Amazon hiring in Anchorage for ’24


Amazon announced its new “last-mile facility” coming to Anchorage. The planned site, also known as a delivery station, is under construction and won’t be fully operational until 2024. However, the company has begun hiring for hundreds of full-time and part-time roles this week. 

Jobs offer a starting wage of $20 an hour and eligible employees will receive comprehensive benefits such as career advancement opportunities, healthcare, vision, and dental insurance from the first day on the job; a 401(k) with company match; up to 20 weeks paid parental leave with six weeks for supporting parents, the company announced today.

“We are thrilled to continue investing in the great state of Alaska. Our forthcoming last mile facility in Anchorage will help us provide faster, more efficient deliveries for customers. We look forward to sharing more details as the site gets closer to launch,” said Natalie Banke, Amazon spokesperson. 

Amazon’s fulfillment network is made up of state-of-the-art technology and a variety of building types and sizes to support processing orders.

“This delivery station will play a pivotal role in Amazon’s logistics network, serving as the last stop before packages arrive at customers’ doorsteps in Anchorage and surrounding areas,” said Banke. “Employees will sort packages based on delivery routes, then load them onto vehicles for delivery service partners and flex drivers who will finalize the delivery of a wide array of goods to customers.”

Amazon will be hosting an in-person hiring event from Oct. 11-13 at 700 E. Dimond Blvd, Anchorage. Interested candidates can learn more and review new positions weekly at


  1. Yep. Once the One World Order is established, Amazon will be the store that everyone shops at. If you are bad, you’ll get credits taken away and maybe not be able to buy food that week from Amazon. If you are good, maybe you’ll be able to order some of that yummy fake meat or some food made from bugs. Good ‘ole Amazon – replacing every store in the US.

  2. Well, I quit using Amazon about four years ago due to their political stance and monetary support of Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ, blah blah, blah, BLM, defund the police, etc. Are they still insisting on do that? If they are, I still want nothing to do with them.

  3. “eligible employees will receive comprehensive benefits such as career advancement opportunities” …well, I’ll be, career advancement opportunities – huh! Unheard of job benefit!!!

      • Or you are married or living with your boyfriend or girlfriend or you have a roommate each paying 50/50. Then you can just squeak by. Then there has been more singles living in turtle homes (RV’s) including building a turtle home on the back of a pickup.

    • To Thorne- I been thinking these days investing in an RV would be nice to live in for a time. Being a woman of one little one I think an 80,000-99,000 RV is the right size for traveling and living in. Then if a community like Anchorage tanks, you can move your home to the Matsu. If you are homeschooling, your child’s school goes with them. If you hadn’t seen on YouTube the channel ‘solar camper car’ well! You really should! The young man he sharing building ideas to GenZ and millennials how they can live out of their car comfortably. Of course to do it GenZ singles must stay sober and drug free and employed so they have the mind and money knowledge to follow his example.

  4. Well then those opposing Amazon such as Sally and Ginny, then Do Not oppose Kroger/Albertson Merger. They are competing against Amazon.

    • I oppose all three because they are all owned by Blackrock and Vangaurd. This is all a distraction to keep us busy arguing about this and that while the globalists are doing more important things; like taking away our rights and our constitution.

  5. Its fine. The Anchorage Tongan, Samoa, and Hawaiian Polynesian community be happy for another warehouse facility that’s starting pay is 20.00 an hour. If my Alaskan Native brothers and Sisters were smarter and more healthier, especially Native Men, they be competing with the Island community for the same jobs staying there at Amazon for twenty-five years for themselves and their families.

    • Have you ever worked at WalMart? I am imagining that working at Amazon might be pretty similar. But, if the government shuts down everything in your 15-minute city, then I am sure that Amazon job would be good…even if you do have to get all of the jabs.

  6. Starting pay for unskilled labor while the company evaluates your ability to benefit their business and attempts to train you to be productive has traditionally been lower than what could be expected once you prove up. I think 20 an hour is generous. But in the present environment, I don’t think that they will be able to fill these positions, even if they doubled the starting pay. Too many people who don’t want to work. They should have chosen Wasilla for their operations, since most of the workers that they will find will be from there. Just more traffic on the Glenn highway. It would be fun to do a survey on the Anchorage workforce to determine just what percentage lives outside of the city. Traffic on the highway has greatly increased while Anchorage has seen little growth, at least on that side of the river.

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