Apologize!!! Indignant Democrats pile on Republican woman representative over her use of the ‘W’ word


Rep. Sarah Vance of Homer was trying to add context to a meeting, saying that Native women aren’t the only victims of sexual and domestic violence, and that all victims deserve justice.

But she forgot about the Democrats’ playbook and how it could come into play in the House Tribal Affairs Committee, where week after week, Alaska Natives testify about the terrible conditions of their lives and how awful things are for Natives in the 49th state, what with the lack of justice and funds.

Vance’s mistake was to say the phrase “white women” in reference to others who have been victims of violence.

On Monday, the House Democrats shamed her and used their go-to standard — performative “gotcha” politics — to score points against the representative from Homer.

It’s straight out of Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” Rule No. 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

Here’s what Vance had said last Wednesday that spun the Democrats into mobilizing the Rules for Radicals playbook:

“What I hear in this committee is that Alaska Native women feel that it’s exclusive to your experience. Because it sounds exactly what I have heard of white women in my community. It’s the same thing. But what I continue to hear in this committee, over and over again, as if you’re the only one. And I know that’s not your heart,” Vance had said in committee. She said that “white sisters” go through the same thing.

“There’s clearly a mass of Alaskan Native women who have been abused at very high rates, but I can tell you, there are innumerable white women who have the same internal experience of the trauma that Native women have expressed,” Vance said last week.

The Democrats demanded an apology. They issued a lengthy press release filled with indignation.

It was “Rules for Radicals: Rule No. 3: Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy.

“I can’t say how much it hurt my heart to hear of the violence and disparities of violence for indigenous Alaskans, and while the suffering is the same for victims, the causes of that violence are not the same, and the response to that violence is not the same, and the justice for the victims is not the same,” said Rep. Ashley Carrick, a Fairbanks Democrat, in the press release. “Until it is, we have a lot of work left to do. Comments such as those made by Rep. Vance fly in the face of the brave indigenous women who testified before the Tribal Affairs Committee and she should apologize for her words.”

Other Democrats said essentially the same thing: “Apologize!”

It was “Rules for Radicals” Rule No. 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

Vance bent to their wishes and issued a heartfelt apology on the House floor on Monday.

“What I should have said is evil does not discriminate,” Vance said, as she attempted to apologize to a group that was making hay at her expense. Although the House minority had been advised that she would apologize during the floor session, they had issued their demand anyway, just moments before the floor session.

Radicals’ Rule No. 8: Keep the pressure on.

“Numerous Alaskans traveled from across the state to visit legislators and advocate for MMIWG2S legislation and were in the room during Rep. Vance’s insensitive and harmful comments which neglected the immediate crisis facing Alaskan Natives,” the Democrats said in their release, which was unusually long for a press release.

The Tribal Affairs Committee had been told by Native testifiers that over half of Native women report having experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives

Vance wasn’t wrong: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over half of all American women and one in three American men have experienced sexual violence.

The righteous indignation of the Democrats and the drama created for the media was reminiscent of when Republican Women of Juneau posted an ad that said anyone voting for Jesse Kiehl for senator would be handing over their wallets. The Democrats accused the women’s club of being anti-semitic and created a flurry of media attention. That attack on Republicans made it all the way to the Washington Post, with this headline: “Republicans attack Jewish candidates across the U.S. with an age-old caricature: Fistfuls of cash.”

It’s Alinsky’s Rule No. 6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

The Democrats enjoyed picking on the Homer Republican this past week, and forcing her to apologize to them was a demonstration of the successful tactic of Alinsky’s Rule No. 1: Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.


  1. Maybe before getting upset they should be asking why most of the sexual assaults on Alaska Native women are by their own family and or tribal members.

    • How many woman are sexually assaulted within a sovereign tribal government/tribal entity? Do the victims report the sexual misconduct? If yes, where? Alaska is a concurrent jurisdiction mandatory P.L. 280 State. Is the Alaska Attorney General responsible to investigate and prosecute? This question remains unanswered.

    • Well maybe the natives should fund some lawyers and cops.
      The natives don’t want the white man or anything he is pedaling but they want our money for a village problem.

      • That is correct. There is a claim also that the tribes are the ones currently suffering from not near enough law enforcement protection. They choose to not have backup from their native communities for law enforcement. That makes it difficult to get people to fill those positions.

    • ‘Justice’ and ‘Funds’…..sounds like suspiciously ‘white’ concepts. Not sure they really want that out in the villages.

      Justice means they would just complain about too many brown people winding up in prison.
      Funds requires they put down the bottle and start filing tax returns. Not gonna happen.

  2. The truth is male natives are doing this to their communities and our European women but not held to account as a demographic, unfortunately.

  3. If she were smart she would not have apologized in any way, shape, or form. But since she did, she’s chummed the waters for her own political destruction.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • It was just another example of the cucked and spineless surrender-monkey tactics of most Republicans nowadays. I will be shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to see one of them actually stand up for themselves and challenge these woke guerilla tactics.

      • Remember: all is well with the AKGOP. No criticisms allowed or feelings will get hurt.

        (Best Obi Wan voice). This is not the feckless party you think it is

        • masked a**hole, you’re using alinsky to shoot your own feet, and don’t have the courage to use your own name… Learn some respect bro. Your bs sarc comment shows that in your eyes you alone are the one true holy god. Try some constructive criticism sniper, and grow up. Nothing good comes from falsehood. Nothing short of complete left wing dictatorship will satisfy you, false flagger.

          • Rich you’re a big part of Americas problems with that statement. You need to break away from these politicians and their anti American policy’s.

          • Rich, based on your completely incoherent attack on TMA here, I would say that he was squarely over the target in his criticisms of you and the feckless and spineless Alaska and national GOP.

            The truth hurts.

            PS: When you, like our favorite fly-by troll “frank rast”, have to resort to trying to smear a poster by assailing their anonymity, you should know that you have already lost the argument.

          • BTW Richie…

            I’m not dumb enough to serve myself up to morons like you. I’m afraid you’d show up at my door and beg me to take a dump on you. Nobody needs that.

            If pseudonyms were good enough for the Founders, that’s sufficient validation for me. Or do you think yourself smarter and more courageous than the Founders?

            Tell you what, Richie poo: you post a photo of yourself, along with your drivers license and maybe, just maybe, I’ll consider your tantrum. Lead by example, you butch thing you.

          • “Try some constructive criticism sniper, and grow up.”
            Ironically it should be pointed out that calling some one an a…h… is neither constructive nor grown up. Maybe you should take your own advice and stick to that constructive criticism you so rudely demand of others.

  4. Never apologize to the mob. Instead, use the words of the rhetoric issued from Carrick and force them to show examples. Then, provide REAL examples that support that all women experience the same horrors. Aikido.

  5. I respectfully encourage Rep. Vance to muster-up the “Testicular Fortitude” to tell the nefarious – devious critics to “Go Pound Sand” and, not capitulate to the Alinsky Rules.

  6. Sarah Vance is a hero to ALL women…..and to the TRUTH. These brainwashed Democrat women only understand that they get treated better by the media when they tow the lefty line as apologists by pervading the Big LIES. The Democrat Way is to divide us, not unite us.

    • Marla, you are wrong about Vance. She is no ‘hero.” The article says, “Democrats…..forcing her to apologize to them was a demonstration of the successful tactic of Alinsky’s Rule No. 1” No one forced her to apologize; rather, she chose to surrender to the leftists’ phony victim narrative. She lacked the courage to defend her own truthful comments. A hero?

  7. In Alaska, Conservatives are not allowed to even mention ANYTHING that includes the word “indigenous” unless of course, it’s included in something that funnels money into the indigenous leftist Alaskan pockets..fortunately, not all indigenous people buy their drivel.
    It was kind of Rep Vance to apologize but it certainly wasn’t required by normal standards of decency, especially when she said nothing that wasn’t a fact..it’s simple BLM theology..She has been under constant attack by the DEI crowd from the day she first announced her candidacy years ago but she’s a truth warrior and has continued to prevail, get reelected, and gain strength and savvy because of those attacks..

  8. Splendid conclusion:
    Alinsky’s Rule No. 1: Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.
    Sarah Vance assumed their power, apologized, and will now find out it wasn’t enough. She only empowered them more. Grace and forgiveness is not in their rulebook.
    She should have stood steadfastly with the truth.

  9. For shame sakes…. Sarah Vance is in Juneau today fighting for so much involving human trafficking, women and children’s rights, helping identify the OCS dysfunction and nonetheless apologizes almost in tears for her bad word. What more can she do…?

    Leave her alone, she’s doing more for Alaskan native people than other lawmakers have done in years. Wake up folks….this hard work that has been ignored for years, be grateful we have Sarah our side!

  10. If the Democrats want to go to war over this bullsh*t noise, let’s give them a war they’ll not forget. Lead the charge, Rep. Vance. You’ve got more b*lls than most of the White men in the Legislature.

  11. Representative Vance,
    Thank you for your apology.
    As an Alaska Native woman I’m always grateful that you are serving on committees, introducing bills, and listening to victims about victims of domestic violence, human sex trafficking, and the other injustices that happen to many Alaskan’s no matter what jurisdiction (federal, state or tribal) we live in or where the crime occurred.
    Your continued work and compassion for not only people in your district but throughout the whole State of Alaska is to be commended.
    Again, thank you!

  12. She should never have apologized. Guess she thought she’d get Eastmanized if she didn’t appease the left (which includes most of the Repubs in the House).

  13. “It’s straight out of Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” Rule No. 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”…. which is exactly why no one should apologize. Their tactics should have no effect anymore. Ignore them!

  14. “Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture” by Christopher G. Adamo

    ISBN-10: 1733218203

    Most excellent!

  15. Crybullying.
    Has nothing to do with gender, etc… It has everything to do with obtaining power.
    The muslims demonstrated how well “I’m offended!!!” works to bend others to your will, and the leftists are using it to full effect.

  16. Seventeen million new democrats just in through the southern border do not have one iota of “white” guilt so…you are wasting your energy. “They” won’t convert to your guilt offering either. So why bother.

  17. When one is in the company of Democrats here are some things to keep to oneself reserved to your own circle who understands. That’s another characteristic Republican leaders can work on watch one’s mouth and actions while Democrats are present. This was one subject to tippy toe behind closed doors lightly around the inclusion of all women.

    I wish all the best Vance’s opponent replacing her.

    • Your tippy toe thingy doesn’t work. My direct personal inheritance from God, the US Constitution, still stands. And it is made available to be secured and defended against the cloying monarchs’ foreign, displaced agendas by the elected US Senators.

  18. I think we need to be stop apologizing to the perpetually offended.
    Sarah Vance is correct, evil does not discriminate and I have always found it sick to elevate some victims of the same crime over others, because of some external factor. In essence what all these indignant legislators are saying is that “white women” do not deserve the same compassion as native victims, because somehow their evil mistreatment and suffering is less important….. Really??
    We should stand with ALL victims and condemn ANY perpetrator!

    • Until people, especially Republicans, stop apologizing for every imaginary slight the left will continue to do this.

      The best response was none at all. Next would have been “sorry my point went over your head”.

  19. You are so correct about radical rules.
    Rep Vance owed no apology for making a statement of fact. We have to stop apologizing for speaking the truth. The anger here should be at the perpetrators in their community not someone making a true statement.

  20. Sexual abuse, pedophilia, rape and incest are endemic to Alaska native culture. 60% among natives, 20% among whites. It’s native culture. If they had wanted to change that, they would have done it long ago, you’d think. The fact that it continues is not the fault of whites, money, boarding schools or whatever other excuse they can come up with to not take any responsibility for themselves. The only 2 reasons for the continuation of their outsized sexual abuse problem is they are incapable of changing it or they purposely want the continuation of it.

  21. Lest we forget!
    This was the TRIBAL Affairs Committee
    Not the Vance for house committee.
    There is a time and place for self serving rhetoric This was not it!

    • I disagree, Gail. This was precisely the committee to ask the tough questions. Here you have individuals demanding the state do more about the rampant sexual abuse of native women and girls in villages.
      What exactly are the state’s tools to do so?
      An information and education campaign? More VPSOs? More law enforcement?
      Yet ironically there are times when the troopers show up in a village to arrest a perpetrator and get a less than friendly reception from the community, they are there to protect by removing that individual. Then there is the issue of the crime not getting reported because the attacker is in high standing in the village hierarchy. You can’t enforce the law, if you do not know about a crime.
      Sarah Vance’s point is that all sexual assault victims suffer not just native women and a more holistic approach is needed. Law enforcement starts at home. Teach kids to not tolerate unacceptable behavior and report it immediately. Out the perpetrators regardless of who it is. Stand as a community against assaults on members and see it through. Cooperate with law enforcement, taking a clear stand that such behavior is not acceptable from anyone.
      Lastly it is important that every assault regardless of race be investigated and not dismissed or buried.

    • You want the meetings to continue in the dark apparently, Gail? Truth be told, this was just another TRIBAL Pity Party “Send us more money” Committee…Good for Rep Vance turning the light on for them

  22. Thank you Suzanne for a well-written article tying the left’s tactics to Alinsky. We need reminded of his tactics and goal – the communist takeover of the US.

  23. “What I should have said is evil does not discriminate,” Vance said

    She should have left it right there, and not said a single word after that.
    That sentence says it all, and this should have been left right there…..

  24. Who are we to tell Sarah Vance what to say and when? Good on her for standing up to the leftists time and again. She’s one of the best Representatives we’ve ever had.

    Go Sarah!

  25. Vance should NOT have apologized….what do you mean, “forced her to apologize”
    She chose to capitulate to the leftist demands of insanity.
    If she doesn’t have a strong enough spine, she should resign!

  26. I feel the narrative was misunderstood from all angles and taken out of context. I’m my opinion senator Vance could have reworded her statement to make it productive and not offensive. She could have stated that in another session that wasn’t solely for tribal affairs and recommend her ideas to be more inclusive on another session that is not for a particular group. Her comments may have appeared to be backhanded comments and it doesn’t take a genius to see the socially awkward statement that put her at risk for scrutiny. She made bold statements but not in the right session and that caused a socially awkward moment for everyone. Embarrassing is the right word if you want to be blunt.


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