Anchorage Republican districts 9-23 endorse slate of local candidates


Anchorage districts 9-23 have endorsed common-sense challengers in the local Anchorage municipal elections. The candidates endorsed for Anchorage Assembly and for Anchorage School Board are all challenging the incumbents now running Anchorage:

Kevin Cross – Eagle River, for the open seat on Anchorage Assembly, with Assemblywoman Crystal Kennedy retiring

Kathy Henslee – Midtown, running against Democrat-endorsed Meg Zaletel for Anchorage Assembly

Stephanie Taylor – East Anchorage, running against Democrat-endorsed Forrest Dunbar for Anchorage Assembly

Liz Vazquez – West Anchorage, running against Democrat-endorsed Kameron Perez-Verdia for Anchorage Assembly

Randy Sulte – South Anchorage, running against Democrat-endorsed John Weddleton for Anchorage Assembly

Rachel Ries – running against Democrat-endorsed Kelly Lessens for Anchorage School Board

Mark Anthony Cox – running against Democrat-endorsed Margo Bellamy for Anchorage School Board

(*District 18 did not endorse; it is still an unorganized district. No word from District 24, Eagle River.)

Ballots were mailed by March 15 to eligible voters in Anchorage, and must be returned to the Municipal Election Office no later than April 5.


  1. I’m voting for Dustin Darden. He went into the public school grounds and verified terrified school children were coerced into taking the experimental injection against their uninformed wills as a prerequisite to receiving a free public education. If you are a man og good will do the right thing and vote for him too. There is no hope any woman has the good will nor tesosterone to do the right thing and vote for Dustin Darden.

    • I have and I will vote because I believe that if you Don’t Vote than you don’t have a leg to stand on when they pass crazy stuff.

  2. Kathy Henslee is a good friend a good mom, common sense Alaskan and a good choice for anchorage.
    Stephanie Taylor is a woman of incredible integrity, please vote her and Kathy in to the assembly

  3. Is rank choice voting gonna work out?
    Those lovely dominion computer tally machines, and of course the self absorbed candidates that’s in it for self gain. Time will tell. Good luck Anchorage

    • No ranked choice in local elections. No runoff either (only applies to mayor, not school board or assembly). Ranked choice ONLY applies to the statewide general election in November. It doesn’t even apply to the statewide primary in August. Top 4 vote getters from that primary go on to the general. Cheers –

  4. Why won”t the Republican party back Cliff Murray for South Anchorage School Board in place of Mark Cox. Cliff wants to get rid of CRT and get back to the basics of school, he has also worked with students for years. Mark does not have this much history and cannot find a whole lot about him. It just does not look like a good choice for conservatives and surprised that is who they chose.

    If anyone knows why please write and tell us. Thanks

  5. This is extremely important to get these people in office, yet all I see are ads for the democrats! What is happening with an organized plan by the republicans to get them elected?

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