Assemblyman for Eagle River announces resignation


Anchorage Assemblyman Kevin Cross, who represents Eagle River and Chugiak, announced his resignation from the Assembly on Tuesday night at the end of the meeting, expressing his deep frustration at the Assembly not getting important things done. He will remain on until April, when a regular election will be held and someone else will sit in his seat.

Cross will have served one term, after he defeated Gretchen Wehmhoff and Vanessa Stephens in the election for Anchorage Assembly District 2 Seat A on April 5, 2022.


  1. Is it the Assembly or is it Eagleriver’s conservative leadership the reason because he politically embarrassed himself when he revealed his character during that Rezoning subject .

    • Yes, exactly Jen!

      I was very saddened, and disturbed, to see Kevin Cross implicate himself in that egregiously self-serving rezoning matter earlier this year, in which he as a real estate agent stood to profit handsomely. Frankly, I think a recall election should have been instituted against him for that highly unethical move.

  2. If he really cared about his Leftist Assembly not getting things done for the community of Anchorage-Eagleriver they represent, then leaving Before his term is up wouldn’t been his response. We can tell a persons strength by their response to intensity like “a tea’s strength is revealed after it’s been steeping in hot water.” I learned that quote from Gaither’s Homecoming Radio. I liked that quote it encourages me too.

  3. I guess becoming a politician wasn’t as good for business as he thought it would be. Gotta get on the homeless grift, Kevin! That’s where the real money is.

  4. Thanks for the memories….not. Eagle River/Chugiak will simply replace Cross with another leftist disguised as a conservative.

  5. This comes as no surprise to me. I attended the “Town Hall” meeting he arranged to convince the Eagle River constituency that his bad idea was a good one. Each time anybody countered whatever he said, he replied with “well then don’t re-elect me”. So, when ER voters told him they would not re-elect him, because he failed to represent their interests and continued to pursue his own, he quit.

    Kevin Cross is another dishonest, self-serving politician!

  6. It is good that he has delayed his resignation to allow us to vote for his replacement, this time. I still consider him a conservative, he just didn’t align with the local community councils on nonpartisan ideals on land use. Nobody wants to give up on their ideas for living in a paradise compared to Anchorage at least. I hope that someone with our values will step up to this thankless job, if nothing else but to voice our ignored opposition of much of the assembly’s freakish agenda. There’s a big movement now to push weed stores into our neighborhoods, although the majority of us feel that they are well to stay in Anchorage. But pay attention to the candidates, and at the least inquire about who endorses them, rather than what party they claim. Candidates with a hidden agenda have become the norm. Integrity and representation of constituents, which used to parallel often under- appreciated public service have become rare. Outside groups are meddling in even our local elections and are well financed. Let’s not continue to be complacent or we will loose our lifestyle.

    • He like the rest of us has been taught wrong. However there is process that is due. Hopefully the police will start processing notices to cure on ALL usurpations. what does that mean. Everytime Darden is told to shut up and give up the microphone.

    • My hope is that he will eventually do just that. But will it make the standard news? And in what form. We live in a Teflon bubble.

  7. How quickly the MRAK crowd turns on one of its own. All of these commenters who anonymously trash Mr Cross for his the time he’s put in, yet these same people won’t step up themselves in order to make this a better community.

    So they come onto this blog on a daily basis, venting their spleens and telling the whole world what miserable souls they are. Their world is one where forgiveness is seen as a weakness and vengeance is best served cold.

    Happy Holidays MRAK nation, I’ll be praying for you.

    • An Alaskan (or Mr. Cross himself?),

      So you are essentially asking us to ignore and/or condone wrongdoing, such as that of Mr. Cross in pushing his self-serving rezoning ordinance and then giving up when that measure was rightly condemned by the community at large? Sorry, ain’t gonna happen!

      Let Kevin Cross rightly live with his own malfeasance, and with the public excoriation of it.

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