Anchorage man sentenced to 20 months for arson at Seattle Police East Precinct in 2020


An Anchorage man has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for conspiracy to commit arson after he was caught lighting a fire at Seattle’s East Precinct, according to the Department of Justice.

Desmond David-Pitts was arrested on Aug. 24, 2020 during the height of the Seattle riots. He was easily identified because he was wearing pink camo clothing.

Earlier in the summer, David-Pitts had attended a meeting of the Anchorage Assembly and cursed at the police chief, Assembly and then-Mayor Ethan Berkowitz on the theme of racism in policing.

In video captured by Must Read Alaska, David-Pitts can be seen testifying while Dave and Deb Bronson sit in the audience at the Assembly and listen to him.

According to the Department of Justice, David-Pitts had arrived in Seattle from Alaska just three days before the arson.  After marching with the group of protestors in downtown Seattle, David-Pitts was seen on surveillance video piling up trash against the sally-port door at the Seattle Police East Precinct. 

Over an 11-minute period, the surveillance video captured David-Pitts not only piling up the trash, but repeatedly lighting it on fire and feeding the flames with more trash. While David-Pitts was lighting the fire, other people who appeared on the surveillance were attempting to use crowbars and cement-like materials to try to disable the door next to the sally-port to prevent officers from exiting the building. 

At various times on the surveillance tape, David-Pitts was communicating with individuals who were attempting to disable the door and light other fires around the building. Despite efforts to disable the door, officers were able to get outside and extinguish the flames.  David-Pitts was seen on surveillance working with the others to cut through a chain-link fence that was a barrier around the building.  All the fires were extinguished by Seattle Police Officers and members of the Seattle Fire Department.

“A handful of people bent on destruction, by committing arson and threatening the safety of our community, also drowned out the important message of those who peacefully protest injustice,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Tessa M. Gorman.  “This defendant joined with others to put Seattle Police officers at risk.  It is wholly appropriate that he spend time in prison as a consequence of his criminal acts.”

David-Pitts pleaded guilty in January to conspiracy to commit arson. He faced up to five years in prison but was only sentenced to 20 months. David-Pitts agreed to pay restitution to the Seattle Police Department for damage to the building.


  1. Its sad to see a young man with obvious intellectual potential have such misguided notions. Just imagine what he could be if he achieved some formal education and accepted the good news of the Gospels. Such a waste of natural talent.

  2. Hopefully the time spent incarcerated will give him a chance to contemplate the error of his ways… Bad choice, buddy… I’m glad the system is holding him accountable for his actions.

  3. Very sad. If he believed positive things about his country he would not have taken those actions. Perhaps during twenty months he can learn something. Time passes no matter what. Use it wisely.

  4. Why only 20 months for attempted murder? Are they giving him a break because of his skin color and apparent gender bender ideas?

  5. @Coogan Without consequences there’s no accountability and there’s nothing in his disjointed rambling to indicate anything beyond a strong sense of self importance and denial of personal responsibility.

    I do agree that the mentally challenged often find guilt and the likelihood of a future in hell to have an attenuating influence on potential bad behavior. From a couple of his comments it sounds like he may already be acquainted with a priest.

  6. He may be out sooner than 20 months so this is just a slap on the hand. The only thing that’s going to happen is that he’ll spend up to 20 months with real criminals who will give him an education alright, how to be a better criminal. Let’s hope he stays in Seattle and doesn’t bring his new talents back to Anchorage.

  7. Wondering…did the FBI break down his door or storm trooper his residence, take his personal media in order to intimidate him prior to his trial?
    Oh, it wasn’t about theft of a computer – never mind…

  8. 20 months is a lot more than I thought he would get from that liberal crap hole! Hope he learns but I know better! If you go around playing the victim the you will always be a victim! Poor life choices are on you.

  9. Burning down Seattle, So glad Bronson won. If you break the Law, I don’t care what color your skin is, you broke the Law.

  10. What about do something for yourself, instead of wasting time and life blaming everyone else, especially when the actions are unlawful. Some people just need an excuse to Not have to rise up and above.

  11. Wayne, you are a typical woke bleeding heart. You consider a person who intentionally attempted to block doors and honestly actively engage in arson with human beings inside, a intellectual? WTF? You seriously are have a warped mentality. More of what is wrong with the WOKE community. I gather that you must be one of the Seattle based Alaskans who needs to have your citizenship investigated as it seems you reside in Washington and claim Alaskan residence for voting and PFD fraud.

  12. U all need to Stop negative comments of My son.You don’t him or the story. u just reading media and news.So please until u know Shut up. The one who said my son is a thug u are way wrong. My son made a big mistake. He very highly intelligent. So please don’t speak on what u don’t know. The judge was fair. Stop believing everything u read. Thank You.

  13. Nice that the mom sticks up for her son here at MRAK. But Mom, people express themselves freely here, as you do, and your son needs to learn respect for the law. I did, the hard way. The easy way is to have some self-discipline.

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