Assembly won’t settle wrongful claims made by former municipal manager


The Anchorage Assembly debated whether to settle wrongful discharge claims made by former Municipal Manager Amy Demboski. Several of them took turns bashing Mayor Dave Bronson, calling his administration toxic, and some of them said that the $550,000 was just a lot of money.

In the end, on a vote of 8-4, the Assembly decided to let the matter go to court. They were not able to resist the political temptation to have the mayor in court with Demboski during what will be an election year, because due to the slow nature of justice, this case will not be settle before 2024. Such election year drama will likely hurt all conservatives on the ballot, and may doom the mayor’s chances for a second term.

Demboski does not have an actual lawsuit filed yet, because the Bronson Administration asked for the matter to go to mediation, and she agreed.

But now that the Assembly has turned down the amount agreed to by both parties, all of the details that led to her firing will be revealed in court. Demboski will claim a protected status of whistleblower, and the Assembly will use possibly millions of dollars to allow the court case to become a campaign against Bronson’s reelection. It’s lawfare — legal warfare, and during a campaign cycle.

Going to court could cost the city triple damages if Demboski wins, if the court agrees with her that she was fired for being a whistleblower.

In a separate matter, the Assembly approved a $277,000 legal case brought by a member of the Ombudsman’s Office. Heather McAlpine worked in the Office of Equal Opportunity, but now works for the Assembly, and her claim was settled without much debate. In fact, several Assembly members praised her for suing the Bronson Administration.


    • Of course not!
      They are a privileged class of beings whom we peons are not to question!

      …Was the Muni Attorney at this meeting?

  1. It is like an insurance claim. You have got to give paper(s), back-up to get the check. Where are they. Rhetoric is not paper. We love you but there are other entitlements, like the broke, woke homeless needs.

  2. The Mayor’s ineptitude doomed his first term, Anchorage voters will not be fooled twice

    • The majority of the clueless voters in anchorage are fooled by the assembly every election cycle.

    • You mean like when anchorage was fooled twice by voting for two terms of Berkowitz? You seem to be suffering from short term memory loss.

  3. Federal investigation of misuse of Covid grants for convicted fellon from Nigeria prince Nwankado who received 750K from municipality after Demboski signed off on it is still under investigation by U.S. Dept of Treasury.

  4. Well. If the nation runs into a diesal fuel crisis by nov 2024 like some say, it may not be good for democrats, people will be scared.
    2024 is a long ways away…and greater events are at work overseas

  5. Its very easy for the Assembly to piss away tax dollars especially if there is also political gain. Its like having your cake and eating it as fast as you get it because there will be more knowing property tax season is just around the bend. This is the very same stunt going on in DC. The Democrats using the FBI DOJ CIA NSA and every other federal agency they can manipulate to control the selection process. The days of fair elections are long gone. The horrible state America is in the Democrats would never win if they dont cheat. Its very plain and simple.

    • This sounds very like blaming the parents of a domestic violence victim for not teaching her to stand up for herself. Sure seems like the blame should almost exclusively lay with the cowardly butthole who hit her.

      The assembly didn’t cost taxpayers over half a million for illegally abusing someone they hired.

      Either Bronson did, or he didn’t, but wants to pay over half a mil to Demboski anyways. Which do you think it was?

      I think voters deserve to know the truth of what happened. In this rare instance, I agree with the Assembly.

      Just because they usually suck doesn’t mean conservatives should be comfortable sweeping the Demboski/Bronson mess under the rug, which is what a settlement would do (you better believe both Dave and Amy want this to all go silent and would both be ecstatic with an NDA) Let them both cry their crocodile tears, not sure why they deserve sympathy or pretending they aren’t wasting more property tax money than I’d earn in 5+ years of working full time.

  6. If Dembowski’s claim exceeds MOA’s insurance deductible, turning the claim over to your insurance carrier for trial is a sound financial decision.

  7. Who gets $277,000 clams from the assembly without public review? Isn’t that taxpayer monies? Office of Equal Opportunity? Where’s the documentation? How ’bout we garnish the Assembly members wages until all data is publicly available?

    • Do you know what a representative government is? It seems not.

      We have an Assembly that does the ‘public’ review as the public voted them in.

  8. There were many valid reasons for Demboski to be fired, including calling one of her co-workers a “f—ing c—” in front of many other co-workers.

          • I’m sure you sat in many meetings during your career when language like that was used.
            Then she followed it up w/ a threatening letter to her boss (to cover her crude outburst)
            Don’t forget to tune in every morning to hear her sage advice (6 am)

  9. Blaming the assembly for Demboski suing Bronson is asinine. This is called accountability. The best way for Bronson to avoid a lawsuit is to behave ethically and legally; relying on the assembly to bury his malfeasance is pointless.

  10. I wonder if the Assembly would be so quick to dismiss the claim if it were a leftist making it.
    Just asking…

    • appears to be that if you’re a female person of color, let go from the EEO office it seems the check is in the mail. However if a non ethnic birthing person of alternate political opinions is let go, well……

  11. Good. Hope she gets nothing.
    Her Firing seems valid to me, because of her foul mouth
    And a follow up letter threatening to black mail her boss over her foul language.
    At least she has her husbands Fire Captain pension to keep her out of Meg’s homeless shelter

    • You can’t get fired for potty mouth, that’s not a real thing. If she was fired for that then she definitely has cause to sue. I don’t like burning the flag, but if you want to do it at work you can. I don’t like pride flags or Ukraine flags but if you want to have them at work….you can. The only things these days you can’t have at work are crucifixes and Trump support. People keep cawing about salty language, that just like blm sights is protected and allowed. You might not like it…..but you can’t fire someone for it. Not in this America, not with the lefties in charge.

      • You forgot a small devotional candle; can’t have those either.
        Pretty sure you can’t burn (set fire to something) at work, but I get your point.
        Still hope she gets nothing …when she hired Kendall she showed her true stripes.

  12. There must be accountability of all funds at the Municipality of Anchorage. There must be complete reform in ALL election activities. No more corrupt dark money influence and or selections. Ranked Choice Voting is unconstitutional – the directions that indicate only one vote per candidate prove it. ERIC must go like other states have discovered. Dunleavy must grow a backbone and start doing something. Anchorage deserves better than these crooked cronies on the Assembly that have decided grant money and tax payer funds are theirs to dole out as they see fit. Mail in ballots must go unless requested as absentee ballots. There must be thorough oversight during voting to ensure paper ballots with ID are legally counted. Muni Clerk must be impartial and should not be an inside member of the assembly. Campaign reform to ban all political action committee or other dark campaign money from Alaska and other states. George Soros can not be allowed to keep expanding his club. Term limits and ethics must apply to all politicians and must prevail at the end of the clean up.

    • Term limits would have prevented the Mayor from costing taxpayers at least a half a million with illegal management of a person he appointed to the most powerful unelected position in municipal government? Or is it the repeal of the voting method that doesn’t apply to assembly or mayoral elections (just state ones)?

      Interesting commentary on your thought process! The refusal to hold politicians accountable is apparently not just a feature of the left (Berkowitz was the WORST with this, never met an incalcitrant bureaucrat he wouldn’t bend over backward to appease or a mess made in the public sector he wouldn’t sweep under the rug, taxpayers and local businesses be damned) had really hoped Bronson would drag some of the BS to the daylight. How naïve was I?)

  13. Amy’s show is 90% about money. She loves that money…, while the future is destroyed..
    She doesn’t care that you taxpayers have to pay her

  14. Her Mantra is “follow the money”.She ‘s another Dan Fagan I won’t listen in the morning.

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