Anchorage School District may reinstate the mask mandate this fall for students, staff


The Anchorage School Board and Superintendent Deena Bishop have received up to 50 letters in what appears to be a stealth campaign coordinated by the local teachers’ union, Anchorage Education Association, asking for a mask mandate for all students and staff when school resumes this fall.

Dave Donley, a member of the Anchorage school board, said on the Mike Porcaro Show on 650 KENI radio that the mask mandate could be imminent, if parents don’t get involved. He has not been able to get a commitment from the superintendent one way or the other, he said.

Many of the letters coming into the school board have similar wording to them, and the letter writers are teachers or people who say they are parents.

Sources say that Superintendent Bishop may make a decision within a few days about whether students will be required to wear masks.

Some of the letters are citing a new recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which says children over the age of 2 should be masked in school this fall, even if they are vaccinated. That is not the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.

The pediatricians organization in its updated guidelines says that an added benefit to wearing masks is that masks will slow down the transmission of other respiratory illnesses such as colds and flu.

Those with opinions on the matter may write to Bishop at [email protected] or to the school board at [email protected].

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  1. Must indoctrinate early no matter the consequences-study from Germany shows dangers of masks, but no matter to progressives.

    • Children and masks study pulled from JAMA for political reasons.
      Normal open air co2- 400ppm
      Closed classroom acceptable upper limit- 2000ppm
      Mean value measurement after 3 minutes- 13000+ppm
      One 7 year old mask content- 25000ppm
      Co2- bad for the planet but not for your kids.

      • Yeah, they tried to suppress the study. But maybe their agenda is to psychologically damage and physically hinder the compliant little next generation. 15,000 ppm is considered toxic.

  2. Imposing mandates or not imposing mandates based on how many squeaky wheels write letters or make calls is exactly how a weak politician/administrator/bureaucrat makes decisions. A fitting testimony to our entire political system…pathetic.

  3. Look up what was found on masks that our children were forced to wear all flipping day in our schools!!! These tests done on these masks are scary as hell! Indoctrination is real and going on in our schools!!!

  4. Do what I did back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Vote with your feet. Walk those children out of the leftist communist public schools and home school them or place them in a private Christian school. It wasn’t easy, but the sacrifice was worth it.

    It’s well known now that masks don’t work and that they actually harbor many strains of bacteria and viruses. ( look up the daily statistics at VAERS at the CDC. It’s frightening. And the numbers you will see there are only the ones the CDC will accept as Covid “vaccine” responsible.

  5. Wearing masks is the least of any issues for our school age children if they are back in class for a regular schedule. No problem from this parent.

  6. I’ve been talking to numerous like minded Parents, and the continued social and psychological damage already caused to our kids is not happening again. Serious push back time. Especially when there is ZERO medical evidence that kids transmit it. Doctors here in Alaska and around the world have been silenced or threatened whenever they have tried to reveal this FACT. Bishop needs to go like yesterday ! Her complicity is entirely unacceptable and unforgivable.

  7. So…it’s a stealth campaign when it says something contrary to your agenda. Yet it’s not stealth when you write an advocacy piece then give and email address to send comments in. Your article is another example of an editorial masquerading as journalism.

    • Suzanne prints comments showing all points of view, but does sometimes hold comments reflecting too poorly on intelligence.

    • Brover: Time to take your meds. It is “stealth” when someone portrays themselves as a concerned parent but is not a parent but rather is a teacher who really does not want to work in a class room.
      Looks like MRAK published your comment. Why accuse anyone of cowardice. BTW, the publisher of this blog has all the right to determine what comments should or should not be published. Don’t like it? Suggest you post on ADN. They publish all progressive comments and deny conservatives. And that’s their right. And probably why their circulation is in the tank and MRAK’ s is soaring.

  8. If the ASD Board and Leadership had an ounce of intellectual integrity they would conduct a legitimate inquiry into to what extent mask wearing negatively affects educational outcomes. My gut tells me that the younger the student, the greater the negative impact. Instead, it looks like ASD wants to engage in yet another round of disgraceful virtue signaling. The focus should be on educational outcomes; the rest is all nonsense.

  9. Thank you for the heads up. I just wrote giving my 100% support to wearing my masks this fall. None of my three kids were sick once last school year, Covid or otherwise. They also don’t really mind it. They are too young to watch Faux.

    • Let me guess.. You and your family went down and got the death jab and most likely voted for basement joe.

    • Well gosh, Brian. Our community never had any mandates, none of my 9 kids in Alaska wore masks, nor did their 15 kids, and except for some minor illnesses, they played inside and out and lived their lives and are all great now. Of course, I train kids to think for themselves and not be little indoctrinated drones. And none of us have TV.

    • Keep bubble wrapping your kids in N95, and basting them with Methanol based sanitizers and by the time they reach adulthood their immune systems will be shot.

    • Thanks for showing us who you are. It really helps people like me to avoid people like you. I feel sorry for your children and the long-term harm mask wearing is causing them.

  10. I say we need to institute a muzzle mandate for all those hysterical Karens and mindless, corporate media-led sheep who keep bleating for a mask mandate.

  11. Anchorage schools should follow The Science. Studies have shown there is harm caused to those who wear masks, including the inhalation of too much carbon dioxide, bacteria-ridden interiors of the masks also cause illnesses to those who wear them.

  12. This would all be over if all the people that were eligible to get the vaccine got it. In 1962 Dallas County vaccinated 950,000 people in 2 days against polio. “It was probably the largest peacetime mobilization ever undertaken in North Texas, and one that required a mutual trust among government officials, the public and the medical community that seems unfathomable in today’s polarized environment.” Explain why we can’t do this now.

    • The unapproved injection, which is not a tested vaccine, is available for everyone who chooses to be part of a phase 3 trial. But funny about all those infections happening in those taking the shot-ha, ha. Oh, and how many died of the polio vaccine? Answer: one! ‘There was one death due to a vaccine strain viral infection: a 3-month-old infant died from myocarditis after oral polio vaccine (which is no longer licensed for use in the United States) and DTP vaccine; vaccine strain poliovirus was isolated from the child’s myocardium’… National Institute of Health. How many died from COVID jab? 11,405 as of 16 July update. Hmm.

  13. This is NOT about the science re masks. It is about POWER of the teachers unions and their teaming up with the school districts to control parents and children. BTW, I just had a physical and my blood O2 was down 3% due to mask wearing.

  14. I believe Juneau SD has beaten Anchorage to the punch. Unvaccinated students will need to wear masks but I imagine all will by this fall. Sooo glad my daughter is a senior. Can’t get her out of this school district soon enough.

  15. A single published paper very seldom (read almost never) makes science – especially one with apparent serious technical issues. The level of confirmation bias demonstrated here, though expected, is astounding.

  16. CDC director/actor absolutely refused to answer how many kids (18 years and under) have died from covid that didn’t have comorbidities. The answer ZERO!

    Masks are for optics and without them and the MSM everybody would forget about Covid in a week’s time.
    FDA just recalled the PCR test due to false positives. Even though they lowed the amplification rate from well over 40 (guaranteed false positives) to the 20s the day Biden took office the PCR tests are still inconclusive. The PCR test has been used as a tool to fool people all along. (ya dont say..)
    The inventor of mRNA vaccine says “Dont take the vaccine”
    The former Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Pfizer says the vaccine is for “nefarious purposes.”
    The inventor of the PCR test said it should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.” and “Fauci Was a Liar”..
    Pull your kids from Hitler’s day camps, stop letting them indoctrinate your children.
    They’re using Stalin’s useful idiots (lefties) to divide our Country to the brink of Civil War.
    Resist this medical tyranny! Refuse the mask, refuse the passports, refuse the vaccine.

  17. If this happens, I will most definitely pull my child, who has special needs, out of school and homeschool him! I don’t like some of the things they’re infiltrating these young minds with, anyway.
    Homeschooling is so much easier and you can make your own schedule..

  18. Going through bio-weapons training in the military with masks, suits and self administered thigh injections, who knew that cloth and paper masks could protect us?

  19. Where is the State Board of Education? Where is the governor? Where are our elected officials? The school district will get funding regardless of how many kids it tries to educate. The teachers unions control the school district. The school board is a sham and their only concern is about getting reelected. It does not represent the parents/students, except for one member.

  20. If you actually read the guidance there is very little difference between the AAP and the CDC. I will be asking Dr. Bishop to follow that guidance. If ASD ignores the guidance of both organizations my 11 year old will likely have to stay home under the advisement of her cardiologist. If you recommend something contrary to the AAP and CDC (like optional masking for all), then make a case for your position in the context of the current surge in cases. Otherwise, quit the misinformation campaign that is a direct threat to the health and safety of others.

  21. Why do these “school boards” have this kind of power in the first place? If they ordered all the children to wear panties on their head, would that be ok too?

  22. No one can make anyone do what they don’t want to do. Even under extreme control, people always found a way to express their freedom either by secrecy or by more rebellion like the drunk KJB soviet communist officials and police officers exercising their own freedom when even their U.S.S.R government couldn’t control their own officials while under the influence of substance. Hahahaha.

    When will humanity ever learn it never will ever have its desired power and control over people?

  23. Looking at some historical data on Chicken Pox, it appears that it had a higher fatality rate (1 per 100k kids, 6 per 100k teens, 21 per 100k adults) than the China-engineered-thing… Yet nobody lived in fear, our nation survived, and our freedom was not sacrificed.

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