Anchorage mayor stops by Fairbanks Native clinic for her second vaccine


Anchorage Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson traveled to Fairbanks this week, where she received her Covid-19 vaccination from the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center.

“I am so thankful I had the opportunity to receive the vaccine through my wife’s employer, Tanana Chiefs Conference. Alaska is leading the country in vaccinations because of the incredible work and generosity of our Tribal partners. I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine once it is available to you – for the benefit of all of us as individuals, our businesses, and our communities.”

Quinn-Davidson was able to jump the line for a vaccine because her wife, Stephanie Quinn-Davidson, works for the Tanana Chiefs Conference as director of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. Quinn-Davidson is not a member of the tribe and she caught the Covid virus in December, so may still have natural immunity. This was her second vaccination.

Quinn-Davidson wrote: “Deeply thankful for this moment. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to all our Tribal partners for their dedication to the health and well-being of our state. I encourage everyone to get their COVID-19 vaccine as soon as the opportunity arises. Our community has been through a lot these past twelve months, but as Alaskans, we’re resilient and we look out for each other. As with mask-wearing and distancing, getting your vaccine is one way to show how much you care for your community.”


  1. Here we go again wear your mask ?
    Yesterday the Lame adn newspaper front page headlines.
    City will lift capacity restrictions on business starting Monday.
    It reads 8 times to wear your mask ?
    Plus we’re building a plane, that CRASHED a long time ago.

    She’s not a real mayor or elected (Fake Mayor)
    Vote or recall this Loser out
    Hurry before it’s to late

  2. Wow! Her body already has defense from prior infection but she still jumps the line! Just wow! This is wrong on so many levels. Progressives are just wrong on everything.

  3. Southcentral foundation opened vaccines to Alaska residents age 40 and up on March 1. Really silly to say that our mayor “cut in line”.

  4. Its good that all these Liberal Commies are taking the Vaccine of the Beast! Very. Very good.

  5. What the hell. Why get the vaccine if you’ve had covid? The left hating everything trump has made them incredibly dumb loyal soldiers for big pharma. So strange.

  6. Funny how those who support the liberal commie agenda want to be first in line to get vaxxed. Survival of the fittest is taking on a whole new meaning. It is now survival of those with wisdom and discernment.

  7. She’s incompetent, unethical, and corrupt, so maybe she can get a job with the Native hospital administration.

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