Anchorage Assemblyman Perez-Verdia calls for emergency order to shut down public process and pass compulsory mask law


In a long post on Facebook on Saturday afternoon, Anchorage Assemblyman Kameron Perez-Verdia called for an emergency order — although he didn’t say from whom — “that will allow us to act.” He’s upset that someone brought a gun to the Assembly meeting and says that the process has been corrupted.

He said he wanted to clear up any confusion on where he stands on the compulsory mask ordinance: He favors it.

With a supermajority, the Assembly can end the public hearings, according to the city’s charter.

“I pride myself on being a listener. During my campaign for the Anchorage Assembly back in 2019 one of my core promises was a commitment to listening and asking the hard questions it takes to distill problems down to their root causes. Ever since you elected me to serve, I have worked hard to consider the various perspectives on every issue brought before the Assembly. I am a process-oriented person and – as with every preceding issue – I approached consideration of A0 2021-91 with the same commitment to the process of public testimony and reasoned discussion. Unfortunately, that process has been corrupted,” he said.

He said there’s a line between passionate testimony on an important issue and abuse of the process to delay consideration of the proposed solution.

“This week, we crossed that line. Thankfully, thousands of Anchorage community members have stepped up to offer their genuine perspectives on the proposed mandate – both in person and through email – and after reviewing their statements I am very much decided on this issue.

Then he said that those opposing the mask ordinance have abused the public process.

“Regrettably, members of our community have abused the public process in an attempt to prevent myself and the rest of the Assembly from translating those perspectives into much needed action. Shamefully, while opponents to the ordinance bring weapons to public meetings and harass members of the press, the mayor and his administration have further corrupted the process by removing security from the Assembly chambers in an effort to intimidate its members.

That is why I am also in favor of an emergency order that would effectively end this mockery of due process and allow us to move forward with the critical business of making hard and important decisions for our city.

“I truly appreciate the engagement from so many members of our community on this important issue, and I understand the general feeling of frustration in the face of uncertainty regarding when we will have a final decision on the matter. Thanks to the process of public testimony and the opportunity to consider all of the relevant facts and perspectives, I have reached my decision and am firmly in favor of the proposed mandate,” he wrote.

Then, he again called for an emergency order once again, although again not saying who would issue such an order.

“Unfortunately, due to the misuse of that same process in an attempt to delay a vote, I am also in favor of a potential emergency order that will allow us to act,” Perez-Verdia wrote.

Over the past two weeks, the public has had the opportunity to testify for and against the ordinance, but the vast number of people testifying have opposed it. The ordinance has as many as 17 amendments that have not yet been heard or debated, but Perez-Verdia was silent on whether any of them should be incorporated into the ordinance. One of the amendments would have the mandatory masking for all of Anchorage end as early as Oct. 31. The ordinance, as written, has a requirement for all to mask through the end of the year.

Another amendment exempts certain sports, and this amendment is in response to multiple members of the public, children in particular, asking that they not have to be masked.

The public hearing was fairly orderly until Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance shut the process down on Thursday, saying Assemblywoman Jamie Allard and Mayor Dave Bronson were no longer allowed to ask questions of those who were testifying. At that point, the public lost respect for the Assembly and started acting out, at times singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic and the National Anthem.

The hearings have been halted because several members of the Assembly and mayor’s staff have been exposed to Covid-19.


  1. Mr Mayor Dave Bronson

    I request the administration order a forensic audit of the emails submitted on AO 2021-91 by Anchorites.

    It would be interdicting to know if any of the emails were:
    1). Generated from another state, e.g. Washington D.C.
    2). If large numbers of emails came from a specific IP address or device. Effectively voting twice.
    If any of the Assembly members themselves, their staff or an individual at their employ submitted the email.
    3). Or if any other malfeasance is afoot.

    Very Truly Yours

    Nial Sherwood Williams

    • Just a couple points for clarification sake…
      1. Washington D.C. isn’t a state.
      2. Submitting emails for consideration isn’t voting.
      3. While malfeasance maybe be afoot, not knowing either 1 or 2 doesn’t help your opinion carry much weight.
      For the record I do not reside in Los Anchorage, I do not support a citywide mask mandate in Los Anchorage, and I do not think my opinion should matter when it comes to making a decision on a mask mandate in Los Anchorage.

      • We are all aware that dc is not a state. Can you be more condescending. And we are all aware that emails don’t count as voting, but the assembly does not.

        • Justin, the answer to your question is “no”, Steve-O cannot be more condescending (or more obfuscatory, dishonest, disingenuous and diversionary) than he consistently is in this forum.

          • Jeff,
            I could certainly be way more condescending and I wouldn’t really have to even try with all the material you and Eric offer up on a platter.
            I’m glad your word of the day calendar is paying off dividends for you, that’s very delectable, but it seems like you are stuck in the D section…which is fitting for a D…like you. Perhaps you could deign to discern the difference between condescending and informative.
            A guy who announced he’s running for governor of a state ought to know that D.C. isn’t a state, and he ought to know that email comments aren’t votes. If you think that’s condescending then you must have skipped the C’s in your word of the day calendar (now that’s condescending).

        • DC should become the state of Maryland again from whence it was wrenched before it became the pillaged foreign enclave it currently is.

    • Mr. Mayor we support you, you tell us when. And we will show up to a rally to have these communist arrested for there attempt to over run this town and disrespect your authority

    • I sent an email to Austin and the forwarded my email to Jamie to make sure it got counted. A day later I got a notice that my email server was rejected and the recipient server refused the connection. I’m on Office365 and so is the assembly’s emails. Something is up. Not sure what and how intentional it is, but regardless something isn’t working right.

    • “ Corrupt “. Perez-Verdia, You should not judge other people by yourself. Corruption is the Municipality of Anchorage Assembly minus Two, Corruption is the Berkowitz Administration, Corruption is the Municipal Clerks Vote by Mail Scam, Corruption is Alaska’s Judicial System Legislating from the Bench.

      There is no Corruption in Mayor Bronson’s Administration! There is no Corruption in the Citizens that oppose Your Corruption. Quit blowing your own Corrupt Horn and start doing what is best for We the People instead of Your Corrupt Colleagues. This Assembly is following the Begich, Berkowitz, Traini, Gray-Jackson Play Book. Personal Agendas, Special Interest Groups are their motivations for their need to control.

      Forensic Audit needs to be conducted on everything the City Clerk and Assembly does in regards to the MOA owned Equipment.

      Perez-Verdia, You are Corrupt and that’s a Fact!

  2. This guy is stupid. I’m not name calling, just trying to call it like it is. He would probably make a good neighbor but He’s educated beyond his intelligence.
    Hopefully someone with basic intelligence will run against him next cycle. Anchorge deserves someone with at least basic brain power to represent them. C’mon man!

    • “This guy is stupid … but He’s [sic] educated beyond his intelligence.”

      Does that sound sort of goofy to you?

      • Not to me.
        A very stupid man can be well educated. There is a difference between knowledge and intelligence.

          • That is very true. I have met some of the most educated people who had no common sense. They had the letters behind their name because they had been in, and had worked the academic system for years, which has little relevance to the real world.
            BTW, anybody ever notice how so many libs have hyphenated names? Tells you who their parents were and how they were raised as “progressive”.

          • Jeff,
            I completely agree with you, but I would add that in recent years there has been and explosion of those have neither but pretend to have one, or even worse, both. Look no further than this very comment section where people post uneducated and ignorant things all the time, there’s even a commentator here who doesn’t believe in the definitions of certain words…can you believe that?

    • Sorry, but the votes are already completed and stamped, just waiting to be dropped in mailboxes around the city.

  3. I don’t think the assembly gets to decide when the public is being “abusive” or whatever term he wants to use. Last I looked, they work for us, not the other way around. They must feel pretty darned secure in their positions to try to do what they have been for several years now, and it is probably time for the Mayor to find out why they feel so safe. They work at our pleasure, not theirs.

  4. More regrettably, members of our Assembly have abused the public process. If KPV had really been “listening” he would be supporting Power by/of/to the People: No mandate.

  5. Kameron Perez-Verdia pretends to be even-handed and says that he considers all sides and considers science. But he is liar. He was on the school board, that says enough already and now he has graduated to lying in the assembly. He is one of those guys that acts real nice, but is snake. A wolf in sheep’s clothes. He has got to go as do most of the rest of the assembly. They have no respect for the people of this city.

  6. “I pride myself in being a listener.” then why don’t you listen and do some research and listen to the German Scientist that says Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific and Damaging.

  7. That is unconstitutional, and against his oath of office, for which he can be arrested.

    I call for his arrest.

    • Which constitution and which SPECIFIC article? No one can be arrested for behaving against an oath of office. You look silly.

      • For violating constitutional rights they can be charged under:

        A.S. 11.76.110 – Interference with Constitutional Rights

        Title 18 U.S.C. Section 241 – Conspiracy Against Rights

        Title 18 U.S.C. Section 242 – Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

        So Mr Singh please do more research before you look silly. God bless you.

        • Anyone seeking instruction on how to file arrest paperwork, can contact me:

          Nial . williams @ gmail

      • I’ve just googled your screen name, Evan. Gave me a lot of joy reading your socialist and nihilist views on nearly every issue. May my response fill you with joy knowing that for a moment you mattered to anyone. I gave you 4 minutes of my life! You may want to change your screen name now, because I’m certainly not the one who appears silly.

        • Interesting but not surprising discovery, John.
          Most if not all radical extremist leftists are bitter, angry, perpetually unhappy nihilists, who seem to want to destroy the world simply because misery likes company.

      • Yes. Absolutely one can be arrested for unconstitutional political group behavior when in office. The US Constitution says it is our duty to remove tyrants. Their behavior is expressly described. The men who wrote the Constitution were international lawyers with 28 years of excellent education. In order to keep our republic we have rule of law instead of rule by mob (majority).
        Tyrants are removed. Those who insist on rearranging DNA against the residents’ will are tyrants; aren’t they. If anyone supports this they are a tyrant and against the US Constitution and our guaranteed republic and declared rights. Why wouldn’t Americans support the US Constitution?

  8. I say the “process” has corrupted his humanity.
    It is amazing to see so many folks in government be so terrified of the flu. Did people collectively forget that death to the human form is inevitable and that by being in a constant fear state only takes away life that should be lived?
    Why is our government so driven by crisis after crisis?
    Most of humanity is going to make it through. Why stop the world for the vulnerable few? It is like they are trying to stop a river from flowing into the ocean in its natural course.
    Our politicians are so far removed from nature that their only direction seems to be through narrative programming

  9. We the people have two requests:
    1. An in-person vote on wether or not to adopt mandatory masks.
    2. An in-person vote whether or not to ban mail-in voting permanently.
    If you think you have the cajones Assemblyman Perez-Verdia, then we’ll see you at the ballot boxes. #democracynotcommunism #mylastwordismeow

  10. If the dude was as passionate about getting dope shops closed, we might get somewhere. But keep em’ dumb and lazy is one of the core strategies of the left.

    That is why your kids can’t read or write.

  11. EMERGENCY!!!
    “Pass the mask ordinance before infection rates fall even more, or we’ll NEVER get it passed!”

  12. He says ominously “It’s time for us to act”. SAYS WHO EXACTLY. Whaddoyoumean, “Act”. Everyone is saying. DON’T ACT. Now he and his associates are anointing themselves with extra privileges and seizing authority not granted to them. It is irresponsible to say the assembly temps are writing laws and that bylaws don’t exist. I believe Anchorage would be safer if they could take a remedial course in “government”. Republics are limited not unlimited forms of government. One of the limits is assembly persons write ordinances not laws. That is the truth. The process for writing a law according to declared law of this country is an Article 5 Convention. Is that what is happening every Chewsday Night in Anchorage Chambers? A federal convention? THAT IS how you make a ln a “law”. And no other way.

  13. The assembly do not have a just claim to a right to a throne for each assembly person. If you thought this was the deal you received you may want reread every word in your paperwork.

  14. Even the Judiciary may not lawfully make a rule of procedure or alter it. Do your job and leave people alone. The people have a right to be secure in morals, religion equitably discerning what the Sovereign God’s will is for them. Not you.

  15. This guy is my alleged representative. He should be removed for not taking phone calls if he in his gentle feelings chooses not to return calls. He has been unavailable all along with that woman who occupied without election the mayoral emolument while they “held” the second emolument at the assembly representative position in my neighborhood. I don’t know who these people are. My husband and I know a lot of people in this part of town. I don’t know who these people represent but it sure isn’t us. They hate us. AND THEY ARE NEW IN TOWN AND THEY don’t choose to return phone calls or accept emails, or attend their duty station. They kicked the community out of chambers. We don’t like the way they do business. I want them out of their emoluments. Please. Never vote for them for anything again. They are vindictive unfair people. This is not their elegant private club.

  16. Did he object when the Assembly decided not to elect a new mayor after the disgraced former mayor resigned? Was he a willing participant in the underhanded pre-Assembly meeting which awarded AQD the chairmanship of the Assembly over Flex Rivera and therefore, Acting Mayorship to AQD in the official meeting? Just wondering

    • There was only one person who on that date opposed the reorganization of the assembly. Review the tape. One person voiced opposition, while the rest cheered.

  17. Sounds like he doesn’t want to keep his job after he faces election in 6 months. A real conservative needs to run against him and we must unite behind that candidate; we can’t afford the kind of vote splitting that lost us the school board.

  18. I highly doubt that any of the assembly members who are in favor of this idiocy reads these comments so, in vain I say this: Pass this ordinance. Please, continue to divide the citizenry whilst destroying your local economy. Honestly, I enjoy watching the unabashed hatred going on during this whole C19 chapter of our history. It shines a light on who people really are, what people really desire and makes it entirely too simple to decide where to spend my money.

  19. Dear Kameron,
    Sounds as though you are growing weary of the public process as a public servant serving the public that affect the entire populace… Just be glad that a filibuster in Anchorage is not the same as a 24/7 filibuster in Washington, DC where no one gets any sleep at all and there is much more incentive to truly listen and make a much more informed decision.

    The public already knows before this all started how you are going to vote and I’m sure you won’t disappoint. In fact, we know that 8 or 9 of you will vote in lockstep with your cronies—who are really your constituents. You’re boring. You don’t listen or even pretend to understand. Just being present at all the meetings does not in itself qualify you as a good listener. Nor do you care what we think otherwise your actions/votes would be different from your team mates.

    I’m in your district. You chose to vote against being able to ask me a question, if I testify. We the People want our representatives to honor and respect us whether or not we agree.

  20. Rabbit hole folks!
    Alice in wonderland?
    I do not pride myself with this sheeeeeet by saying…

    Those who are the alphabet agencies… I don’t care for guns (maybe I should). I am a grandma and love very moment of it being one.
    I love the great United States of America and what our forefathers stood for!
    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

    Patriots, YOU GOT THIS! Keep pushing, keep pushing back! PEACE OUT! ❤️??✝️??

  21. What an utterly depressing mess, particularly when Anchorage is facing much more pressing issues!
    Regardless of the outcome (mask mandates or no-masking), the city will be obliged to deal with the consequences, whether they are health-oriented or economic.
    Once the noisy and long-drawn-out public testimonies have receded, will citizens actually be capable of coming together and creating a coalition that will lead Anchorage out of this divisiveness??
    After reading all the comments on this blog, I wonder…!

    • Catherine, one cannot create a coalition with tyrants, they do not respect the will of the people and are incapable of coming to an agreement if a part of that agreement deprives them of power. It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with them increasing the scope of their power and turning back the will of the voters expressed in the last election. Sorry, but you cannot reason with a Garbage Bear an incoming tide or do-gooder busybody people who believe they know what’s best for you and have the power to ram it down your throat.
      This group must by needs be DEFEATED.

    • Ya sure we are to blame Catherine. Berkowitz put in mask mandates but we allowed it despite many of us being strongly against mandates.

      Now Bronson still allows people to wear mask but won’t implement mandates and the assembly won’t allow it.

      And the public already voted on this when we voted for Bronson.

      And I see general public getting along and allowing each to think differently. Yet the Assembly made an even more stringent mask ordinance than most places in the country and you think we are the ones creating the division. You are spinning your wheels here and really showing your lack of self awareness and your proclivity to use double standards to maintain your mindset, and frankly your bigotry towards conservatives that is a sentiment that is leading liberals, like yourselves, thinking we need to be silenced and only one self validating party should exist.

      Sorry but you sound like an irrational person that really needs more time to reflect on what is going on here before speaking and quit being just a liberal bot.

  22. Silly Perez is who is making an mockery of due process, due to his collective asinine ignorance he is proving to be an utter fool who will soon be resigned to the dustbin of history.

  23. The health agencies do not have authority they think they have. They are not a pillar in our republic form of government. The republic has just three pillars. When we start seeing more appendages than three which were authorized expressly by the Constitution we know the others are foreign to our form of government. They weren’t Constitutionally added later. Mr. Barr noted this about agencies that had assumed more authority than they Constitutionally have. Further, precedents relating to quarantines have all been overturned by Roe V Wade – my body my choice. The precedents the enemies of the republic are ignorantly hoping to lay down are buried in the mud. “My body my choice ” accomplished that for your quarantine dreams. There are federal regulations relating to quarantines that involve private medical care and sick people. Not well ones. When we are talking about sick people we are talking about ebola not the common cold mutating because everybody is different. Because people are different colds are different. Even though it is your desire to defeat our republic what do you think you are going to personally get out of breaking our form of government? The enemies of the republic foreign and domestic have been maneuvered permanently away from their funds. Pursuing this crime of overthrowing our American form of government will not benefit you in any way.

  24. I wonder if Mr. KPV felt the same way when he and his cronies on the assembly purposely delayed due process in calling for a special election, IAW with the statute, to elect a replacement for the disgraced Berkowitz, so they could maintain power as long as possible with their own installed acting mayor. I am quite certain his mind has been made up from the start in favor of this mandate. Does anyone actually believe he “listened” to anyone who wasn’t saying what he wanted to hear. I’d call this guy a clown, but that would be offensive to actual clowns.

    • Finally, someone is suggesting an action that may help…
      There is a reason that the right to protest was included in our first amendment.

  25. Shut up serfs. Know your place. Do as you’re told.

    Still think this has a damn thing to do with Covid?

  26. Not many at all want to wear masks anymore and the numbers are dropping and less are in the hospital. And the businesses and people that want to wear a mask are able to easily. This assembly is just flat out terrible. None of the nine should ever win any kind of an election ever again, and many should be recalled now. What more can the public do to tell this assembly what it wants? I am stunned. They are going to send people into a true fit of rage and it ain’t going to be pretty and they again won’t think it’s their fault.

  27. What else could anyone expect from a member of the dogmatic, militant, and authoritarian Marxist Nine?
    His complete contempt for the public is fully on display here.

  28. Prerez-Verdia is right. It far past time to shut this charade down and vote on the mask mandate. Can anyone give update on how Demboski is feeling today?

    • bout a 99% chance Demboski is feeling just fine.
      you can obviously give me an update on how them boots taste though

  29. Well, well, well…and isn’t Mr. Perez-Verdia a tiny (mentally) tyrant! Looks like imagined power went to his head and made it all swollen. He obviously doesn’t care about wrecking Anchorage businesses further. Just another Assembly idiot to deal with.

  30. Lawless Tyrants. The assembly ignored the law when setting the special election for mayor. They ignore precedents they set!!!! Hypocrites are lawless. Most of the Assembly should be in jail.

  31. Perez-Verdia “prides himself” for listening…..well he most certainly is not listening but there is plenty of pride. And arrogance.. Mr. Perez-Verdia it is not about masks. It is about you. And your totalitarian colleagues and your tactics. People were wearing masks before this all started. By their own personal individual volition, freedom, and respect for businesss, most, and enough, people were already putting on a mask. But you can’t seem to grasp individual freedom and personal responsibility, nor the message from all that have shown up at your circus meetings. Instead you will hide behind a few letters and say the people have given ‘genuine’ testimony in support of your strong arming. This is indeed about pride, and you have plenty of it. It is about revenge, and hatred for those that do not think in the Marxist fashion. You should not be in office, nor should too many ‘serving’ beside you.

  32. This is one big “Behavior Modification” experiment with “brazen” contempt for humanity, freedom and liberties. They clearly do NOT care if we know what they’re doing now at the expense of true freedom & liberty and our kids !

    • There is evidence that this is worldwide. How can that be, worldwide and simultaneous? preplanned, coordinated operatives and actors. UN? There is a schedule and Alaska and Anchorage are behind the schedile. They really Need the dclaration of perpetual emergency. Because they have big take away plans. Watch Global News in YouTube.

  33. Until the Governor grows a set and orders a forensic audit of our last election cycle we will be stuck with these Fascists for the foreseeable future!

  34. It seems the conservative community in Anchorage is at a defining moment in history.

    The Assembly is gonna pass this. Even Obama couldn’t stop it. So what are you gonna do?

    Seems you have three opinions:

    1-the traditional conservative response. Whine and do nothing.

    2-Hold a couple or rallies like Trump supporters did. Convince yourselves it meant something. Go home, do nothing else and be outraged as the Assembly goes full East Germany on you.

    Or, you could do option 3. Get off your collective backsides and do something. Take a page from the lefts playbook and go full civil disobedience.
    Protest anywhere and everywhere.

    Boycott businesses that support them or they own by taking your money elsewhere.

    Show up at Assembly meetings and refuse to leave, or let them make people leave. Make APD arrest you all.

    Refuse to wear the stupid masks. Have a mass mask burning outside the Assembly’s meetings.

    Most of all protest the crap out of businesses and especially hospitals who are persecuting people for not getting the shot.

    The left didn’t force societal change on us during to 60s and the summer of 2020 by sitting around. They made themselves the pivot point of society.
    It was the conservatives who sat and did nothing.

    Time to choose, Anchorage. Peaceful resistance or being sheared like sheep.

  35. I think you’re both right. The Anchorage public testimony has been called the “people’s filibuster” with some of those testifying calling on the community to come testify, to delay the Assembly until March when elections will be held. That would also be corruption of the public testimony process.

    • Passing a wildly unpopular ordinance against the wishes of the majority of the testimony they’ve heard over the past week is corruption too. No one testifying against this tyrannical stupidity believes the Assembly members will actually take anything they say into account but they know they have the right to be heard. The Assembly members work for us. They answer to us. Their job is to serve not control.
      If they want to complain about a corrupted process, they need only look in the mirror to find someone to blame. Their relentless corruption works in their favor only. They set a precedent. It’s too late for them to complain now.

  36. Anyone else get that flyer? The one from an anonymous source, no info on who sent it, or who paid for it. It is the one saying Save Anchorage is dividing us, and it calls out Jamie Allard and Mayor Bronson as the main problem?
    I got it yesterday.
    It actually gives good advice. It says to contact Mayor Bronson and Jamie Allard about the issue. I plan on doing exactly that.
    My message will say “Good job, keep it up! If the folks on the other side of this issue are going to these lengths, you must be winning.”

    • Yes. Researching Anchorage Alaska Permit #328.

      Someone paid a King’s ransom to send these out.

      Follow the money and you will unravel the Medusa of evil.

  37. There is reason for the public filibuster though. We voted for Bronson. The public has spoken very loudly, officially, and profoundly already. And we know we can come with all of the facts and the most heartfelt pleas and this assembly will completely ignore them just as this arrogant fool has stated, and then he has gall to say he listens. It’s infuriating. How can you not see that. They are abusing their powers 100% and don’t want to stay in their lane, so what other choice does the public have but to put a wrench in their gears. Nothing says “arrogant dictator” more than political figures doing antagonizing things like this ordinance and then blame the public for getting upset. You are trying to ride on the white line by staying in the middle, but the white line is the middle of the road and is the worst place to drive. The public that has the courage to stop these fools and is trying move us ahead while the assembly is trying to drive us backwards into more divisive turmoil and clearly overreaching and being vindictive and using tactics that are shady at best while blaming the desperate public for not playing by the rules. It’s dangerous hypocrisy.

  38. “He said there’s a line between passionate testimony on an important issue and abuse of the process to delay consideration of the proposed solution.”
    Boy’s gotta be mad, even he knows he’s not man enough to draw that line, gotta run to Mama Facebook snivelling like an adolescent twit desperate for Mama Facebook to protect him from adulthood.

  39. This Assembly in the past was able to dish out unscientific mandates by way of fact free Fairytales, or what is also known as Fraud. This Fraud has now been exposed and the electorate isn’t buying their Bravo Sierra anymore. The gang of petty tyrants which comprise the Assembly haven’t a modicum of respect for the will of the people but are very concerned with keeping their power intact. The folks speaking out in defiance to this mask mandate following the election of Bronson is an affront to them and a threat to their power. Watch as they revert to full on Force to preserve this power. Meaning they will ram this mask mandate down your throat, it is a foregone conclusion. Things are going to get very interesting!

  40. Here’s another take. Dave Bronson entered the mayoral race late in the game, a relative unknown backed by some real heavyweights behind the scenes. It was a brilliant strategy, considering Forrest Dunbar was the clear front-runner at that point. Dunbar’s years of steady presence in the public eye afforded him abundant opportunities to build negatives among voters. Come election time, lightning didn’t strike twice: people who weren’t about to vote for Dunbar weren’t convinced to instead vote against Bronson the same way people who weren’t about to vote for Biden were convinced to instead vote against Trump. In short, the faithful on the left were so far up Dunbar’s rear that they just didn’t get it. Instead of learning their lesson, they’ve chosen to maintain their denial and instead employ Alinsky-like tactics to undermine the Bronson administration from the start. That’s the local front. National chains have the same generic signs at each of their locations demanding their customers wear masks, justifying it by referring to unspecified “state or local ordinances”. It makes them look foolish when said state or local jurisdictions don’t play along. The average one of these chains is far more economically powerful than most any municipal government. Combine those two forces with the likes of CNN and local news outlets offering a nonstop barrage of COVID messaging and you find Mayor Bronson in a difficult position.

  41. It is a complete mystery to me why the Left is so intent on permanently breaking this community over masks. Are masks really that important? Is the forced wearing of masks an existential issue? Is it that important for the Left to impose their will on others over this issue? The arrogance and faux-righteousness is totally off the scale.

    • It is not the masks. It is a measuring contest against the mayor. Bronson made it clear that he will not mandate masks/closures/etc… and the assembly is pushing this fight to prove they are better endowed, so to speak.

      • Maybe and even probably so, CBMTTEK, but meanwhile, a particularly insidious and divisive form of tyranny will have been imposed upon the people of Anchorage.

    • Simple. Anchorage rolled over and played dead when the Assembly enacted a soft kind of martial law.

      They saw how quickly they were able to crush dissent when Andy Kriner resisted.

      No one sued, there were no protests like BLM did, and everybody wore masks as told.

      For whatever reason they calculated this was the time to go for broke. A scared, tired citizenry is easily controllable.

  42. Assembly is voted in by the power of the people of the municipality.
    They get paid.
    We have a right to speak. And they get paid too listen to all of us.

    They really don’t like showing up and having confrontation.

    They want a easy job of telling everybody what to do.

  43. KPV is simply tired of having to listen to people, who not only disagree with him, but are also not enamored with his “superior” intellect. For a guy with a degree in communications, he should know better. I am surely tired of this “Emergency” business. There truly no longer is an emergency (if there ever was). After almost 2 years of this, we know about it and every residents needs to be allowed to take the precautions they think are adequate without KPV et. al. sticking their nose in every ones business.
    Incidentally if masks worked, why cancel the assembly meetings? Most of the assembly members wore them and according to their logic, should be protected on top of having the jab. It’s just sad when you can’t be consistent, it undermines the credibility of the “facts” you are peddling….

  44. This poor sad little man is a good listener, but he apparently can’t read. The masks aren’t protection, they are a liberal uniform, and forcing those to wear it who do not wish to is part of what these lefties get off on. These people are sick. Pity poor Kameron…he used to be a man.. then something happened to him and he’s become… this.

  45. May 15, 2021
    “It’s time to end the mask mandate. It’s time to end it now,” member Kameron Perez-Verdia said.(source: usa digest)
    The Anchorage assembly abruptly ended the mask mandate in a 8-1 vote, because vaccine rates had increased and cases are dropping….
    May 25, 2021
    Acting mayor ends emergency declaration, sites availability of vaccines… She also said the city no longer needs to rely on the flexibility provided by an emergency declaration for its COVID-19 response.(ADN)

  46. If Constant is taking advice from Nevada he no doubt knows the political scene there is receiving scrutiny and interesting stories may emerge from that area too regarding possible significant irregularities. The Constitution is the best way to go.

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