Assembly plans to override mayor’s veto of ordinance they wrote giving them permission to remove mayor without approval of voters


The Anchorage Assembly on Monday plans to override a veto by Mayor Dave Bronson of Ordinance 2022-60, a new authority that the Assembly has granted itself to remove the mayor for nearly any reason, so long as the Assembly determines it to be a breach of the public trust.

This is a special meeting of the Assembly that will take place Aug. 1 from 3 pm to 3:30 pm at City Hall in Conference Room #155, 632 West 6th Ave. Live Streaming and Archived meetings can be found at .

AO-2022-60 was written and sponsored by Assembly Vice Chair Chris Constant, who has said several times that Bronson is not qualified to be mayor. Only three members of the Assembly voted against it — Jamie Allard, Kevin Cross, and Randy Sulte. The ordinance says that the Assembly can remove the mayor for a breach of the public trust. The method for removing him involves appointing a third-party hearing officer, and then taking the recommendations of the hearing officer to a vote of the Assembly.

The hearing officer could, for example, be the Assembly’s own attorney-on-contract Bill Falsey, who helped Constant author the ordinance and who was the municipal manager and municipal attorney for former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

The ordinance has been widely criticized as a power grab and a violation of the separation of power between the executive branch and the legislative branch of government. It’s well understood by observers that the ordinance is merely a preamble to an impeachment attempt. At the very least, it will have a chilling affect on the Mayor’s Office.

Members of the public have not spoken in favor of the ordinance, but many have spoken against it — at least they did until their testimony was ended prematurely by rule of the chair of the Assembly, Suzanne LaFrance.

The ordinance as passed is at this link.

The mayor’s veto is at this link.

The meeting agenda is at this link.


  1. The coop continues. Next stop? A dubious court system.

    This is what voter turnout of less than 20% gets you. Bolsheviks.

  2. Going against the major of the voters. What are the options? This assembly is OUT OF CONTROL!

  3. Every assembly member has literally lost their minds. They all seem to forget that our former Sexting Mayor Berkowitz started all this crap and made Anchorage such a horrible place. Instead of bickering with our current Mayor they need to put their idiotic heads together and try to figure out what to do. They are not in this for the people of Anchorage. Shame on the people that voted these Nazis into Office. Let me guess, they are trying to put Quinn Davidson back into Mayor spot! I have never seen in my life what a disgusting Assembly we have.

  4. Communist assembly is out of touch with reality, where the hell is the governor and state Supreme Court?

  5. Looking at this picture of them, it’s very clear who they serve and it is not the Anchorage people.
    From their desks they fly the gay flag rather than the United States Flag.
    They are showing they serve the LGBTQ alphabet people and that is all.
    They are a pathetic bunch of immature Gay Marxists that need to be squashed.

  6. Why bother to vote? The nine will change it for us. How several of them and public interest and everything.

  7. Let’s keep playing ping pong! Btw! When I see a assembly with a rainbow flag in front of them and not a American flag! Only reason you Are there is because of America! And freedoms!

  8. “For a brach of public trust…” I suppose if your definition of “public” is everyone who agrees with your policies and world view, then this makes perfect sense. Yet, the Special Needs Nine totally disregards that Bronson won his seat as Mayor legally. THAT’S what pisses them off. In addition, what should be made known on a wider scale are the conflicts of interest that Zalatel has re: the homeless situation and Perez-Verdia’s position on the AK Humanities forum as George Martinez’s boss. The entire Assembly, minus Sulte, Cross and Allard, are a massive conflict of interest and knuckle dragging reprobates.

  9. Really…did we not expect this from the Anchorage Assembly. Time for them to grow up and stop acting like 10 Herron old spoiled brats. Hope this goes to court.

    • Reminiscent of those historical pictures from 1930’s Germany, with those 卐 flags proudly displayed
      by low ranking party plebs from their elevated positions of power.

  10. So, Constant is basically appointing himself mayor. He’s a dictator. He doesn’t care what the people of Anchorage think.

    • True – How do we run this batch of criminals out of here, including the School Board. I don’t have an answer. It would take a major organized effort, peacefully, of course.

  11. Is this legal for 9 people to override the will of the voters? Where do they get more power than the mayor?

  12. It’s like being in hell with these 9, all we can do is is our part citizens, remember the righteous watch the evil suffer and the evil see the righteous in heaven and that is for eternity citizens. Assembly 9 please return to your oath duty turn back to GOD it’s not to late.

      • Not about honest it is about money and or recognition. The judge, as long as you can prove without a doubt you should win.

      • Bingo! The problem is, no conservatives want to admit that the judicial branch is as corrupt as the others, b/c then they would have to admit that no one was coming to save the day, and that would mean that the citizens have to right the ship. Yes, everyone in America has become too lazy to protect their own sovereign rights.

  13. The time has come to SHOW UP. Read aloud a change brought by the people. A 2/3rd’s show of hands, the public with then escort the lawless assembly tyrants to the curb peacefully I would hope.

  14. If the people of Anchorage don’t want this to happen, they need to go to that meeting enforce and oust the Assembly members who are pushing it.

    • Respectfully, in your dreams. These monsters will shut down dissent before it is voiced. They need to be forcibly removed and placed on the “tramp steamer” to nowhere! It would take an honest attorney and an honest judge to accomplish that. Are there any left? Then, honest elections should be reinstated to purge this horror from this once beautiful city.

    • Go to a meeting, start saying something LaFrance does not agree with and your microphone will experience technical difficulties. The voice of the people is not welcome in the Assembly chambers.

  15. You can change the situation at the ballot box but history says you won’t.
    When you are ready it may no longer possible to restore your alienated liberties.
    I pray that I am wrong but fear I’m correct.

  16. The addresses of these members are public. The public should protest at the homes of these extreme members who have absolute contempt for the public.

  17. “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”
    Martin Niemöller

  18. Good. The people who want him out won’t go to speak at the meetings because it’s been turned into a COVID loving circus! There are a LOT who think Mayor Moron isn’t qualified to be a janitor at City Hall let alone run the city! He’s an idiot! Shutting down things at the water treatment facility was enough for most of us! That was a purely ignorant act of someone who is Stoopid! He needs to go!

  19. As voters who are in favor of our rights to vote for mayoral candidates of our own choosing, we do not support the actions of any assembly members who take it upon themselves to overturn the votes we submitted that legally places the current and/or future Mayor into his or her office.

  20. Sodom & Gomora representing us up there. I’m waiting for the fire and brimstone. These people belong in prison. Their lawyer too. Anchorage representation is a disgrace. Eagle River needs to separate and we can elect Bronson to be our Mayor. Anchorage can have their reprobates they didn’t see fit to vote out on the recall.

  21. Let us know and we will be there. Enough is enough. If the law wont stand up for us then it’s time we the people stood up.

  22. Makes sense, they installed a mayor and then did not let the voters decide in the 90 days. Never hear of that anymore.

  23. They don’t fear repercussion. They don’t fear the people. Drag them out into the streets and make an example of them. Hell, just one of them. If you want to send a message you won’t do it through the legal system; and definitely not through elections. They rule through fear. Give them something to fear. No tears will be shed for their absence.

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