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Friday, September 24, 2021
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Anchorage elections: First count shows alcohol tax losing

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The initial count by the Anchorage Election Division shows that Crystal Kennedy has likely won a seat on the Anchorage Assembly, to represent Eagle River. She will replace former Assembly member Amy Demboski.

  • Crystal Kennedy: 3,666
  • Oliver Scheiss: 2,686

It appears that Kameron Perez-Verdia has won the Assembly seat for District 3, Seat D:

  • Kameron Perez-Verdia: 4,017
  • Liz Vazquez: 3,164
  • Dustin Darden: 765

For Assembly seat District 4, Seat F, Meg Zaletel is decisively ahead:

  • Meg Zaletel: 3,362
  • Christine Hill: 2,146
  • Ron Alleva: 853

Forrest Dunbar was unopposed for District 5, Seat H:

  • Forrest Dunbar: 5,266

John Weddleton was unopposed for District 6, Seat J:

  • John Weddleton: 8,284

School Board Seat A has been won by Margo Bellamy:

  • Margo Bellamy: 20,732
  • Kai Binkley Sims: 16,951

Starr Marsett has won School Board Seat B:

  • Starr Marsett: 19,468
  • David Nees: 14,348
  • Ron Stafford: 3,328

Proposition 1 – Anchorage School District Capital Improvement Bonds:

  • Yes: 24,998
  •  No: 17,419

Proposition 2 – Public safety bonds

  • Yes: 24,618
  • No: 17,552

Proposition 3 – Capital facility improvement bonds

  • Yes: 19,989
  • No: 22,221

Proposition 4 – Roads and drainage bonds

Yes: 26,183

No: 16,154

Proposition 5 – Parks and recreation bonds

Yes: 22,544

No: 19,529

Proposition 6 – Fire protection bonds
Yes: 26,992
No: 15,351
Proposition 7 – Police service bonds
Yes: 24,328
No: 17,948
Proposition 8 – Easements pertaining to Goose Lake
Yes: 30,427
No: 11,391
Proposition 9 – the alcohol tax for the homeless:
  • Yes: 20,088
  • No: 22,222

Proposition 10 – Police powers with junk vehicles

  • Yes: 33,068
  • No: 9,058

Proposition 11 – Charter change pertaining to lease-rent on city facilities

  • Yes: 25,152
  • No: 15,416
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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • I used to get upset about Anchorage voters accepting more and more taxes. I used to be bothered by leftists on the assembly I used to get irritated with ASD bonding for something new every year forcing me to shell out just a few more bucks. I used to worry about crime, taxes, terrible roads, and how virtue signaling by ASD and the city government was slowly becoming policy.

    Really doesnt bother me anymore. Selling your home and business and leaving Anchorage relieves all that worry.

  • If they want to pay more taxes for all their entitlement goodies well fine. Do not expect the state to pay for any of it. I bet when those property tax bills start rolling in reflecting all the largess the voters approved for themselves, many will be screaming yet still won’t connect the dots.

  • I am still waiting for the Imperial Kameron-Perez-Verdia to explain why the School Board decided not to renew the contract of Superintendent Ed Graf. Perhaps he should consider using words fashioned into sentences to provide this explanation. Still waiting…

    Mr. Perez-Verdia should fit right into the Far-Left rubber stamp known as the Anchorage Assembly.

  • They should include on the ballot and “educational” ads for bonds: the total Anchorage property tax burden for the hypothetical $300,000 home at the current mil rate (not currently done) and then mention the extra tax amount for each of the bonds (if approved by the voters) which is currently done. Just a thought to help connect the dots for those who can’t.

  • They are driving the working class right out of town. I know that I cannot afford anymore. We moved to ANC three years ago. Our house payment was 1640.00, then 1720.00. Now it will be close to 1800.00. It would be cheaper for us to sell our house and rent a neighbors similar unit for 1450.00 per month. If our house sells this summer I plan to leave.

  • Just another bunch of reasons not to move to the big city.

  • Since these bonds all ride on the backs of homeowners, would seem more fair that the vote be limited to homeowners.

  • Dave Nees. POUNDED AGAIN!

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