Anchorage epidemiologist calls it quits


Anchorage’s official epidemiologist, Dr. Janet Johnston, has left the municipality to become senior epidemiologist with the liver disease and hepatitis program at ANTHC, starting Monday.

In a call to Alaska Public Media, she said that with the Bronson Administration, it was the “right time for me to leave.”

Johnston has a PhD and a master’s of public health in epidemiology and a master’s degree in mathematics. Her job at the municipality has been paid for with CARES Act funds and other federal funds and was not intended to be permanent.

Johnston took part in weekly public updates with the former mayor and acting mayor, and advised the municipality on matters relating to vaccines and mitigation of the spread of Covid-19.

Prior to joining the Anchorage Health Department, she was director of the University of Alaska Anchorage College of Health’s Division of Health Sciences and Applied Health Research.


  1. Suzanne, disappointed in the headline when her position was temporary and paid for with Fed $ for covid. We thank her for her service.

    • “she said that with the Bronson Administration, it was the “right time for me to leave.”
      Sounds like she called it quits.

  2. Good riddance.
    No doubt this Faucist tried its best to do whatever its subspecies does to wreck lives and livelihoods of productive Anchorage residents.
    No? Who’s cured, who’s better off because of what this person did?
    Non, mes amis, this waste of space deserts Anchorage’s dying masses because its money ran out
    …which leads to the inevitable question: is the “pandemic” over because the money ran out?.
    Was the secret to ending the pandemic accidentally revealed?
    Run out of money, and like every good thing, this too ends?

  3. Thank God we have Bronson to protect us from the “eternal mask” lunatics. A True Conservative Patriot!

  4. An accomplished and educated woman. No doubt subsequent commenters will try to tear her to shreds. Just watch.

    • You can be accomplished and educated all you want but never put it to use for good rather than evil. COVID has proven that they can bend the facts to say whatever they want.

    • Regardless, she played a part in spreading irrational and hysterical fear over a very mild disease little different from or much worse than a strong seasonal flu, facilitating the further and significant destruction by authoritarian sociopaths (whom you applaud) of what remains of liberty in Anchorage.

    • Was she the one spreading dangerous misinformation that covid death rate was 4% or was she just silent in the face of that bold lie that was being spread by health officials in the berkowitz admin.?

    • Education today means little, and political accomplishments mean even less. Accomplishing the destruction of small businesses in the city is nothing to brag about (unless that is the goal of your party). Never let a crisis go to waste and never let a crisis end are not accomplishments to reasonable people. But maybe to you.

  5. Good riddance to another unnecessary employee and waste of Care Act Funds! Apparently the bloated muni couldn’t understand the unlimited information coming from state and federal agencies and of course the lying MSM. Just like the rest of the worthless positions that the socialist assembly members create.

  6. Moving on to another publicly funded position in another ‘woke’ organization. Any surprise here?

  7. Let’s assume she wasn’t a trained commie (quasi-command planned economy will bring salvation). What she is not is an economist. Of course she would despise the Bronson administration as she has no perspective of cost when assigning action to Covid control. Lockdowns, mandates, BIG government intervention could arguably be in favor of Covid control. A wise person would ask “at what cost”, a health care professional would say “just do it”.

    There are more variables to the formula then Covid alone. The only politicians I have heard of to use smart covid techniques (protective equipment education over mask mandates, commercial air quality disclosures [ warranting not mandating aerosol controls], and strong opposition to lockdowns.

    Lets remember being wise is not a prerequisite to being a politician.

  8. She had a Masters degree in mathematics, but she didn’t advise the mayor that mask efficacy studies show that masks don’t prevent the virus spread? Doesn’t she believe in statistics? Seems like she is more interested in a political agenda than public health. If that’s the case, we are better off without her.

  9. She should have used her math degree to calculate the size of a Covid-19 microbe and the average gap size between threads of a cloth mask or scarf. The chain link fence to keep out mosquitos saying would have worked here.

  10. Quit a coincidence that the Mayor states he is in no state of mind to call for masks and mandatory vaccinations and the next day the positive cases double and top health official quits hmmmm

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