get “refreshed?”

  26. I don’t buy it…Meg is most likely meeting with the European council on how to enact and extract more money, resources and rights from the dummie Americans who voted for her. Klaus Schwaub and the WEF meetings being held; CFR; ad nauseum…we’re not buying into the heartstrings of the general press.

    • She has more to be proud of than your narrow mind and what comes out of it. I give Suzanne an A+ while you’re pushing a D-. Go back to school and learn something that is worth a darn.she is a leader of the truth while you’re not a leader of anything.

  27. How about an audit while she’s gone. Democrats like her have all these organizations and cushy government jobs. They all become very rich, have nice homes and condos, and can take extended luxury vacations (I doubt she’d stay in a hostel if she’s trying to “heal”).

  28. Her story stinks. Something is wrong and things are starting to come down on her. Heal from what?

  29. Since she’s going for “health” reasons, wonder if she conned Primera into paying her flight?

  30. there is nothing to see here, move along, nothing to see here. george w. bush solved all those problems by cutting funding and enlisting churchs to use its members to practice “compassionate conservatism”. my old neighbor took junkets, oops, fact finding tours of sri lanka and mongolia to see how to lessen homlessness in alaska. seemed logical at the time eh??

    seems both those countries tied their efforts to the chinese one belt, one road initiative and are heading into collapse fast. china pulling in financing early and cutting off any more monies to africa and pakistan. seems the anchorage homeless better go east to catch up with jerry prevo after the falwell pool boy debacle.

    america is in a mess. don’t listen to disimformation, elect legislators, not politicans. less twitter grandstanding and do the work. congress is leaving since any default by the government hits the lower 2 cohorts first, social security, medicare and medicaid dependents. those folks are old and uselss, time to ration them

    politcans mean while get paid, use medical special to them, retirements and benfits for life, ask paul ryan. if don youngs net worth change didn’t grab your attention there is no hope for america. forget both parties, start a consitution party, retire SCOTUS, congress and all the media attention junkies scamming you

  31. I suspect she was called back to discuss with her handlers about her job performance. Maybe it is not good enough and she will be sent to the gulag.

  32. While this story is continuing on and on, you may have missed the news that Nancy Burke was leaving Anchorage and returning to Colorado. Combined, is this a sign that the homeless czar job market is shriveling up?

  33. Guessing she has a massive, out of control benzo addiction and is getting the european coma treatment.

  34. Maybe Meg is going to meet with George Soros to discuss what perks she can receive for herself and other brethren on the assembly that have also had an unhappy childhood. Like I said before, every time I see her I feel the urge to take a shower.

  35. she needs time to heal from the turbulent times in the city- What about every one else that lived through those “Turbulent Times?” She made bank during those “times”. She also made times Turbulent.

  36. When she returned in Au (pronoun ced “ow”) carry nondescript cardboard signs that say “T,urbulent TImes” around in circles. Poetry in motion.

  37. At a creek’s edge a scorpion asks to hop on a frog’s back when he jumps to the other side.

    The Frog says “No way! You’ll just sting me”!

    The scorpion swears he won’t and convinces the frog. In mid-air the frog feels a searing pain and hollers “WTH! You said you wouldn’t!”

    …and the scorpion says “I am a scorpion. It’s what I do”.

    Expect disinformation and obfuscation from Ms. Zalatel. It’s what she does.

  38. There needs to be a full (Independent) audit and there will be one for the Coalition to End Homelessness.

  39. Thanks for the comprehensive update on Ms. Zalatel’s travel plans. Now, would MRAK please update us all on Dunleavy’s advisor, Jeremy Cubas?

    • Poor attempt at deflecting, Widbey, though a valid point.

      This particular article is about an elected official that is at best is a miscreant, and within reality is an abhorrent human being, profiting upon those that she claims to defend, all the while ignoring any true solution as to the problem she claims to represent whilst she pads her bank account.

      I am sure Suzanne shall address the POS that Jeremy Cubas is within a fair and balanced manner, but you do recall that two wrongs do not make a right, right?

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