Assembly files appeal over accessing personnel documents from Mayor’s Office


The Anchorage Assembly has filed an appeal with Alaska Superior Court to try to get its hands on personnel documents that relate to the short duration of the employment of former Health Department Director Joe Gerace.

Gerace was found to have falsified his resume and ended up resigning after suffering a stroke. Mayor Dave Bronson has maintained that Gerace’s personnel record is confidential, as are the records of all employees of the city.

On Feb. 14, the Assembly leaders asked for two documents from the internal Human Resources investigation into Gerace. Those were denied, again because of confidentiality laws and rules around personnel files.

The Assembly wants the court to determine if an employee’s personnel files are indeed confidential, or if they can be accessed by political adversaries of the mayor.

The Assembly’s appeal argues that Bronson’s denial order incorrectly asserts that the requested records are personnel files that cannot be disclosed under the Anchorage Municipal Code. 

The Assembly says Bronson’s denial order incorrectly asserts that the requested records are exempt from disclosure by the Anchorage Municipal Code.

The Assembly is saying that any personnel record must be released to it upon its demand.

After both sides have presented their arguments, the court will render its decision.


    • Leave our personnel records alone. The assembly has no right and no business having access to any of our personel records. We are employees with rights whether we are current or former employees. This is an abomination, over reach (as usual with these commies), and illegal with hippa implications. If I am the employee, i want full notification, and i want to be ensured that my personnel file is not published. WTF Assembly members?

      • Tell that to the assembly witch hunt. I agree with you but the power hungry left is destroying a once nice city. In my time here I have never seen such a mess year after year.

  1. The Assembly will continue to ignore the law in order to try to embarrass the Mayor. The Mayor will continue to follow the law. The Assembly has no shame and no end to it’s ability to try to amass power like the petty little bullies they try to be. This is what happens when kids get beat up on the playground without figuring out why that happened, and then don’t get over it as adults. They are children and should be treated as such.

  2. This was a blunder that could have been avoided. Apparently, there was no vetting of this fraud. This was a layup for the Assembly, handed to them on a silver platter.


  3. We have an election coming up to rid ourselves of more libs… you know, the ones that have destroyed a half dozen other cities… you know the cities you no longer want to visit… you know the ones with very high crime. Vote. No excuses.

  4. BRB, going to foia request transgender surgery records and sue in superior court for only the people who moved up from the west coast, and then post them on publicly accessible websites since it’s public information.

    • He is certainly NOT willing, he is being legally mandated. The mayor should not be spending this much time dealing with fighting the illegal machinations of a commie assembly. The ASSembly “members” have broken their oath of office, meg cant even pledge allegiance as an American. You ASSembly members are failing us. Resign, get a real job. And come back when you grow up. I see nothing but toddlers throwing temper tantrums and acting like little prima donnas / queens. Grow up snowflakes.

  5. Boy, the assembly is working overtime to get rid of Bronson.
    Seriously, there must not have been much with the Dembroski complaints, otherwise they would have invoked the removal process. But, it’s been…. what a month since their meeting to discuss the charges, and nothing.
    Now, they are going after a bad hiring decision. Granted, in retrospect, the mayor screwed up big time with this hire, but seriously? The issue has been corrected.
    Beginning to look like the perpetual investigations against our former President. Will we also get eight years of constant “we got him now!” without any actual “got hims”

  6. Gotta disagree with referring to his term as Health Director as a “short duration.”

    He was nominated and approved in August 2021 and resigned in August 2022. Maybe a year is a “short duration” in one’s life, but it is a quarter of the mayor’s term in office.

    And this doesn’t all fall on the Mayor or Niki Tshibaka, they bear most of the responsibility. But this also falls on the assembly for not vetting the candidates enough.

  7. Get the inquisitive Assembly persons out of the executive’s armpit. If they want training in HR quit this gig and apply for an HR job like the restivus is what is recommended.

  8. What happened to “democracy”? The word that gets yelled out all the time from liberals? Releasing personnel files to a toxic assembly , out for blood, and for politicized purposes,– I would think is a violation of that person’s privacy.

  9. Good point Jen. The former “Health Director” did the job facets in an exemplary manner satisfying the factions of the public, his employer and the executive. The city has moved on from the health assault on the people by foreign entities over the furies of the assembly. He has had health issues. We non-leftists aren’t clamoring for this intentional harm toward this employee. The assembly alone without the public’s support are working this excessive malice. But, then, when exactly, has the Assembly cared one whit regarding those they represent’s views. The views of the public are characterized as “an actual disturbance” at publicly noticed meeting wherein supposedly the public views, no matter what they are and which are required in order to have the guaranteed republic form of government are “invited” then physically assaulted and ejected from the garden party festooned meeting complete with publicly paid for catered meals.

  10. State public employees bring their own lunch. Why should we provide meals to our representatives at the muni to do “wor” against our directives. How stupid are you Anchorage. Cut that line item right now! Bring your own lunch and stop presuming on the public while we are so greatly disrespected. Thank you. If they aren’t rewarded with warm meals at the trough they will do less which is what we want. Let the Mayor do his job. You guys aren’t the executive. No. You aren’t.


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