Assemblyman resigns, but the seat won’t be on the ballot in April. Here’s why.


Eagle River/Chugiak Assemblyman Kevin Cross announced his resignation from the Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday night. But not until later, evidently. Sometime in April.

Unless he actually vacates the seat, it will not be open for anyone else to run for in the April 2 municipal election.

That means, when the municipal election comes around in March, Eagle River, and Chugiak voters won’t have the opportunity to replace Cross. There will have to be a special election, which cannot be even set until he vacates the seat, according to code. Meanwhile, Cross is giving the radical Anchorage Assembly the opportunity to appoint someone to fill out a major portion of his term, which ends in April of 2025.

The code governing vacancies can be found here:

Muni election code uses the phrase “when a vacancy occurs” or “if a vacancy occurs.” There appears no provision for an anticipated vacancy at a future uncertain date.


  1. So, what does this mean? That Kevin Cross, after misrepresenting himself to Chugiak/Eagle River voters, and having failed to pass what appears to have been his main or sole focus, a self-serving rezoning measure that would have benefited him handsomely and personally as a real estate agent, is now stabbing us in the back with a carefully-timed exit from the Assembly, allowing the Marxist Nine to replace him with a person of their choosing for a full year before the seat comes up for election again in 2025?

    Wow! What an incredibly and utterly malicious SOB!

    • It is more than “sleazy”, TMA. Kevin Cross’s carefully designed plan to further empower the ass-embly’s Marxist Nine is an unapologetic and purposeful slap in the face to those Chugiak and Eagle River voters whom he shamefully misled into electing him. This man is utterly contemptible!

      How fast can we get a recall petition going?

  2. And this is how politics will go from the left from now on… Voting won’t change anything, u want real change in this country and this state? Then you’re gonna have to get your hands dirty or dirtier than the left… Unfortunately the sheep are too busy trying to be famous on the internet for their hit of dopamine… This country has become a disgrace

  3. Kinda sad that I helped him get elected and he quit before his term ended, but in all honesty he is powerless and him leaving will not change the balance of power. Anchorage is doomed to the same fait no matter what.

    • Sharon, IF you don’t know the difference between our municipal assembly, which is a PUBLIC entity and our state legislature, one wonders if you actually live here.
      Mr. Cross manipulating the system to give the Marxist 10 another willing and eager lemming, to raise our property taxes and redistribute wealth, leaves an entire community without a say in their governance. In essence taxation without representation!

  4. What a dirty, rotten, underhanded play by Cross and his assembly buddies. I bet Gretchen Wehmhoff is already set to get back on the dais, leaving ER once again without actual representation.
    Eagle Exit can’t come fast enough!

  5. Well, that is one way to slow or stop the Eagle Exit movement. What a freaking sleeze bag. Eagle River is small. Be interesting to watch as he tries to make his way around the community.

  6. Almost like he knew he was in trouble and plotted an exit to provide him cover and benefit his actual masters.

  7. A Anchorage Assemblyperson who was in it for his own interests and leaves his constituents high and dry. Who would have thunk it???? I heard he put his house up for sale too, must me moving to a better district eh?

    • Tell us, “frank”, when you drop something in your house, does it fly to the ceiling?

      And again, your incessant and boring harping on the anonymity of posters here is merely an obvious reflection of your frustration in not being able to engage in even MORE ad hominem attacks here than you otherwise could, because of course lacking any logical or rational arguments, all you are left with is feeble attacks on the messenger and not the message.

      You radical leftists are all so utterly predictable, like you’ve all been formed from the exact same rancid dough with the exact same deformed cookie cutter.

    • Still waiting for you to prove who you are, “Frank”.

      Strange how such a macho, butch dude like yourself is unwilling or unable to walk his incessant talk.

  8. Seems like taxation without representation. If we all refused to pay our property taxes , Eagle Exit would be easy. Trouble is, your mortgage holder will not allow it. Catch 22. Just assume your position, grasp your knees for Constant, and the rest of the clown show. Merry Holiday.

  9. UPDATE: Today (12/21.23), the Anchorage Daily News, in their reporting on this story, have stated that Kevin Cross, by vacating his seat before next April’s municipal election, WILL allow for the Chugiak and Eagle River voters to replace him in that same election.

    So which story is true?

  10. Seems like the voter in Chugiak/Eagle River REALLY need to do a better job vetting their candidates and elected representatives.

  11. The man will be held accountable. But Eagleriver-Chugiak voters still need to learn how to better vet out people, so it can see the red flags before puttting so much effort in teaching someone who will only betray them. This will vent like the merrick event is another example Eagleriver-chugiak voters need God’s word the book of instruction, correction, reproof.

    I don’t doubt there are still conservative charlatans amidst Eagleriver-Chugiak current leadership who are being groomed for the next election only to disappoint Eagleriver-chugiak conservatives, Christians, and true republicans.

  12. *Go read your Bible and listen to KATB radio Eagleriver-Chugiak. This community vocalized their disappoint after Merrick as expressing the disappointment in Cross because it didn’t learn the lesson first time. Let’s keep a tally of how long Eagle-river-chugiak takes before it learns its lesson how to vet people out better. First mark there was Amy, second mark Kelly, third mark was Cross.

  13. When will EagleXit get their act together and circulate petitions for signature? Quit cutting bait and go fish already. Let’s round up volunteers and get er done instead of this forever fundraising with nothing substantive to show for it save for lawyers getting fees.

  14. “There will have to be a special election” Like what happens if the mayor steps down- right? Right?

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