Anchorage police release photos of ‘person of interest’ in swastika sticker incident


Anchorage Police have released three photos and asked the public’s help in identifying the person they believe is responsible for posting stickers with swastikas on them at the Jewish Museum and at Mad Myrnas in Anchorage.

The stickers are white with a black swastika in the middle and the words “we are everywhere” at the top and bottom. The person of interest, who appears to be a man, was seen in the areas of the two locations on May 25, 2021 between midnight and 4 a.m.

Anyone with information about this investigation, including video, is encouraged to call police dispatch at 3-1-1. If you find such a sticker, police ask that you don’t remove it or touch it but call dispatch and report it.
“There is no place for hate in our community. The Anchorage Police Department (APD) takes these matters seriously. As part of our on-going investigation, we’ve partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to determine any potential state and federal violations,” the police said in a statement.

Although an ancient symbol that dates back to 3000 BC, the current use of swastikas in America and Europe are to indicate racial supremacy, anti-Semitism, and are generally meant to intimidate Jews, racial minorities, or homosexuals.


  1. Definitely not a conservative since he’s not wearing camo. Now who is it that likes to wear black masks? Can you say gaslighting?

  2. “No place for hate…” Hmmm. Sounds good at first.
    But I’ll take issue. I have room in my heart for hating bad behavior. And until we hate it bad enough, we’ll be the bad parent who lets the kid get candy for throwing a fit in the grocery store.
    Except we do it on a grand scale. We do it individually, in groups, and even in our assembly.
    “Why, we don’t hate anyone. We have no place for hate. He was such a good boy even though he just robbed someone before he got shot.
    We know that minorities just barely made it out of slavery last year. Let’s let them get away with, well, I wouldn’t call it murder.
    Why, he puts his weenie in different places than most guys, thus, he’s a victim. How can we treat him special? See? I am really tolerant, aren’t I?
    She thinks she is really a man. Let’s play along with this 14-year-old instead of offering her healthy support.
    Jail can be a bad influence on those in there. Can we just release them after they are booked? ”
    And on it goes with the bigotry of low expectations.
    Hate? Yes, we should hate some things enough to make a better society for all of us, including criminals, instead of giving them candy.

  3. I still can’t believe this stupid incident of vandalism is getting so much attention, everything about it is fishy. Communists vandalize stuff all the time and preach anti-white hatred all the time, the FBI and cops don’t care, the media doesn’t get excited.

  4. Stop wasting police resources on this kind of thing. It’s a minor property crime. Clean off the offending symbol and get back to doing whatever you do.

  5. Its a woman
    Probably gay
    Mid 20s
    Voted democrat
    Has prior misdemeanor charges or arrests
    Name like Emily, Beth, Patricia or Sam.
    Probably dropped on her head as a child

  6. So thats what it looks like staring into the face of someone who is at that moment hating on Jews, homosexuals, and minorities. Scary!
    He look like a loner that he don’t interact with the Anchorage community beyond passing people in a grocery store or workplace.

    Maybe he should get outside his isolation and start interacting with people beyond his grocery store, home, and workplace visits. You know, get to know people better beyond his prejudices and preferences.

  7. This is for sure a masked poo stirrer, I agree with censored, they most definitely dropped on head as child, “duh” cameras everywhere anymore.

  8. What a waste of time and energy. Like getting all upset ove a dog pooping on the sidewalk. Publicizing the crap out of it, instead of just scraping it off and going on with life, is a waste of time.

  9. Unfortunately, it takes just one sicko like this and the media will make it sound like an epidemic.

    One could argue..he placed terroristic stickers in targeted areas with words that are threatening with the intention to terrorize others.
    Looks like an adult too,. His intentions are more liable.
    If he were a child, I’d say shove so much community service up his ass that he shits gold stars.

  10. Antifa Millennial Cracker trust-fund baby … white supremacist false flag.. much like we seen here in the Seattle area with false swastikas.

  11. Great piece with just the facts! I will add that this incident gave the Anchorage Reddit crew an opportunity to scream about our city is filled with hidden fascists led by the new mayor. Still delusional and looking for anyone to hate. Laughable, until they come for you.

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