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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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ARP Chairman: Republicans will never give up or give in



Republicans will never give up or give in. Although we suffered a couple of election losses in 2020, our political spirits remain steadfast and resolute to our fundamental principles.

We are the party of the Constitution, of the rule of law, and of family values. Republicans stand for what is good and righteous — liberty, self-determination, personal responsibility, strong national defense, and public safety.

These are important pillars of our republic. We must unite to preserve, protect, and promote these values. As we reflect on what that means to each of us personally, let us take the high road, and proceed through this trying time by locking arms, as allies, to make our country and state strong enough to survive. The next generation is depending on our actions.

We are dedicated to electing Republicans and remain unwavering to that mission. We view our present defeats as stepping stones to future victories.  These setbacks will only last as long as we persist in splitting our ranks.  That is why our focus will be on the future, not the past. 

Trials, troubles, tribulations, failures and problems in life and politics teach us diligence, determination, and character. The problems we are going through right now are a test of our faith in each other and our unity to our cause.

We must continue to serve the Republican Party even when the political landscape gets tough.  That is why Republicans will never give up or give in. We remain engaged, determined, diligent, and persistent. We don’t know how to quit. Now is the time for Republicans to unite with each other. We live to fight for future victories because we are faithful stewards of the Republican Party as we rise together to make a difference.

As we move to the next election, we need to work together, work smarter, and focus on the right things, however, we must do this together.  I am proud to lead this organization, and I call on all Alaska Republicans to join me in working  to correct the fundamental flaws of this past election. We must not become weary in the political process. Our future will reap victories and success if we do not give up and we continue to work together.

Glenn Clary is the chairman of the Alaska Republican Party.

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  • Glenn is of course but the next two years may prove to be very tough for many people to get past…The Democrats are so drunk with their own power hunger that they will soon begin to eat each other. Biden is in no way prepared or able to lead this nation so the battle will be against those who really are pulling the strings from the darken room next door..!!

  • You already have given in and given up.
    Sorry, but you did. Either that, or you are totally clueless, and have zero ability to anticipate what your political opponents were likely to do. Either way, you lost, and you will continue to lose.
    How can I say you have already given in and given up? It was how the entire party stood by silently and ignored hundreds of oddities on election day. If you really wanted to prove you were the party of law, you would have demanded that more be done to investigate the statistically improbable (near impossible) red flags waved on the election. But, you chose inaction. You chose to stand idly by and pretend it did warrant investigation.
    The Republican party is dead. It took its own life on November 4th, 2020.

    • CDMTT…Perhaps you should get a cup of tea and read what Glenn wrote again and think more clearly about it….There is certainly plenty of failure to be admitted by everyone but many of us were taken by surprise at the depth of evil we faced in this past election and simply did not believe what what we were up against….and many do now see it yet today….when one team will stop at nothing and cheat and lie about everything to win the game is likely not to go well for those who want the game played fairly…..

      • Then the party is incompetent.

        With amnesty and unlimited immigration large scale voter fraud is unnecessary. The Republican Party is pretty much done. Can anybody name an alternative that has a chance? Probably not.

      • Hundreds of oddities, unproven, deserve to be ignored. The results of the 2020 election have been vetted and approved over and over again. What will be the death of the Republican part will be its inability to accept reality.

        • Greg R, worship Goebbels much?
          Pretty obvious that you have little understanding of mathematics too or else you might have noticed that these election oddities were just fraud and treason at play. See you in hell pal. Because that’s where you corporate fascist are leading us.

          • Strange that the Republican election officials in all those fraud plagued states didn’t notice that either.
            Mathematics (and arithmetic) are different disciplines from logic.
            BTW, the definition of treason is spelled out in the Constitution. You should read it sometime.

        • You mean like the D’s did after losing? Fake Russian probe, Impeachment fiasco, yeah you took it well.

          • Do you mean the same D’s who seamlessly turned the government over to the New Trump Administration in 2016?
            Perhaps that election should have been more closely vetted, no?
            Putin was smiling, now not so much.

        • Greg:
          Would you say the same thing if the oddities favored the other party?
          Be honest…
          Thought so.

          • CB:
            You’re unnecessarily burning Suzanne’s expensive bandwidth.
            . Stop it!

            Send donation to MRAK.

          • Yes, 2016.

      • Which is why Trump lost. What is bemusing is why 74 million people were duped by a narrative that is so blatantly was false.

      • Good analogy on the teams there Charlie.
        I do not blame the Dems for turning a blind eye any more than I would blame a professional sports team for keeping their mouths shut when a call goes their way unfairly. The stakes are high.
        I do however hold every person who stood by silently and did nothing responsible for the consequences of that choice. You would have to be stupider than a box of rocks to think there is any other possible outcome than more, and more blatant cheating in future elections. Crime will expand to the extent the public will tolerate it.
        It is absolutely unacceptable that it took eight weeks, plus a riot to get the AK Republican Party to speak up. In this situation, silence is consent. The Republicans remained silent, and as such, consented to ignoring numerous red flags indicative of fraud.
        It is too little, and too late now. No candidate more conservative than Nancy Pelosi will have any chance of getting elected ever again.

    • The GOP was dead long before 2020. What remains is a soulless zombie determined to eat as much donations as possible.

    • Truth!

  • The Republican party is not strong, they are weak and lack the spine to take the Democrats head on, which is why I am an Independent voter. I won’t be hogtied to a party that worries more about their image than what you can accomplish. This election opened a lot of eyes and don’t be surprised when you see a huge drop of voters for your party when election time comes, you don’t deserve our votes and IMO, the Republican party is no longer a feasible option for freedom loving Americans. I’ve voted for a lot of Republicans in my lifetime but only because the Democrats are not a viable option and haven’t been for a long time now. You talk a big game but when it’s crunch time, you fold up like a cheap tent.

    • So you went over to the dark side. Good to know.

      • What dark side would that be Greg Forkner?

        • Communists, fascist, Nazis, for a start. Pretty much anything unAmerican

  • I wholeheartedly agree with Glenn Clary. Republicans will never give up. However, we need confidence in our party leaders, we need assurance that these party leaders really believe in the fundamental tenants of conservatism, and know “beyond a shadow of doubt” that they will lead with the conservative torch.
    Daddy’s Little Princess does not represent the Republican Party, constituents, and…or the fundamental conservative tenants very well at all. Based on her track record, she should ‘honestly’ run as something else.

  • What drugs is he on? Never give up or in? Is he high, lying, or deluded? In Alaska the GOP never got started.

    Cathy Giessel. Natasha con Imhoff. Gary Knopp. Louise Stukes. Gabi Ledoux. Princess Lisa. Mike Dunleavy. Bill Walker. David Eastman. And so many more.

    MRA just ran a story about the AK Senate GOP majority is probably gonna do power sharing with the Democrats.

    We’ve lost the PFD, the budget is out of control, government is bloated beyond belief.

    If this is what “never give up or give in” looks like, God help us if they do surrender.

    • Yeah. And they play games with names. Bryce is a Socialist, then climbs on the fence to look good on paper, then Cathy pulls back the covers and says move over….I’m coming in. The place has gone mad.

  • Start running candidates!
    There were a number of democrats running unopposed in Anchorage and I’m sure elsewhere!
    There is a Republican majority in the legislature so why are they talking about sharing power? Start leading and governing! Trent Lott tried that withTom Daschle and the Republicans paid the price!

  • If ARP ever does public rally as the one Austin TX so Alaska Republicans can reunite and exchange ideas where to go next. Be sure to play Christian songs during the rallies. Remember Republican Party, the GOP. got themselves into this mess because they Backslided into the sins of their flesh. The Republican Conservatives Can’t be Christian in name only and still expect they will receive the blessings from God. It don’t work that way.

  • The RNC had the fortitude to send out an email today about Rona McDaniel being the Chairwoman again while dumping on the President and 80 million supporters.. is that the RNC you’re talking about?? LMAO

  • Our leadership is lacking. Sounds like someone who is comfortable coming in second in a 2 horse race.

  • Allow me to copy and past from another thread: as I’m confident that Clary will read it … he needs to!
    In the story of David and Bathsheba, David orders his generals to isolate Uriah on the battlefield … Trump’s policies were resulting in too many republicans getting pushed away from the trough … so they isolated him on the field of battle.
    They still think that nobody had seen it, but Yahweh has put it in my heart to point out their sin. To add, I’m not the only one with this message. It’s going out all across the world. It is written: “What is whispered in a closet, will be shouted from the rooftops.”
    The R’s that caucus with the D’s will never be trusted by the D’s … betrayers are never to be trusted. The R’s that stay with their fellow R’s will see what it is to have lost much of their base.
    Won’t take very long to see if Yahweh is in my words, or not … Meanwhile, I’m not going to be sitting under any withered bush, complaining about the heat.

    • Getting kind of churchy aren’t you?

      • Started when I was indoctrinated into a cult when I was 17. Hardest but best experience I could have ever had. I figured my way out of it after several decades, emerging with a well developed BS detector.
        Yahweh is in the habit and practice of choosing the worlds misfits to spread His message. We’re unpolished, not very scholarly, and unimpressive.
        You wouldn’t imagine the creator of the universe choosing us, over the better educated, more polished, and more socially acceptable.
        By the world’s measurement, you’re probably my better. By Yahweh’s standards, He chose ME to tell YOU what He is thinking about matters.
        Yahweh gave me a vision, once. He did several miracles on my behalf.
        He even spoke to me, once … when I made the mistake of asking Him what He really thought of me. His answer was very harsh … but an admonition from Yahweh is more valuable then the praise of world leaders.
        Better than all that, He paid my tuition through 75 years in the school of hard knocks. What I learned the hard way, I will never forget.
        As far as churchy, you might notice that I don’t spout the mainstream BS. I’m actually anti-church as an institution. Once they get that non-profit status, they become beholding to the state. They all commit King David’s sin of numbering Yahweh’s people, with their membership rolls.
        The lies they tell about Yahweh are beyond outrageous … which may be one of the reasons you’re poking fun at me. Perhaps all you’ve ever heard about Yahweh are lies.
        Yahweh reveals to me the truth about Himself, and what He really meant by what He said … and I constantly doubt if I have actually heard the truth. I’m too unworthy to be given such a wonderful gift, so I am shy of speaking out … until someone say’s something really stupid about Him. Then I just can’t restrain myself.

        • I thought you guys were against missionaries.

          • We’re not against all missionaries … just the ones who took such evil advantage, in so many ways.
            Bible tells us that we are to be ready to answer, about what we believe, and why. That doesn’t require traveling anywhere.
            It’s also a sin for believers to hide the light Yahweh has given them.
            You’re in the habit and practice of telling people what you believe.
            “Our leadership is lacking. Sounds like someone who is comfortable coming in second in a 2 horse race.”
            Don’t have to be a “missionary” to do that. Insert “church” between Our & leadership, and you would sound just like me.

  • This is a very good letter, Glenn. While I firmly believe that the fundamental flaw of the 2020 election was the candidate himself, I am very glad that the tone of this letter is about party expansion and inclusion. It is conservative and Republican ideals, ideas, and vision that will lead us through all of this. A fractured party leads to a fractured country and future. In my opinion, we can do much better than we have done for the past 12 years. We have to.

  • The republican party has betrayed American supporters time after time. When the light shines on ‘republican’ politicians, there is nothing there. No support for the Constitution, no support for our President, no support for anything except for the ‘Lisa Murkowski agenda’. The republican ‘party’ is nothing more than a mouthful of promises and no delivery. All to get elected with betrayal soon to follow (see Sullivan). If there were ever an ‘oxymoron’, it is the promise of republicans to represent the people. I believe the voter should vote for the candidate most likely to follow constituents wants and wishes, not the “party”. Not happening in the ‘party’, as I observe, time after time. Napoleon once said and I agree: “To succeed in politics, promise everything, deliver nothing”. Republicans’ theme, to date.

  • There is a scene near the beginning of the book and movie “Gettysburg” when Union General Buford realizes that most or even all of the Confederate Army is approaching his brigade of cavalry. He delivers a soliloquy to fellow officers about what they’re facing. On July 1, 1863, the Union Army of the Potomac had never known victory and only a month before had experienced their most humiliating defeat at Chancellorsville. His theme is how he had seen it all before and he knew what his command would do, which he thought would result in yet another humiliating failure. Nevertheless he set his cavalry against Harry Heth’s brigade of experienced infantry who could generally be expected to brush cavalry aside. Buford fought his troops as dismounted infantry and they were equipped with repeating rifles, unlike the Confederates. At great cost Buford held the CS advance in check until Gen. Meade began to arrive with the main force of the Union Army. After the three bloodiest days in US history, the Union Army held the battlefield and was pursuing Lee’s withdrawing army. The Union didn’t win every battle in the ensuing two years, but it never backed away from the field to lick its wounds as far from R.E. Lee as it could get.

    What had happened was something like what happened after Kasserine Pass in WWII. Chancellorsville and Kasserine Pass are analogous; they were both the gotterdamerung of the Perfumed Princes, the political generals in the US Army. Almost nobody who held a command at Kasserine Pass held one after it. Almost nobody who held a command at Chancellorsville held one after it. In both cases, the men who came afterwards were anything but romantic, popular figures. On the same day that George Meade forced Lee to back away, US Grand forced the surrender of Vicksburg, a win that is less well known than Gettysburg, but more important. Both Grant and Meade were dull, stolid figures who just did their jobs, and did them with ruthless efficiency, so much so that Southerners to this day consider them war criminals.

    The Republican Party today is run by a combination of genteel, “be nice,” though not in the Patrick Swazey way, leaders and office holders/candidates and a bunch of crooks looking to get over or get rich who fly the R as a flag of convenience. The communist, excuse me, Democrat Party is run by a bunch of amoral, totally ruthless apparatchiks, many of whom had a copy of Mao’s “Little Red Book” in the back pocket of their Levis in the Sixties. Show me a sallow-faced, hollow-chested, lank-haired, and bespectacled lefty kid, and I’ll show you someone who dreams of scouring the countryside with his armored train and brigade of cossacks trying to extirpate all the guys who got the pretty girl. Pasternak understood the enemy, Republicans should try it.

    • There is also a true scene in the movie where General George Pickett declares to General Lee that “I have no Division.” They were overrun in a ridiculous assault that was doomed to fail. The Republican Party of today will be in the same boat if it continues to be tethered to losing ideas and ideals. Look at the national numbers – party registration has gone from 29% of the electorate to 24% in the past four years. Last week’s Capitol storming will them even further in my opinion.

    • Modern Republicans are the enemy.

      They capitulated during the Bush years.

      • RINOs. Not Hippos.

  • “We (republicans) don’t know how to quit'”, really? Lose, Cave in, Crater, display Pusillanimity on the battlefield, run scared and my favorite, to talk about decorum and civility and taking the high road as the Bolscheviks rapaciously rob the voters of their precious franchise might be a more apt description of the clueless Republican party.

    How about this Sir, to paraphrase a Great Republican, Ronald Reagan, ” I didn’t leave the Republican Party, THEY LEFT ME”. Those of us who gave to your cause during this last election cycle and have for years been registered “R” will now flee your party. Forget your promise to “work smarter”, instead how about you just stand up for our Constitution and our 229 years of American history, and the ideals that have given us the greatest achievements in Liberty. Even an individual with an I.Q. of 78 can do that. BTW, my advice to you would be to DUMP LISA as a great place to start. She won’t go away since prop 2 likely means her reelection for ever, but at least you can rid yourself of her stain.

  • The impotent party…..
    Grand Ol Swamp Party
    They may never give up or give in,
    but they were defeated long ago. The last battle was fighting President Trump at every turn, starting with his 2016 campaign. I’m sure their was plenty of back slapping in the dark halls of the National Headquarters when word came that the fix was in

  • President Abraham Lincoln lived as a God-fearing man. Seems at Lincolns surprised death the newly formed party died too. At this time the party as an organization seemed to walk away from Abrahams God of the Bible. You want to resurrect something dead, you put God at its front and and center. put away childish man’s standards for upholding God’s standards and commands. Although, I see citizens dont have a lot of time to create new parties. Might as well work with what we got and set it Right. Texas Republicans meeting in front of captial at Austin, TX had one thing right Alaskan Republicans dont get right, Texas Republicans that day played Christian songs on the High-Fly Radio after the rally. Alaska, don’t know who is God.

    • Not true
      There was Grant and Teddy. Pre Bull moose.

  • One significant benefit to the ARP would be the swift removal of Murkowski.

  • “We are dedicated to electing Republicans and remain unwavering to that mission.” Based on this statement, when will the ARP begin recall efforts against Murkowski. I’m sure that you could get enough signatures in the first week. She was illegitimately elected in her now infamous write-in campaign and recently doubted that she could “remain in the republican party.” Help her out, Glenn. Show her the door as well as those in Juneau who want to party with the new whacked left.

    • A US Senator cannot be recalled. The Party could withdraw its endorsement of her as a Republican, and probably should, but that would only be a symbolic gesture.

      • Can the Chairman of the Alaska Republican Party define and designate a RINO and install them under a subdivision of the party? Can the AK Dept of Fish and Game issue permits for a hunt?

  • Suzanne, why did you not print my comment?

    • Contact her directly; MRAK is published on several other platforms, FB among them, and she’s having to be very careful what gets published here so as to avoid FB’s censorship algorithms. Also, sometimes it takes some time for comments to post.

      • Thanks Art, I apologize for the comment, since I looked 8 hrs later and it had not appeared. Suzanne please forgive me. And thanks for all you do.
        I get the fact that our comments are being monitored here Art. I know that you as a history buff can appreciate that tyranny and slavery have been the norm throughout human existence. What are we to do in the face of this evil onslaught? Seems that speaking the truth may be the best option. Or, as Martin Luther reportedly said ” here I stand, I can do no other”.

        • Taking me longer since we are now getting well over 300 comments a day. But I get to them as soon as I can. -sd

      • Eureka! That’s why you won’t go away, you’re an insider!
        Ah well, you are a fertile field for fantastic fallacies.

        • It’s good to have people like you to fertilize the field with leftist BS.

    • You say that like you expect her to reply in person, and she will, maybe in your email if the answer is sensitive … most everywhere else you would be arguing with a bot.

  • Wet the bed when confronted.

    Failure to recruit viable candidates.

    Inability to coalesce around core issues.

    Can’t keep order in their own ranks.

    These are things the GOP excels at. Putting up a fight? Not a chance.

  • Unfortunately all “republicans” are not on the same team, they sell their votes to the highest democrat bidders.

  • Republicans have no spines, they will not stand up and fight for the voters. They compromised on everything even though they are right.

  • The Democrat party is nothing more than a criminal enterprise in lockstep with the CCP. The leadership of the Republican party is little better as evidenced by Mitch McConnell’s remarks today. The Republican party in Alaska, during the 30+ years that I’ve been here, have done everything that they could to hand the reins of power over to the Democrats as evidenced by Republican gubernatorial campaigns bent on blowing their legs off at every turn and the state legislature turning over power to the liberals even when the Republicans have the majority. There has been an unholy alliance between the Republican Party and the liberals/Democrat party for a very long time. The Republican Party has been dead in Alaska for decades and no amount of saying otherwise changes it.

  • Mr Clary, when you are finished emulating Sir Winston Church (we will fight them on the beach speech), maybe you should look to our friends in the great state of Wyoming.

    Mr. Frank Eathorne, chairman of the Wyoming Republican party has taken to task Rep. Elizabeth Cheney for voting to impeach President Trump. The republican party in Wyoming is in an up roar after her vote and actions.

    The Alaska republican party still supports Senator Murkowski after she declared that she would vote for impeachment and has been at odds at every turn of President Trump four years. Senator Sullivan has his finger in the air waiting for what direction the winds going to blow and God Bless Rep. Don Young. All we hear is the blowing of the wind from Mr. Clary.

    Until the Alaska Republican party starts acting like Republicans and starts finding candidates who vote the will of the people, they will be a lukewarm party of has beens.

    We are in the fight of our lives for this nation and for this state in the next 4 years. The opposition party takes NO prisoner and no fence sitters.

    Mr. Clary you have lost Anchorage and 40% of the state voters and will have a real tough time of getting it back from the outsiders who run the city.

    As an independent voter, I will not give any financial help and I will not spend my time trying to back a party that does not have a back bone and pays lip service. Alaskan republicans need to lead and not follow and be a strong party such as states like Wyoming or Texas.

    Remember Mr. Clary, this a state that men are men and women win the Iditarod.

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