Assembly moves to force deputy library director out of her position


The Anchorage Assembly, working hand-in-glove with the Anchorage Daily News, will vote on a resolution at its Tuesday meeting recommending that Deputy Library Director Judy Eledge resign.

It’s a response to a set up that occurred over several weeks this winter, when an employee in the library recorded Eledge saying things that some took offense to. The tapes were given to a reporter at the ADN, and with the funding of ProPublica, a leftist media group, was made into a series of stories and podcasts attacking Eledge.

Some of the statements Eledge was recorded saying, according to the resolution, include:

“I worked in an Alaska Native village. If it wasn’t for the white man and his oil money, they’d still be raping their daughters in caves.”

“I don’t have the same views about Eskimos as other people at the library. I worked in Barrow; I know they diddle their kids. It’s a well-known secret, people just don’t talk about it. I knew a 2nd grader that had gonorrhea. They send their FAS [fetal alcohol syndrome] babies to Anchorage because they don’t want to take care of them.’”

“The atmosphere here has gone downhill with woke movements like Black Lives Matter … I’m telling you, the woke culture is killing libraries and this country. If I could get rid of those employees, I could turn this library around for the good.”

“There are too many ‘liberals’ working in libraries.”

The resolution says that Eledge told Library security personnel to “not enforce the policy against ‘mothers with diaper bags,’ but to enforce it strictly against individuals who appeared homeless, many of whom appeared to be Alaska Native.”

The resolution is a vote of no-confidence in Eledge and a recommendation that she resign. It’s sponsored by hard-left Assemblymen Kameron Perez-Verdia and Assembly Chairman Chris Constant.

Eledge was originally hired as the director of libraries but moved to the deputy director position when it became apparent the Assembly would not confirm her appointment. Eledge is a conservative, in her mid-70s, and is the president of the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club. She ran for school board in 2020 and lost by only a few votes to Kelly Lessens.

The Assembly, as the legislative and appropriating branch of government, is injecting itself into the executive branch to attempt to dictate employment matters.

Read the resolution attempting to force out Eledge:


  1. How dare she speak her thoughts in private conversations. Maybe all public employees should be forced to wear recording devices so that the thought police can better keep track.

    • Her “thoughts” are racist and ignorant. If she wants to speak her mind, then that’s fine. She should be proud to spew her racist crap but notice that she was whispering in those tapes. Why whisper if there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying? She’s unqualified for the job and an idiot to boot. She needs to go.

      • Her thoughts are largely true, cman, and whether true or not, it is not (yet) a crime to voice opinions contrary to those that exclusively cater to the party line and establishment orthodoxy, as far as I know.

        Your arrogance, your hypocrisy, and your contempt for free speech, are themselves most contemptible.

        • I’m all for free speech and nobody tried to tell her not to say what she said. However, there are consequences for the things you say.

          • You are still simply trying to justify the persecution of thought crime and the expression of opinions that do not agree with your own, no matter how you speciously try to spin it. Her opinions, expressed privately and presumably in confidence, had absolutely NO bearing or relationship to the performance of her duties.

            But go ahead and tell me how you are a “libertarian”. I could use the laugh.

  2. Show of hands: who was surprised to see Constant’s name attached to this?

    When it comes to low rent behavior, he is truly aptly named. Constant.

    • Constant is now the Assembly chair and is acting under MOA Ordinances. If Bronson/Eledge et al want to litigate that is ho our Democracy works. We have a judicial system to decide these disputes. Anonymous posters do not weigh into a Judge’s decision, apparently posting make the posters feel better?

      • Pissy today, aren’t you “Frank”. This was sadder than usual.

        No one is arguing Constant is legally elected, or that the justice system exists for such issues.

        The comment was, and remains, he behaves like a horses’s ass. Especially towards women he doesn’t like.

        Focus, “Frank”. Focus. If you can.

        Still waiting for you to post proof you are who you are, “Frank”. It’s it’s that important to you, lead by example.

        • There is no room for a bigot like Judy E in the Republican Party, or in the MOA Administration. MA must be a fat guy on a couch in New Jersey, as he does not understand Anchorage voters.

      • Oh, really, “frank”?

        Queen Constant is NOW acting under MOA ordinances?
        As opposed to all the times that he/she/zhe, and the rest of the Marxist Nine majority, routinely flouted the municipal charter with impunity.

        • Maybe Jefferson should start a GoFund Me Site so all of the anonymous posters can participate in Democracy by filing a lawsuit instead of posting moronic comments

  3. Judy Eledge, hire a lawyer for wrongful termination, defamation, harrassment, and whatever emotional turmoil they have put you through. These MEN should be ashamed, but they are not, they are proud of their harrassment. Uggg.
    *Sent to assembly members: The fact is, you all are supposed to represent ALL OF US homeowners and local business owners. Instead, you continue your personal vendettas against any conservative that has eluded you previously. Many of you are showing just how low you are willing to sink, and AR No. 2023-167m is proof, clear evidence.

    Would any of you, could any of you, be next? After all, only one party in this state can approve self recording. Lets record all of you and hold you to account for your every word too. Check yourselves Perez-Verdia and Constant, neither of you could ever withstand the same treatment. Ive been in Assembly chambers, wow, you seem to really hate us, or are jealous, either way, you are both behaving quite unprofessionally as well as abusing your positions of power by going after conservatives. Arent you discriminating against us? I thought we were all equal….

    The fact that an employee of the library intentionally baited and then recorded, with the sole intent and purpose of delivering evidence to the lefty members of the Anchorage Assembly (that is each of YOU), is wholly and completely abominable.

    Talk about abuses, did you even know that what she is saying is true? Did you know that. Cause someone may show up and start telling you that the native communities sexually abuse women and children. It is the truth, it is horrific and every native female i know tells the same story…

    • Sadly, her remarks are true. Thats what these ignorant misrepresentatives want to do, silence truth.

      • Right, she makes a blanket statement about an entire race of people but it all must be true. You’re just as ignorant as she is.

        • Cman, sure you NEVER make a general statement about a whole group of people….. Oh never mind I seem to recall you regularly lumping all the right-wingers/Trumpers together…..
          Your problem is that you can not acknowledge that there is a serious issue, because then you need to do something about it. So you are offended by the racial component instead of having disgust for the perpetrator and compassion for true victims.

  4. As a native taxpaper in Anchorage the anchorage corporate assembly is taking this action on their own volition but as an alleged damaged soul I do not consent of this unauthorized action. Everything she said is rigbt and I agree eith her fully. Sari democrats.

  5. So where was the untruthfulness in anything she said?

    And even if she advocated, in a private conversation, burning the Eskimos in ovens, how does that relate to her doing her job? Is the concept of free speech well and truly dead?

    The intolerant, neo-puritanical, radical leftist extremist pearl-clutching offense industry marches on.

    • It’s not what she said, it’s that she exists. Worse, Bronson wanted her.
      I genuinely wonder if they would go after her so vigorously if she were gay.

      Very Stalinist of them. How long before Constant wants gulags?

  6. Have Assemblymen Constant and Perez-Verdia not lived in Alaska long enough to know of the abuses Natives have experienced in villages? The alternative would be that they do not care.

    • They really don’t care. The villages don’t vote for them, and the left has a long track record of abusing minorities.

    • Perez Verdia is a second generation leach on the non profit bus. His real last name I forget but his mom was big on non profit paychecks as well. Perez Verdia is his wife’s name. He spent part of his childhood in Barrow as his Mom worked up there. Constant is a Califonia transplant by way of West Virginia. He must have gone back east for his insinuation into a community to destroy it training. He showed up here with an agenda and has been pursuing that agenda since he got here. He is a pox on the city and has done no good thing for it since he got here.

  7. It isn’t that what she said was true, it is that what she said might upset the low-info liberals who think their crap doesn’t stink. I’ve heard worse from Constant AND Perez-Verdia, and in their cases it was simply vitriol, not any statement of truth. How do we start a move to can their useless carcasses over loose speech?

  8. I would like to point out an error in one of Judy’s alleged comments.
    I’ve been to quite a few villages. That said. I’d like it known that I’ve never seen a cave at one.

  9. I know at least part of what Judy Eledge is alleged to have said is very true.

    I was hired to teach summer school in a rural Alaska village because the high school students’ reading and math scores on standardized tests there were very low. However, after I arrived we discovered that the high school students refused to attend summer school. So, I worked with any student who showed up and was willing to learn.

    This introduced me to a 16 year-old-girl who would start in the 8th grade in the fall. She had missed a lot of school because, when I met her, she was in the late stages of her third pregnancy. There were lots of “mandatory reporters” in that village, but none of them were willing to report what was going on in this case or others. One week after I arrived, I was awoken early in the morning and taken to an airplane that was waiting to remove me from that village.

    For those who are skeptical, please know that this is a true story.

  10. The “cave” comment was crass and is likely erroneous as I doubt that caves were the common domiciles of indigenous Alaskans, early indigenous Alaskans historically preferring housing built aboveground of sod and other materials more readily available than caves…That said, in spite of what the official idiots of the Los Anchorage Assembly ignore in their CONSTANT quest to remain ignorant of reality, Eledge ain’t wrong in the rest of her comments..ANY Alaskan paying attention knows this..

  11. The Lefties may have succeeded in destroying all the copies of it, but back in the late ’70s, early ’80s Alaska public television, I think led by the Anchorage station, made a documentary called “No Word for Rape.” It got a lot of attention, a lot of criticism, and won several awards. The documentary took a brutally honest look at the issue of the sexual abuse of women and children in rural Alaska. We were somewhat more honest about this issue back then.

    Unless they’re hopelessly naive or in complete denial anyone who has spent any time in rural Alaska is well aware of the issue. As “Former Teacher” relays above, everybody knows about it and nobody will dare report it to any responsible entity. The rule of silence holds even in larger “villages.” Nobody in Juneau was surprised by the propensities that led to Byron Mallott’s fall from grace. I got to look out my office window in Juneau at a public building named for a well-known child molester. I’m sure those who know Anchorage and Fairbanks better than I do have their own stories.

    Judy Eledge is guilty of one great crime: She is not openly homosexual. Public libraries are and have been for some time the exclusive province of homosexuals. They’ve even developed their own schedule of useless degrees to assure the homosexual bona fides of job applicants. That said, she should have known better. Those are certainly not words I would ever have uttered to someone that I knew only from work or politics, at least not back when I was cashing the governor’s paycheck.

    • Have you considered that someone was also intentionally recording and baiting her? Selective recording…

      • Yes, poor Judy. A victim of her own words. How about she take responsibility for what she says? How about that? Are you not a advocate for personal responsibility?

        • Her privately-expressed opinions have utterly no bearing on her performance of her job. You radical leftists are simply trying to crucify her for doubleplusungood thoughtcrime.

          • Those comments she allegedly made were on the job, being paid by Anchorage taxpayer dollars.

            It is not like she is getting in hot water over comments she made in her home or out to dinner with friends, she is getting in hot water over racist comments she made while working for the Muni at a public library

    • I’m curious the view you had. I’ve heard enough stories to make one wonder if child abuse was the unofficial government pastime of Alaska.

      What surprised me about Mallott wasn’t he was busted, but that Walker teamed up with him in the first place. No way Walker didn’t know, or at least suspected.

    • So how exactly do you deduce the sexual orientation of people in the library? I go to the library all the time and I’m heterosexual. Good luck with your generalities.

      • I’m not some naive, ignorant punk and I have good powers of observation. Good luck living a stupid life.

  12. How fortunate we are to have Assembly persons who are willing to take the moral high ground and sweep the filth off the streets of Anchorage!

    After they put their brooms back in the closet, we should be dropping to our knees, fighting to be the first person to shine their shoes! It’s awfully dusty on the streets of Anchorage this time of year!

  13. The Anchorage assembly is drunk on power. Our city is slowly being destroyed by their far left agenda.

  14. I believe there is bad behavior everywhere. I Never heard anything about “ovens” but it is true natives are often quite toxic racists themselves. They should acknowledge it I believe.

  15. Old sayings come to mind here, “Loose lips sink ships,” and “The walls have ears.” In today’s world with phones and micro recording devices, one really needs to think before they speak. If we still had the #MeToo movement maybe Ms Eledge would have a chance.

  16. I have talked to women from the Native community. They say the sexual abuse can start with a predator doing it to babies. Must be group think mentality, like with C 19. Herds stick together for generations of abuse…until someone breaks it.

    • I’ve spoken with women in white communities that say the same things about their communities, hmm…

        • Think what you want. In this regard you are wrong

          Sexual abuse of children happens across races.

          • You apparently have exactly zero interaction with Native communities. Sexual abuse is a way of life in some of them. It isn’t just old weird Uncle Bill.

      • Maureen, sexual abuse of children is unacceptable. Your implied “they do it too” doesn’t make it right and only makes you look like you are excusing such despicable behavior. Race here really isn’t the point, but the fact that remote settlements in this state are allowing perpetrators to get away with this heinous behavior.

  17. In the near future, I am going to relish watching the assembly (et al) get what is clearly coming to them. There are some evil ones there.

  18. If the little lefty snowflakes who work at the library don’t like the boss, maybe they should look for other jobs. That’s how everyone else handles that situation. Since when do the employees get to kick out the boss? They should be written up for surreptitiously recording her in the first place, and then summarily dismissed.

      • Which law would that be, Ms. Suttman? You realize it’s not hate speech if it’s objective, right? It’s also inappropriate to bait a coworker into inappropriate conversation as it they’re speaking on the company’s behalf.

        I have a co-worker that uses racial slurs often. I adore the woman and she’s outstanding in her field. That she might have the ability to make a remark you don’t approve of doesn’t make her bad. It doesn’t make her wrong, either.

        Ms. Eledge may have made a mistake but that mistake wasn’t having had first hand anecdotal knowledge. The mistake was that she shared a professional confidence with a person undeserving of her trust.

          • I’ve twisted nothing; you were incorrect to imply that Ms. Eledge had broken the law.

            I was in the Dimond Center last Sunday. Sitting nearest the window having a cup of coffee when a lone young man walked up, sat down about 5′ from me and seemed to be waiting for someone or something. He carried a large paper grocery bag, softened from excessive use. I’d estimate him to be about 20 years old.

            After about 2-3 minutes he opened the bag, pulled out a half gallon plastic bottle of Black Velvet and took a huge drink as if it were water; it was around noon and his bottle was already 1/2 empty. A moment later he jumped up and began walking down the hall when a woman appeared and the two seemed to know each other. From appearance they may have been family.

            Both were Alaska Native and that young man has a predictable future ahead of him. I’d wager he comes from a predictable past. Is that a cultural thing that should be ignored rather than acknowledged, Maureen? Best no one talks about it? Should I be castigated for having seen such behavior? Is anecdotal evidence the worst kind?

          • Ever read Harold Napolean’s The Way Of The Human Being? It would help with your view of your experience.

            Ever been to a college frat house of 20 year old white guys? Heck of a lot of drinking there. I’d wager they come from a predictable past. Is that a cultural thing that should be ignored rather than acknowledged, TB? Best no one talks about it? Should I be castigated for having seen such behavior? Is anecdotal evidence the worst kind?

            What is the concern you had?

      • How so, Maureen. Your )confused and muddled) thoughts on the matter should be interesting.

        And what about the rogue marxist-majority assembly routinely violating the municipal charter, and running roughshod like the petty tyrants that they are over the residents of Anchorage? You have no approbation for them, apparently, and in fact clearly support their woke insanity and totalitarianism. Which again merely highlights the amoral, unprincipled hypocrisy of the typical radical leftist extremist that you are.

      • What law?
        Having an opinion (even if you think it is despicable) isn’t against the law. Taking snippets of conversation out of context to draw a certain picture doesn’t tell you what the meetings were really about.
        It only indicates manipulation for a desired result.
        More and more I get the impression that spoil brat librarians do not like to be called out by the boss on their behavior and plans and they have conspired to be rid of her.

    • Alaska is a one party consent state so it was perfectly legal to record her. Maybe, just maybe, she should have thought about what she was saying before she said it?

      • Why, c(ommunist)man? WHY should she have had to think about what she said, privately and apart from the performance of her job? She is not entitled to her own opinions, but you are entitled to your own?

        Your hatred for the concept of free speech is clearly on display, and marks you as the ‘woke’ (sic), non-libertarian liar that you are.

      • Cman, sure you NEVER make a general statement about a whole group of people….. Oh never mind I seem to recall you regularly lumping all the right-wingers/Trumpers/MAGA/Christians etc. together….. and you don’t do it in a private conversation, no, you post it for all to see here.
        Your problem is that you can not acknowledge that there is a serious issue, because then you need to do something about it. So you hide by being offended by the racial component instead of having disgust for the perpetrator and compassion for true victims.

  19. The truth!? Is everyday that you drive these anchorage streets! (And eagle river? And Girdwood) the whole state? And you look around and see the truth? Ask yourself! What you see? I know what I see? And it’s not pretty!

  20. I’m sorry to hear. Eledge is still an admirable leader.. Sometimes we need to excercise discernment what we say and who around us. Today at my church i was on the recieving end of two teens who’d never treat the political couple they watch their parents giving special attention to them, you know those kind, as i was mistreated by daughter. So afterward i warned a pastor about that family, cause you know republican or christian we must look out for one another, “snakes” are all around
    . I’m sorry judy eledge had no one looking out for her. The leak likely a snake and she mischaracterized that person

    • Apparently not admirable enough for an anonymous poster to use their real name. LBTQ youth have a 50% higher suicide rate than other kids who already have a high suicide rate, your comments are not helpful

      • Cause and effect. Mentally ill people generally have higher rates of suicide. So which is the cause, and which the effect? I suppose in your case, it depends upon your chosen politics.

  21. If she’d have just hung one of those “Traditional Tribal Values” posters in the library everything would be ok.

  22. The ultimate irony, isn’t it?
    Anchorage Assembly members who seem most publicly supportive of killing babies, mutilating children, secretly coercing children into genital mutilation, grooming children for sex, indoctrinating minor children into sexual perversions,
    while subverting the rule of law by supporting homicidal Black Lives Matter rioters,
    are most eager to fire Judy Gauney, who had the temerity to speak from experience about rape and violence in Bush communities.
    To these Assembly members, one might be forgiven for suggesting the time to leave town might be before angry, resourceful constituents figure out how to regain control of the city’s election system.

  23. The small town of predominant Caucasians where I grew up had their own diddlers. I had a little friend at age six who I Invited to my Sunday School who tearfully confided something of this nature it seems. As a child I had no idea of what to do. My own Aleut father never touched his kids in inappropriate ways. In her family her mother was seeking romance out of the home, found it and moved on from the family. We have lost contact over the years. I hope she is OK.

    • Oh Frank, you’re so macho.

      You ever considered dating Constant? You might be a match.

    • She is not bigoted. She hates what is bad. I do too. I worked at a telecommunications company here making “reminder” calls on accounts back in the day. I rousted one lady from the “northlands” regarding turnoff dates. “I hate Aleuts!” she screamed with a thick northern Alaskan brogue. I had not indicated I was Aleut as I do here. Then she continued with her racial spew. This was surprising because I had had elocution lessons from an early age to help me lose my thick, gutteral, Nordic inflections gained from nordic self-taught English grandfather(s). So, how she knew I was Aleut I have no idea. But am. She is some type of Eskimo and hated me perfectly due to my ethic heritage(s). Shall we run the Eskimo out for hating Aleuts, too?

    • “Frank”, I hate to break it to you, with your disingenuous, dissembling and disturbed radical leftist mentality, but you are just as anonymous as any one of us posting here. And the fact of our anonymity has exactly zero bearing on the logic and facts (or in your case, the lack thereof) presented in these comments.

  24. Anchorage has its own version of the “Deep State” – entrenched liberal bureaucrats undermining a conservative executive branch.

  25. Looks like a two-for-one deal to me. The assembly wants to get rid of the non-genuflecting Judy Eledge and if the mayor doesn’t do as they demand, they can pull out their “we can fire a duly elected executive anytime we want” ordinance and stick it to the mayor. Mark my words!
    The other curious thing, where is that new director of theirs in all that kerfuffle? Did she allow the recordings? Know about them?
    As for the hostile work environment, it is very clear that Judy has an iron-clad case of harassment by entrenched staff following the recordings and the malicious leak to the media.

  26. This part is laughable “the Anchorage Assembly recognizes the importance and significance
    21 of strong and reliable leadership and management of the Municipality’s workplaces
    22 consistent with the duties to uphold the policies above and expects every official
    23 holding public office to project the highest standards of ethics and integrity to
    24 implement them; and

    How ethical is it for the assembly to create huge buckets of money, call the activities “homelesseness” related and then move current and former assembly members, Weddleton and Zalatel, into director positions on those “non profit” positions? I have never witnessed the type of blatant BS mouthed by a group in my life as I have witnessed from this assembly. And they can’t get rid of Judy, they make all the recommendations they want, they have no stroke with hiring her.

  27. The attempt to shift the focus of Judy’s potential issues and Constant’s ongoing war on women is funny and borderline desperate.

    All that’s been missing is “but Trump!”

  28. She is not bigoted. She hates what is bad. I do too. I worked at a telecommunications company here making “reminder” calls on accounts back in the day. I rousted one lady from the “northlands” regarding turnoff dates. “I hate Aleuts!” she screamed with a thick northern Alaskan brogue. I had not indicated I was Aleut as I do here. Then she continued with her racial spew. This was surprising because I had had elocution lessons from an early age to help me lose my thick, gutteral, Nordic inflections gained from nordic self-taught English grandfather(s). So, how she knew I was Aleut I have no idea. But am. She is some type of Eskimo and hated me perfectly due to my ethic heritage(s). Shall we run the Eskimo out for hating Aleuts, too?

  29. I want to be “fair”. Or can we run our political opposites out for having bad manners? Bad feng shui? What do you think, franc?

  30. Yeah lets give Judy a boot and shut her up for publicly speaking out about the atrocities that are ruining not only the immediate victims but the generations to come who suffer the consequences from what was done to their parents as well. The victimization doesnt just suddenly stop. The victims carry the horror of being raped as a child throughout their entire life. It is the most tragic and destructive act that leads to a whole spectrum of self destructive behavior including drug and alcohol abuse as well as suicidal tendencies. All of which goes on to a complete array of family disfunction including mental and physical abuse derived from the anger and mistrust all initiated from the sex abuse at an early age.

    I spent many years living and working in various communities. I had heard of these situations but it wasn’t until I was selected to serve on a jury where one prominent elder was charged with 13 counts of continued sexually abusing several minor children as young as eight years old that I was able to feel the reality of the horror these girls suffered.

    I then watched these young girls grow up and witnessed the horrible life that they endured as a result. Then to top it off the perpetrator was back out on the streets in Anchorage unable to return to the village less than two years later because He was a “native leader” Who the judge had close ties with after being guilty on 11 of the 13 felony counts of sexual abuse of a minor. The local court system had no serious penalties for this type of behavior but they did favor banishment to Anchorage.

    There were so many other cases in distant remote villages that got completely ignored and swept away under the carpet which had devastating affects on families. I had met so many victims and after becoming close friends they eventually confided in me enough to explain the horrors they lived through and how it prevented them from having a normal relationship with anyone. They trusted NOBODY!

    Looking back at all the families I was able to understand why there were certain families that continually struggled through life and lost many family members to alcoholism which lead to many tragic deaths and suicide. It is truly the worst enemy of the native communities and that is one of the main reasons why there are a large number of village residents who are outcast as a result of their actions so they become homeless living on the streets of Anchorage.

    They cannot return to their village because of their past crimes. Banishment from a village was a common penalty in the early days before judiciary penalty arrived.

    More people besides Judy need to speak up and punish those who violate family members in this horrific way!

  31. I don’t care who she is (right, left, whatever), she should have been more careful with her words before saying anything. There’s consequences for our actions, yet I see some in the comments defending her.

    The sad thing is that we clout our judgement with party politics over common sense.

    • We’re the same people who would defend you if your off the cuff remarks, stupid as they may or may not be, were gonna cost you your job.

      It’s principle far more than person.

  32. There are two delicious ironies I. This thread.

    1-many have had issue with Judy making a blanket statement. But are strangely silent when blanket statements are made about:

    Christians, white men, republicans, MAGA, and so many more.

    Perhaps they’ve made the same statements themselves.

    2-Some have been beating a tired hobby horse about pseudonyms in a discussion on how a person may have her life torn apart by angry leftists for something she allegedly said.

    Couldn’t make this kind of hypocrisy up.

  33. One of Judy’s many “crimes” is pointing something out the left hates.
    Acknowledgement how the left doesn’t give a damn about minorities until voting day.

  34. I wouldnt side on anything the left wing lib gay nutcases bring. Judy is 100% correct, sad as it is, been going on for hundreds of yrs. Still rears its head today, sadly. Those, and yes, mostly natives shipped in from the bush, make up the homeless that hang out at the library. Not an attractive sight or experience. You can coddle it all you want, won’t change a damn thing. Call it what it is and deal with it firmly. Screw the assembly, and all those that vote for them.

  35. If there are so many “kid diddlers” up north maybe they should call in U.N. peace keepers. oh,, wait.
    How about a grant to send drag queens up north for healing.

  36. Why is everyone so sure this is real? AI is entirely capable of faking all of that. And the New World Order facists ADN and Propublica are liars and cheats. So, I have serious doubts that Eledge said these things.

  37. I hear state and borough employees, on the clock, make all kinds of statements about white people, republicans, Christians, even non local natives I find offensive.

    Shall I start recording them and demanding they be fired? Or be an adult and chalk it up to ignorance and the right of people to hold opinions-even when on the clock?

    I chose option B. After all they’re usually liberals and don’t know better.

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