Anchorage superintendent says masks are now ‘political;’ and a parents’ lawsuit is teeing up to oppose district policy


The superintendent of the Anchorage School District wants parent to know that the masking of children has become a political issue in the schools.

She is asking students, families, employees, and others to “allow our public schools to be a true respite from the political theater for which we adults are participating.”

That might not be possible. What she calls political, other parents are calling a threat to their children’s health, well-being, and constitutional rights.

A group of Anchorage parents is launching a statewide legal fund to fight the district on its masking policy for students. The group, called Alaskans for Children’s Right to Breathe, is consulting with a lawyer.

Leaders of the new group were involved with the Save Anchorage and Open Alaska grassroots groups, both of which have become active in supporting businesses in Anchorage during the former mayor’s draconian lockdowns of the state’s largest city.

Elizabeth Welsh of Open Alaska is taking the lead and will meet with an attorney on Monday to advance a lawsuit on behalf of parents and children in the Anchorage schools. She is looking for parents to join the group.

The Alaskans for Children’s Right to Breathe fundraising site is at this link.

They can be reached via email at [email protected]

The group launched a Facebook page on Saturday at this link.

Superintendent Deena Bishop last month announced her masking policy, which puts all children, ages K-12, into face masks during the opening weeks of school. She said the policy could change later, but right now she believes she is following the science, not politics.

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“To be pointed, there are many people internal to our organization who like the fall mask wearing plan and those who do not,” Bishop wrote to parents in an email on Saturday.

“No matter our personal views, we are choosing to enter our schools every day to serve children in a safe manner. I have decided on a plan for ASD that supports the preponderance of scientific evidence during this time of COVID-19, a new virus in our history. As your superintendent, I have an ask for you as students, families, employees, and community members in doing your best to support a great start to this school year.

“The topic of wearing a mask is the most polarizing aspect of ASD’s fall COVID-19 response plans and has become a political target. Schools are a microcosm of the community. Hence, if the virus is in our community, it is in our schools. If mask wearing is an issue in our community, so is it in our schools,” she wrote.

Read Mayor speaks out against masking of children policy at Anchorage schools

“Allow our teachers and students to focus on what matters most, improving student outcomes. The fall mitigation provides for appropriate mask breaks as well as flexibility when our viral load lessens in the community. We owe it to our kids and employees of ASD to have a strong start to their 2021-2022 school year,” Bishop wrote.

2021-2022 Return to School Operation Guidelines 

Bishop said that at 7 pm Monday, she will host a Facebook Live event with Dr. Anne Zink, the state’s Chief Medical Officer, and her team from the State Division of Public Health, which can be watched at this link.

“This will be a time for families to learn more about the mitigation plans and where our community presently stands with COVID. Details can be found at Please enjoy your final days before school starts next week. The School Board’s mission of Educating All Students for Success in Life awaits. Our students cannot find success in school without our parents, employees, and the greater community. Let’s work together to keep our doors open so our children can grow and learn,” Bishop said.

Nationally, there are similar legal actions being taken against school districts.

A mask mandate in Nevada has been responded to with a federal lawsuit from attorneys seeking class-action status for claims that the constitutional rights of thousands of parents and children at Las Vegas-area schools are being violated. Schools opened last Monday in Las Vegas.

In Alabama, a judge denied a group has parents’ who asked for a temporary restraining order. The judge ruled that the parents’ concerns over forced masking did not outweigh the public health risks of unmasked in-person learning. The judge also said the school board had authority to order a mask mandate.

In Atlanta, a group started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a legal challenge of the Gwinnett County school mask policy and has quickly raised $24,000. The group hired a lawyer and plans to serve the school district shortly.


    • Need to get the children out of the public schools and try to do the home school education. Here’s a thought for people, with an educational system that is to stupid to not know what the reality is, can we afford to have these people educating our young people?

      • I’ve said the same thing. You are choosing to be “educated” by someone who is either too stupid to read and understand a box label or lacks the moral courage to speak up. Why do that?

    • I believe superintendent Bishop meant ‘her decision’ was not political; but did she actually hear out her district’s parents, and review options?

  1. Finally we begin to fight. Next will be HIPPA law violation law suits and illegal termination of jobs law suits. Let it begin!!!!

    • Amy Comey Barrett denied to hear Indiana college students suit against the Univ. The future of suits against mask policies is not good I think.
      Need some way to get school choice. We need some way to take our tax money out of public schools.

  2. There is absolutely no Science proveing masks protect you or anyone else. If you have such science then provide it. Otherwise stop lying to parents..

    • Here’s a small sample of work published in science literature on the requested subject.

      JAMA Network “Assessment of Respiratory Function in Infants and Young Children Wearing Face Masks During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

      Science Magazine, May 19, 2021, “Face masks effectively limit the probability of SARS-CoV-2 transmission” and references therein.

      IZA Institute of labor Economics, “Face Masks Considerably Reduce COVID-19 Cases in Germany: A Synthetic Control Method Approach”

      Brigham Young University (not peer reviewed but presents copious documentation), “Making sense of the research on COVID-19 and masks”

      Lancet, “Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis”

      Nature: Face masks: what the data say

      Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2020 Dec;103(6):2400-2411. “Association of Country-wide Coronavirus Mortality with Demographics, Testing, Lockdowns, and Public Wearing of Masks”

      • Wonder where your quoted institutions are receiving their mighty dollar and what other strings hold them accountable for their answers, as well as the promised futures of the authors. I can find just as many to the contrary. Info galore on the internet and TV. I will stick with my God given Freedom.

          • I hope you understand the quote you used. It further strengthens my point. Those of us who don’t want the mask or vaccine are not mandating anything of those who do. It is those who do that are mandating to those who don’t. If those of you want to mask and vaccinate, what threat to your safety are those that don’t? You are “protected” so says the government. How is your freedom more superior than mine? Death comes to us all, but your death has come early in the form of fear and narcissistic self righteousness.

      • Yeah, we can all drag out some report or publication by someone to try and prove our side is right can’t we?

        • AK Wolf, One could but the post I responded to specifically asked for supportive science. I answered with science from the professional literature.

    • You apparently have trouble separating fact from fiction. Maybe you should explain why masks are not needed for doctors and nurses when performing surgery?

      • Frank Rast – You apparently can’t separate fact from fiction! The main reason surgeons & nurses wear cloth masks during surgery is to prevent sweat, hair, saliva & shedding skin particles from falling into the wound. Unless the surgeon is wearing a N95 mask, a “Hello Kitty” cloth mask ain’t gonna stop the Corona Virus.

    • I believe that this vaccinated person had a mild breakthrough infection because I stopped wearing a mask in large stores and group situations over one-week. Positive for COVID-19 delta variant which could have come via touch on a device or aerosol contamination. Whether that qualifies as science, it makes me a believer. I wear a mask in public situations.

      Kids in schools touch many objects and one another, and their faces, they can’t help themselves – why take a chance?

  3. “What she calls political, other parents are calling a threat to their children’s health, well-being, and constitutional rights.”
    These other parents happen to be out to lunch for their own political reasons. Heheh!

    • Oh Bill, your knowledge and intelligence are superior to all! Those studies showing ill effects of masks are all just wing nuts! Bow to the all knowledgeable! Hee hee!

        • Bill Yankee,
          You are the leader our species searches for . Control and tyranny are in your blood . Your masterful dismissal of human rights awes us . We have searched the galaxy for a traitor who resists and demeans personal choice. You give us hope that America will fall .
          Your political party’s acceptance of hypocrisy is a breath of fresh jupitorian gasses. We will be scanning you soon.

          • Bill Yankee
            Arnold is our best friend. We communicate regularly. We told him to say such mental programming. His father was a decorated nazi officer from austria fighting in most major nazi actions. Arnold was an easy convert . His anti freedom stance is to be emulated and will result in our desired outcome. Bill Thank you for joining us . Arnold will be back as the terminator to eliminate all resistance. You and him can crush the freedom movement before it starts. You have joined the winning team . Keep up the good work. We love your heh heh he ! Ive slimed it all over our time capsule. Bill your tyrant stance is ahead of its time. Good job .

          • Servant contractor Bill Yankee –
            Your off world anti aging credits will be delivered in 33 earth rotations . Thank you for your efforts towards the demise of humanity. We will scan your thoughts soon and send you a new message to promote. Until then keep your mask on to reduce banned emotional earthling connections .

  4. No kidding. Who didn’t see this coming?

    Bishop is either mentally incompetent or outright lying ( both possible).

    If she was “following the science” there would be no masks.

    She’s following the union politics. If we have a Governor with a spine he’d use the bully pulpit and blast this from Ketchikan to Pt Barrow.

    But we got Dunleavy, so nothing will happen.

  5. Nobody is talking about the hazards of waring a mask. I know someone that had serious medical issues because he was waring a mask as directed and had issues from inhaling the fibers of the mask.

    • So true. I knew this guy once, who knew girl at band camp who said the threads of her mask were made from a goat from Peru, which cause her to have lifelong asthma.

  6. Parent can pull their student if they don’t want to follow policy. Parents don’t have the right to use their students to infect other students. They don’t have a case.

      • While I do disagree with the full time masking of students, I disagree that Influenza is more deadly than Covid. At one time in history perhaps, and a particular variant. I do not know a single person dying from influenza or even coming close to dying. Yet just this week I know four people hospitalized and one on a ventilator and that is just this week. And one of them is healthy fit and in 30’s. I personally know three that have died since onset. Covid is weird, new, and dangerous. Add also the lingering symptoms so many are having such as our adult daughter.

        Still, I see zero need of students to wear a mask while sitting at their desks in the classroom. Maybe in transition or when they leave their desks. The masks are only effective as a shield protecting others from the wearer and in closer contact situations. That is why surgeons wear them during surgery, but change them frequently. Whole host of problems keeping a (dirty) mask on all day. I would be homeschooling if I still had kids in school and will support the new group that has been started.

        • Surgeons wear masks to prevent their bodily fluids, such as sweat, and/or mucus, from entering the patient’s open wound. It has absolutely nothing to do with preventing the transmission of viruses.

      • There are no facts, or studies that say the flu is more deadly than Covid. Easy to make stuff up when you hide behind a pseudonym

    • Greg – sit down. The adults are speaking. Maybe go read an actual study instead of listening to what main stream media lies about. Masks are useless. The actual science proves it. Vaccines are useless, the actual science proves it. This isn’t about keeping anyone safe, it’s about subduing a population, and genocide.
      Read the Georgia guide stones. Look up the United Nations Agenda 21, the world economic forum and the great reset. Anything that doesn’t confirm your own confirmation bias. Look and see how well Gibraltar is doing – with its 90+ percent vaccination rate – now going into full lockdown due to massive “COVID” outbreaks. It’s genocide. It’s control. And this is America. Not China, not North Korea, Not Australia where the government has unleashed its military on its populace. America. Wake up.

      • Wow. Conspiracy theorists are rampid here. Not here, but in road Alaska. It’s not about control. It’s about freeing up hospitals so they can get back to every day life saving efforts precovid.. staff are spread thin, hallways flooded. That’s what it’s about.

        • It’s “rampant” Greg. Didn’t you claim to be a teacher at one point? Rampid isn’t even a word.

          Masks do harm children. Not all children are the same, many children have differing learning challenges and health challenges and they struggle with mask wearing. Kids with asthma, kids with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS, kids with sensory processing issues, autistic children, deaf children who rely on being able to read lips/facial expression to communicate. This is just a sampling of children who are harmed by a universal mask wearing policy. None of this is a conspiracy theory.

          And Frank Rast, to say that masks are effective because surgeons wear them, they wear them so they don’t contaminate an open patient on the table with sweat, breath droplets, etc. And they change them often throughout the surgery. That’s completely different from children wearing the same mask at school for 6 to 8 hours a day to hopefully prevent a classmate from contracting a respiratory virus. No one teaches these kids proper hygiene; wash your hands, don’t touch your face and keep your fingers out of your nose. That alone would go a long way to keeping kids healthy, COVID or no COVID.

        • My wife works for the largest medical center in Anchorage. There were only two Covid patients in ICU last week, the rest were there for the typical reasons.

    • Until the parent can *pull the money* too, nothing will change. This is the problem with socialism, and how 20 grand plus per student gets you this non-sense.
      Each taxpayer should have the option to direct *their money* away from any lousy sub-standard public service, how about a *Pick-Click-Give* system, where we get to vote with our tax dollars, we’ve seen that somewhere before right.
      How about a *defund the Anchorage School District* petition, maybe take a leaf from the wing-nuts in “The Squad.”

    • Mask don’t work to stop covid, neither does central planning. 400 juvenile deaths in 18 month that’s highly to the flu. But this whole thing is a great argument for school choice. fund the students not the system

    • Greg do your reading. When 163 Million Covid VACCINATED People are still dying from it that is failure.. The masks are political and do nothing. If they worked then explain why people are still getting it in areas that never were unmasked!

      • No vaccine is 100% effective. This virus is adapting to its environment with remarkable adeptness. The mRNA vaccines started with 95-96% efficacy against serious disease caused by the alpha variant, near 100% efficacy against hospitalization/death. The delta variant now causes 83 or higher percent of COVID-19 illnesses in the US and those vaccines are only 88% effective against serious delta variant disease. The longer folks run around unprotected spreading it to their neighbors, family, friends or passers in the hall; the more mutations there will be. Sooner or later a mutation worse than delta will appear. Kids in a classroom where aerosol transmission is possible are especially vulnerable if not protected by the best filtration technology. Wait and see. I hope this is wrong!

  7. Pathetic.
    What’s next, putting all the attractive breeding age females in Burkas, just because a bunch of dirty old men cannot control their personal urges?
    What, with the *resurgence* of segregated school bathrooms, *WHITE & COLORED* (look it up, it’s on the USA is going backward with this.
    These all inclusive liberals are insane, and hypocrites of the very first order, not one of them walks the walk.
    Pelosi the other day turned up for a presser in DC maskless, spotted the camera, placed on her mask, then removed it after she was finished. Unfortunately for her, the camera was running to capture all. But, you’ll only find it on, because our media are hypocrites too.

  8. “We’re pushing CRT, equity, and climate justice in the curriculum while pandering to dem supporting unions, but YOU need to stop politicizing schools by standing up for your kids’ constitutional and human rights” 😒

    lefties gonna left 🤷‍♀️

    • Pushing CRT. I know they are right! I mean my 6 year old was learning about it last year in kindergarten. Oh, my bad, its a college course.

  9. Just one word: “Homeschool.” If you can’t do it yourself, team up with friends and neighbors who can.

  10. My goodness people, get over yourselves and get over the idea that masks are harmful for kids. There was a whole year of them wearing them in the Mat Su, and the kids were fine.

    Think about it: you know who else wears masks? Brain surgeons and rocket scientists. They wear them, sometimes literally all day. They don’t seem to get in the way of them doing their jobs, so what’s the big deal here?

  11. I’ve said it before – masks are the “pussy hats” of the resist Trump movement! These people are crazy – don’t try to reason with them.

  12. There is Politics, Science and Political Science. The Supertintendent is following the ” political science”…
    She and her Teacher Union pals are responsible for the feckless state of education. Remove your children from their system.

  13. The school board president informed me recently that; ” Procedurally, for the past 16 months, all versions of the District’s Mitigation plans are developed by the superintendent and her team and recommended to the School Board. This process has not changed.”

    I ask myself daily – How can a Superintendent overseeing the school district of our kids – and one who still, to this day continues listening to CDC information, guidance and updates which will only continue traumatizing many children ? When we all know the CDC has been painfully wrong, inaccurate or flawed to date on everything Covid related. If she was TRULY following science, then we would NOT be masking our kids again. The real science is known to everyone now and she has the audacity to imply she’s not making it political ! ?

    And now, the same individual wants to have a Facebook event with the very Chief Medical Officer who does nothing buy regurgitates CDC info and updates ???

    My only conclusion is that this individual is either; A) Unfit for the position and/or grossly incompetent or B) somehow compromised. Either way, our children need to be protected from whatever the answer is. Home school or other effective options.

    • COVID-19 is an unbeknownst virus. No doctor or scientist had ever encountered such a virus which quickly developed into a global pandemic.
      These doctors and scientists had to really scramble to meet the challenges of finding appropriate means of treatment…which they did!
      This required ADAPTING to a highly changing environment, which unfortunately included back-and-forth decisions on wearing masks.
      Instead of griping and hollering about who is wrong or right, why not simply check if you are ABLE to adapt…or not??!

      • How about we just return to pre Wuhan Virus days and worry about yourself. In those days if you were concerned about the Flu, you took what measures you deemed responsible and no one else knew the difference. No different than today. The public has been educated and advised for over a year and a half. Make your own decisions and quit trying to push your fears onto others. My decision to mask or not mask, vaccinate or not vaccinate is no concern you yours.

      • Faith or fear. Two choices. You have a 99.7 percent recovery rate of CV-19 or a 90 percent recovery rate of the vaccination. Sounds like simple math to me.

        Personally I have almost died three times this year, but I am still able to respond to your statement.

        Science doesn’t have all the answers and taking sides is a wise decision, if you are an intelligent human being, you go with what you see is in your favor.

        I don’t live by fear or what is going to take me out of this world. I fear what happens after death, for me, I believe in Jesus Christ who took that fear from me, I hope someday you find him too and your fear of death will disappear.

        There is always two sides to a debate, as well as a coin..Heads or tails?

        And there is a right and a wrong, including doctors, and peoples opinions, that’s a reality.

        Face it or not. if you get off of mainstream media and do your homework, people that die in car accidents and were tested positive for Covid are claimed to die from Covid. Numbers are being manipulated ..again to install fear to get simple people to follow unwise decisions.

        Wisdom is priceless…Peace to you and seek the truth…it exists if you look for it-

    • Now that you are well informed with your pseudo science you are free to enroll your children at risk where there is a maskless policy

  14. ASD will cave. They know everyone in Anchorage hates them and have little, if any money, to fight lawsuits.Bishop wouldn’t even get elected to be a neighborhood dog catcher.

    • All the doctor’s I know where masks daily in their practice. Some wear 2. They make employees go outside to eat lunch since masks must be removed to eat. You don’t get in the door without a mask.

  15. What am I missing here? The sup’t says, she is asking students, families, employees, and others to “allow our public schools to be a true respite from the political theater for which we adults are participating.”

    I thought at first, “Bravo! She is going to buck the PC tide. The kids won’t have to mask up!” To me it meant she was saying that it is the MASKING that is a theater — like the TSA’s “Security Theater”. Meaning, masking is merely an outward sign of pretending there is DANGER.

    But alas and alack, there is such a disconnect because she meant the exact opposite. That COMPLAINING about masking is “theater”. Truly, we are on different planets.

  16. Anyway, who still listen to Governor Anne Zink? Her policies are locked step with the disgrace and super politicized CDC.

  17. The current Superintendent will never find that it is “safe” enough to drop the mask requirement. She will depart her current position before she recommends a “no-mask-required” policy. If she was serious about masks and the aerosol spread of the virus the ASD would provide free N-95 masks for everyone and essentially forbid eating and drinking. The current masks and mask policies are theater and nothing else.

  18. It’s a wonder that people still send their children to public school, especially people who claim to know better.

  19. Do these people claiming their constitutional rights are being violated know which of their constitutional rights are being violated, or do they just use the term constitutional rights as a throwaway argument? Specifically which constitutional right(s) are being violated? It would be informative to know how many people know what a constitutional right actually is.

    • You are speaking to some low-watt bulbs here, but you already knew that. Their “freedoms” are at stake here and they must be in the constitution somewhere.
      Arnold has responded appropriately here: “screw your freedoms.”

    • The 9th amendment of the Bill of Rights. Just because an individual right is not enumerated, does not forfeit it a right.

        • When you look at the Bill of Rights and the Constitution from a perspective that we given rights by our government instead of as documents limiting Government power it is difficult to see. The Democrats used the 9th amendment for personal privacy rights when it suits them.” In roe v. wade, the federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas ruled that a state law prohibiting Abortion in all instances except to save the life of the mother violated the right to privacy guaranteed by the Ninth Amendment (314 F. Supp. 1217 [1970]).
          On appeal the Supreme Court affirmed the district court’s ruling, stating that the right to privacy, “whether it be founded in the Fourteenth Amendment’s concept of personal liberty and restrictions upon state action, as we feel it is, or, as the District Court determined, in the Ninth Amendment’s reservation of rights to the people, is broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy” (Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 93 S. Ct. 705, 35 L. Ed. 2d 147 [1973]).” Legal Dictionary. Just as the courts are torn left and right, so is the definition and use of the 9th amendment. One side states, you have more rights than we can list and other side says, in the absence of a list I will let you know what you can and cannot do. The second was not the original intentions of this Country. So to answer your question, we have rights, which are more than can be listed and the 9th amendment is the starting point. The taking of freedom requires laws, not partisan interpretations brought on by agendas.

          • You said: “The taking of freedom requires laws, not partisan interpretations brought on by agendas”

            Agreed 100% and you surely know there are laws in place at the state level and, even at the Federal level, aimed at preventing just such a pandemic as we now experience in the country from being brought in or spread from state to state. See the Public Health Service Act, Sec 361. The Commerce Clause of the Constitution gives the Federal Government broad powers to regulate interstate commerce and might be used to keep unvaccinated people from traveling between states.

      • And the question remains, which constitutional rights are being violated? The 9th Amendment isn’t a right it’s an Amendment that says that not all rights are covered in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, but there haven’t been many successful challenges using the 9th Amendment. So once again I ask which constitutional rights are being violated?

    • Steve-o, how about the 9th and 10th Amendments? All of the Government’s rights were enumerated within the body of the Constitution. Those rights are limited to dealing with interstate commerce (as opposed to inner-state commerce), and defense of the Union. We have a Bill of Rights for a reason, to constrain the Federal Government’s rights.
      9th) The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
      10th) The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
      NOWHERE is it enumerated within the body of the Constitution that the Government has the right to mandate ANYTHING regarding your health. Nor is there an Amendment giving them the authority to do so.

      • DSL,
        So which actual right is being violated? Just saying which number Amendment from the Bill of Rights doesn’t tell anyone which right is being violated. The 9th says “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people” and the 10th says “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” You seem to accept that which ever right is being violated isn’t in the constitution, so which right that isn’t listed in the Constitution is being violated?

      • DSL,
        A couple of SCOTUS cases decided well over 100 years ago disagree with your assertion that the Constitution doesn’t allow the government to mandate ANYTHING regarding your health. Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur versus the Board of Health of the state of Louisiana and Jacobson v. Massachusetts are a couple to get you started. Also please consider the general welfare clause, commerce clause, and supremacy clause of the Constitution.

  20. ASD is owned by the teachers union. I strongly suggest that ASD mandate vaccinations for all ASD staff to save the teachers! Where is our State Board of Education???

  21. This article’s headline misrepresents what the school superintendent stated. Unfortunately, masks have BECOME political, thanks to certain highly ambitious politicians who are NOT trained physicians.
    This COVID-19 pandemic is a public health issue. Getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, maintaining social distances, washing your hands are actions that require COLLECTIVE participation to rid ourselves of this scourge.
    If your family physician and medical advice is provided by baseless Facebook posts (such as those often noted on this website), we are all in serious trouble!

  22. It’s an odd turn of events that Bishop would admit what all thinking people already knew, that her mask mandate is purely political and has nothing to do with science…..

  23. These leaders need to stop using Facebook and Zoom as their communication method, it’s never been an effective way communicating with the public, viewership has always been low. These leaders are not taking inaccount people won’t waste a day watching a Zoom or Facebook live, while community residents are deleting Facebook accounts.

  24. This mask topic isn’t political theater.
    I had to look up the meaning because I was uncertain what is political theater.

    “Political theatre is a term that has been used to refer to different forms, theatrical styles or performances that comments on political/social/cultural issues, political action or protest that has a theatrical quality to it.”

    There is no show. There is a lawsuit, but that’s not a show.If there was a protest at ASD and included the visualization of masking a bunch of small dummy dolls, then you have political theater.

  25. This is how we lose 2022. Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football. Lucy represents the Left. She also gets CB to trust her one more time, and it ends well for her. Not so for CB. Moral of the story: Everything is not a priority. Prevailing on the mask issue today is not as important as taking back congress in 2022.

    • Mask are a symbol and a stepping stone for the left. Airlines require. Ask now they are pushing vaccine mandates. I think we are capable of fighting a multi front incursion on our freedom. You go ahead and stand by while they handcuff you one wrist at a time.

  26. Over 60% of parents support the ASD mask policy. Keep making things up with psudonyms if that is what makes you fel better

    • Polls are a brainwashing tool used to herd sheep for slaughter. They have been used by the CIA to overthrow governments for decades. The left hate numbers until they suit their purpose. Soon, teachers and professors will have completed their mission of dumbing down our society and there won’t be a need to dazzle you with artificial numbers.

  27. Hey Superintendent, here is a news flash. If you are pushing mask mandates, you are the political hack! You need to follow the science because these silly masks can’t stop a virus particle that is .1 micron in size. It is like throwing sand at a chain link fence and the masks collect terrible bacteria like meningitis and decrease the intake of oxygen in the body called, hypoxia. But do you hear Doctors telling people about these facts? No, because they will have their licenses threatened and their money gravy train cutoff from the CDC and Big Pharma. If you are forcing a child to wear a mask or get an experimental and very dangerous vaccine, it is child abuse! There is no excuse not to know the facts. Stop watching the shrills and liars on the mainstream media. Come back to Must Read Alaska, because Suzanne seems to be the only one telling the truth in Alaska. : )

    • “There is no excuse not to know the facts.”
      Masks can filter larger particles in the air, but carbon dioxide can easily be exhaled through the filters. Coronavirus particles are 120 nanometers, oxygen is 0.120 nanometers and carbon dioxide is 0.232 nanometers. The pore size in N95 masks is generally 100 to 300 nanometers, meaning the average single pore will allow 1667 oxygen molecules in and 862 carbon dioxide molecules out. Other masks have even larger pore sizes, so a mask can’t restrict oxygen or carbon dioxide flow. It doesn’t mean that the wearer does not feel restricted. However, the math and physics are not consistent with that feeling.
      And now you know the facts, wearing a mask does not restrict the flow of oxygen leading to hypoxia.

      • And none of those numbers mean anything when the compounding moisture levels increase the longer you wear it as well as the body oils that come in contact as the mask is adjusted or taken off and on by contact with your hands. The science is BS. The argument will always be your sheepish insistence, along with the other mindless government supporters, of tyranny. The same government that is dumping hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants throughout or country with numbers as high as 40% infection rate, and yet you blindly follow their mandates. It is truly sad and dispiriting that people are so scared that they feel righteous in stealing people’s liberty to make themselves feel safer. People have surrendered their souls to narcissism magnified by fear and self righteousness of saving humanity at any cost, while completely in denial and unable to self reflect. Half of humanity is walking around parroting the tyrannical while tying the noose they will hang you with.

        • Brian,
          Where did I say I support any of that tyranny and allowing of illegals to come into the country, or even mask mandates? I would prefer people use their brain and think for themselves, sadly far too many do not have that ability and simply spout the latest talking points…similar to what you are doing. If you think the moisture in your breath is going to choke off an oxygen molecule on a mask you need to do some research, start by looking up water boarding. I do not blindly follow their mandates, it’s pathetic that so many will blindly not follow their mandates because of “freedom” and “rights” that they cannot be bothered to even attempt to understand. Think for yourself Brain, think for yourself. Masks do not cause hypoxia as Michael Johnson claims.

          • I do think for myself. If you weren’t consumed with your own opinion you would see that. As to hypoxia, when your body doesn’t have enough oxygen, you could get hypoxemia or hypoxia. These are dangerous conditions. Without oxygen, your brain, liver, and other organs can be damaged just minutes after symptoms start. Published by Dr. Vernon Coleman, Surgeons have been using surgical masks since their introduction in 1897. It has for some years been customary for surgeons and nurses to wear surgical masks in the operating theatre and to change masks part of the way through any procedure lasting more than a few hours.
            The dangers associated with mask wearing were assessed by five doctors and published in the journal Neurocirugia in 2008.
            Although it is customary for operating theatres to be fitted with air conditioning systems, the writers of the article, entitled, Preliminary Report on Surgical Mask induced Deoxygenation During Major Surgery, pointed out that it is known that heat and moisture are trapped beneath surgical masks and concluded that ‘it seems reasonable that some of the exhaled carbon dioxide may also be trapped beneath them, inducing a decrease in blood oxygenation’.
            A total of 53 surgeons, of both sexes, all employed at university hospitals and aged between 24 and 54 years of age were tested. All were non-smokers and none had any chronic lung disease. The test involved pulse oximetry before and after the course of an operation. The study showed that the longer a mask was worn the greater the fall in blood oxygen levels. This may lead to the individual passing out and it may also affect natural immunity – thereby increasing the risk of infection.
            The masks used were disposable, sterile, one-way surgical paper masks. To eliminate the effect of dehydration over a several hour surgical operation, the surgeons were allowed after every hour to drink water through a straw.
            The authors of the paper concluded that, ‘When the values for oxygen saturation of haemoglobin were compared, there were statistically significant differences only between preoperational and post operational values. As the duration of the operation increases, oxygen saturation of haemoglobin decreases significantly.’. And surgeons for the most part who are not under mask for most of their waking hours. Bottom line is, anyone with common sense knows that impeding you breathing process is going to create some form of dysfunction or harm to your body. Maybe not the extreme measure of hypoxia for most, but I am positive that can’t be said for all as you have stated.

          • Additionally Steve-0, your comment on comparing water boarding is just asinine. Have you been water boarded before? The more a fabric is saturated with water the less air you can breath through it. The same with your mask as you continually breath moisture into the fabric. The longer it stays on your face the more moisture it retains. I feel like I am talking to a 1st grader.

  28. Remember Dr. Fauci told us in 2020 that masks are not needed and not effective as you may think it is..Dr. Fauci was indeed telling you the science then and the science has not changed. His statement: ” it is not providing the perfect protection people think” may have changed, but the science remains clear on effectiveness or lack of. If this is not Political Deena Bishop then where are the studies you can hand parents? In Germany ( not the highest quality study) used by 20.000 parents on data of 26.000 children who wore masks 270 minutes a day. Impairments caused by wearing the mask were reported by 68% of the parents. These included headache, difficulty concentrating, less happiness, reluctance to go to school, malaise, impaired learning and drowsiness of fatigue. Let the parents have the say.

    • No, what Fauci was telling us had nothing to do with the science of filtration. It was a statement that the nation’s stockpile of N95 masks (the ones almost everyone should be using and should have been using then) had been improperly stored and cared for and, as a result, there were not enough to go around to the population and the healthcare professionals who needed their protection at work every shift. This was not a good policy decision and only Fauci and his boss of the time can tell you who made that decision. The proper response would have been to do everything available to the President to ramp up domestic production of N95 masks and get them distributed to the people.

  29. Allow me to ask all the experts here a couple of question regarding this virus. I am a volunteer EMT and was recently on a call where an unvaccinated patient was having severe symptoms; high fever, difficulty breathing, raspy cough. 1. Should I wear a mask in the back of the ambulance as we wait at the airport for over an 2 hours for LifeMed to show up? (Lifemed was unable to respond immediately due to transporting other pt.) 2. Once at the hospital the person tested positive. Now I have to quarantine and test and may miss up to 2 weeks of work. This person could have gotten the vaccine and the stats show they would have not had as severe symptoms, not called EMS and not required hospitalization. Should this persons right to refuse the vaccine be more important they my right to work?

    • That’s the thing. Do they have the right to make others sick? They say yes. I say no. Yes, you should have masked up, body condom, anything you can find. I assume you got the shot. At least you won’t die. It’s part of your profession unfortunately.

    • I too was an EMT at one time. That person has a right to live his life free from government tyranny. You had the right to choose whatever profession you wanted. You should understand the inherent risk that come with it and take what mitigating steps that are required both by occupation standards and your own judgment. Don’t try to guilt people into surrendering their freedom because you chose a high risk occupation.

      • That person living their life free from government tyranny called the government/ EMS to rescue their ass. I am a volunteer. no $, just empathy and a sense of community. Our service is supported by the citizens and the government. Freedom requires responsible citizens.

        • Freedom does not “require” responsible people. There is no mandate for that or we, as a nation, wouldn’t be where we are today. We have been irresponsible in every category known to man; greed, lust, self centeredness, godlessness and the list continues. Our founding fathers stated, I’m paraphrasing, that for this Republic to survive it must be of morally responsible people. Morally, I have no right to take your freedoms as you have no right to take mine. The wickedness of fear in this country has erased what morality we had left and somehow there is half a nation people whom think they are smarter, wiser, and more clairvoyant than the person next to them. That their self righteousness triumph another’s freedoms. For those of us that don’t want a mask or vaccine, how are we a threat to you that are pro mask and vaccine when the government has told you that you are safe? We don’t care if you to worship at the alter of government. We have not pushed mandates on you. Wear and do what you want. If someone gets COVID whom doesn’t choose to mask or vaccinate, that is their responsibility and theirs alone and that is their freedom. That person weighed what he believed to be true and was wrong, but that is his freedom. His decision to be wrong effected who? A paramedic who shows up at many scenes throughout their career where people have made bad choices with their freedom. Please get over yourself for the sake of freedom.

    • Yes his right to not take the shot is still his right. If you don’t like your job or can’t perform because you’re afraid to do something or take something that might affect your health find a new job. Now, where did I hear that argument before?

    • Good question. I did research regarding intubations prior to the advent of covid and found published stated risk factors for intubated persons in a hospital setting. It is safer statistically to be intubated in the Emergency Room by staff than ICU staff. I’ve forgotten why there is an itemized list of things that go wrong. But the articles said if possible be intubated by skilled Emergency Room staff. I recall stats for hospital ER intubation claims were less than ICU intubations. I hope these ER staff will not be forced out of employment by administrators or hospitals will receive more payments per covid hospital deaths. If I can dig this up so can a disinterested lawyer I suppose which is a different sort unprecluded malpractice claim. Interesting.

  30. “Allow our teachers and students to focus on what matters most, improving student outcomes.” What a BS statement. Under the leadership of the union and this PC superintendent, the district gets an F. Currently overpriced education with shameful outcomes.

    School choice with the money following the students, (not the mediocre district bureaucracy that has failed miserably), is the solution.

  31. As much as I defend the right of anyone their free speech as in the 1st ammendment, it does not matter if I agree, or not. These people would tell me to not smoke in front of their precious, the same goes for me put a mask on the viral load your breathe is toxic so mask up and shut up. stop wasting the asd and the courts and the rest of us Time, whiners.

  32. There is one very simple question that needs to be asked of Superintendent Bishop. Show me the actual research (not policy or opinion) that ensures us masks stop the spread of covid and where children spread covid to adults. Does not exist. So not sure where she is obtaining her scientific information.

    • I’m not sure why my doctor wears a mask all day long when her patients come in. I didn’t ask her but she does require all of us to wear masks. She even puts a rubber glove over the stethoscope so she doesn’t have to keep sterilizing it all day long.

  33. Very good info on how to fight the insanity of forcing an experimental “vax” and masks on children at the Americas Front Line Doctors website. You can type in aflds then dot org. Or search for it under duckduckgo, not google (they’ll censor your search). I’d list it here but this site won’t let you leave a link. They also have lawyers you can contact.

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