Assembly vice chair cuts mic of youth member, who tries to defend Youth Advisory Commission’s authority


Anchorage Assembly continued today to try to take away power from the Youth Advisory Commission; the Assembly’s left-leaning majority doesn’t like the direction the commission has taken, which is often contrary to the majority’s positions.

A Friday work session got testy when Assemblyman Chris Constant muted the microphones of Assemblywoman Jamie Allard and Youth Advisory Commission Assembly representative Sarah Price. Constant cut off Price, after sarcastically thanking her for repeating the points she had made at the previous full Assembly meeting, and as Price was trying to say that the leftist Assembly was acting in a partisan manner.

Constant ruled that statement out of order.

Allard, who attended by phone, said that Constant was discriminating against women by cutting off Price’s microphone, at which point Constant also cut off Allard’s microphone. Allard later said this is part of a pattern of discrimination against women by Constant.

The Assembly majority is trying to remove the youth commission from the mayor’s office and make the appointments to the commission itself, so it can return the youth commission to a left-leaning indoctrination organization.

The effort to take the power away from the Youth Advisory Commission is a new- development on the Assembly, whose majority has not attended any of the YAC meetings this year.

The youth commission has a firebrand representative sitting on the dais at the Assembly meetings; Sarah Price has not been shy about stating a strong viewpoint against the Assembly majority at times. She is not a voting member of the Assembly but her vote is recorded.

The ordinance will come up on Tuesday for a possible vote during the regular Assembly meeting, which starts at 5 pm in the ground floor of the Loussac Library. The Assembly agenda is at this link.


  1. At least he is consistently constant…

    A frightened little bully with self-perceived power far beyond what is within reality…

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being, let alone a supposed ‘representative’….

    And even more pathetic is that self-perception is all he has to define himself…

    • Just his district voted for him in the House race; he could not get to 5%, so that tells me he is not liked by the state’s population. Good thing we have some smart people to shut down the little power-hungry unwelcome wannabe politician.

    • I voted against him. It’s the woke libs in my neighborhood who are enabling this insanity. The ones who steal my yard signs.

  2. Who are Sarah Price’s parents? I wonder whether Chris has evaluated them as his political enemies and now takes every opportunity to demonstrate his disregard for them by blatantly disrespecting their daughter who by all accounts is bright, articulate, and an excellent representative of youth in our community.

    Chris’ childishness has all the markings of somebody who can’t stand an uppity woman, no matter her age.

  3. So much for all the faux caring about women by the left for the last 50 years….yukyukyuk The LGBTQ mafia party rules!!!! My Lord, where is the church pew….. I need a fix on reality.

    • Hope your fix isn’t inthe Baptist Church of late. Whew, serious abuse stories coming out there.

  4. Once again, this Assembly is trying to tilt the balance of power to themselves. If they manage to effectively neuter the executive branch, they can institute the leftist paradise they want.

  5. TRUMP : Better a bodacious rogue than a complete fool….. or a mealy mouth piece of dough like sleepy Joe and lots of Marxist.

  6. Nick Begich got more votes than Constant in his own assembly district for Congress. That gives me tremendous satisfaction.

  7. He’s a heterophobic misogynist. If we send him to Congress, maybe he could mute Pelosi’s mike.

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