Anchorage Back the Blue rally draws hundreds


At least 200 people joined together at the east side of the Midtown Mall and held a three-hour rally to support police officers. The rally also drew the approval of hundreds of drivers, who honked their horns in approval and waved as they passed by on the New Seward Highway.

Organized by a loosely knit grassroots network that thrives on Facebook, the pro-law enforcement group was generally upbeat. Attending the rally were Republican candidate for House District 28 James Kaufman and Republican Sen. Mike Shower of Seat E, Wasilla

Also along the block were anti-police Black Lives Matter protesters, about a dozen strong. They chanted “No Justice No Peace” and waved signs, including “Fuck the Police.”

A few times during the dueling rallies there were words exchanged between the groups, such as when one Black Lives Matter squadron leader chanted repeatedly “I can’t breathe!”

“Take off your mask!” the Back the Blue crowd shouted back, helpfully.


  1. Good. I think most of the United States and in fact the world has realized that black lives matter, the organization, it’s just a domestic terrorist group spewing hatred and trying to weaken America anyway they can. But dark skinned Americans, in fact all Americans lives matter no need to single it out to just black red yellow or tan. Black lives matter protesters are responsible for tearing down statues trying to burn Civic buildings in the name of anti-slavery. I don’t see this going on in great Britain where slavery was common until the 1820s. I don’t see this going on in Rome when slaves built the Colosseum and all the other tourist traps of today. why doesn’t black lives matter go to Egypt and tear down the pyramids Stone by Stone because slave labor built them. Come on black lives matter, look at the big picture let’s tear down the great Wall of China because it was built by slave labor. Black lives matter in fact does not matter and has no place in our country just like Nazis don’t and socialists don’t.

  2. Pretty much none of what you said was based on any factual information. The movement of Black lives matter isn’t saying ONLY Black lives matter. It is saying Black lives matter TOO. Black Americans are just asking to be treated equally when it comes to our justice system. All lives should matter to everyone. Unfortunately Black lives haven’t been a part of all lives when it comes to justice in America.

      • You’re wrong, black BLM and their sister group are all about only blacks. I know because i had had a conversation with one of them on Facebook and i said to him that all lives matters and that there is no reason why all of this crap should have started up in the first place because of 1 or 2 people were killed by a bad cop. He replied and I quote” no peace no one else matters but black lives. All blacks only.” So you need to step back and look again.

    • So BLM is saying it by causing damage. Figures. Like I said domestic terrorists. Blacks haven’t done anything to help pull themselves up by their bootstraps have they? Factor in the United negro college fund, welfare, public housing, affirmative action, no they haven’t been helped at all even though black crime rate is astronomical and that is the sole reason why they dominate the prison population.

  3. Why doesn’t black lives matter protest in the neighborhood’s with black on black crime. Where tens of thousands of black men loose their lives every single year. I don’t ever hear the media talk about that.

  4. When the sign carrying black lives matter folks that think it’s all about them decide they want to be part of the solution, then they can earn my matter. The asians figured it out, the Hispanics figured it out and all the rest did as well. The blacks That raise the hell have had lots of opportunities, and keep coming back for more. There are far more black folks that figured it out to and have made their way in this country like all of us. Excuse time is over.

  5. It starts with some black father’s actually being a father and not forcing the unwed mother’s to try and raise the kids alone. It starts by staying in school. Not joining gangs. Get a job, work your way up. Put in the hard work for payout instead of a handout.

  6. All lives matter not just black. We have all race across the line. There is a positive and negative towards the Police Department and this needs to be taken care of right away. I pray all gets settle before the election.

  7. That 1 person does not represent the whole. That could be why they chose to protest,but that’s definitely not everyone’s reasoning. Cops killed more than 1 or 2 people, “so you need to step back and look again”.

  8. I belive that the Police are a very necessary part of American society and I don’t belive that they need to be defunded. However i do belive they could use some of their money to develop or purchase some effective non lethal weapons like sound wave higher voltage stun guns. That way, it doesn’t matter how bad an officers conduct is, they won’t be able to kill anybody that easy.

  9. I will take BLM seriously when they march into Chicago and do something about black on black murders. Blaming European Americans for problems that African Americans claim to have is a copout. Laws and Law Enforcement is a necessity of humanity. ” I believe people should do what they want to do,,,,,,, didn’t workout last time,,,, maybe it will this time. ” George Carlin

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