All in a day’s work: Illegal Chinese immigrant, illegal bear hunts, prostitutes, and a sting operation


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has made a breakthrough in a strange case involving unlicensed big game guided hunts organized by a Chinese illegal immigrant in Fairbanks, who offered prostitutes on the side.

The case starts back in August 2021, when investigators discovered that 40-year-old Jun “Harry” Liang of Fairbanks was marketing illegal big game hunts in Alaska for wealthy Chinese clients.

The activities involved bringing in clients, offering them some time at shooting ranges to learn how to shoot, and promising that all the permits would be handled and their meat would be shipped to them.

Liang and Fairbanks accomplice Brian Phelan could face numerous felony charges, including money laundering, attempted violation of the Lacey Act, and wire fraud. Liang may face charges of illegal possession of a firearm by an alien.

Investigators found that Liang was using a Chinese social media platform called, which is also known as “Little Red Book.” It’s described as “China’s foremost fashion and luxury shopping platform.”

Liang posted in Mandarin on the Little Red Book his services as a guide for big-game hunts, specifically targeting Chinese-speaking clients who are Chinese nationals living in the United States or who are Chinese nationals. Once a potential client was interested, the communication continued on another Chinese messaging app called WeChat. Screen shots of the advertising of the hunts were translated by investigators using Google Translate.

In one case, Chinese national Weigang Wang, who was living in Irvine, Calif., was a client of Liang for a Fortymile Caribou herd hunt. Liang posted photos of Wang on the Little Red Book to market services to others.

The entire plot was unraveled when a couple of clients that Liang snagged turned out to be undercover agents investigating the alleged illegal activities of the Liang and Phelan.

Liang also allegedly promised his clients that if they shot a bear, he would purchase the gall bladder. Bear gall bladders are used in Chinese traditional medicine and the buying or selling of them is illegal in Alaska. But Liang was evidently offering to buy and sell them for $5,000.

Liang reportedly entered the U.S. on a tourist visa that expired in 2016, but he has been living a high life in Fairbanks. He even purchased a Mercedes with some of the proceeds of the hunting scheme, the affidavit says. Liang is also the owner/operator of AK Aurora Travel Inc., which offered sightseeing and Northern Lights tours.

“Your affiant submits that there is probable cause to believe that LIANG and PHELAN attempted to sell big game guiding services for the illegal take of wildlife into interstate commerce in violation of Alaska law, that he (LIANG) illegally possessed a firearm while prohibited by federal law, perpetuated a scheme to defraud clients of funds by means of wire communications, knowingly conducted financial transaction with proceeds specified unlawful act, and knowingly engaged in a monetary transaction with proceeds of a specified unlawful activity in any amount greater than $10,000 by, through or to a financial institution,” the complaint concludes. There’s no mention of the prostitution angle, as prostitution is not a federal offense.

The complaint, however, appears to contain only part of what investigators discovered in their research. The affidavit says there is more to tell, but the description of the illegal activities listed was narrow to conform to the specifics of the federal criminal complaint, which can be read below:


  1. …….and a little side excursion into Fort Wainwright and Eielson AFB, with drones, makes the hunt all the more worthwhile.

  2. Thank You Fish and Wildlife officers! Where’s Immigration? No where. There are low income apartments in Fairbanks being used by multiple asian people. 9 in one apartment at one place. They leave early in the morning and come back late at night. No English and some are breeding dogs to sell. Who’s checking on these? Every foreigner should have to wear their visa pinned on their shirt at all times, to remind them this is Not their country. And Immigration? Try doing your jobs that we pay you for.

  3. He’s Chinese soooooooooo….nothing will happen to him, he’s a friend of the “Big guy”. Anyone else notice how we are bending over backwards to appease our chinese overlords ever since President Trump left?

  4. Phelan and Liang colluded to arrange for the visitors to shoot bears. Forcing visitors to adorn themselves in their visa or fishing or hunting license sounds a bit far-fetched. There are many international visitors to Alaska as part of the economic base. In Georgia, it’s wild boars. In Indiana, it’s inbred deer farms with 30 point racks infected with spongiform prion viruses mating with ‘wild’ deer.

    • Overstaying a visa by 7 years and nobody checking in all that time while said person is commiting felonies is what’s FAR FETCHED. And what are you talking about..boars and deer?? Your thought process is disordered.

      • Many foreign visitors are required to obtain travel visas to spend time in the United States whether they’ve been enticed by ads for being personally involved in the display of that trapped 56 point rack buck when they participated in a Indiana deer hunt or wild turkey shoot, 1,000 lb wild boar killing. I don’t think visitors would be happy about having to display their visa if they have already arranged for the license and other fees. Might decide to skip the photo op. Would you? Not all countries participate in the USA visa waiver programs. Whereas I am absolutely positive that Phelan bears much of the criminality in this conspiracy considering Liang wasn’t even a citizen. As wife of a resident alien, the country of my spouse isn’t even an enemy eg Iraq, Somalia, Iran etc. and he wouldn’t have even been able to work legally without attaining his status as a permanent resident.

          • By the way, in 2024, travel to Europe will require a visa. “Americans Will Need a ‘Visa’ to Visit Europe in 2024—Here’s What to Know The new program requires an online application and a minor fee, and is required for all travelers regardless of their age.” Obtain a passport first. The post office has applications and you can get your passport-ready photo there as well.

  5. Sheesh! Prosecute!

    The total number of student, tourist, and work visa ‘overstays’ in the USA exceeds one million people. Included in this mass of illegal aliens are the tens of thousands of foreign women – annually, and very often from China – who acquire a tourist visa for ‘going to Disneyland,’ and who then overstay their visa so that they can give birth (the infant wrongfully becomes a U.S. citizen) in a U.S. hospital. These violations of U.S. laws do not receive the same press attention as the disarray and invasion on the Mexico border, but this problem does underscore the plain fact that the immigration and visa laws of the U.S. are, in effect, null. (Brandon is pleased.)

    Immigrants of old arrived in the United States through established ports of entry, were carefully vetted, and were admitted according to law. The big question to be asked is, who benefits from today’s rampant and lawless immigration? Certainly the answer is not ‘we, the common people’ of this nation, because we are always compelled to bear the unraveling of our public schools and neighborhoods and the huge financial costs of the unrestricted and unvetted mass immigration of the unskilled, the ill, and the criminal gangs. There is a multifaceted answer to the question of who benefits, which includes the doctrinaire globalists-politicians and those corporate ‘elites’ who have laid off American workers, off-shored U.S. factories to Mexico and China – all of whom live in gated neighborhoods and send their children to costly private schools. Meanwhile, Senator Murkowski accuses us of not being rational.

    • If not irrational, then perhaps another word would do as well? Probably you’re not thinking of bogus, charade, or chicanery to describe the anti-democratic Americans?

  6. At least the Chi-Com Game Guide and Pimp got one thing right, Bear Gall! I submit it’s Wanton Waste not to keep the Gall and use it for your own medical treatments or to share with folks in our Korean Community here in the 49th State.
    I can attest to it’s remarkable power in reducing inflammation, especially in torn and or bruised muscle tissue. Strangely enough from what I’ve learned the practice of using Bear Gall isn’t from the Far East but apparently originated in Lebanon. I recommend that Sportsmen and Subsistence Hunters become familiar with how to care and process Gall Bladders from their bear carcass. It’s simple, easy and perfectly legal to harvest the Gall Bladder from your Bruno.

    To your Health!

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