Anonymous telephone push poll goes negative, hitting Nick Begich, promoting Dahlstrom


A 10-minute push-poll was conducted over the past few days in Alaska. Those receiving the call were not able to identify the sponsor of the poll for Must Read Alaska, but provided some of the questions — they were all negative on congressional candidate Nick Begich and were favorable toward congressional candidate Nancy Dahlstrom. The poll also had negative messages about Rep. Mary Peltola.

The questions included things like: If you were aware that Nick Begich has no Alaska employees would you be more or less likely to vote for him? (Begich only has Alaska employees).

If you were aware that Nick Begich has millions of dollars in dark money, would you be more or less likely to vote for him? (He has the least amount of campaign cash of the three major candidates, with Peltola receiving $10 million in dark money).

If you were aware that Nancy Dahlstrom went to the border with Mexico, would you be more or less likely to vote for her? (Dahlstrom visited the Texas border last month, with several other congressional candidates from other states).

The poll may have been conducted by the Dahlstrom campaign or an independent group supporting her, or may have even been done by the campaign of Rep. Peltola, who would probably rather run against Dahlstrom, and take Begich out of contention in August. Begich, a Republican, has said repeatedly that he will drop from the race if he comes in third during the Aug. 20 primary.

Either way, it appears that Begich is the one to beat. In an analysis done by Decision Desk HQ, a Republican in the Alaska race currently has a 53% chance of winning with 53%, versus Democrat Peltola, who is polling at 47%.

Cook Political Report poll shows that, as of the latest polling, Alaska’s Republican congressional candidate will win by 8 points over Peltola, who has $2.5 million in cash at her disposal, compared with the mere hundreds of thousands of dollars that Begich and Dahlstrom have combined.

Begich is one of the toughest campaigners Alaska has seen in many years but has kept his focus on beating Peltola and returning Alaska’s congressional seat to a Republican.


  1. If Dahlstrom wants to run a negative campaign we have plenty to say.
    Friends at the Department of Corrections

  2. If this came from the Dahlstrom campaign or Dahlstrom supporters, my opinion is she must resign her candidacy.

  3. Nancy wouldn’t commit at our district meeting this week to getting out of the race if she finishes third. We are headed for a repeat.

    • Nancy is in it for purely selfish reasons. She better get prepared to be dirtied-up. Because that’s where this is heading. It won’t be pretty for her.

  4. He’s the best choice now but I haven’t forgotten he refused last time and put Mary in office. Thats a step for me to get over. I remember his Dad when I was young. Hmm.

    • Jeff, your comment only makes sense if Palin could have beat Peltola–which she could not do. Secondly, Palin would be a bigger embarrassment as our representative than Pelltoal already is.

    • Jeff, your comment only makes sense if Palin could have beat Peltola–which she could not do. Secondly, Palin would be a bigger embarrassment as our representative than Peltola already is.

    • Jeff, I remember Nick’s Grandpa, one hell of a Congressman, yesss!
      NBIII is hands down the best candidate that we’ve had come along in decades.

    • We have to get past the past dissapointments and move forward. I am sure there are regrets all around.


  5. This looks more like a smart democrat attempt to sow division among the Republican faithful. By the looks of the responders, it has succeeded. Buyer Beware!

  6. It amazes me the lengths that Washington DC will go to keep Nick Begich out of congress. What are they so afraid of?

  7. What? Has someone figured out the lefties put Dahlstrom up to do Palins task of keeping the lady who’s name rhyme’s with Scary in DC?

  8. Well said all. I can really believe that this is for Mary’s group remembering the 51 who signed a letter of a FAKE computer.

    Would this be a campaign violation not disclosing who paid for it?

  9. And people wonder why more good candidates don’t run…

    Nick the Honey Badger Begich is tougher than a 2 dollar steak and thats exactly why we need him in DC.

  10. Here’s one they should have put in the poll… Nancy Dahlstrom’s campaign person worked in Washington DC and was hired by the Nikey Haley campaign to help her with her nasty and disrespectful run against President Trump. Does that make you more or less likely to vote for Nancy Dahlstrom?

  11. This makes me go for Nick more than ever. Republicans running smear campaigns against their own party opponents. BAD thing to do.
    Now since we have RCV , I will vote for Nick first. Second for Nancy. You must. Or Peltola will win. Remember that.

    • Sorry. This is a repeat of 2022. I went with NB3 first, Peltola second. Palin third. Will do the same with Dahlstrom ……..third. She’s NO Good.

      • Trust me–you do not want to cast a vote for Peltola if you want a Republican in Congress. That is how they trick you and why we are getting rid of it. Cast that second vote for Dahlstrom. She won’t win.

  12. I have to disagree with anyone who would vote for Peltola over a Republican they don’t like. It took me years to realize it, but no matter how sterling a Democrat candidate may be, to elect that person would only give more power to the terminally corrupt like Nancy Pelosi. When ever a party has the majority in Congress, they get to pick the committee chairs and the agenda, and basically run the country. I realized years ago that I could never vote for a Democrat again, since that party has become so corrupt and ant-American.

    • Perfect comment, the amount of Begich voters that picked Peltola over Palin was shocking. I despise Palin, but almost any Republican is better than the best Democrat at this point in time.

      • Over 27,000 second votes from Begich voters went to Palin and only 15,000 went to Peltola , and 11,290 didn’t vote or anyone else on the second round. 41% of Palin voters did not even rank anyone else.

        Begich was what’s called the “condorcet winner.” The one who had enough votes and would have beaten Peltola in a head-to-head and would beat Palin in a head-to-head, based on the actual data. Palin was in the end the vote splitter, and we can thank her for electing Peltola.

        An article about how it worked is at ‘

        • Sarah Palin was a hate magnet. That’s why. Remember: All the Palins voted for NB3. We even had fundraisers for Nick while Sarah was in Texas, Disneyland, Disney World and New York opera with her new boyfriend. And I was carrying for our Downs Syndrome child here in Alaska. And don’t forget that.

          • T-man, I am looking forward to all the truth being told. I don’t know the Palin family, but they were doing a pretty good smear campaign against Sarah and that makes me suspicious about the whole deal and NB III.

  13. It’s going to turn really nasty for Dahlstrom. It was Begich’s race to lose until Dahlstrom showed up late. Look what happened to Palin. She disappeared for good with lots of money and new, younger boyfriends. Dahlstrom is too old for any of that.


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