Anchorage municipal election season starts with candidates filing with state APOC, and later with city clerk


Brian Flynn, pictured above, has registered to run for the Anchorage Assembly for West Anchorage (District 3) in the April 2023 municipal election. He’ll run for the seat being vacated by Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson, who will not run for re-election. Anna Brawley, hand-picked by Quinn-Davidson as her successor, will also run for that seat.

Flynn presently serves the Municipality on the Heritage Land Bank Commission, the Zoning Board of Examiners and Appeals, and the Budget Advisory Committee and is the Treasurer for the Bayshore/Klatt Community Council. He is a realtor. His website is

There are two seats up for election in East Anchorage — one is the Pete Petersen seat; he is term-limited. The other is the seat held by Forrest Dunbar, who won his election to the Alaska Senate last month.

Others are filing their letters of intent with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, including:

  • Irene Boll, School Board
  • Christopher Constant, current Assemblyman, for Assembly, representing downtown; his term expires 2023
  • Karen Bronga, did not report seat; she is a teacher in Anchorage School District.
  • Dave Donley, current School Board member, for reelection
  • Andy Holleman, current School Board member, for reelection
  • Zachary Johnson, Assembly, South Anchorage, the seat now held by Suzanne LaFrance, who has not filed
  • Dayton Ikaika Keliikipi Jr, Assembly, East Anchorage seat
  • George Martinez, Assembly, East Anchorage seat
  • Cliff Murray, School Board
  • Scott Myers, Assembly, for Eagle River seat, being vacated by Rep.-elect Jamie Allard
  • Rachel Ries, Assembly, South Anchorage seat, now held by Suzanne LaFrance. Her website is
  • Felix Rivera, current Assemblyman, for Assembly midtown

The next regular Anchorage Municipal election ends Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Formal filing with the Anchorage Municipal Clerk opens opens on Friday, Jan. 13, 2023, at 8 a.m. and closes on Friday, Jan. 27, 2023, at 5 p.m. All candidates must also file with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, which regulates campaign finances.

For information on filing for office, including candidate filing packets, visit the municipality’s candidate information webpage here


  1. Conservatives have fallen asleep and lost the Assembly and School Board long ago. Not sure how we energize folks to weigh in at the polls. Big money inside and outside Alaska is
    steering the agenda. Nicely wake-up your friends, family, and neighbors.

  2. We have lost all large cities in America to socialists, including this one. (ANC)
    Reason: Muni employee unions, State Employee unions & Federal employee unions.
    They have turned every almost city blue with the power & money they have, even in Red states.
    Vote all we want, that ain’t changing w/ these unions in power.
    Can we get rid of these public employee unions that were ushered in during the JFK admin?
    Not looking good is it?

    Maybe our kids/grandkids will revolt, realizing they are enslaved by their “public servants”. Maybe.

  3. Heck living in Northern Mountain View, not sure who is my rep. It was Constant. Taylor and Parsons Area where I am now. Help Please

    • For all things city,
      I recommend we have a method to get some strong conservative candidates, and have them advertise what they will do for us to fight the current regime….
      This state needs to rid itself of the commie politicians like forrest, felix, constant, quinn, et al from holding any elected positions within our government.

      • Won’t happen. Muni & other government unions call the shots.
        They elect the libs that give them more pay, more power & more benefits.
        Mark Begich road that (Muni) union train all the way to the US Senate.
        They keep Lisa in power, and give us our Prog Assembly.
        They are just getting stronger as working Alaskans leave state for better opportunities.

  4. The most important question for Anchorage. Is he gay? That seems to be the most common denominator in electing party officials to the Politburo.

  5. I simply cannot vote for any candidate who does not present their chosen pronouns front and center!

    It’s at least a good think that the photo of Brian Flynn was captioned as it is. Otherwise, I might have thought that it was a photo of Meg Zelatel. And her owner.

  6. For you people who comment without knowing Brian, let me say this: He is a quality person. He is Not gay and he would serve all of the people in his district. Brian is the type of person who would work well with all members of the Assembly and the Mayor to make Anchorage a better place in which to live. Brian has integrity, sensitivity and Intelligence. If any member of his district had a problem, Brian would work hard to help them solve it.

  7. GEORGE ( above ) is exactly right. George is right again and then GEORGE M or George for Anchorage is large and in charge in muldoon ! TOLD YA SO. dark money coming !!!! it shows up when he goes to New York. I have a better idea. JERK THAT CLERK !!!! 8 years is enough of her deception and WILEY WAYS ! enough !

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