Anchorage racism rally pamphlet says ‘pigs are enemy of the people’


The Left can’t control its fringe elements anymore than the Right can, it appears.

At the Anchorage rally against police brutality and racism on Saturday, MRAK captured a screen shot from one of the flyers being circulated, which upon closer inspection states that “it should be abundantly clear that the pigs are the enemy of the people.”

The flyer, published by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, demands a world without police and a world without prisons. The group demand an end to capitalism and imperialism and political autonomy for the “New Afrikan nation.”

The Party for Socialism and Liberation describes itself as a “communist party in the United States established in 2004 after a split in the Workers World Party. The PSL is running Gloria La Riva and Leonard Peltier in the 2020 election.”

According to Wikipedia, the party’s goal is to lead a revolution paving the way towards socialism, under which a “new government of working people” would be formed.

The PSL proposes many radical changes to be implemented by this government. In the political sphere, all elected representatives should be recallable, securing freedom of speech for the working class (except in the case of xenophobia or bigotry and to prevent re-establishment of the capitalist system) and the elimination of corporate influence from politics.

The party sees socialism as the door to full-on communism as its ultimate goal.

The PSL would among other measures prohibit the exploitation of labor for private profit, implement a working week of 30 hours and eradicate poverty through the introduction of a basic income guarantee.

“The PSL would grant the right of self-determination to what it considers oppressed nations of the United States, including “African Americans, Native, Puerto Rican and other Latino national minorities, the Hawaiian nation, Asian, Pacific Islander, Arab, and other oppressed peoples who have experienced oppression as a whole people under capitalism.” The group has an affinity for communist Cuba and opposes Israel.


  1. Socialism is the enemy of the People. We defeated it once we will do it again. Socialism leads to more people in poverty only second to Communism. These people are the new Pol Pots and the Lenin’s. Socialism and Communism never lifted anyone out of poverty except the elites. Learn the difference before you spout of at the mouth.

    • Drivel. The ten nations rated as the best places to live are all Socialist Democracies. I personally lived in Denmark for a decade and experienced the freedom they enjoy from policies often slammed as ‘socialist’ by the Right Wing here in the USA. Scandinavians have better wages, more time off, more discretionary spending, have over 15 politicsl parties represented in their government and have better lives in general thsn we do.

  2. So let us always remember our glorious legislators who participated and never cease to hound them for their disservice to our communities.

    • Ha! So true! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sticker at the bottom “This project proudly funded by the Municipality of Anchorage!”

  3. What they’re asking for is anarchy. These snowflake soy boys and girls would be eaten alive by the predators of the world. They are truly clueless about Darwin and survival of the fittest. They can’t even figure out which bathroom to use, let alone figure out how to defend themselves. Do they think their Antifa soulmates are going to protect them? Quite the opposite, those Antifa thugs will see them as prey. People like these will be the first casualties should the world ever devolve into anarchy. They are completely clueless morons.

  4. The policeman and his victim had worked at the same Bar for
    17 years. Floyd as a bouncer and the cop as a security guard. This
    appears to me as a personal matter…..not racial!

  5. These people are “wing nuts” ignore them.
    We should focus on our, ever diversifying, young people & explain government overreach, waste & bureaucratic absurditiy to them.
    Show them how liberal public unions in ANC stack the deck in their favor to line their own pockets & are full of older, white, boomer liberals who have politicians send AK oil $ to their bank accounts, even years after they leave Alaska.

  6. Dear me.

    Wasn’t Liberia established to be the “New Afrikan nation” and isn’t it already autonomous?

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