Anchorage Assembly considers bad dogs off leash, and ‘no right on red’ in downtown district


The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday evening will take up various ordinances aimed at curbing the behavior of citizens and their pets.

One proposed amended ordinance would tighten the leash law as it pertains to dogs on an electronic collar, controlled by a remote mechanism held by the dog’s owner. The Assembly will also consider the meaning of “control by command,” by which a dog is well-trained to follow voice commands. The move is part of a process started with the Animal Control Advisory Board to address the complaints about aggressive dogs that are not on leashes in city parks and on trails.

“A controlled animal off-leash will return to its custodian at the time it has been called. The animal will not run after wildlife. The animal will not approach people. The animal will not run up to other animals,” the ordinance has been amended to say.

An “(e-collar) means the animal is trained to respond to a mild shock, vibration, or sound upon receiving a signal from a remote transmitter. A controlled animal must be within eyesight and within range of the e-collar. A controlled animal using an e- collar will return to its custodian at the time it has been called. A controlled animal will not run after wildlife. The animal will not approach people. The animal will not run up to other animals.”

“Activities NOT allowed under control by command include but are not limited to hiking, walking, biking, and skiing,” the ordinance says. “Control of an animal by e-collar is allowed if the collar is worn by the animal properly and the collar and remote controller are functional throughout the duration of its use. The animal must be within eyesight and within range of the e-collar. No more than three animals per custodian. A leash per animal must be in possession of the custodian. An animal on an e-collar must conduct itself in a manner that does not impact the general public.”

The proposed ordinance language is at this link.

The Assembly will also continue considering an ordinance that would make certain blocks in downtown Anchorage the only place in the state where drivers may not turn right on a red light, even if there is no competing traffic. Assemblyman Daniel Volland, formerly of Seattle, is the ordinance sponsor and believes it will create more safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The streets would be “all streets and portions of streets within the area described as follows: all that area bounded on the south by Ninth Avenue, on the north by Third Avenue, on the west by L Street and on the east by Gambell Street.”

That ordinance language can be viewed at this link.

The Assembly will vote on new regulations for short-term rentals in Anchorage, aimed at getting control over people who convert part of their homes into vacation rentals. And it will hear a proposed ordinance that amends Anchorage Municipal Code Section 15.20.020 prohibiting homeless camps within 10 blocks of any licensed homeless shelter, and prohibiting homeless camps with more than 50 people and other provisions relating to camping and vehicle homeless camping.

The Anchorage Assembly meets at 5 p.m. on March 19 in the theater of the Loussac Library, which is on the corner of 36th Ave. and Denali Street. The meeting typically goes until 11:30 p.m. The entire agenda is here.


  1. The Anchorage Assembly meets far too often. One meeting a month would be more beneficial to the citizens of Anchorage.

  2. If a dog owner doesn’t have sense enough how to train and socialize their dog or put a muzzle on it and keep it on a leash, then why do the Animal Advisory Board think a senseless dog owner has enough sense how to use an electric collar?

  3. Finally. All the other problems in Anchorage have been solved and we can get to the serious issues facing our community…..

  4. While Volland’s ordinance says most pedestrians and cyclists are too stupid to look both ways and front and behind to know when is a good time crossing. Which I agree most of my anchorage neighbors act dumb when there is a crosswalk. You can always tell when the pedestrian or cyclists are Democrats cause as soon as the walk signal lights up they head straight out. No waiting no letting others go ahead.
    This is a micromanage ordinance to make others do as you want them.

      • You mean the ones with the Biden/Harris bumper stickers and rooftop cargo carriers who are saving the planet by “treading softly” and condemning normal citizens who refuse to bow to their almighty rulers?

  5. How long before the Politburo tells you how to hang your toilet paper? That leaning slightly to the right when you wipe is racist?

  6. So, Volland says banning right on red would improve pedestrian safety.

    I’m curious. What does the ordinance that legalized Jaywalking, the Assembly just passed, do to improve pedestrian safety?

    • Its not about safety. Its about who is likely to get fined or penalized.
      Dog owners and drivers tend to be middle class, so this assembly wants more opportunities to fine and/or penalize them.

      Jaywalkers almost always tend to be inebriated Natives crossing against traffic, often while panhandling. Jaywalking laws were also one of the few laws left in the toolbox left for police to help curb this nuisance behavior that makes driving in Anchorage significantly more dangerous. (Just ask the 20-something girl that recently got 6 years in prison because two homeless Native women in dark clothing ran across a major thoroughfare at night.)

      Assembly want these people to constantly be in your face and causing problems, as nothing annoys Jewish activists more than comfortable middle class white people going about their business. So the jaywalking penalties had to go.

      • I can’t remember the last time the Politburo did anything that actually dealt with community safety. Even years ago when I lived there.

        One of the many reasons I bailed to Juneau.

  7. Leftists will always try to restrict the people. Always.
    And, it is always for “the common good.”
    Granted, a no right on red in densely used pedestrian areas is not a bad idea, but to arbitrarily apply it to a large swath of the city? Nope. It must be decided on an intersection by intersection basis. Time of day matters as well.
    Same with dogs on leashes. Case by case, and area by area.
    But, that is not how leftists work. They come up with a “great” idea, and without examining any potential drawbacks, implement it. Consequences be damned.

    • It is also a classic sign of leftist micro-managing statism to pass and enforce coercive “one size fits all” policies, regardless of the variations and permutations of the reality of the given situation.

      • Jefferson, never forget what Ayn Rand said about the need for excessive regulations, something about always having a rule handy so they could charge you with SOMETHING.

  8. Great job Volland! Such a marvelous idea as well as “just another reason to avoid the filthy downtown homeless haven” they are striving to preserve.
    The entire ASSembly (majority) is working tirelessly to make Los Anchorage be a part of the euphoric west coast.

  9. So.. can I still do left on red (where legal) downtown? E.g. 6th and H. Would be funny if the boneheads left that out while preventing RoR in the ghost town that is downtown 3/4 of the year.

  10. THIS is the MOA Assembly’s priority?

    How about the homeless problem? THESE are the real hazard to park and trail users.

    Have you seen their poop and trash in our public spaces?


    • They need an assembly leash and mussel law to stop these ridiculous and not needed attempts to control our freedom.
      The cops don’t even write traffic tickets, so don’t worry about stopping right or turning right on red because the cops are too busy.

  11. Kinda going the way of Washington and their decision to allow Attorneys to practice law without taking a Bar exam because it was too hard…. Anchorage is a hovel just like Seattle!

    • DMJ wrote: “Anchorage is a hovel just like Seattle!”

      Of course it is. Anchorage is teeming with vermin from OR and WA.

  12. Marxist Assembly major concern is about people turning RIGHT, so they panicked and had to ban it. Also concerned about people going around Red. No concern about people turning Left.

  13. Dogs have rights. These proposals wreak of discrimination again canines. If Rover wants to chase a squirrel it’s his business, not some Left-wing kook on the Assembly. And if he wants to lift his leg on a Democrat …..I’m all in.

  14. Go back to Seattle. That was said 20 years ago. They did not. They were voted in. Glad i left Anch 32 years ago. Being polite and accommodating to a radical left leaning population does not work. The world view and life philosophy is not patriotic nor is it moral. It is vile and Godless at its core. It dehumanizes and degrades while falsely claiming to be for the greater good. Lies and deceit are its tactics. Tolerating such a person with polite discourse is a waste of time. Be direct, obvious and unyielding. Its is unwelcome and should leave. Thats the impression that needs to be presented. Your dealing with fools.

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