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Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Anchorage Assembly passes resolution asking Dunleavy for universal mask mandate

The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution asking Gov. Mike Dunleavy to order a statewide mask mandate.

The only Assembly member who voted against it was Jamie Allard.

The resolution, without evidence, said that “the economy won’t rebound until the virus is under control and wearing masks will help businesses stay open, protect health care workers and will help enable schools to safety reopen.”

The resolution says, “Anchorage’s economy is suffering and won’t recover until people feel safe patronizing businesses…”

Gov. Dunleavy has not issued a statewide mask mandate, although a number of governors have done so.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, was the latest to implement a statewide mask mandate, which began Monday. Republican governors in the remaining 13 states without statewide mask mandates are under increasing pressure to implement similar orders.

The 13 states that still don’t require face masks, according to Axios, are: Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and New Hampshire. 

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • If the Gov goes for this, he might as well hang it up in the Alaskan political arena. Give the left an inch, they want ten miles.
    Poor Anchorage. Too bad they voted the fools in. Now they are paying the piper.

  • Anchorage Economy is suffering because the Assembly not because of no mask mandate. The Assembly members who vote for the Illegal Mandate are the only reason why the economy is bad. I will not comply with any mask mandate from any level of Government you are not my Master.

  • The Economy wrecked in Anchorage is not because of no mask is squarely the fault of the Assembly. I will not comply with any mask mandate you are not my Master.

  • These narrow minded individuals still do not understand that the “toothpaste is out of the tube”.
    With companies like Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Ebay all doing record sales, the retail economy is not going back to pre-pandemic levels at brick and mortar stores.
    UPS and FedEx stocks are at all time highs and looking to gain more revenue over Christmas.
    Secondly, it is not the job of a few liberal elites in Anchorage to tell the rest of the state what to do.
    Did they ever think that many people will just avoid Anchorage for as long as it takes for this mess to end…even with another mandate?
    Looking at the amount of Anchorage residents that travel to the Valley to eat out in peace and socialize without a mask, I would say they are their own worst enemy for destroying the economy in the city and revenues will not return until their emergency status ENDS.

    • Excellent comment. Nailed it!

  • Anchorage Assembly isn’t going to dictate to the rest of the state through the Governor. Not happn’in.

    • Exactly. The Muni has broad powers in this area (when lawfully adopted and implemented). The jurisdiction of the Muni ends at the Muni borders. That is likely a very tough concept for many on the Assembly to accept. And frankly that is what worries some on the Assembly — when they behave like tyrants and they look bad when other communities chart a different path. The Assembly and the acting “Mayor” have created their little Pyongyang; now they need to live in it.

  • We will not comply! Fairbanks and other towns remain open and functional. Today in one local shop they said they are hanging on-barely. Democrats will kill the economy completely to usher in their socialist utopia to force us peasants back into place. No. I would rather risk COVID than democratic tyranny.

    • Yeah it’s too late to go back now. People should have been wearing masks all along and it wouldn’t have gotten this bad. I know I know they say the mask protects not the wearer but the person the wearer breathes on . I say it protects everyone. I wear a mask down here in Florida not because of covered but because of the damn pollen. It’s crazy down here the amount of hay fever everybody has, so based on that I can tell you that the mask is effective at filtering what you breathe in be at pollen or virus. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m more fearful of the liberal socialist leftist Democrats than I am of China or Russia. Those leaders in the countries aren’t idiots whereas the socialists currently infesting our country I’m not only stupid, but insane as well. You can’t trust or follow crazy people, it never works.

    • Another great comment!

  • The way left Anchorage Assembly wants to spread their poison to the rest of the State. The masks do not stop a virus, but they do put a heavy damper on the Economy. I don’t see anyone backing this latest move, not even our Governor, he is crying “lockdown”. The approach to the Virus has never been right. The withholding of HCQ (and other cures), as mandated by the FDA, is nothing short of criminal. Following the CDC guidelines is following the Agenda of the New World Order. I’m glad to see none of the Comments support this repressive action.

  • Not only will I not comply, I’m willing to go full on 1776 over this Communist BS!

    • YUP.

  • I wonder how many more suicides will be recorded this year, I wonder how many democrat alaska families will bury a dad, mother, a child, a friend, a relative this year because of their party’s insensitive choices? Democrats today don’t care about others except themselves so of course no surprise individuals kill themselves before their body dies from natural causes, so they don’t have to live with the insensitivity of their family, neighbors, and friends.

  • Today’s democrat leaders are so insensitive, they don’t care about anyone else except themselves. Seeing how god-less this young democrat assembly I wouldn’t doubt when me and them are all older I am going to see one of these as well as a lot of my millennial generation will take their own life in droves as a 60 year old or a 70 year old because of the thought being old and alone without a real friend. One can’t survive their problems if all they do is live for themselves all their life without demonstrating sensitive actions toward others well-being.

  • These mandates are unconstitutional and until the claim is filed in the State Supreme Court by those who are directly effected monetarily and all come together in a class action law suit together Alaskans are screwed and you corrupt political establishment knows it.

  • JBER requires masks.

    I think they know a thing or two about defending freedom.

  • The Left has an insatiable lust for power and control over every minute detail of our lives.
    Now they have the Kung Flu to use as an excuse to push for ever more control over us, and are pushing more and more mandates through without any science to back it up.
    They squawk and screech and howl about how the Kung Flu is going to kill us all unless we submit to their control.
    Through all the screeching though, something is missing. Their silence on the real remedy is deafening…..metabolic health, and how it is without the power of every individual to improve theirs.
    It’s ridiculously simple…..get your A1-C down, and your vitamin D levels up, and you will barely notice it if and when you catch the virus.

  • It is ridiculous to allege that masking will help the economy. Let’s see: the Ex-Mayor determined to impose his socialist vision on Anchorage; the puppet Assembly gladly went along with it; there was noticeable objection from the citizenry; …so the Assembly put a stop to the socialist vision? No, they tried with puffery, smoke, and mirrors to tie the economic effects of their damaging mandates to “masks”.

    It would be laughable that the Assembly thinks the citizens of Anchorage support this…but the citizens of Anchorage elected this Assembly. Could it be that the Assembly is trying to straddle the fence between continuing to push their socialist agenda while remaining electable?

  • These clowns on the assembly have completely lost touch with the real world. The reason I don’t go to stores/ restaurants/ businessess in person IS because of the current mask mandate. I detest wearing a mask and just refuse to go anywhere
    I am forced to wear a mask. I am an intelligent adult capable of making my own decisions and can choose to wear a mask when I feel it is prudent, not when the nanny assembly tells me to.

  • So it is not the Anchorage Assembly but actually the Alaska Assembly. I see now.

  • These idiots don’t want the state gov interfering in their business yet they think they can make demands to the gov to interfere in state business? This is what happens when conservatives stay home instead of doing their civic duty and get out and vote.

  • Why doesn’t the Assembly just cut to the chase and declare themselves the rulers of Alaska?

    Dunleavy may as well agree. He’s dead politically anyway.

  • A mask mandate is worthless without standards for masks.

  • Anchorage can handle Anchorage and the governor can handle the state. I swear; Asking lefties to stay in their lane is like asking a fish not to swim. Telling other people what to do, and trying to put the force of law behind it, is as natural to these people as breathing. It’s actually a sickness far worse than this virus..

  • How do you remove tyranny if you can’t vote it away?

  • At last night’s assembly meeting, Forrest Dunbar admonished the governor for not providing financial assistance to small businesses in Anchorage WHILE the assembly has the ability to use existing CARES Act funds for this purpose. The Muni has an unspent $22 million that was allocated for the purchase of three old hotels for homeless services. Rather than demand additional funding from the state, Dunbar and his assembly buddies should allocate these unspent CARES Act funds on small business relief where it is critically needed.

  • The Anchorage Assembly has no business dictating what the rest of the state should do. Governor Dunleavy has been standing strong against the liberal agenda, and that is what the conservatives of this state expect him to continue to do. Anchorage doesn’t dictate what happens outside of their city. The only thing killing the Anchorage economy is the Anchorage Assembly.

  • The masks don’t stop anything, it is a placebo so the irrational members of society can feel “safer”. Mandating masks is only going to serve to further divide the population and insert another irritant into the population.

  • Liberals demand governor take unconstitutional action so they can try to recall him for violating the constitution. No need; President Harris will invoke a national lockdown seconds after the men in the white coats trundle He-Who-Cannot-Remember-His-Name off to a nice quiet safe place.

  • Oh Heck NO…. Some over power tripped dictatorshipish Anchorage Assembly doesn’t run this state. The only reason they want this BS statewide, is to not be in competition with the businesses’ in surrounding towns that aren’t implanting such extremes.

    I will be another one that does Not comply, and will be very disappointed in Dunleavy if he bows.

  • Show me one scientific study … just one … where a control group has been established, placebos are implemented, and the outcomes measured and analyzed. Show me the hyopthesis. Show me the statistical results PROVING masks reduced the number of infections.

    Can’t do it? Why? Because it hasn’t been done.

    Quit jerking your collective knees from anecdotal “evidence” and trying to make sense of it, then forcing us to live our lives based on your best quesses.

    • Would you consent to surgery where the doctors and nurses did not wear masks?

  • I’ll take COVID over Liberal Dems any day. With COVID there are steps you can take to quickly recover, not so with Lib Dems. Is the Anchorage assembly going to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas like NYC?

  • To Anchorage’s “Assembly” with the exception of wonderful Jamie Allard: we say, kindly of course, go to hell with your universal mask mandate;
    The only “universal” will be continual noncompliance, jury nullification, lawsuits, protests, civil disobedience, whatever it takes to sink your mandate and your political fortunes to the point you gotta have an easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme just to keep your government jobs.
    The fond hope is that what you did accelerates Eaglexit causing your empire to collapse because there won’t be enough productive victims left to support it after another 1980’s style exodus.
    Can’t happen because productive residents are too afraid of Code Enforcers and Neighbor Snitches?
    Try it and see.

  • Ok they flatten the curve. What comes after that?

    I’ve heard the next thing should be voluntary testing of segments of the general population to track the virus. That means even if a volunteer feels fine, they are tested. If they are positive, you contact trace them.

    Testing now seems to be more for people who think they have the virus. The problem is many who spread the virus don’t know they have it. So, they don’t get tested.

    • Flattening the Constitution. Which was the ultimate goal.

  • Its not ‘elitism’ at work its just plain old ordinary leftism.

  • Hopefully the Governor will ignore the Anchorage assemblage of idiots.

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