F-bombs away: Anchorage Assembly fast-tracks its plan to remove mayor without approval of voters


In an often raucous and unruly meeting on Tuesday night, the leftist majority of the Anchorage Assembly passed a controversial ordinance that will allow it to remove the mayor for nearly any reason it believes is a breach of public trust. The measure passed 9-3, with the three conservatives voting against it.

Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance was unable to control the audience after she cut off public testimony and the public reacted negatively, jeering at the Assembly and chanting “Cowards!” Pounding her gavel and demanding order, LaFrance worked with Assemblyman Chris Constant to identify offenders and had the security guards remove the most vocal people.

“You are out of order and creating an actual disruption of this meeting! It is disrespectful to the democratic process to shout. You are out of order,” LaFrance scolded the public, banging her gavel hard on her desk.

Watch a short clip of the pounding of the gave and lecturing of the public by Assembly Chair LaFrance.

LaFrance also cut the microphone of Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, who was defending the public’s right to give testimony. She ruled the mayor out of order at one point. It seemed that everyone but the nine leftist members of the Assembly were “out of order” on Tuesday.

LaFrance said that the Congress has the power to impeach a president, and so should the Assembly have the power to remove the mayor. She did not mention that there are two legislative bodies in Congress — the House, which can impeach, and the Senate, which must hold a trial and has the power to convict.

The Assembly has no due process in place for removing the mayor; it can act with impunity by hiring its own hearing officer and then accepting the hearing officer’s findings. Then it can pick who it wants to replace the mayor.

Under the new ordinance, an undefined “breach of the public trust” is enough to begin proceedings, and it appears the Assembly intends to follow through with its coup against Mayor Bronson, who voters elected after two chaotic terms of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and an eight-month reign of a temporary mayor chosen by the Assembly, Austin Quinn-Davidson, after the abrupt resignation of Berkowitz, who had, in fact, breached the public trust by having an inappropriate relationship with a member of the news media.

At one point in the amendment process, Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel moved to adjourn the meeting, using the phrase “I don’t fucking care” and “I’m done. Call the fucking question.” She said she didn’t have to sit there and listen to the public: “I’m not going to sit here and be heckled as an elected official.”

Two security guards were posted between the Assembly and the audience on Tuesday night, emphasizing the fear the Assembly has, knowing their actions are unpopular.

During a break in the meeting, Assemblyman Chris Constant made his way back to the sound booth, which the Assembly has also made into a room for the news media, where he had a long conversation to shape the narrative with the Anchorage Daily News reporter.

Also after the meeting, two people walked to the front and tried to serve the Clerk of the Assembly with referendum language that would undo the ordinance. But Clerk Barbara Jones had left.

It appears the mayor will veto the ordinance but the Assembly now has the votes to override the veto, with the newest member Daniel Volland now seated as the 12th member of the Assembly.


      • Without you reasonable Eagle Riverians, we Anchorageites will be left to the mercy of the Marxist assembly. Please save us… or take us with you.

    • I know, these sick people that can’t even behave orderly at a public meeting! It’s amazing how childish people can be because they don’t like the outcome of elections!

      • You mean like when the results from one State had to go all the way to the Supreme Court before the loser conceded the election?
        Or when a narrative about foreign influence in the election took two years to complete before it was admitted all the collusion was done by the loser?
        And, despite the above, the loser still pushed a resistance platform?
        I know exactly what you mean. Sick people saying so and so was not legitimately elected. I remember eight years of that from 2000-2008, and another four from 2016 to 2020.
        In fact, I remember folks going out and screaming at the sky because they were so distraught in November 2016. Massive (and violent) protests on the National Mall on January 21, 2017. The trash and damage left behind was overwhelming.
        The fact that a group is upset about a power grab, and they make some noise is sad, but it pales in comparison to what the other side of the political aisle does.

  1. These people are as insane as they are evil.
    We are in an existential fight against evil here, and the enemy of everything that is right, good and proper is clear: the ass-embly’s Marxist Nine.

    • I’ll say it again and hopefully it won’t get deleted. You cannot share power with people who have no family, no desire to have children, no love of country therefore stake in the future so they they wreck the city you love. These are the alphabet people. Say it loud and proud. If you want people to turn out in massive numbers to vote these radicals out that will do it.

      • Such a common trope to say that people that do not share your vision for government do not love the country in which they serve. An unfortunate and ignorant comment at best, along with all the other parts of your comment that don’t even deserve to be addressed.

  2. The assembly is acting like a bunch of two year olds who go to the store and don’t get what they want and throw a temper tantrum. The people of this city-needs to take control of this situation and fight for the mayor who has been fighting for us!

    • Penny, it’s the angry mob that is behaving poorly. It’s not hard to be civil but it’s not as fun as acting like two year olds.

      • You have to be absolutely mental to reply to Penny like that. A majority of the votes went to Bronson in the last mayoral election and, if you’ve watched and/or read any of what the Prog 8 (soon to be 9( have been doing since, it’s transparently obvious that they’ve exacting their revenge against Mayor Bronson since day one. They don’t like to be told what to do and, with Berkowitz, had free reign to sh-t all over the opposition. Who’s cutting off mics? Not the 3 conservatives. Who’s throwing out the F-bombs? Not the 3 conservatives. Who’s mumbling invectives under their breath and getting caught on a hot mic? Not the 3 conservatives. Get some oxygen, Lucinda.

        • My point was not so much about Bronson’s political support or the election, but the behavior of the angry mob, which was divisive, angry and detrimental to their cause and decency.

          • Thanks for the clarification. I think we’ve passed the point of being completely civil with the Special Needs Nine (formerly 8). At this point, the mob had/has every right to be angry. The 9 have continually voted against the mayor – seemingly on everything and regardless if it’s good policy. Bronson has had very good suggestions and was elected for a reason. The reason being the Special Needs Nine. Knowing these 9, even if the “mob” was civil, they’d take it as a sign of weakness and still give us the figurative finger. Hell, Zalatel might just throw the literal middle finger into everyone’s faces.

          • Egregious, arrogant and high-handed abuse of power will tend to elicit such behaviors from those whose rights are being trampled, Lucinda — and rightly so.
            It is interesting that you choose to label those who are in opposition to the radical leftist extremists and sociopaths on the Anchorage ass-embly as “a mob”, though. I guess they wouldn’t have been “a mob” if they had chosen a leftist talking point or political position, eh?

          • Your comments would be worth trying Lucinda, if they hadn’t already been tried and thoroughly ignored by the communists on the assembly – who shouted down, disrespected, and swore at anyone who dared disagree with them.
            Anchorage, you voted for these freaks – own it, then vote ’em out – preferably by referendum and special election charging them with breach of the public trust. You won’t survive enough years to vote them out the usual way.

          • LOL! It’s long past time to take the kid gloves off and put the boxing gloves on, speaking metaphorically. If the Assembly has no respect for due process and public input, why should anyone have respect for them? The Assembly are the ones who “…are out of order” and create “an actual disruption” of any meeting they’re involved in. They are the ones who are “disrespectful to the democratic process” and are clearly “out of order”.

          • These 9 people deserve far more than they have received. Let’s follow Maxine waters’ lead and get in their face wherever you see them. don’t let them sleep!

          • BULL! The assembly is planning a coup and you’re concerned about civility? The divisiveness of the assembly can only have the effect that was being demonstrated. You would much like a fraud.

          • Civil disobedience is a public duty when government becomes the problem. You are obligated to participate, Lucy.

          • No revolt can happen until all legal recourse has been exhausted … and the 9 have succeeded at closing all city council legal recourse. The angry mob will now go into state court.

      • Lucinda, perhaps you should enlarge yourself and do some research as to the how and why we have a separation of power concept in these United States? Try to study my dear, it might help you.

        I would also suggest you consider Lord Acton’s observation, ” Power tends to corrupt and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”. Thank goodness for those unwashed souls who stand before those who seek unchecked power in our midst, they are the peace makers amongst us. Petty tyrants soon become Absolute Tyrants when unchecked power comes their way. History is replete with horrible abuses beyond imagination resulting from unchecked power. But perhaps you don’t give a Fluck? After all your folks are in charge.

      • Lucinda:
        Having read a lot of your comments here on MRAK, it is pretty obvious that you will ignore any offense, no matter how grievous, from someone on the left side of the political aisle, while the slightest, most insignificant misstep from someone on the right is tantamount to murder in the first degree.
        I have yet to see a single sentence you have written in the comments on this website that indicates otherwise.
        However, I am sure you are personally convinced that you are open minded and tolerant of differing opinions.

          • I have said something like that a million times. Maybe more.
            Nope. Exaggeration does not make your head explode, or I would have heard the pop.
            While I cannot be sure I have seen all of your comments here, the ones I have seen fit the description I wrote above. To date, I have not seen any comments from you that are even remotely critical of someone on the left side of the political aisle. Not one.
            So… No, I am not exaggerating. There is no evidence whatsoever that you are fair or balanced in any way. Not on this website.

          • “LITERALLY”, Lucinda? You clearly and literally do not know what the word “literally” means.
            Regardless, if only that were true, Lucinda, if only.
            We’d then have one less insane, brainwashed and evil radical leftist extremist to deal with here.

      • One of the reasons we have publicly noticed meetings is for we, the people/public to meet and speak to each other not necessarily our stipend receiving public servants about issues and matters of concern to us for us to decide among ourselves what is good and right for us. This opportunity does not exist at this time. Who literally writes the agenda with this omission? What is freedom of political speech? The American Sign Language?

  3. The new liberal World Order is slowly taking over the United States one City after another. Canada has already fallen as has most of Western Europe. God help us!

    • It is.
      The Assembly passed an ordinance that changes the Municipal code. They changed the law. Assuming they override the Mayor’s veto, which I have no doubt they will, it is now legal for them to remove the Mayor for any breach of public trust.
      The method they used to pass it is… questionable, but within the bounds of the Assembly’s authority. Sorry to say that, but there was not enough to claim they violated the rules to pass this ordinance.

      • I am not a lawyer and do not play one on TV, but would this not constitute a charter change? It makes the mayor beholden to the assembly and subjugating the executive branch of city government to their control. If memory serves charter changes require a vote of the people.

        • interesting point. Is it a change to the city charter?
          I do not think so. In fact, I think the charter requires a method to remove the Mayor if he is found guilty of a crime, or breach of public trust. However, I am not an expert. While the Muni code has a process for removal of an Assembly member, there was no process codified into law for the Mayor or other elected officials.
          This ordinance is advertised as a way to fix that gap.
          The issue is, in my opinion, the process the Assembly proposed gives all the power for removal to the Assembly, and the Executive branch does not have an equivalent method for removal of and Assembly member.

      • CBMTTek,

        I simply cannot believe that it is congruent with the intent, if not the letter, of the municipal charter for one branch of the municipal government to unilaterally change the fundamental balance of power between the two branches of the municipal government. That would be both illogical and nonsensical.

        • Correct Jefferson. 100% correct.
          The charter, at least to my amateur eyes, says the power between the branches is supposed to be equal, and there should be a way for each branch to check the power of the other.
          This ordinance skews that, putting authority for removal of an Assembly member AND the Mayor in the hands of the Assembly.

      • I would claim that they are violating the separation of powers. Since when can an assembly decide that voters’ votes don’t count or matter? This is an infringement on the right to vote. I’d call that illegal.

        • Absolutely.
          Technically, I disagree this is negating votes, at least not in a legal sense. However, the practical outcome is exactly that. If the population votes for a Mayor the Assembly does not want, they can remove that Mayor and replace them with the Assembly chair as acting Mayor.
          Making a legal case for that is going to be difficult. One has to assume, at least in the eyes of the law, that the Assembly will not abuse this newly found power. Well, that is until they do.

  4. The Marxist Nine need to be removed by the Mayor for the anti-American actions of denying the people of Anchorage their voice in the governance of their city.
    WE THE PEOPLE demand these Socialists/Communists be impeached, fired and sued for denial of our rights.
    Take back our city!!!!!

  5. While the Congress can impeach a President, the basis of that is in the Constitution, not in a piece of legislation passed by House and Senate. Nor does the Congress have the ability to appoint a new President. I don’t see anything like that in the MOA’s charter. This action appears to be a violation of separation of powers, and an obvious attempt to remove the Mayor, or at the very least put pressure on the Mayor to do their bidding.

    • You people always scream “violation of separation of powers.” Nebraska has a bicameral legislature. Their state constitution refers to appeals of impeachment — to the judiciary. That is also the way it works in in cities and municipalities across the U.S.

      Grow up. Do your research. Stop the juvenile political name-calling and “othering.” And deal with it — if or when the need arises — LAWFULLY.

      • Well, if the assembly behaved lawfully, we would not have this discussion.
        You invalidated your own argument, as the assembly IS NOT a bicameral body.
        Frankly we do not care how it works in Nebraska or anywhere else. This is Anchorage and our charter where over-reaching to willy-nilly get rid of the mayor because you don’t like his suit, isn’t in it. That power is only granted to the voters in the form of a recall, not to 9 arrogant self-important individual, who can not deal with debate in a professional and rational way.

      • Wow, “you people.” We are citizens of Anchorage, and we believe we are being treated very poorly by this assembly. That apparently makes us abhorrent to you and your like-minded leftists. So be it. Since when has politics been anything other than rolling in the swill? You call for civility and “lawful” behavior, but only when it suits your desires. Otherwise, we get BLM and Antifa and attacks on churches… not “lawful” at all. Once you refer to your fellow citizens as “you people” you lose all credibility to tell anyone else to “grow up.”

      • Bicameral legislature. Two houses. One brings forth the charge, the other decides whether or not to prosecute, linear replacement of the offending official is in place. NONE of that exists in this POS “ordinance” the assembly passed. You do YOUR research. In no municipality is the legislative body able to remove the elected mayor. None. The mayor has to be recalled BY THE VOTERS.

      • Nebraska has…. who cares? Not even remotely related to this ordinance.
        Separation of powers has just be negated by this ordinance. Read the Muni code. See how this ordinance alters it, 100% in favor of the Assembly.
        1. The Assembly is the first gatekeep for accusation against an Assembly member AND the Mayor. There is no “separation of powers” when one branch of the Government has 100% of the ability to determine if an accusation is valid.
        2. In the event an Assembly member is removed, the Assembly gets to replace that member. And, in the event the Mayor is remove, the Assembly chair is moved into the position as Acting Mayor.
        There is no possible definition of separation of powers that applies to this scenario. When the Assembly holds the ability to remove the Mayor, and the Executive branch has no ability to remove an Assembly member it makes the Assembly the sole power in the city.
        And, if you actually did your research, you would have recognized that. Research means reading the proposed ordinance, and finding out how it alters the Muni code. It does not mean skimming an ADN article and thinking you know what is going on.

      • “You people”? Nebraska? I think you’re confused about where you are and how voting works. We don’t vote for people so that they can override our votes. Those are OUR votes. They have no right or power to take away OUR votes, period. This has nothing to do w/impeachment.

  6. With this move, should it succeed, the Assembly is giving itself the authority to remove the head of a balancing weight of governance. Will our Executive branch head, the Mayor, also have the authority to remove Assembly members?

    It is utter nonsense and Un-American. These assembly members should relocate to Nicaragua, or Cuba. Someplace they’d be more comfortable. Perhaps Rwanda would suit them best. They could have the Hutu do their bidding. Don’t doubt it. They’d do it in a minute.

    • “Will our Executive branch head, the Mayor, also have the authority to remove Assembly members?”
      That question is already answered. In the event an Assembly member is accused of a crime or breach of public trust, the Assembly will review the accusation and determine if it has merit. The Mayor, or any member of the Executive branch has no role in it.

  7. Absolutely wonderful reporting Suzanne. You captured the spirit of just how arrogant, and awful these assembly Democrats are. For example, the chair demonstrates massive incompetence when she is challenging the public about raised voices as “…disrespectful to the democratic process…” while passing an ordinance the public opposes that will be used to remove the mayor who was elected through a democratic process. You can’t make this up- no one would believe it.

    • Gee, I wonder what that would be like at the national level. Oh yeah, we do know, it was a coup, plotted by people just like you.

      • Indeed, except that coup is ongoing with a dog and pony show because they know that the votes of the people are the ultimate way to get power. Apparently, the Assembly of Anchorage decided that they know better than anyone voting in Anchorage and have illegally voted themselves as the power above and beyond the voters, which makes the entire thing ILLEGAL.

  8. The Anchorage assembly has no checks and balances, and vote on their own behalf, and to further empower themselves. Wow. Anchorage has become its own little enclave of despotism. And there are no term limits either? A testimony also to what kind of constituents continue to vote such people into office.

    • Our public servants re-presenting us should only serve our will for two years; then they should be replaced and go back to their gardens or whatever they’d like to do. Term of two years only is in Anchorage’s best interests. A petition drive?

      • And its that kind of macho, arrogant, mindless, weak comment that gets people killed. Don’t be violent. There’s enough of that.

        • And what do you propose we do? Sit back and let the Assembly run roughshod over us, due process and the democratic process (that they so loudly claim to admire)?

        • Nobody is advocating violence. We’re talking about peaceful protest, litigation, every legal means necessary to fight back against these Marxists.

        • Incessantly complaining pacifists have never created positive change.


          Decide what you believe in and take a stand. Alaska is a suboptimal home for the milquetoast whiners among us.

        • @lucinda Your comments are rich, coming from a CSA Democratic party zealot of Jefferson Davis, the evangelists of enslavement, and child murder. #learnyourhistory

    • they do what constant tells them. a criminal trespass requires 3 things: an apd witness, the person being removed must have put the public in danger, and 3, they had to have put a STOP to gov’ t business. this is a public place, this is why most charges are dropped according to a judge.

  9. Not only do they have dirty mouths but they are dirty players. So 40 plus thousands voted Mayor Bronson in to office and 7 sorry members vote him out because Dunbar lost and they don’t have complete power and control over our city. In my opinion, 40 thousands who voted for Mr. Bronson should sue the Assembly.Now they can get on board and buy the Aviator Hotel for the homeless and line Mark Begich’s pockets.. Hmm and maybe their own.. you think??

    • Marge: 24,567 people voted for Bronson, 39,678 voted for someone else. Within that is Dunbar with 23,054 votes. No landslide.

      • In the general election, yes. But, that is not the one that counts.
        Only the runoff election matters in the end. Stop trying to justify your addiction to leftism.

        • Oh come now Mr CB. I’m not “addicted” to leftism. That’s a silly insult below your intelligence.

          Left leaning polices best represent my values.

          • …and what are those values exactly?
            Since you claim to have 1.5 PHDs you should be able to articulate them adequately. We have mostly seen demeaning and snarky commentary from you, using name-calling and insults instead of a coherent argument that will contribute to the discussion.
            We understand that you are not happy about the behavior of the residents at the meeting. Unfortunately you do not admit that it is their right to speak and address their concerns to their government and they are repeatedly prevented from doing so. The assembly members are representatives of the people not RULERS, but they behave in a manner unbecoming and against the will of the people. So in this instance loud protest is all people have. There is nowhere to appeal at that moment, as the assembly has set themselves to be the absolute arbiter of all things.
            Since you lean left, are you okay with harassing judges in restaurants or at their homes? Are you okay with protesters destroying millions of dollars in property during the Antifa riots? If so please tell us why they are different.

          • The addict always claims they are not addicted.
            Left wing values? Like what?
            Statism? Reliance on the government?
            Tolerance? Well… tolerance if you like what you are tolerating, otherwise “Christian morals are a blight on common sense.” and “a republican vote is a vote against democracy.” Paraphrased obviously.
            Sexualization of children? Is that a left wing value you support?
            Letting people enter the country in droves, and providing them taxpayer funded educations, healthcare, and housing?
            Maybe the left wing values you support are more benign, like not requiring proof of identity to vote, or for that matter, not even being a citizen.
            Maybe ignoring crimes is a left wing value you support. Do you think ignoring theft of less than $950 is a good idea?
            I would not be surprised if you have one of those “in this house, we believe…” signs in front of your house. Curiously, the things those signs proclaim are not left wing values, the right wing supports them too. Yes… I know… surprises abound, but right wing folks believe black lives matter too, and we also know that no human is illegal. However, unlike the leftists, we acknowledge that humans commit illegal acts, and the word play does not change that.
            Please, Lucinda. I am begging you. Please share the left wing value you support.

          • Here, I found one. From a different MRAK thread:
            “Kenai Walmart reports today that they’ve sold out of pearl strings. They advise that rosary beads (aisle 17) serve the clutching need.”
            Apparently, ridiculing religious folks is a leftist value you support.

  10. If the governor had done his job and prevented the assembly from breaking the law by not having a special election to fill the previous mayor vacancy, we would not be here. If the Lt governor had done his job to insure election integrity, we would not be here. Wait and watch has always been a chicken shit approach, like the recent shootings. We need public servants to do the jobs that they signed up for.

  11. When an electorate is pushed to far they will react. The Assembly May feel the publics rath in the future.

    • Tom, not picking on you but in what way will the assembly “feel the public’s wrath”? The vast majority in Anchorage can’t even be bothered to vote, let alone participate in any such display of wrath or anything else. On the contrary, what Anchorage is feeling is the general apathy and fecklessness of the typical citizen of the city.

      Anchorage has become a civil and social cesspool.

      • An unfortunate consequence of a redistricting process that one side (read: people likely to support Bronson) completely slept on. This despite repeated warnings not to do so; instead, they bought into the idea that campaigning for one person or another was all that mattered. Need proof? As of this writing, Randy Sulte doesn’t live in the district he represents.

        Compare the by-precinct results of the last mayoral election with results of other municipal elections. You’ll soon understand the outsized role South Addition and Turnagain have in controlling Anchorage as a whole.

  12. Who has authority to make due process? Only the US Constitution. It’s been done. A court may say if due process has been lost or not. The court may not make new due process. Due process may not be tampered with nor tainted, nor subsumed by corporate bylaw makers otherwise known as assemblymen for the municipal corporation pursuant to the US Constitution.

  13. Very sad. I’ve tried to call for cooperation between the Assembly and the Mayor and the low information voters who elected the majority just laughed. Now the majority can “cancel” anyone who doesn’t tow the party line and cancel the will of the majority of voters while they’re at it. Let’s take a clue from the MatSu and put the same term limits in place in Anchorage.

  14. Time for the Anchorage Assembly to be removed. I am disgusted at their continual breach of trust of the public.

    If the Assembly is so bent on being like the Lower 48, perhaps it’s time to protest at their houses as well.

    • EXACTLY! These communists could care less what the public thinks. They should be publicly shamed and ridiculed.

  15. Boooooo. Why have a charter? We should just have a sign that says what ever the supreme assembly says goes.

  16. This mess is brought to us by the public employee’s unions. The left starts every election with 12,000 votes, school district, UAA and muni employees. They vote in the 90 percent range and are TOLD who to vote for.Then you havve the other unions who are TOLD who to vote for. Conservatives MUST vote in every election and if all the candidates suck, vote for Arnold Ziffel as a write in.

    • True and the non voting conservatives should be called out for staying in the closet. When the pay raise in commented to the vote it’s easy to keep the libs in power because of the city unions. We need a change at the top down with no public unions.

  17. Bronson Derangement Syndrome (BDS)
    A fixation of irrational anger and hate towards Mayor Bronson, manifested in the sufferer’s vindictive behavior towards the mayor, his staff and supporters, as well as the inability to deal with public reactions in a rational and professional manner.

  18. So sad to see the Anchorage Assembly becoming a tyrannical Kraterocray – a system of governance run by a small group who seize power by force, social maneuvering, or political cunning. Having served on the Assembly for nearly a decade, twice as Chair, I have never seen such an abuse of power. Never thought it could happen in Anchorage.

    Our municipal charter established the means for the Assembly to control itself (the legislative branch of our government) by including the removal option. The writers never envisioned giving the assembly power to remove the head of an equal and separate branch of government, i.e. the Mayor, who is elected at large by all Anchorage voters. Despite what Chair LaFrance said about having something similar to what congress has with impeachment of a president, they didn’t even write the ordinance with the same checks and balances provided to a president at the federal level. This is nothing but a bold power move to get rid of Dave Bronson because they hate his conservative approach to leadership of our city.

    Finally, the real scared part is, when the Administration takes this to court, our Alaska courts are so liberal there is no assurance they will rule against the liberal assembly. This may be the final dive of our city into the uber-liberal socialistic government the assembly majority seeks. Sad!

  19. Zaletel: “I don’t f*ing care.”

    Yes Dear, it shows.

    Ahead of the election, Volland stated something to the effect of having no intention to vote “lockstep” with the Mayor. Now we see who he will vote lockstep with.

  20. Become ungovernable. Be like the Dutch farmers make their lives as uncomfortable as they’re trying to make ours. Deny them services at grocery stores, restaurants clothing stores. Make it so they can’t walk down the streets anymore. Anchorage is a small town and nine people are not going to control a little under 300,000 people.

      • Lucinda, if ANY of the Marxist Nine ever show themselves at my business, I will tell them where they can take their business — and themselves. I would categorically shun any and all of those evil sociopaths. They are criminals, every one, including the new guy.

      • You’re accusing the leftists of being juvenile? That’s what THEY do, and we’re tired of it. When someone gives you the finger when you ask politely, you make sure they don’t do it again – because if you don’t resist, they will keep giving you the finger because it worked. The cry for civility sounds wonderful – and I’d do it in a heartbeat if they would listen and work for the common good – but we’re way past the point of civility with these communist dictators who simply do not respect the City or its residents or anything else but their own power and ideology. ALWAYS hit bullies back – you may lose the fight, but they will remember the next time they want to bully you that they risk being hurt too.

  21. If you argue with them you’ll be considered a Domestic Terrorist. You may get visited by the FBI.

  22. It time to show early and change the locks to all city offices by emergency order of the people…….. well not ALL the lock. We want the adults to stay.

  23. The voters can recall Bronson if they don’t like him. WTF gave the assembly absolute power?

    I don’t live in Anchorage, I just don’t want to be barred from doing business there with vax passports, mask mandates, etc. etc.

  24. And the coop enters its final phase.

    While yelling at the Politburo, don’t forget to blames yourselves. You were warned, time and again, something like this was coming.

    You said and did nothing when they installed vote by mail.

    You said and did nothing for two years while they openly imprisoned you in your homes, shut down businesses, and increased you taxes.

    You have had how many recalls that failed to do a damn thing?

    You did nothing as the installed a puppet mayor for 8 months.

    Worst of all, you didn’t bother to vote when the ballot came to your own damn house.

    You, Anchorage, taught the Politburo they could do almost any damn thing they want and you’ll just take it.

    This mess is the outcome of events you could have stopped by were too lazy to do so.

    • It is questionable, from my limited knowledge of the Charter. And, yes, I have read it, as well as the ordinance and how it alters existing Muni code. Also, full disclosure, I am not a lawyer, so this is strictly layman’s assessment.
      The city charter clearly states the Executive and Legislative branches are equal in power and authority. One enacts the laws, the other carries them out. One can veto the law, the other can override the veto, etc…
      This ordinance provides the Assembly almost 100% of the power in the city, and basically strips the Executive branch of any power. It does this by:
      1. Existing code grants the Assembly the authority to determine if an accusation against an assembly member has merit. If the Assembly determines an accusation against a sitting assembly member has no merit, it stops there.
      2. This ordinance gives the same power to determine merit of an accusation against the Executive branch.
      3. There is no method in the Muni code, that I have found, that gives the Executive branch the ability to remove an Assembly member.
      4. If an accusation against an Assembly is valid, and the member is removed, the Assembly gets to name a replacement.
      5. If an accusation against the Mayor is valid, and the Mayor is removed, the Assembly chair is made acting Mayor.
      6. There is no equivalent ability for the Executive branch to name a replacement Assembly member, or name someone from the Executive branch as acting Mayor.
      If you have the ability to destroy a thing, you control that thing. This ordinance gives the Assembly the ability to destroy the Mayor, therefore they can destroy him. Do not do as the Assembly says, and your career is over.
      What I do not know is what, if any, authority the city charter has. Is simply deviating from the intent of the charter sufficient to make the ordinance legal? I do not know.

  25. And how long will it be before we see the first complaint followed through with: A. 1 month after veto override B. 2 months C. 4 months D. 6 months?

  26. According to the White House, it’s okay for protesters to harass Supreme Court justices at home and when dining out. Does that mean we can do the same to the Anchorage Nine?

    • No, because the Anchorage nine are leftists. Protesting what they do is the equivalent of a violent attack against their physical body.

  27. Unbelieveable ! What sort of fantasy land are these people in ??!! We voted for the mayor of our choice and they think they can take that away from the people ??!! They do not rule this city and something needs to be done to put these servants in their place !

  28. a few typos in this well written article…………Clerk’s name is BINOC BARBARA ( unelected ) , AQD’s name is Austin NO Powers, MEG the monster, Sneaky Pete ( who says nothing but ” sorry folks, we re doin it OUR way ) and of course CONSTANT PAIN. this is about GETTING YOUR MONEY PEOPLE ! they already have millions since 2015.

  29. Is this the Alaska version of the J6 committee? Sounds and looks like it.
    Dysfunctional body with no real teeth.

    • Sadly, Patricia in my opinion, this has more teeth than the J6 harassment show until a court rules it in violation of the Anchorage Charter. When these 9 decide they had enough of Mayor Bronson, his only recourse would be to refuse to leave until such time as the courts have weighed in. It appears this ordinance is in violation of our charter and therefore not enforceable. In my opinion it basically makes the mayor an employee of the assembly and that structure was not approved by the voters.

  30. And so, the pendulum swings further unto totalitarianism, upon no longer a balanced fulcrum point, but a fulcrum point that is held precipitously by the merest perception of an edge that prevents the pendulum from falling altogether from its fulcrum.

    The minutest of movement further unto that direction shall cause the pendulum to fall.

    What then?

    The totalitarianism shall lie with the fallen pendulum far away from its fulcrum with nowhere left to go, as that is its final resting place.

    From thenceforth, there is no lower plane that totalitarianism can attain, and it will remain so at that plane, never to rise again, as it can never reach again the fulcrum that allowed it to reach the heights it had once attained whilst attached, however thinly, to said fulcrum.

    What is to become of the naked fulcrum without its pendulum?

    Reality, nor time does not stop because there is no working pendulum nor a working fulcrum, merely the recording of it within the actions of both together within harmony.

    As it always has, and always shall be, totalitarianism shall fail within, and upon itself, as those that seek it shall tire of the sharing of it and seek to attain unto themselves that power which was once shared amongst many unto power attained by one, and once that is accomplished, there are no more allies, merely enemies, and the enemies shall outweigh the one exponentially, and once the one is finally denounced and disposed of, the building of the pendulum shall once again begin.

    Each of the totalitarian nine within this Assembly, for now, consider themselves to be member of a powerful cabal, whereas individually they hold no true power, but as a group, they believe they do, yet they do not, except within their own weak and pathetic narcissistic minds.

    They believe within their own power so much that there is no power against them that could possibly succeed to bring them to an accountancy based upon their actions, nor supposed relevance.

    They are wrong, and always shall be.

    They, the totalitarians are temporary, at best.

    We, the people, are permanent, and always shall be.

    We, the people, are both the fulcrum and the pendulum.

  31. A kangaroo court proceeding would make it appear legitimate. It doesn’t make it legal. Can the mayor make his own ordinance to hold a hearing on assembly members participating in illegal proceedings like this? As long as we are crossing government boundaries, he should give every display how illegal their actions are.

    • “Can the mayor make his own ordinance to hold a hearing on assembly members participating in illegal proceedings like this?”
      No. Existing Muni code provides that authority to the Assembly.

  32. In 2020 and 2021 the protests probably should had looked differently following a biblical approach. now we have mean and unforgiving leaders where they have tuned out their ears. Like bible warns a mad leader (r or d) what good is their anger to us? The quiet approach to
    change is better.

  33. Anchorage is looking like the blue states in the lower 48. The difference will be that in blue states like California there will be relief checks issued in October. Why October, you ask, well, think about it. It’s close to the gubernatorial election there. If conservatives and independents don’t get out and vote in the elections and the democrats take over the state with either Walker or Gara, Alaska could look like Anchorage. As it is, Alaska’s legislature was rated worst in the country by The Hill. The Governor had many of the same problems with the legislature that Mayor Bronson had with the Assembly, but had to grit it through to get anything done. Bronson and Dunleavy face the same problem – the people expect them to defeat the foe single-handedly, and that is not how a governmental triad operates. All the more important to get out to ensure that good people are serving in all branches of our governments, especially the assemblies and legislatures. And then get out there and support those you elect. Democracy is a participatory exercise.

  34. Apparently Roberts Rules of Order only applies to the Assembly and not the same vocal minority that continually disrupts Assembly meetings?

    • Frank:
      Have you ever found fault with someone on the left side of the political aisle? Ever at any time?

    • And we have yet more hypocrisy and dishonesty from Franky Rancid.
      In case you haven’t been paying attention, Robert’s Rules of Order do not even apply to the non-Marxist minority members of the Ass-embly, whose rights are routinely violated by the Marxist Chairman.

    • Oh please Frank, General Robert would turn over in his grave, watching certain assembly members cutting off microphones of other members, while they are making a point, being rude and condescending to some public speakers, or dropping the F-Bomb. The point of assembly meetings is to hear from the public, not to cut them off at the pass and do as you wish.

  35. I think the assembly should double taxes for everyone. All rents need to go way up so everybody understands how it works. The only way people can understand what’s happening and get off their butts is by having less money in their pockets.

    • That happened in 2020 when the State did not provide the bond debt servicing funding and your real estate taxes went up by hundreds. Oh… and despite that hit to non-discretionary spending, the Assembly still spent to the spending cap, and hired on an assistant to boot.
      No one noticed or cared.

  36. If I may:

    ClearPath Action (also called ClearPath Action Fund) is a Republican-aligned super PAC that supports Republican Party candidates who back greater support for global warming policies and environmentalism. It was founded by Jay Faison, an entrepreneur and Republican climate change activist. ClearPath’s goals include electing Republicans to office who support government support for solar and wind energy and to insert planks fighting against climate change into the platform of the Republican Party.

    • No, Dipstick… you may not. This isn’t about solar or wind energy political nonsense which actually do not fight against an environmental enemy. You’re probably one of those that like electric cars without realizing they only move pollution away from population dense areas as the coal power plant can be located outside populated areas. ClearPath’s goals are political and not science based.

      And for an on topic response, Suzanne said:
      “Berkowitz, who had, in fact, breached the public trust by having an inappropriate relationship with a member of the news media.”

      How is that a breach of the public trust? I dislike Berkowitz’s idiocy as much as the next person but the reality is that none of us voted for or against his penis. How is it that anyone should think that an elected official’s genitalia become public domain during his or her time in office? This reminds me of how the French found American perspectives curious when Bill Clinton’s intern was smoking Bill’s cigar. How many cigars might Mr. Constant have smoked during his time on the assembly? Whatever that number is, should it mean that we trust him more or less?

      • trouser;
        I am bombarded with Clearpath Action everywhere I go.
        I don’t attack you.
        I was trying to inform, not present my opinion.
        I could. But that is not my point.
        Only to expose the underlying truth about Clearpath.

        • Ok. Perhaps you’d like to take a seat over there by the gentleman that folds clothes for Cabelas; he feels similarly.

          On a more pertinent note this article is not about your beloved ClearPath and you’re not exposing underlying truths about anything… you’re polluting a discussion.

          • Where did I ever say I even liked clearpath.
            I do not.
            Those are not Republicans, they are Communist’s.

    • GTFO RINO. Solar and wind as a primary source of energy is retarded. You want evidence? Look what happened to Texas not too long ago. One little cold snap and the whole state shuts down. And what happens in the winter when we have 4 hrs of sunlight? Where does our energy come from then? The only somewhat viable option is nuclear, but no one wants to talk about that.

  37. If this assembly wants a civil war, they will perform their coup and forcibly remove our duly elected mayor. Although, they may just be using this move as a threat to Bronson that he better get in line or else; similar to how liberals got Dunleavy to back off.

  38. OK, Mayor, write an executive order that you can remove any sitting Assembly Member for all the reasons the Assembly has given over the last 2 years.

    Then remove all 8.

    Make them fight on the defense for once on the outside.

    • The Mayor cannot do that.
      The Muni Code already has a process for removing an Assembly member for those reasons. The accusation of criminal activity, or breach of public trust is delivered to the Assembly, and if they find it has merit, it moves to the next step in the process.
      If the Mayor were to bypass the existing process, he would be breaking the law, and the Assembly would have reason to remove him.

    • Sigh! Anchorage is a home rule city, which make its municipal government functions independent from the state. The governor has NO JURISDICTION to interfere in the inner local workings of Anchorage.

      Home rule is the power of a local city or county to set up its own system of self-government without receiving a charter from the state. Home rule is allowed under some state constitutions. The authority to act in local affairs is transferred from state law to a local charter, adopted and, as need be amended, by the voters through referendum. Home rule shifts much of the responsibility for local government from the state legislature to the local community. A county that adopts a home rule charter has the ability to amend its governmental organization and powers to suit its needs. A home rule charter is, in essence, a local constitution.

  39. So now if this is passed does it mean that we the people can remove assembly members for breach of public trust. They where elected to act in the best interest of the public but time an again they have only acted in their own self interest or that of whoever is funding them.

    • You can.
      Currently, the process for removal of an assembly member for criminal activity or breach of public trust is codified in Muni code.
      However, the glitch is the first step in that process is… wait for it… the Assembly determines if the accusation has merit. If I understand it requires 50% of the assembly to agree the preponderance of evidence supports the claim.
      So, go ahead. File a complaint that the Assembly members who voted for this violated public trust. The remaining members on the assembly will review the accusation and determine if it has merit.
      Did you really think this Assembly would not ensure their backsides were safe before trying to grab power from the executive branch?

  40. Of which protests are you attempting to speak? Violent protests in the Lower 48? Attempted political speech in Anchorage Chambers paid for by the public? The public is invited by our servants to attend public meetings we pay for. When we attend it is voluntary and it is to be uninfringed by directive of the foundational law of the USA, the US Constitution. Placcarding is not political speech. Speech is speech. We direct them, boss them around if you will. If they do not wish to be bossed around by the people they are unsuited to the job just like if they are a deck hand on the boat and the skipper tells them, audibly, to toss that line or pull. If the skipper is arrested on his boat then are the deckhands “the skipper”? Should the skipper quietly advise his deckhands his commands as you propose in lieu of audible speech? Perhaps he should just raise his eyebrow if he’d like a line pulled. Perhaps he should just wriggle his mustach if he wants to winch. The quiet, perhaps ladylike even sensual, seductive approach is not right in this instance. It is sneaky and not transparent. It is “honest” to speak loudly enough to be heard. Which is why we should stop electing women to anything for a while. They just tend to sneak around. It is is a very effeminate style.

  41. The Assembly is not hyper partisan….it’s Diaper partisan run by whining babies who don’t give a hoot about the majority and plurality of their constituents who show up at kindergarten meetings and get poo pood by bumbling whiners.

  42. The bottom line here is if the people of this gd town keep voting these clowns in, you get what the hell you deserve. The pitiful turnout is just that. You want a bunch of liberal alphabet soup wokes running the town, keep it up. They can and or will make whatever laws and ordinances they wish to do whatever they want. You people can bitch moan and complain all you want, but they didnt get there by supernatural means, you let them get voted in. If you grippers want in, promise the moon you cant deliver, and the stupid people of this once great town will let it happen…….again.

    How pitiful.

  43. A far left RN apparently didn’t like what I said in a handout at a council meeting several months ago … so when I ended up in the hospital recently, paralyzed from the waist down, she was very cruel to me. i filed a formal complaint with the hospital over her abuse.

  44. There are several types of evil in this world. They all are deceitful. Advocating exchange of audible due process for sneakiness is feminine evil and it’s nasty in local government. This is on the continuum of breaking up families. The silent sashay in politics is just as rude as as anywhere else. Of course most but not all like and carry on lies. Constitutional rights are not to be subsumed by Anchorage harpies. A dime a dozen. Regular Tuesday night meetings aren’t the ladies tea party. Sorry.

  45. Is it even legal to shut people off? Where does the First Amendment start/stop?
    In this similar situation case, the First Amendment overrules:


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