Assembly leftists jump on mayor over Snowmageddon plow-out


Anchorage Assembly members told an Anchorage Daily News reporter they were not informed about the shortage of snow plow operators, but the record shows otherwise.

Anchorage Daily News reported the snowmageddon situation as a lack of planning.

The mayor’s office told the Assembly in October it would need more funds for snow clearing this winter, due to higher fuel costs and other cost drivers. The Assembly was also told there is a serious shortage of workers. Later, the Assembly was told that even with more money for plowing, there are just not enough workers.

No one knew, in October or November, that there would be an historic snowfall in early December that would coincide with the historic challenge of getting licensed commercial truck operators.

“We weren’t briefed on this situation,” Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel falsely told the newspaper. The Assembly has been told on the record and in writing that there is a shortage of workers. During the budget work sessions with the Assembly in October, Public Works Director Lance Wilber advised the Assembly on the staffing challenges. The municipality, like the school district, has a hard time getting commercially licensed drivers.

Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson also falsely stated that the Assembly wasn’t informed, but her lack of attendance at meetings might be part of the reason she doesn’t know what occurred at budget work sessions.

Anchorage has been conducting round-the-clock snow clearing operations since Tuesday, since the “snowmageddon” winter event that dumped over 24 inches of snow in two days. The snow plowing operations are run by a city streets manager who has over 27 years experience removing snow from Anchorage streets.

Anchorage plowing crews work the main arteries first, and sometimes that takes several passes to keep them clear. Then, they move into the collector streets (larger roads that feed into neighborhoods) and finally into neighborhood streets.

With the latest storm, which started Sunday afternoon, the Anchorage School District has announced schools will be closed on Monday.

One thing residents don’t always understand is that some of the main roads in Anchorage are maintained by the State of Alaska, not the city.

To view which streets are managed by the city or state, visit this link. Information on the State Department of Transportation roads are also found here.

The city has had 21-28 graders on the streets continuously, 24 hours a day, since the last snowfall on Tuesday, and has nine sidewalk clearing operators. Those sidewalk-clearing operators also need to have commercial drivers licenses.

One of the challenges of the workforce challenge is that under the Biden Administration, it now costs up to $8,000 to get a commercial drivers license, and sometime it can take months. Biden Administration policies have made CDL drivers scarce across the country, with all trucking and commercial driving operations and retailers suffering. It’s the same problem that has led to a lack of availability of goods around the country, with worker shortages contributing to the supply chain crisis.

Another reason for the worker shortage is the legalization of cannabis, and the fact that many workers cannot pass a drug test now.

Unions are a big part of the worker shortage problem, because they run as cartels. Unions won’t allow some operators to work in some job classifications, even if there is a proven need. The city is bringing in new apprentices to work some of these jobs, which have been hard to fill, and the city has asked the unions for assistance in reassigning qualified CDL drivers to run plowing equipment during large plow-out events. The mayor could probably get around the union cartels by declaring an emergency.

The city has brought more contractors in to haul snow, including an extra 25-30 trucks a night working the snow hauling.

“Our MOA crews and contractors have been running 24/7 operations since Tuesday. We are grateful for the partnership and cooperation from Local 302, Local 71, the Teamsters, and our numerous contractors to plow out our municipal streets. We also recognize the challenges the State of Alaska has with resources as well, and we appreciate residents’ patience as we move into our next storm, which we anticipate may bring another 10-16 inches of snow,” said Amy Demboski, Anchorage’s city manager.

To see the latest updates on which roads and sidewalks have been plowed, please go to the MOA Snow Plow Hub. The page is updated at the end of each shift.


  1. Why not just say he’s ugly and his mom dresses him funny? The Politburo will complain about Bronson breathing.

  2. I am shocked I tell ya shocked they didn’t know. What a bunch of low life’s trying their dang-est to Blame Bronson. Come on Anchorage get rid of these bums as it is getting to late to get our city back. Thanks Suzanne for keeping us updated.

  3. The city should contract the entire snow removal job. The assembly lies again. No accountability or owning up to the fabrication of the facts. Watch Anchorage voters re-elect them.

    • This sentence explains EVERYTHING!! QUOTED from above: Another reason for the worker shortage is the legalization of cannabis, and the fact that many workers cannot pass a drug test now. SO NOW WE KNOW WHERE THE PROBLEM IS. IT’S NOT BRONSON, BUT OUR ASS-EMBLY WHO WANTS TO BLAME our mayor, and not the low lifes who they are allowed to be hired.

      • Someone smoking weed does not make them a low life. Don’t do it on the job very much like drinking booze, don’t do it on the job… You’d be SHOCKED if you saw the vast array of consumers who visit dispensaries to enjoy their hours off the job LEGALLY, it’s time for drug test reform honestly.

  4. Leftists being dumb again. Each one of those unlucky 13 assembly members have 8000 to get a cdl to contribute their own time to plow the roads themselves. Put their money where their big mouth is. Driving
    a tractor would do them a world of good.

  5. If you even pretend to engage in public affairs or to hold public office, you shouldn’t need to be “informed” about a shortage of equipment operators; people who can pee in a bottle and pass a background check have been in short supply since the 1990s. If you don’t know that, you’re too ignorant to hold public office.

    We struggled with it at the State during my whole time there. Marijuana has been de facto legal in Alaska since time immemorial. If a candidate wanted a job that required a Commercial Driver’s License, most could clean up their act enough to pass a pre-hire drug test and then all they had to do was avoid an accident for most employers, though some did random test which would really cramp one’s partying style.

    Legalizing pot just made it worse because a sizable portion of our population is too stupid to figure out that employers can impose their own rules and requirements as can the federal government all a whole alphabet soup of regulatory agencies. I’ve heard some pretty good whines about how unfair it is that employers won’t let you use a “legal” substance.

    9-11 and all the “Homeland Security” regulation just made it worse. There are lots of equipment operators and truck drivers in the World whose middle name somewhere is “the.” With the 9-11 changes we started having to make them take background checks for sensitive positions. That resulted in “fruit-basket turnover” of our work force as we moved people to places they could legally work.

    Anyway, if you don’t know this about a major piece of the public workforce, and probably only the cops are a more important piece, you’re too dumb to hold public office. But then that would make you a good Democrat.

    • Or, the feds could deschedule marijuana and that would eliminate the CDL/DOT requirement. With most states now having some level of legal marijuana, this seems overdue. But thanks for insulting everyone’s general intelligence.

      Why didn’t the Mayor’s budget include the necessary funds when it was submitted to the Assembly? Because his supporters are only concerned about mil rates and public health measures. Art, we got what you voted for in Bronson and Dunleavy, but amazingly, you do manage to make it a liberal problem. (Which is amazingly on point for this post considering this is somehow Biden’s fault—is “thanks, Obama” no longer a good enough trope? (Sorry, per original post that somehow the president controls the cost of private training for acquiring a CDL—it’s like we are supposed to be sheep around here.)

    • Art, I was a commercial owner-operator and later, a business owner/independent trucker for many many years hauling exempt all over the lower 48. When I walked away from it all, it wasn’t for any of the reasons you state. I walked away because I was sick and tired of being a revenue source for the government. Constant fines by state DOT and federal ICC agents, for petty administrative errors and such benign things as a bit of trace rust around a lug nut or frame bolt, a loose sleeping bag in the bunk, a brake out of adjustment, a tractor that needed a truck wash. Yes, that and more. All to take my money away from me as a punishment for such agregious crimes against humanity. I get the safety inspections but harassment of commercial drivers was/is the norm. Not the exception.

    • Well said, shedding light on the CDL thing in relation to drug testing, random testing is required of 10% of your total CDL pool quarterly (When I had a CDL but that was as of 2016). These tests are reported to State and Fed DOT for compliance. The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the passage and creation of a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) made it harder to get people you are correct.

  6. I’m more concerned that the assembly might have misgendered the snow. It might self identify as sand or fog.

  7. Mayor Bronson angered most assembly members by defeating Dunbar in the election. I voted for Bronson to stave off runaway property taxes and bring some fiscal responsibility to the Muni of Anch., the mayor should have eased the anger towards himself by working with the assembly in a more statesman like manor instead of my way or the highway and relented on the constant bickering.
    He wanted to be like President Trump.
    The assembly with they’er numbers has made our great mayor a mere figurehead rendering him useless and are poised to veto everything he wants.
    So of course he’s getting the blame for record snow fall and the clean up. 3 days with no school and unsafe streets, the residents are ticked.
    By the way assembly, what happened to the 50 Million of our Covid money?

    • The Assembly still has an outstanding $80,000,000 (80 million) that Anchorage (that would be we the homeowners and property owners) will have to pay for the homeless fiasco the Assembly perpetrated on us. Where is the money Assy? Konstantly complaining ought to know where it is, but the assembly members (the commie 9 of 12) do not know what fiscal responsibility is nor do they understand accountability.
      They prove their incompetence every Tuesday night at 17:00 all year long.

      • GREAT POST ! I would love to get all the people together in the last 3 years of those removed or arrested by the nasty nine illegally both by police and security and have a little chitchat

    • It is nothing to do with being like President Trump. This has all to do with the Assembly wanting it completely their way or no way. Mayor Bronson has tried to work with the Assembly but the vision of the Communist on this Assembly has render it useless to try and even work with them. Case in point the budget is above the Budget Cap and when the Mayor tried to bring it back under the cap they just override his Veto. The Assembly has no clue on what it takes to run a business and keep spending under control. I have engaged with them several times and it is quite apparent they have no money management capability at all. The same can be said about ASD. Their budget deficient is all the doing of the School Board and budgeting for things that would not be sustainable with Covid dollars that they were told would not be in perpetuity but they did so anyway.

      • Steven; I believe you are correct. My concern now is that our property taxes will go up so much that the muni. will foreclose on people’s homes, auction them off to raise money and all those foreclosures will have been owned by private sector people.

      • the Assembly has called the public Q anon, trumpers and alot of other names for 3 years ! they have orders from Pelosi headquarters to obstruct conservatives. Where do you think the dark money comes from ?

    • Joe, respectfully, I disagree with your assessment. Sadly it appears that our assembly members are vindictive and will veto ANYTHING Mayor Bronson suggests or wants to do, even if it makes sense. Perfect example is the navigation center. They approved the funds and agreed to the plan and then played dumb when it came time to pay to finish it.
      If this is such a surprise regarding the CDL driver shortage, where was their outrage towards the school district for not planning ahead?? Nothing but crickets! ‘
      The question is, did they appropriate more funds for snow removal or did they sit on their hands setting the mayor up to fail???
      Why not ask the assembly members to act as grown-ups and actually work with the mayor for the good of the city? They rigidly want their way and their way only and this underhanded lying is really getting old.

      • Taxpayer; I have no faith in the structural integrity of bubble buildings. And even if built, trying to get homeless into it would be impossible, case in point, illegal campers on Chester Crk. want to take drugs and party and refuse to go into the Sullivan Arena.

        • Joe, I am not a structural engineer and so can not speak to bubble buildings. However I support the concept of a navigation center to assess the individual needs of the homeless person. It would have been a central point to triage whether an individual needs a rent check, mental health treatment, help with a job application, detox etc. It would have also been a way to weed out the criminal element, that preys on the community. If individuals refuse assistance and are competent, then the city’s obligation towards them ends, as they have a right to self-determination and the city has the right to enforce the rule of law.

      • The Mayor did not increase the budget for snow plowing (he requested the same funding as FY2021)

        It was the assembly who actually spoke with MOA maintenance who told them (the assembly) that just to keep up with fuel, they needed an increase in budget.

        The assembly increased the budget for snow plowing from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000

    • I find it amazing that it’s always the conservative that has to “work with” the leftists. How come no one ever says the leftists have to find a way to work with the conservative?

      • Because, CBMTTek, with radical leftists, it is ALWAYS all about “Hypocrisy for me but not for thee”.
        If radical leftist extremists did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all. Just look at the juvenile, logic-devoid, reality-denying posts of all the paid or ideologically committed radical leftist trolls here in this forum — Lucinda, Whidbey the Dog, ReliableVoter, FrankRast, Maureen Suttman — for ample and incontrovertible proof of that.

    • Joe,
      Three Days with out School? Like that is really hurting any kids? Think back to the Covid Scam and Schools closing and then the Mask Mandates. The stupid rules requiring “social distancing”. How about business owners who were “plowed” under by these same whinners on the Assembly back then? These Marxist are a clown show.

  8. I was curious about this. I went to the MOA human resources site. The administration waited until two days ago to list job openings for seasonal light equipment officers. I agree it is hard to find workers with the CDL and proper endorsements. I would think knowing this you would advertise these jobs earlier than two days ago. Also you try to blame the unions for this failure. As a retired member of 302 I will say what makes these good jobs is that you are part of the union for your retirement and health benefits. Also since you are blaming Biden maybe you could be specific on what he has done to drive up training costs. I looked into this a bit. Appears the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is in charge of CDLs. The process is outlined in the Entry-Level Driver Training regulations. The ELDT regulations and the Training Provider Registry were mandated under the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). The ELDT final rule was based, in part, on consensus recommendations from the Agency’s Entry-Level Driver Training Advisory Committee (ELDTAC), a negotiated rulemaking committee that held a series of meetings in 2015. I guess you can blame Biden as he was the vice president then.

    • Sorry leo, that was confusing.
      So Obama upped the regs for a CDL from Federal level & more regs means a more expense to applicants?

      Curious, how much was it to get a CDL before Obama?
      Was the $8000 figure set then & it was $8000 during the Trump years?
      Asking as a retired union carpenter.

      • The FMCSA began in 2000 to oversee CDLs. It is run by an administrator. The administrator is a political appointee approved by the Senate. The administrator appoints members to a board for a 1or 2 year term. The members are supposed to be experts in their field. They provide advice to the administrator on motor carrier safety programs and motor carrier safety regulations.
        The new Entry Level Training regulations were supposed to start in 2017. Trump delayed the new regulations. Finally the FMCSA under Trump set the compliance date as Feb. 7, 2022. Anyway that is my understanding of how we got here. I do not know the costs of getting a CDL but I imagine it went up with the new regulations.

    • Sorry, Leo, around here, it’s the fault of the gays, commies, blacks, liberals, Natives, homeless…anything but the bunch of Good Christian Constitutionalists who are the Oath Keepers among us. You know, the folks who led the parade on January 6th, the folks that want to lynch Dr. Fauci, the people who don’t want to pay taxes and love to blame the Assembly. The pro-speech crowd that will likely censor this comment…

      • “…around here, it’s the fault of the gays, commies, blacks, liberals, Natives, homeless……”
        Got anything solid to back that up? Perhaps a bit of copy/paste to demonstrate that your statement holds water in any way.

        • Funny how you radical leftist extremists will never acknowledge the far left.
          Oh, but that’s right, you love to use the erroneous and disingenuous label of “progressive” instead. Because of course being part of a mass social, economic, cultural and national death cult represents nothing so much as “progress”.

    • To my knowledge job openings with the city expire and then if not filled get re-posted with a new expiration date.
      From what I have read, for the CDL requirements, as of February 2022 Entry level CDL applicants can now only go through an accredited FMCSA program which appears to be more lengthy that previous CDL training programs. This creates a bottle neck concerning available schools and the length of the new program ties up more class time and ergo is more expensive. Furthermore any already licensed CDL operator wishing to add an endorsement for let’s say school bus or hazardous material, is now required to also go through the new program. This takes more individuals out of the actual workforce.
      With all of these issues in mind the Biden administration’s DOT could have suspended implementing these rules until a more robust workforce has been re-built and the supply issues have eased. They are clearly able to do this as they have repeatedly delayed implementation of the Real ID for years.

      • The unions and union operators want to eliminate the independent drivers and independent driving schools. Most of the “supply chain disruption” from Mexifornian ports is because they want to limit trucks to very late models and want all the truckers to be corporate, not private, independent drivers. They want to make it so that the only way to get a CDL is through a Union school or apprenticeship program. The communists, excuse me, Biden Administration are going along with this. All the other Left Coast Ports will go along as well. We’ll see what Alaska does. Alaska, with a lot of pressure from the military, resisted the communist Longshoremen’s Union and that’s why our docks are mostly Teamster rather than Longshoremen.

      • I am not sure if you are correct about the job listings. There are a lot of jobs that are posted over 30 days. Also jobs with 2021 job numbers.
        You have a valid point regarding the new regulations. I see Senator Cramer from ND has introduced a bill to address some of the issues.

  9. Sadly I expect nothing less from our Commie assembly.

    They hate Mayor Bronson and want to ‘sell’ the idea that he is failing.

    I can’t wait for AQD to be gone.

      • Wrong and a blatant lie, CT — it is the Assembly’s Marxist Nine who are destroying Anchorage, purposefully and with full intent and malice.
        I will say it again: Radical leftist extremists are a death cult, pure and simple. The death of the individual (abortion, ‘assisted’ suicide’), the death of our culture (condoning and fostering a wholesale invasion by illegal aliens), and the death of our society itself (undermining traditional and stable institutions, and institutional structures, across the board). You and they are, in a word, evil.

      • Please explain how, exactly, Mayor Bronson is failing?
        Something with some substance perhaps, not just fanboi cheering for the Assembly and leftists in general.

  10. the reporters at the adn backs must be very sore from constantly carrying water and running interference for the anchorage assembly

  11. The gang of 13 is only good at gay rights, restricting freedom during emergencies, wasting money on homelessness,but never solving it & spending Gov money.
    Don’t expect them to be able to run the Muni.or anything else.
    But keep voting for them, because, you know, they care.

    • You are absolutely wrong. At least on one thing.
      The Assembly is not good at spending Gov money. They are good at spending YOUR money. The government has no money that they did not collect in taxes from the population. And, the Assembly is spending it so quick drunk sailors are saying “whoa, slow down there buddy!”

  12. No thinking person can be surprised that Democrats lie, given that nowadays they all appear to be psychopaths.
    30-50 years there were some Democrats you could disagree with, but still know that they were honorable people.
    Those days are long gone…..
    On a different note, why on earth is a CDL required to clear sidewalks?????
    That is something that would only make sense to a politician or goobermint bureaucrat.

    • Democrats are not necessarily psychopaths. Children, toddlers really, not psychopaths. A kindergartner is not “lying” to you, they absolutely believe what they are saying because they are running on emotions, not facts.
      30-50 years ago you could deal with Democrats because they were adults. There is no equivalencies between the Democrats of that age, and today. Today’s leftists are toddlers who make decisions because they feel right, not because they are the right thing to do.
      And, valid question on the CDL to clear sidewalks. I would guess it is because the machinery used to do it is technically heavy equipment, not a passenger vehicle, and the driver is being paid to use it. Talking about those heavy duty snowthrowers, not shovels or a walk behind unit.

  13. There are a bunch of FOOLS in the assembly! April won’t come soon enough. Let’s get rid of the Municipal Clerk as well. She’s not trustworthy! Wake up Anchorage!

  14. leo americus, thank you for doing research this writer failed to do. I was reading the article with interest until the “journalist” lost all credibility by making such a ridiculous statement about this debacle being Biden’s fault. I spent just 10 minutes looking up info on funding for CDL training and learned that $8000 for CDL training is the high end of tuition and there are quite a few avenues to licensing assistance available. The Biden administration has invested $57M to help make the state certification process quicker. I find this article very misleading, biased, and just lazy reporting as there is SO much more to this complex story. So weary of the pick a target and blame game especially when this reporter COULD have provided helpful information about how one can become CDL licensed & the resources available. 10 years ago I worked in an industry that hired, or tried to hire, hundreds of CDL drivers annually and it was very difficult then too. This is not a new problem but one exacerbated by COVID – a perfect storm. I miss the days of neutral reporting – just the news, just the facts, and helpful information.

  15. Pre school will help with future employment in all sectors of the economy. This shortage is due to the many who have higher degrees and did not have goals to drive a truck.

  16. Another thing Dunbar and Allard can do that may decrease worker shortages, since those 2 are part of the legislature, is remove Single adults eligiblity off food stamps/snap. This
    may get more people working so they can eat. I still think the complainers should get their cdl since they can pass a drug test to drive snow tractors. The hard labor would
    do them office workers all good.

  17. Maybe the assembly will gift the union with more taxpayer money, after all that was their answer to the bus driver shortage. Nobody wants to work, and you can’t make them. Not just a local problem. I understand that over 10 million people chose not to return to the workforce post-Covid. I suspect the real numbers are much higher. Buy a snowplow and do your own roads like we used to. Help your neighborhood hero with gas money. The government is not your savior.

  18. Stop hiding behind identity politics you whiny ass bums. I don’t even know what to think of this crap. Get an effing life, come up with solutions, ideas or contribute without baseless finger pointing and step away from the MAGA cliff. “The lefties are coming, the lefties are coming”. Give me a break

    • “…come up with solutions, ideas or contribute without finger pointing…” words to live by JDE! So why don’t YOU quit the potty mouthed baseless finger pointing and instead share YOUR ideas…..we are all waiting…..!

  19. This is to the woke Anchorage residents! Wake up from your dream world and get rid of your socialist assembly members! Look in the mirror each morning and you will see who to blame for the city that has been failing for years. This has been going on for years….that is why I left. ?

  20. Behind all of this snowfall and road-mess drama is anthropomorphic climate change, doncha know. Why hasn’t our woke Assembly required a changeover to EV road graders and plow trucks? Has everyone turned down their thermostat to 55 degrees? Time is running out to keep Greenland from melting.

    • Agree totally.
      When Al Gore released his award winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, there were only about 130,000 glaciers on the earth. Now, 20 years later, that number has plummeted to 130,000 glaciers.

  21. Yes what happened to the $50 million in Covid money.We know that this Assembly is bent on destroying this city by their actions. They certainly do not work for We The People. We only have Must Read Alaska for our information. I wrote to Ryan Binkley asking when he was going to publish information about the school board funding the Teamster’s pension plan on taxpayers money. His reply: subscribe to the paper. NOT. My neighbor who gets the paper says there has not been a word about this issue So there we go Anchorage, and because more people do not vote or better yet care, we will be stuck with these radials forever.

    • And that’s why I want to see the highest tax rate in the country. When they have no money to buy booze, cigarettes, and pot or pay rent they will wake up or move out then we can reclaim out city.

  22. The lying assembly members (like most leftists/Communists/Marxists/Democrats) lie because they believe they are not accountable to anyone. They have no conscience. They’ve replaced God with government and erroneously believe they will not one day kneel before the Almighty in judgment.

    The ONLY, I repeat ONLY reason Anchorage leadership is dysfunctional—from taxes to the school system, and from plowing the roads to everything in between—is because the anti-God leftists on the assembly hate their constituents and plan to burn everything down that represents goodness and normalcy and freedom. Sadly, those who voted for them are likely ignorant folks who have no idea what happened to Venezuela and China and that it is absolutely headed our way.

    How would one know this? Communists are the same all over the planet. The Anchorage Assembly members (along with Democrats who are in reality Communists/Marxists) want us to starve and eat Zoo animals like they did in Venezuela. Or to be trapped and burned alive inside an apartment complex they locked from the outside like just happened in China. That’s what Communists/Marxists do.

    We are really no better off with the dud-GOP state legislature “majority”either, given most of them are really Democrats in GOP clothing. Or in the case of Kelli Merrick— a Democrat in Nordstrom GOP clothing.

    Sadly, we have a tall governor who bends the knee to the evil weasels rather than leads — unlike Florida’s great Gov. Desantis and our own GREAT Mayor Bronson.

    • Unfortunately, you seem to be very correct. You only left out the fact that they are gaining tremendous wealth in the process, on the taxpayers back. When the city goes broke, they will be wealthy and will blame the mayor. Just a for- example. But it is not limited to our state, or city. We must fix the problem on the local level, one inch at a time. The same way that they took it from us. We are lucky to have a format, for the time being, to communicate our concerns. These other countries mentioned do not. The goal is to remove such formats so we will only be able to read what the government approves.

  23. I’m assuming that the homeless camps and the trails leading into them are cleared and enjoy regular trash pick-up, right Ms. Zalatel? As for the roady system, one thing that I feel should be eliminated is the split between Muni and State roads within the MOA. We all pay property MOA property taxes and within that exist State roads. Combine the forces and get it done more efficiently and, while they’re at it, the Special Needs 9 can pony up some of that homeless money to fund the transition.

  24. Just because somebody holds a CDL does not mean they’re qualified to operate heavy snow, removal equipment! Same applies for a person that holds a CDL and applies to become a school bus driver. They also must go through rigorous training to be able to haul passengers in a school bus.

    • Correct, but the opposite is not true. You cannot operate heavy equipment for pay without holding a CDL. That makes it the first step in getting behind the wheel of a snow plow. No CDL? Do not bother to apply.

  25. Reality check.
    Demographics is destiny.
    Look around, go to the schools – that’s the future.
    There is no “voting” us out of “this”.
    Anchorage assembly, Juneau, SE, Peltola, 2 RINO US senators, state level RINO’s siding with democrats to form a majority, etc.
    This is the future – but, wait it will get worse – 20 to 30 years this place will be Oregon/Washington.

  26. Well with todays snow the assembly members should be the last to be plowed. Their voters and taxpayers should come first.

  27. Bronson has repeatedly cut funding for snow removal and the assembly has restored funding. Then Bronson doesn’t spend the money to remove the snow!
    Bronson is a one-trick pony and with the mask mandate gone he is clueless.

    • Do you have actual proof or did you read it on the internet (or the ADN)?
      The ONLY funding the assembly restored has been for the homeless. In particular for the 120 bed Brother Francis shelter to the tune of 1.3 million dollars for expansion, when BFS specifically stated that they are not planning to expand at all. Not sure who the one-trick ponies are here….

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